Broken Kingdom Ch. 02Broken Kingdom Ch. 02


“Wake up shithead.” Thane sprang into action as the voice hit his ear drums. “Jeez!” The figure laughed before it came into view, “Shit I almost feel bad now. Yo, no hard feelings eh?”

“No hard feelings!?” Anger didn’t begin to describe how he felt, not after what Aaron had done to him.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, I got you initiated. Welcome to the fucking club”

“You fucking-“

Aaron interrupted Thane’s revenge speech to bring to light his current situation. “I wanted you dead, you’d be dead a week ago. I didn’t, so you alive. I don’t like tip toeing around the fucking situation so I pried your eyes open, now, WELCOME to the fucking world.”

Although he still spoke like the old Aaron, this was a completely different person. He had reason behind his words, and every statement carried weight for some reason. His hands moved erratically but at the same time in synch with his words. Aesthetically he was the same person but under the hood, everything was swapped out. It was daunting, at the very least, to see the once neighborhood fuckup dressed in an Armani suit, a major upgrade from the baggy cargo pants and oversized plain white tees.

“The hell happened to you?”

Thane wasn’t in such a daze that he forgot what Aaron was capable of, he knew exactly the extent of his power. The only reason that Thane was still breathing was because Aaron chose it and, if he wanted to keep it that way he needed Aaron to think that he chose right. Even though every fiber of his being wanted otherwise, Thane spoke with the most respectful tone he could conjure.

“Be easy and drop the act. You’re in, nobody gonna put a finger on you.”

Although a tremendous weight was lifted off his shoulders, Thane couldn’t shake the feeling that a bigger burden was about to fall upon him. He was standing on a border questioning every thought that popped into his consciousness. On one hand, Aaron almost had him killed for a freak accident yet on the other, he assured Thane of his safety. All that was left was to choose the Aaron he wanted to deal with. In either case, there was a backstabbing in the foreseeable future, all he had to figure out was which one was further away.

It would’ve been much easier to simply take a look at his thoughts but Thane was busy putting up a wall in his own mind, the last thing he needed was Aaron taking a stroll in there again. Unfortunately, all it took was a few steps in Thane’s direction to bring the great wall down.

“S…” Thane took a few erratic breaths before blurting out a very unconvincing warning. “Stay back.”

Aaron put up his hands in surrender and retreated back to his side of the bathroom, back facing the door. Thane was still seated on the toilet, pants at his ankles. The sweat flowing down his forehead gave an indication that overly sagged pants weren’t a priority at the moment. “Be easy man, like I said you safe.”

Aaron’s words didn’t soothe Thane’s fears however, he needed more concrete proof that he was free from harm. All the events prior to this altercation screamed otherwise. “You, you said I was in? In what?” He gripped the steel toilet paper holder, ready to strike if needed. Once again Aaron raised his hands in surrender, he went as far as to throw a towel on the ground.

“Long or short?”

“Easy version.”

Aaron let out a soft chuckle, it was short lived however as his strict body language came sprinting back. “You got powers, I got powers. A lot of motherfuckers got powers, nobody knows how. One fuck said there was a comet or some shit and the radiation came affected the earth’s sphere-“

“Sphere?” The confused look on his face coupled with the interruption didn’t sit well with Aaron. He gritted his teeth and looked at everything in the room besides Thane, Aaron’s classic tell.

“Fuck should I know?” Excessive foot tapping followed the loud statement. “Some shit happened, people got powers. There were fucks who said lemme be a fucking kiss-ass and fight crime and shit and then there were fucks like us. We know we better than the fucks who got the shit end of the stick so, we did whatever the fuck we wanted.”

Thane knew that was the peak of the story, everything else was downhill. “Then what happened?”

“Nothing much. We got fucked, turns out the fucks that went superhero mode had different powers than us. I don’t know about you but I can’t block a fucking car.” Thane tried to hold back his laughter as he pictured Aaron getting squished by a car. “I went into hiding and shit, until I got initiated with this uhh company.” The way he stressed the company portion did not paint a pretty picture.

“Company? What there’s an evil organization now? It just up and developed?”

“Fuck if I know. I get this letter saying that I was in, then I got my ass handed to me a few days later.” Thane gave knowing look as to what the beating was for. “I got initiated and as a present they gave me the bitch that threw the car at me, only Ankara escort thing is she was changed.” Before Thane could even ask for a clarification, Aaron grinned ear to ear as he went into detail. “All she knew was how to fuck, literally. I had to fucking feed her, I had to explain to her why she needed to drink fucking water. It was a fucking sight I tell you.”

“What the-” Thane was split in two, each at opposing extremes of the spectrum. One side was relieved he wasn’t on the organization’s hit list while the other worried about what they would make him do. He was part of them now, he could only imagine what that would entail.

“Fuck, I know.”

Thane was expecting a disgusted expression at the very least, but all he got from his old acquaintance was a devilish grin. He was actually happy about it, boasted about it in fact. Aaron spared no detail describing what he had done to the girl. One girl wasn’t enough for his appetite however, he needed more and more he got. From his description, Aaron had a stable full of women ready to be used at any time. The company, in response to his wicked deeds, congratulated him, rewarded him even for his efforts. As Aaron delved deeper into his nocturnal adventures, he slowly began to let his wall down as he scrapped in the backroom for more memories. All it took was an active search of a memory on Aaron’s part to provide a big enough opening for Thane to get in.

Thane needed to know what was in store for him and what plans Aaron had for him. Fortunately, Aaron’s bark was bigger than his bite. He was nothing more than an errand boy for the organization he worked for, he was not much different than a pimp. The company used his estate to offer several people a night of exploration, the type of exploring done was completely up to them. The reason Thane went into Aaron’s mind in the first place remained a mystery even after all the searching. Every memory connected to the organization or its clients had been blurred, they were edited to such a degree Thane couldn’t tell if they were planted or not. Even worse was that there was someone else out there that could tamper with memories, much more than Thane could even imagine.

If Aaron, as powerful of a mind mage he was, could get screwed so easily, Thane stood absolutely no chance against whoever this organization was. Remembering the fight from before, several questions jumped in his mind. “Yo.” Aaron shook himself back to reality hardly realizing what happened. “How come I’m still alive?” The amount of pain that he went through was enough to kill at least three people. The fact that Thane walked out of there, let alone had sex shortly after was incomprehensible.

“You’re linked.” Aaron was once again back to his mysterious answers, giving a straight answer apparently was too much to ask for. Seeing Thane’s frustration as well as the anxiety building up, he took pity and began to explain the phenomena. “Some mages can form links and when you form a link, you can’t die.”

“Wait what?” Even Aaron’s explanations were confounding, it provided all the explanation needed to why he dropped out. “I can’t die cuz I’m banging some chick?”

“No you dumbass.” Aaron was slightly annoyed, however the act revealed a piece of the giant puzzle. For a fraction of a second, before Aaron scratched his temple, his eyes went emerald green. Thane also had those eyes, only much lighter and more permanent. “Yea that’s it. The eyes.” He smirked and let Thane have the room but before he left, he enlightened Thane on the Veruca situation. “She’s gonna remember it as a dream, hopefully. Just don’t be here when she wakes up. Worst case scenario you fucked her life forever but no big.”

“Wait!” Thane jumped out of the seat and ran after him, only to trip on his pants and meet the floor face first. “Fuck!” He hurriedly pulled his pants up and sprinted out the door only to catch the left over fumes of his car. The ruckus caused the sleeping beauty to awake from her externally induced slumber. As soon as Thane saw the initial movements of her body, his mind told him to run. His body on the other hand had a mind of its own as it slowly walked towards her. She was sitting behind the counter, her clothes once again attached to her body.

Veruca stretched out her arms and yawned as she eased herself into consciousness. It didn’t take long for them to meet eyes. She quickly adjusted herself and embraced the dominant persona from before, whether it was genuine or not was a mystery. He decided against going back into her mind to see the changes, once was enough. “May I help you sir?”

You helped plenty, Thane had to work in order to suppress the smile. “No, I was just leaving.” Her cheeks were flushed as she engaged him in the very brief conversation. She must’ve recognized him from her dream, or what she thought was a dream. Both were diligently trying to put up a façade of calmness, at least until they were out of each other’s sight. Thane also did not Ankara escort bayan want to linger, Aaron had already warned him to leave before she woke up. Staying longer could’ve possibly undone whatever it was that he did. He took a mental snapshot of her, not that he needed to, and exited the premises.

Thane felt an unusual heaviness in his left pocket, last he remembered they were empty. Upon closer inspection he realized he still had Veruca’s phone. His fingers instinctively went to the gallery to refresh his memory of the recent events. After the fourth picture, his dick began to wake as well. Thane quickly exited and uploaded the entire gallery to his email before leaving it near the fire exit. He made sure to delete the photos beforehand, the last thing he wanted was to get caught over something stupid. Let’s see if aunt’s still nice.

A clear instruction to violate himself with a dildo gave a roundabout answer. With no money for the bus, or anything for the matter, he had to walk home. The heat was had already reached its peak hours before so the hour long walk wasn’t a nightmare, the wind even blew a few times. Thane reminded himself every few minutes that it could’ve been worse, all he had to do was bring up the image of Brian Loftschild and he would get a sudden increase in energy. The last five blocks he had to use the chain-link fences for support however, physical conditioning was not part of Thane’s gifts.

“Fuck me sideways.” Thane groaned as he plopped himself on the couch. His legs felt like they were about to fall off, everything hurt from his heels to his hips. All he wanted to do was sleep for the next few years, the mere thought of physical activity brought upon short bursts of nausea. The couch was shortly turned into a poor-man’s thinking chair as he tried to maintain a grip on the situation. The only thing that Thane was not able to come to terms with was how he was able to do whatever he did to Veruca, as well as the not dying part. “The fuck he meant by eyes?”

“Who’s eyes?” Amanda walked and immediately sat beside him on the couch. She lifted his feet up to make room first before placing them over her bare thighs. When he told her to get comfortable, she might’ve taken it to heart. She wore black lace panties with his ribbed white beater, which was getting stretched to its limits by those mounds. She wore a pair of glasses that seemed a bit big for her face, something that screamed hipster.

“What’s with the glasses?” Thane didn’t mind the beautiful intrusion, he actually welcomed it. Even if he only knew her for a few days, he felt at ease with her. She had a unique aura around her that calmed him whenever she got near, that and she made most of his blood rush downstairs.

Amanda took a sip of coffee followed by a bite of a cake rusk. Thane completely forgot he had those, surprising since they were his favorite snack. Her lips stretched as far into the rusk as they could go trying to eliminate the possibility of crumbs but not everything goes as planned. As soon as she bit into the rusk more than a handful of droppings fell onto her lap, some on his feet while the rectangular snack broke in half, falling into the crevice of her breasts. Both shared a giggle before she asked him to take the piece out.

“Gladly.” He wasn’t going to deny an opportunity to get inside her shirt. Thane performed a sit up and went exploring the insides of her shirt, purposely taking more time than needed. Once the artifact was found he slowly pulled it up careful not to scratch nature’s masterpiece before devouring it for himself. “Taste’s sweeter than before.” She smiled and blew him a kiss before getting back to the coffee.

A closer look on the glasses revealed an engraving towards the end. They were definitely Jane’s and they might also be the reason she threw a fit when he called her. A sudden loss of 600 dollars would fill anybody’s rage meter. It made for a slightly better day for Thane however, attributing it to instant karma. It was a known fact that she would come looking for her precious glasses but he wasn’t going to give them up so easily. If she wanted her status symbol back she would have to work for it, or at least admit to being a self-obsessed narcissist.

“Hey, something’s been bothering me.” Thane sat up slightly to pick some more crumbs off her mounds before staring at the ceiling again. Amanda faced him once she paused the soap opera. “How come you’re not acting like a doll?”

“I’m not acting pretty?” Amanda furrowed her eyebrows in distress and confusion, followed by hastily wiping the crumbs off her face.

“No no no.” It wasn’t the best choice of words he soon realized. “No I meant like before you were just like waiting for my commands and didn’t answer to anything else. Now you’re like an actual person.” Amanda’s expression was still the same, even more so now.

She placed the back of her hand on his forehead and asked if he was feeling well. “Babe are you Escort Ankara okay? What are you talking about? Commands?” Amanda looked more confused than he was.

“Shit remember when you told me how you were my link?” Thane immediately sat up, his legs still on her lap while resting his left arm on the top of the couch for support. “I walked in and you were making pancakes and then you told me something about being a link?”

“Are you sure you didn’t dream this?”

“No!” Frustration slowly crept into his mind. “Shit afterwards we fucked on the dining table?”

Amanda blushed slightly and grabbed her cup off the end table, using the opportunity to hide her redness. “I remember that…” She ran a hand through her hair and smiled as she recalled the incident but quickly came back to the conversation. “But not the part about the link or whatever.”

Fuck no, I didn’t imagine that shit. Thane scratched his head followed by his chin as he retraced his steps. Everything was clear, he remembered everything like it happened five minutes ago. To make sure he did a quick scan of her memories and the result was mindboggling. The events that she remembered were completely identical to his, just missing some sections. There was nothing before the messy dinner table session just like she said. No matter how deep he went, as much as he could for the matter, he couldn’t find a single instance of their first conversation. What bothered him the most was that her memories weren’t edited, they were her own and untouched by any sources. He was the first one to go through them actually.

“Babe are you okay?” Amanda placed a hand on his cheek but he quickly pushed it aside.

“I, uh, I’m just gonna go use the restroom.”

A few splashes of cold water were needed to rid him of the daze, however that only worsened his paranoia. Thane’s eyes had once again changed color, this time turning into a soft red just a shade away from pink. What the shit? He splashed more ice cold water at his face and pinched himself just to be sure, they stayed the color. This time Thane was sure they had changed color, he remembered distinctly staring at emerald green eyes the day before. What’s going on? Is that what he meant by the eyes? Fuck I don’t even got his number.

Just when a tornado of thoughts began to creep inside his mind, he heard the bell. Still paranoid from the recent events he ordered Amanda to stay in the bedroom, even though her doll like state was gone she obediently followed orders. Thane threw on the most presentable expression he could conjure before taking a deep breath and heading towards the door. “Uhh who is it?”

“Aaron, open up.”

Thane experienced what could be a considered a mix of feelings, he was relieved that questions could finally be answered but at the same time didn’t know what Aaron’s actual intentions were. His memories couldn’t be trusted and Thane didn’t have the luxury of seeing people’s thoughts anymore. Regardless of how he felt, he knew that Aaron could end him at any minute. The only option he had was to let him in and after great reluctance he did.

“Anyone saw you come here?” Something was bothering him and judging from the way Aaron kept tapping his foot and shifting his eyes, it was something big.

“No? I don’t think so, why? What’s going on?” Aaron’s paranoia only fueled Thane’s.

“There’s a cop that’s getting too close, you gotta take her out.”

“Excuse me? The fuck?” Thane could tell Aaron wasn’t joking and when he stated that the order came from higher up, the deal was done. “I, I can’t!”

“All you gotta do is make the bitch your link, shit I’m not telling you to fucking kill her.”

“What the fuck is a link!?” Thane was tired of hearing things he knew nothing about, especially the link aspect. “First Amanda mentions that shit then she don’t remember saying that shit and now you say that shit! What the fuck!”

Aaron was taken aback by the hostility but quickly adjusted before questioning Thane’s knowledge. He found it hard to believe that Thane didn’t know what a link was, especially after he completely wiped Amanda’s mind. “Shit that’s weird but yea whatever. A link is pretty much making someone your bitch, all you gotta do is go into their mind and fuck it up.” Thane should’ve known Aaron’s clarification skills.

“Fuck it up?” The explanation confused him more than before.

“Yea you know, fuck it up like make em have to follow your every order and shit.” Aaron, not surprisingly, did not have any more clarification than that nor did he know how to make them follow orders. He admitted that all the links he had were given to him by the organization.

“Why doesn’t Amanda remember the link then? She told me about it and why didn’t I die?” Aaron didn’t like getting questioned but he knew that if he wanted Thane on board he had to comply, the playing field was leveled at the moment.

“Brian can heal people.” The look on Thane’s face was priceless as it made Aaron let out a chuckle. “Hey why you think you felt all that shit? Dumbass doesn’t like to work on his shit but yea I told him to keep you alive, so there you are. With your link and shit, fuck man I got nothing.”

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