Broken In Ch. 01Broken In Ch. 01


Jarred woke up earlier than usually, naked and in a yawning stretch, he steps in front of his bedroom mirror.

Tall, dark hair, built, and very handsome with chestnut brown eyes, high cheek bones, strong jaw, and thick plump lips. The perfectly soft, light dusting of body hair that covers his body is the icing on his cake.

He’s conceited, to be sure. He narcissistically admires his toned, muscular body, blowing a kiss at himself and smiling. He occasionally works as a fitness model, loves to go clubbing, and his good looks and hot body provide him a lot of interesting opportunities.

He works as a personal trainer in a gym nearby during the day. That type of job keeps his schedule open but still pays well enough to support his lifestyle. Sometimes he gets big tips if he fucks a client. He uses the facilities to work out regularly and is very vane about his appearance.

As stares into his reflection in his bedroom mirror, he performs his morning ritual. He turns to the side to check his profile and, sure enough, there it is, his high and tight, meaty, round, bubble butt. It’s his favorite part of his anatomy and he loves when it gets attention.

He plays with it when he masturbates alone, nothing too intense, but enough know to it feels amazing to work his prostate. A finger or two never hurt anyone. No one needs to know. Sometimes he lies in bed and caresses the sensitive skin of his meaty, full cheeks, giving himself goose bumps. He even gave himself the occasional enema, and gets off hard to the feeling of shooting liquid on his prostate.

He displays his miraculous buns proudly in tight briefs, thongs, jock straps, and trunks (he thinks boxers or boxer briefs are of the devil). He’s mostly straight, has hooked up with men before, some clients who pay well and some local fags who love to choke on dick, so he’s open to male on male contact, but it’s very rare. He’s just a kinky straight guy who loves to find ’em, fuck ’em, and forget ’em.

He’s an exhibitionist of the most debauched nature too, the type of guy who runs in tight spandex outfits on the street without a jock or under gear, bends over excessively to show off his ass to whomever he thinks might appreciate it, and walks around the locker room naked for ten minutes after his work out talking with guys who eye fuck his fat ass and long, thick cock before actually hitting the sauna or showers.

He’s headed into the city today to see about a modeling gig. He has it on good authority that he’s a shoe in for the job. They’re look for a guy with a superb ass like his, so he exits his bedroom early and walks down the hall, naked as usual, and slips into the bathroom for his morning shower where he’ll take extra care to cleanse and feel his pretty bubble all over. He ogles himself in the bathroom mirror for a while, flexing and posing in preparation for the audition while the water heats up.

He shares the upstairs two bedroom apartment of a two-story house in a nice quiet suburb with a guy he met at the gym, Darnell. Again, Jarred isn’t gay, but Darnell is carved from stone, straight out of a rap video. The two regularly joke around when they catch each other naked in the apartment, cat calling and admiring how fucking built the other is while trying to maintain their hetero air of authority.

Darnell works in construction and maintains an unequaled musculature. He looks like a thug porn star, only bigger, and carries around a horse cock that puts Jarred’s own huge, white missile to shame. Jarred had a lot of respect for Darnell for out of all he had been through in one piece. He was, like everybody else, amazed at the size of his cock and giant, bulky frame, but he was also a very supportive friend and tried to help the guy out at every opportunity.

Darnell’s an exhibitionist too. Often seen around the apartment in nothing but a skull cap and black socks, with a thick, long, rude-looking cock swaying to the beat of whatever tight as hell rap song he’s into at the moment while he grabs some food, or watches TV, or even lays out in the back yard listening to music and smoking blunts. He, like Jarred, loves to show off his stuff.

He comes from one of the city’s worst ghettos and escaped to the ‘burbs to live a quiet life and fuck fat asses. He tells himself he’s bisexual, but his preference for men is undeniable. Unfortunately for black men from his world, he’s had to hide out as a ‘down low brother’, and when he moved to the ‘burbs and got out he just never dropped the habit. A lot of gay, black men live in sexual secrecy because of this and are pushed to the extreme as far as gay scenes go, Darnell was no exception.

Darnell didn’t mind all too much, it’s made him more dominant and aggressive, and there had been a whole lot of white boys who have taken the brunt of his abuse, but at least he never had to jerk off. There was always a white boy bottom bitch or even a white girl to take care of his swollen nuts. And swollen they certainly avcılar rus escort were, if his horse cock was impressive, his balls were doubly so, Jarred thought they looked like a bag of two lemons in a sack, and laughed his ass off when he first caught Darnell in the showers at the gym. Jarred considered that horse cock and those testicles a curiosity.

Darnell mistook Jarred for as just another bottom bitch at first, and wanted him bad, but after the two talked for a while they became buddies, and then work out partners and good friends, and then, when Jarred admitted his frustration with his current girlfriend and his need for a new place to live, roommates. Darnell actually really liked the situation they were in, both of the guys were happy where they were and with their friendship.

They would have parties there that ended up in both men getting laid and trashed, and where as Darnell wished he could host more of his down low boys in his apartment and have some wild gay orgies, he was more than satisfied suffering through having two big booty white girls slurp and ride his meat all night, if he got bored he would just turn them over and pretend they were white boys.

On this particular day Darnell was pretty frustrated, it was the first time in years that hadn’t been able to find someone to take his load for over a week and his balls were aching for release. As he wakes up he looks down at his butt naked form, admires himself, and grabs his painful swollen balls and squeezes them, then realizes that he really had to piss and walks over to the bathroom, hearing his roommate in there showering.

::knock knock::

“Yo man, I gotta go badly, can I get in?”

No response.

Darnell waits a second or two and then says fuck it and heads in there, he knew Jarred wouldn’t mind if he came in to take a piss right quick. He closes the door behind him. The steam thins out where upon he bears witness to his roommate’s amazing silhouette through the clear glass shower door under the spray of hot water, looking like a skin flick from late night TV, handling a 8 ½ inch rock hard weapon while two of his fingers dig far too deep up his ass crack for him to just to be scratching an itch.

Danrell stands there for a minute in silence, truly shocked at his roommate and how he’s handling that ass. Jarred has one leg up on the edge of the shower, and is methodically pumping his fingers into his boy pussy at the same rate he jerking his cock. The sight, as far as Darnell is concerned, is spellbinding. This is like a fantasy that has come true and all of a sudden he thinks maybe this white boy is in the closet, or at least bi.

“Yo, I gotta piss, dawg,” says Darnell grinning like a kid in a candy store.

“Holy fuck!! What the fuck, D? Did you see anything?” asks Jarred, slipping his out of his ass and turning his back bashfully to his roommate, embarrassed for the first time in a long time.

“Yeh man, I seen you jerking off that tiny dick and digging up in that asspussy, son!! Hahahahaha! I didn’t know you get down like that, bitch!” taunts Darnell as he scratches his ass and walks over to toilet.

Jarrell takes a deep breath, turns the hot water down, and open the glass door a little just in time to catch Darnell’s uncut horse dick let loose a proud, piping hot, steaming stream of piss. The urine strikes the water with a loud steady bass sound. Jarred, always one to appreciate physical beauty, remains raging hard staring at Big D’s thick meat in wonder as his puckered rings spasms.

Distract from the show he murmurs out, “Shut up, Darnell. You know I’m a freak, man.”

He grabs the liquid soap and starts to lather up as the two men look at each other and think nasty thoughts. Jarred tries to shake it off as just in the moment but his cock remains painfully erect. With the shower door slightly open Jarred turns in a sexy pose to show Darnell his profile, jutting out his meaty ass while Darnell handles his veiny, onyx pipe and cradles his obscene balls, “You alright, Big D? You look… I dunno, man, pissed or something,” says his perceptive roommate, trying to change the subject and forget about his shame.

“It’s all good man, I just haven’t been able to nut in a while, I had a bitch on her way over here last night, but she ain’t come thru, man,” lies Darnell. In truth it was an effeminate 18 year old white boy from the local high school, teasing the big black stud and then getting cold feet the last minute when the boy realized that he would have to actually have to take that cock in his tight, virgin holes.

Darnell’s python runs out of piss and starts to lengthen as he unabashedly holds it tight with his fist, enamored at the sight of his roomie’s perfect buttocks, shiny and wet, which call out to him like an oasis in the desert, ‘Damn, if I could just in that good damn white asspussy. I could drop this nut real quick,’ thinks the thug.

Jarred has been şişli rus escort watching too, and sees the bloated scrotum of his friend and feels pity for him. ‘Damn, that does looks bigger than usual,’ he thinks, ‘that must be painful as all hell.’ Jarred is feeling charitable. He’s always been casual about group sex, doesn’t mind being naked around people, and loves helping out Darnell, who he knows would never hurt him in any way.

“I know you don’t jerk off, Big D, and I know you wanna release that nut before you gotta head to work…” Jarred stops speaking and slides the glass door open the rest of the way, nodding his head back to invite his roommate in the shower with him, “I’ll help you out, man.”

“You sure, dawg? I mean…” and Big D waves the semi-hard nightstick at his roommate with a crooked eyebrow as if to say, ‘look at this thing, you really want to take responsibility for this?’

“Yeh man, nothing gay, I know what you like, man, I’ve seen you fuck all those bitches all night. Get in here and stop talking. Let me help you out, bro. Just don’t tell anyone, ok?” Jarred feels like being a little kinky this morning and he’s been in threesome’s with this guy before, spit-roasting local ladies till both men cream hard, so what would it hurt to help his friend out this time?

Darnell steps into the shower faster than Jarred expects and the two men rub against each other in the slightly cramped space. Darnell’s shoulder bumps into Jarred’s firm chest, pressing him against the tiled wall, the spray of water ricocheting off them both as Darnell reaches back and closes the glass door, sealing them both inside.

Jarred reaches over and bends down to adjust the heat of the water back up, his head almost at Darnell’s hip level, giving Big D a perfect view of the muscular, glistening, white boy cheeks as his cock jumps like a rodeo bull. Jarred, in leaning down, comes closer to the titanic genitals than ever before, smelling its strong African musk through the heat for the first time.

Jarred’s cock notices the foul fragrance and reaches full erection as his loosened, still-tingling anus twitches. ‘God damn, Darnell’s cock smells potent as hell. How the hell do girls stand sucking on that thing for hours like that’ ponders Jarred as he takes in the stench of black dick. Something about that musk starts to make his mouth water but he ignores it.

The two men check each other out for a second, paranoid and turned on in the taboo setting as Jarred reaches for the body wash and pours a generous amount in his hand. He adjust Darnell’s bulky frame to face directly in front of him and then reaches down to slather the slick gel onto the 10 inch beer can beauty. Darnell takes a deep breath and relaxes at the touch, already far more calm knowing that he’ll have this relief of intense pressure in his balls.

Jarred notices how the black man’s foreskin pulls down as the white boy, for the first time ever, grasps a black man sexually and lubes up the chocolate pole with apple-scented liquid. Jarred might actually be straight, but he committed to something huge, literally and figurative, that he doesn’t fully comprehend. Playing around in the same room with different people is one thing, but willingly offering to give pleasure to a closeted black man like Darnell is a whole other animal.

Jarred’s other hand comes down and cradles the giant bull balls, just like he knows he should, feeling their weight as he start to pump his buddy’s penis. Both men looks down, watching the show intently and notice the glaring difference in skin tone and how beautiful it looks, how the dark black complexion compliments the pale beige, the juxtaposition of the white hand around the thick, coal black dick.

Jarred slides his hand down to root and lets the swollen sack go, the dark swelling scrotum falls under the dick pulling the skin of the cock down. Darnell’s piss slit makes an appearance as the foreskin draws backs from the glans. Jarred could swear he saw it wink right at him.

The white boy brings his hand up to the helmet of his roommate’s penis, pressing his palm into the fleshy tip of the spear and rotating it slowly in a circle while his other hand gently continues stroking the shaft.

“God damn, man. You’re really good at this… I ain’t gon last too long, Jay.” Darnell is really turned on. He mistakes his roommate’s open-minded spirit and kinkiness as a willingness to get it on with black men and starts tensing up his chest and abs, straightening his back to display his larger dominant size to the slightly smaller, masculine white boy who’s serving him.

“Thanks D. Not for nothing, man, but your cock and body look amazing,” the two men stare into each other’s eyes for a long moment. Darnell’s eyes are glazed over with lust and Jarred’s eyes are smiling, his mouth is wearing a wicked, knowing smirk and his cock remains hard as hell from his own jerk session earlier, spurred on by beşiktaş rus escort this taboo act, still oblivious to the storm of attraction his black friend feels for him.

‘I’m really getting this guy off, this is… this is… this is fucking awesome!’ thinks the white boy, ‘Maybe I can get into this with Darnell once in a while, no reason for him to have to be so pent up if all it takes is 5 minutes of tugging this awesome cock in the shower. What’s the harm in helping out my friend, especially if I get to play with this fucking thing?’

Jarred’s really is having fun now. As the water blasts over both of them Jarred pulls both fists together and double fist pumps the big black cock. He’s bouncing up and down, his ass cheeks jiggling from the force of the hard stroking, taunting Darnell who can’t stop thinking of pounding his horse meat deep inside his friend.

A piece of ass on Jarred’s level, if you really want to own it properly, is something to invest time and patience in, in order to lock it down for good. For now, this hand job will more than have to do. It’s actually more than Big D could’ve hope for, the perfect precursor to breaking in the young white stud’s tight holes properly.

This way, Jarred gets to see what he’s getting into up close. He gets to spray the white boy down with his fat load, Darnell can see if Jarred knows how to handle BBC or needs training, and if all goes wrong he can just say the whole thing was all Jarred’s idea from the start.

Squelching sounds reverberate off the bathroom walls, both men breathing hard, and Darnell’s groans louder now, “Yeh, bro,” and then a few seconds later, “keep on jerking off that big, fat dick, Jay”. Darnell takes a deep breath to hold back his load another couple seconds, “You like Big D’s big D, white boy?”

“Fuck yeh, man. I wanna see this thing shoot off!”

Jarred brings his palm back up onto the tip, sensing the end is near, and forms a cup with his fingers, enveloping the fleshy cock head which fills his entire hand and then twisting it around to increase the friction, as he’s doing this he tightens his grip at the base of the black column and pumps hard and fast.

“Oh Dayamn! Oh fuck yeh, bitch!!” and all of sudden Darnell’s gay instincts take over. His big paws come down on either side of his friends bulging ass cheeks with a stinging smack. His biceps pop out as he grabs both globes, extending his long arms, squeezing them into an iron grip and forcing the white boy against the wall with a thud.

Jarred’s upper body has to lean forward slightly to keep jerking off the massive black stud. His eyes goes wide and his jaw drops at the development, realizing for the time how much bigger this black man is than him and exactly what he’s doing in here as the Nubian former street thug starts to reach climax.

“Here’s it come, Jay. Here it come. Jerk that that big nigga dick, white boy!”

Jarred continues his manipulations, removes his hand from the head of the prick, and goes back to double fisting his buddy and leans down even further towards the BBC in doing so, looking down from Darnell’s face, curious to witness what it looks when the giant black man ejaculates.

Darnell, who has his eyes shut tight get’s lost in the cloud of euphoria as his friend helps him empty his balls. Jarred’s gripping the shaft tighter now and pumping faster as the Goliath cock extends to its final muscle contraction and bursts open a massive blast of cum straight upwards.

Jarred, looking down directly over the erupting BBC, still has his mouth hanging agape due the way Big D shockingly grabbed his ass, the extreme kinkiness of the scene, and the spectacle of gay wonder in which he’s taking part. Darnell seems to be trying to crush his ass cheeks squeezing as hard as he can, and the first jet of cum fires upwards directly into Jarred’s mouth, over his thick, plump lips, onto his tongue, and filling the cave of his mouth to the rim.

Jarred snaps his jaw shut the instant the massive rope of cum is secure in his mouth, soaking his taste buds, and reflexively swallows down the thick, yolky syrup as Darnell screams like a victorious warrior, eyes still shut and ignorant to his roommates calamity, lost in some far off place.

Jarred’s mouth and throat are now coated with sperm,”Awwwwwkkkkk,” cries the white boy as he wretches.

His torso violently humps forward as he gags hard, sticking his tongue out to try to deny what just happened, bringing his mouth within inches of the offending meat stick. Comically, another even larger rope of semen is rocketed into his mouth as Darnell continues to drain, but this time it’s in a direct line to the back of his throat due his close proximity and his tongue’s extension.

Time slows down to an almost standstill as this happens, and Jarred, now imbibed on the flavor of African seed, feels the rope of semen hit the back of his oral cavity with force, and like when you suck on a can of whipped cream directly from the spout, the warm cum fills his entire mouth from tonsil to lips. The force of the cream hitting the back of his mouth instinctively flexes the entrance to his throat and in a massive gagging swallow he takes down what has to be three or four shot glasses worth of Darnell’s cum in one go.

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