Brooke’s Fantastic Adventures Ch. 03Brooke’s Fantastic Adventures Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Aged Meat

My name is Brooke, and I’m a 22 year old black woman with a fantastic body who has asked George to tell you about my adventures over the last year.

My step-father asked me to host his business parties and to fulfill certain desires for both his business and personal life. I was going to be the only female at the party and was expected to entertain the men.

My step-dad hired a catering company to put on the party, so I did not have to worry much about that. On Saturday afternoon, my step-father’s driver took me to the fashion mall and I purchased a very revealing dress plus appropriate underwear that would serve other purposes later tonight. I took a long hot bath, shaved my legs and pussy and then put on make up (not too much) and got dressed.

My step-father gave a wolf whistle when he saw me, and for the first couple of guys who arrived I thought their eyes were going to pop out looking at my cleavage and 36d tits. There were about 15 black, middle aged business men who were clients of my step-father, who was white but did commercial real estate in the black business community. My mother formerly hosted these parties, and I received many comments from the clients about how we were spitting images of each other.

I would spend about ten minutes with each gentleman, then move on to another man. Sometimes the conversations were fairly formal, like what I was planning to do after community college and what I might study at the four year college. Other times, I heard a brief story about my mother, who ran off with another client about a year ago and no one had heard from either of them since. And throughout, the clients eyes were looking up and down (mostly down, as most of them were almost a foot taller than me) with their eyes popping and the outlines of their cocks in their pants. I had briefly seen some of these parties in the past, but I was not a part of them, being confined to my room, while my mother entertain the clients while my step-father watched.

The caterer served finger food and a constant supply of hard liquor, none of the alcohol did I drink since I don’t hold up very well to it and my step-father forbids me from touching it. The clock in the library rang nine times, meaning that the party was about to end after two hours – really, the real party was about to begin. Most of the clients then lined up to say their farewells to my step-father, and many of them also stopped to say goodbye to me.

Within about a half hour, there were only three clients left who were standing by my step-father. I went to the bathroom to freshen up.

When I came out, I found that the four men had moved to the media center, and had turned on a basketball game on the HD screen. I noticed that only three of them were watching the game, as one of the clients saw me approach, and quickly got up. It was Mr. Brown.

“I understand that this is your first time hosting one of these parties, so I will try to go slow and not rush you.” He took my hand and escorted me upstairs to one of the guest bedrooms.

He sat down on the chair across from the king-sized bed, and unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. He motioned me to kneel down in front of him and take his cock out of his underwear. I did, and looked at the thick black dick with a purple head before I began to suck on the head and lick up and down the length.

I tried to take it completely in my mouth, but I’m still not very good at deep throating cock. The one thing I noticed was that he was very hard.

I used my mouth and my hands to get him going, and it took only about Eskort Bayan four minutes before I rewarded with a mouthful of cum. Mr. Brown complimented me on my oral skills, and then asked me to undress. I stood up and backed away, and then performed a little strip tease dance that he seemed to enjoy. By the time I pulled my g-string slowly down my legs, his cock was standing at attention.

He then got off the chair and pushed me on my back to the bed. With no foreplay or kissing, he quickly inserted his dick in my bald pussy and started to fuck me hard with quick strokes. Mr. Brown was not making love to me; he was fucking me, and fucking me without a care in the world.

“Stop, stop Richard, stop what you are doing right now! You know the rules!” I heard my step-father shout. Mr. Brown promptly withdrew from my pussy and looked up at my step-father. “No fucking bareback, especially my daughter. You will use a condom or you will not be able to partake in our parties.”

Mr. Brown looked at me and then at my step-father, and went over to the dresser where there was a basket sitting. He pulled out a condom wrapper and opened it, and quickly put a red one on. He then moved to the bed and promptly started to fuck me again. I made a mental note to ask my step-father why I needed them to wear rubbers, as I was on the pill.

My step-father then walked out of the bedroom, and Mr. Brown pounded me for about twenty minutes, once in a while stopping and moving our positions a little. I moved my legs upwards and my calves gripped his butt.

This seemed to really excite him, and he started to grunt and his face got contorted. I figured he was coming, and then he pushed in me a couple more strokes and then started to withdraw. He then carefully pulled off the condom, making sure he did not let any leak on the bed or floor. He tied the top, and laid it on the top of the dresser.

As I lay on the bed, he began to put his underwear and trousers back on, as that was the only clothing he had removed. He complimented me on having a really tight pussy and said he would be happy to fuck me again sometime later tonight. He bowed, and left the room. It was only about two minutes before the next man entered the bedroom.

Mr. Young was my next partner. He mentioned that he had taken a blue pill and from the looks of it, he was hard as a rock. He quickly pulled off his clothes and laid them on the chair, and I saw a huge black cock start to approach me. It was about ten inches long and about three inches wide.

Mr. Young wanted to fuck, and I was glad because I doubted that I would ever be able to suck him. He reached into the basket and quickly put on a white condom, which almost caused me to start laughing, as it just looked weird against his dark brown body.

He fucked with me on my back for about ten minutes, and then he rolled me on top. He pinched and pulled on my nipples while I rode him cowgirl style. That lasted for about another fifteen minutes.

Then he had me get off of him and get on my hands and knees on the bed, and he entered my pussy from behind. As he was fucking me, I felt his fingers enter my rosebud, and my reaction encouraged another finger there. About ten minutes of doggy fucking occurred; and he pulled out and pushed quickly into my ass.

I bit my lip to stifle a cry from the short amount of pain, but it subsided very quickly and became replaced by that incredible feeling that only anal sex provides. He groaned and shouted he was coming, and I think I could feel the condom fill up in my ass.

Mr. Young repeated the condom tie-off that Mr. Brown had done, laying it on the top of dresser with its predecessor. He further complimented me for my being so young and tight and beautiful, and hoped he would have the pleasure again.

My third man of the evening was Mr. Williams. He came in the room and quickly undressed, and I could see he was sporting another hard black cock about seven inches long but quite slim. He put on a black condom and then came over to me, as I was lying on my back.

He then preceded to finger fuck me in my pussy, starting with one and then two fingers, and in a few minutes he had four fingers spreading me wide. I think he wanted to fist fuck me, but decided that might open me up too wide.

He then got on top of me and fucked me for a good thirty minutes before coming inside me, well inside the condom. He was still inside me when he stopped fucking, and then asked me to remove the condom as he slid out. I grabbed it, and his dick became really small and slipped right out of the wrapper. I tied it off, and got off the bed and put it besides the other two on top of the dresser.

Mr. Williams did not say a word; he got off the bed and got dressed and left. About ten minutes later, my step-father came into the room, asking if I was alright. I nodded that I was. He told me that the men had decided to break me in easy on the first party, just fucking me once each.

They had all left the mansion.

Besides, they all had to get home to fuck their wives on the traditional Saturday night lovemaking, and did not want to waste the use of another blue pill. I laughed, and my step-father mentioned I would probably have had them going all night on a Friday night, but they had to get up for church the next morning too.

My step-father then sat down on the chair and told me that I was welcome to stay and watch him, or I could leave and go to my bedroom. I knew that he promised not to touch me in anyway, so I just lay there on the bed, naked as a jaybird.

He grabbed the white condom, asked me who was the sperm donor (Mr. Young), cut the top off with a pair of scissors and then proceed to pour it down his mouth. He rolled it around in his mouth before swallowing it.

He told me it tasted a little salty, dipped his finger into the condom, and offered me a taste. I got off the bed and stood next to the chair, and he put his finger into my mouth. I agreed that it had a salty taste.

The next condom was Mr. Brown’s red one. This time, my step-father put a finger in it and gave me the first taste. I told him it had a very sweet taste; of course, I had already sampled this client. He tasted his finger, and agreed. Then he lifted the condom like he was making a toast with a glass, and poured it down his throat.

Our final condom was Mr. Williams’ black one. We each took a taste, and I thought it tasted really sour, but my step-father thought it was about halfway between salty and sweet. We both laughed, and then my step-father surprised me by pulling out his cock (he was wearing a robe), and pouring the contents on his hard cock.

He began to fist it, and would change hands from time to time, licking his fingers each time. I then realized my step-father was looking at my body, at my big tits and bald but fucked pussy. This turned me on.

I then did a little bit of dancing in front of him, but not close enough that he could touch me. I watched him masturbate, and I admit it was really turning me on and I was getting wet between my legs.

A few minutes later, my step-father came, catching most of his spunk in his two hands. I walked over to him, took my finger and dipped it in his hands, and took a taste.

“Very sweet and tasteful.” I quickly grabbed my clothes, left the guest bedroom and went to my bedroom. I got into my queen sized bed, and rubbed my clit and finger fucked my pussy and came about five times.

I then fell asleep. I awoke, but my step-father had left a note that he had some real estate business to transact on Sunday morning. No church for him.

I called up Carlee to see if she was free, and I spent the rest of day “studying” in her arms. I needed to feel loved, and while fucking my step-father’s clients was fun, I realized I did not really get into it. I actually had more fun with my step-father.

I came home for dinner, and my step-father had left a voicemail that he was still with his client and would be home late. I fixed a salad and then actually did some studying for a test on Tuesday.

The next couple of weeks seemed to fly by. Carlee and I would get together after school to “study” about two or three times a week. Carlee and I went to games Friday night and to the school dance. One Friday we just went to her house and fucked all night.

The next Friday, I had asked my step-father if we could bring a couple boys back, and he said OK if they used condoms and I saved them for him.

So Carlee and I hosted Billy and Taylor, both with uncut cocks and they were a lot more experienced that Bob and Tad were. We fucked them in the media room, with me knowing that we were being recorded and that would give me step-father a real thrill.

My step-father had told me he was visiting an old friend and would not be home until about Saturday noon. When he came home, there were eleven condoms tied off and laying around the sink in his bathroom.

I did not get to watch him taste and swallow the semen this time. He did tell me later that five of the condoms were very salty (Billy) and five were semi-sweet (Taylor), but the 11th one had a completely different taste.

I told him that there were only two boys there, and that got him thinking for a while. I finally told him that I had stolen the condom from Carlee’s house, and it was from her father. What I did not tell him was that I had asked Beth (Carlee’s mom) to save me a filled condom when I was over at their house this week. I am becoming so wicked.

Oh yea, I hosted two parties on both Saturday nights. On the first Saturday, I was in the guest bedroom about an hour after the party started, and got fucked by eight guys’ one on one in a row.

I got a little bit more excited after the fourth guy fucked me and was screaming with the next man, but I really got excited watching my step-father sample the condoms after the party ended. This time, I lay on the bed and masturbated as he whacked his cock, I’m not ready to do anything really sexual with him, but mutual masturbation seems OK to me.

The second Saturday was different. About an hour in to the party, I told my step-father that I was going up to the spare bedroom, but no one came up for about an hour. Then three black gentlemen entered the room together, sporting blue pill hard ones and we proceed to have a foursome for the next couple of hours.

Oh, and the last hour, my step-father joined us to watch in the room. I thought he looked like he was going to join us in bed, but he stayed sitting on the chair beating his meat. The highlight of the evening was having all three fill my holes at the same time.

Afterward, my step-father joined me on the bed, and we shared the contents of ten condoms and mutually masturbated. My step-father said that next week’s party would feature a few clients into BDSM, and I should read up on that next week.

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