brotherly lovebrotherly love


Chelsea Williams. That’s me; I’m 16 and a brunette. I live with my mum and my 18 year old brother, Daniel. My dad was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq when I was 5. Me and my mom aren’t very close, she’s never around and hardly has time for me or my brother. We often argued, to be honest, we can’t even be bothered to get annoyed anymore. Daniel is the only one who understands me, who respects me. My life is crap. Everything is so fucked up (ok, I’m exaggerating). Well that’s my amazing (liar, liar pants on fire) family… oh and Socks, the cat (kitten) from hell. ************** A beautiful summer’s day in Ohio, I looked out my bedroom window and took in the view. “Daniel, I’m going in the pool” I got changed into my bikini, god, I hated my body. Apart from my boobs, 32CC, they are my only good feature. I smiled. I headed down to the pool and slipped into the pool. I swam around a bit but I soon got bored. I decided to relax and try and get a tan instead. The sun was beating down on me and I had a sudden urge to…well… please myself. My hand made its way to my wet pussy; I massaged my clit and my labia. I slowly put two istanbul travesti fingers in my cunt. “Oh god, ohhh, mmmmm, ohhh” I was on the edge of having an orgasm before I heard the patio doors open. It was Daniel. “Hey sis thought I might join you. I wasn’t disturbing you or anything, was I?” “No, no wasn’t doing anything…” To save myself from embarrassment, I quickly slipped back into to pool. That was too close. After swimming around for a while, I made my way to the steps. I felt something tug at the back of my bikini; it had got caught in the water vent. It then fell onto the water, revealing my boob in front of my brother. Nightmare! “Whoa Chels, nice rack you got there!” “Oh shut up Daniel!” I quickly grabbed my bikini top and retied it. As I walked past Daniel, I noticed a bulge in his trousers, not the normal bulge, this was much bigger. When I got in my bedroom, I realised why the bulge was bigger… “HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! My brother was turned on by me!!!” I looked out the window, and what do I see, well something you don’t expect to see every day, my brother yanking his cock. My istanbul travestileri window was open and I could hear EVERYTHING, something I didn’t expect, he was mumbling my name. But dear god, it got me horny. No. Nope. Did not mean that. Nope. That’s just wrong… Oh god, I meant it. Shit. ************************ Next day at school was torture. It’s not that bad academically but it’s just the other girls. “Lol, yesterday will Aiden was amazing. I bet that she couldn’t get any action” She was me. And it was true. I couldn’t, I was still a virgin, something I was ashamed and something I often tried lying about. “Daniel, I’m back” I rushed up the stairs as quickly as I could so he didn’t see my mascara. Honestly, I NEED waterproof mascara. “Chelsea, are you ok?” “Yeah, just doing homework. Don’t bother me” I was trying desperately to ignore him. I’ve felt too awkward to talk to him properly. I kept this up for a few days. “Chelsea, can I talk to you?” “Sorry, busy, maybe another time? “Chelsea, it’s important” “Sorry”. And I shut the door on him. I heard a faint sigh from the other side travesti istanbul of the door. The next day, same school routine, homework and other shitty things. The door opened. “Daniel! Don’t you knock anymore?” “Shut up Chels, you know we need to talk. I know that you saw me… you know… masturbate.” “I…I…I didn’t mean to” “Guess it’s time to come clean” “Oh god… epic fail…” “Well… a while ago I developed feelings for you, like, sexually…” I couldn’t believe this! My own brother was sexually attracted to me! That is sooooooo wrong! Plus I almost choked on my apple. “How long is ‘a while ago’?” “Ermm….’bout 5 months?” “5 BLOODLY MONTHS!?!?!? Oh, Jesus Christ soapstar superstar strictly on ice…” “Chels, I love you” “Of course you love me! I’m your sister” “Don’t you get it? I don’t see you as just my lil sister anymore! I love you like I would with a passionate girlfriend.” At that moment, he leaned over and kissed. I would have pulled away straight away but I like, physically couldn’t. “Daniel! Stop that at once!” mum was back for the first time that seemed like years. I heard Daniel whisper a swear word under his breath. What the hell just happened?!? One thing’s for sure, let the ignorez-vous-ing commence. “Chelsea, what was that all about?” sometimes I hate my mom with well… intense hatred. “Nothing, nothing at all” before she could say anything else I shot upstairs like a bullet on steroids. “Chelsea!”1…2….3….

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