Brod: Growing Unrest Pt. 03Brod: Growing Unrest Pt. 03


She closed the door behind us. I made a low rumbling noise in my chest as my eyes roamed down her back to her backside. I could see both her ass and her front with the mirrors. I hooked my thumbs into the waist of my shorts and pulled them down, exposing my fleshy volleyballs to the cool air.

Lana stared at my heavy cock for a long moment in the mirror, her eyes locked and unblinking. Then, she turned, and her eyes widened, almost as if she was surprised it was still real. She gulped and fell to her knees, looking up at my cock as it hovered above her, cast in shadow by the light above. She bit her lower lip, her eyes bright as she took in the sight. At least until a fat glob of steaming-hot precum dripped into her cleavage. Splat!

“Ooh!” Lana reached up, caressing my organ with with both hands and eyes before kissing the tip. A single string of pre stuck to her chin when she pulled away. “Is it true? Are you the Monster of Tocobaga Bay?” she asked. I’d seen this before. Many girls who know who I am hold a somewhat dignified facade until they get me alone. Now it was time for her to be star-struck. Cock-struck, perhaps?

I shook my head. “What? Who called me that?” I laughed.

“At UTB and SFU. They all talk about you,” she said. “They call you the Monster, or the Behemoth.”

“Really?” I asked. “You’re making that up!” I insisted.

She put her cheek to my cock, closing her eyes. Lana let out a long, hot breath against my pubes. Then she inhaled deeply. I took off my shirt. Now, I was only wearing sneakers and socks. With a soft purring, she rubbed her face up the length of my cock, trailing soft kisses on its hot surface. Then she lapped up the dripping precum, and I heard an almost orgasmic “Ohhmm!” before she went back to kissing the pulsing organ, her wavy black hair brushing delicately against its skin.

She spoke again. “From what I heard, the girls came up with a nickname for you since the guys don’t like to hear about you.” Her eyes opened, and she shuffled back so she could look directly at my cock. Both of her hands rubbed over its heated surface, and both hands were utterly insufficient. “They say this thing has wrecked thousands of girls on campus over the past few years. They said it destroys entire dorms and devastated all of sorority row in a day.”

“What? So they made me into a kaiju?” I laughed. I still wasn’t sure if I believed her or not. “I didn’t fuck all of sorority row at once. Like, five houses, over a long weekend, maybe?”

“How many girls have you fucked today?!” she moaned, shifting my cock to the side to look into my eyes. That was when I noticed the shining puddle growing under her. “Tell me!”

“I woke up today and fucked maybe. I don’t know, twenty-something?” I said.

“Ooh!” she panted, almost falling against my cock, rolling her tongue over its tip. “Th-this week?”

“I don’t know. Maybe two hundred total? I wasn’t counting, you know. I did visit a dorm over the weekend at Saint Fortis.,” I said, referring to another university in the Tocobaga Bay area.

“Oh, yes, yes! Oh my god!” she closed her eyes and began slurping down precum eagerly, her hands pumping my length. Her arms almost had to straighten just to reach from base to tip. “And I heard you knock women up for a living?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I grunted, leaning back against the wooden wall. My precum was pouring into her waiting mouth fast enough to fill it every few seconds. It spilled out from her lips, over her chin, down her chest, soaking her dress. Some trickled down my cock and over my nuts.

Her hands rubbed over my gigantic balls. “How many women have you knocked up?” she asked me. My balls looked so big with her hands on them. Each nut would take two just to hold.

Since this is my business, I actually had a number for her. “Over the 15 years I’ve been doing it? 31,584,” I answered.

“Augh!” she cried out before she fell into my balls, burying her face into them and grabbing handfuls of scrotum as her whole body began to shudder. I saw her hips rolling and her legs shuddering. Gloosch! Jets of fresh, clear fluid gushed out from under her skirt. I felt and heard it as she yowled into my sack.

After her juicy orgasm ended, she continued to bury her face in my nuts. Her hands rubbed up the gigantic orbs, and I could feel her licking and sucking at mouthfuls of my flesh. My cock poured pre down her spine, rolling down to her ass. She sighed. I think maybe she was talking, but it was muffled. She just kept rubbing her face up and down, thick folds of feverish skin molding around half her head, each nut bigger than it was. It felt wonderful.

Finally, she came up for air and gasped, “I wish my aunt had told me you were coming! You want this big fat ass, you can have it!” She climbed unsteadily to her feet.

I grinned and pointed at the rail attached to the wall across from the bench. “Grab that. esenyurt escort Bend over.”

She did just that, presenting that beautifully plump rump to me. I smiled at her in the mirror. She bit her lip as I slipped my fingers under her skirt, flipping it onto her back. “I also heard you love big asses like this one,” she panted.

“You heard right. Especially a big, delicious, dark-colored ass like this,” I rumbled. “I’ve never met an Indian girl shaped like this!”

“My family does,” she said. Her panties were so slick that I mistook them for a different color at first. I took the straps and slid them down. The sound of moist cloth peeling away from heated flesh was audible … schlrrrrsch. They fell to the ground near her ankles and she kicked them away. Splat.

“Mmmh. I see that,” I rumbled, gently caressing her warm flesh with my fleshy hands, squeezing handfuls of flesh. I wished I could have gripped more at the same time. I hefted my two-foot monster and rested it between those massive cheeks.

She moaned again. “It’s so heavy! It’s like a damn kid sitting on my back!”

“I am pretty good at giving girls kids,” I chuckled. My precum was a constant, slick, steaming-hot stream, dripping down between her ass cheeks, seeping deep in between.

I could see her face in the mirror as she gripped the cool steel bar. She kept biting and releasing her lip, messing up her lipstick. She looked back at me, eyes shining with need. I could see my cock slipping up and down from a whole new angle in the mirror. Glisch, glisch, glisch. I ground up and down against her ass, groaning as I felt the hot flesh rubbing against my organ’s belly.

Cups worth of fresh slime poured from my cock’s mouth, rolling down and collecting on her ass before rolling down and falling to the floor in globs. Splat! Splat! I grabbed handfuls of pre and began rubbing my hands over her ass, licking my lips and making a low growling noise in my throat as I gripped and kneaded that pliable flesh. The cheeks were so slick, wrapping and slipping over my cock. My heavy balls rubbed against the backs of her thighs.

“Mmmph,” I rumbled. “Look at this fucking thing.”

“Look at your fucking thing,” she panted.

I chuckled and continued to massage her ass for a long moment, enjoying the sight and feel of her rear. Then I stepped back and turned sideways behind her. I grabbed my cock by the base and grinned at her.

“What are you doing?” she asked. There was a chiming. Someone must have came into the store.

I didn’t answer her. Instead, I swung my cock back, then forward, and SMACK! It walloped her across her fat ass, making it jiggle like mad.

“Ooohh!” cried Lana, her lips puckering into an O in the mirror.

I groaned. This felt damn good to me, too. The sudden, intense stimulation, the crash of soft flesh against pulsing hardness. So I did it again! I swung my cock, using it like a fleshy club as I whacked her ass again. SMACK!

“Brod!” she moaned. “Fuck! I didn’t know cock-spanking was possible!”

“Lots of things are possible when you’re as big as me,” I rumbled, smiling at her in the mirror. I turned around so I could feel the sweet sting against the other flank of my throbbing monster. I swung it again. Again. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

After every impact came Lana’s vocal reply, “Augh! Oooh! Mmm! Huhnnnh!” And every impact was likewise accompanied by a bright explosion of shimmering droplets, a shower of precum launched by the impact of flesh-on-flesh. I could see the tiny globs rolling down the mirror. Lana’s knees were starting to shake and wobble. I saw her bite her lips as she squeezed her eyes shut, her wavy black hair rolling down over her face as she shifted.

I hit her one more time. SMACK!

Lana shuddered, shook, and fell forward, mushing the side of her face against the mirror as her stomach tightened and sploosch! Clear juices gushed out of her pussy onto my cock, drenching it and rolling over its surface, adding to the thick, sexual funk filling the fitting room. It was probably leaking into the shop, too.

Every square inch of throbbing cock—and there were hundreds of them—now shined in the light. I could see the veins working under the skin. But more importantly, I could see Lana moaning against the mirror, still wearing her heels, badonkadonk up in the air, pussy pouring its nectar. I couldn’t resist a sight or a smell like that.

I grabbed her hips and pushed my enormous glans up against her slit. My head was the size of a coconut, or maybe a big grapefruit—bigger than a softball, anyway. I felt the hot kiss of her needy sex against my tip. I saw it as her face pressed up against the cool glass of the mirror. I heard her moan as I began stretching her fleshy lips. I smelled the scent of her heat.

She put her hands on the mirror and whimpered as her pussy was stretched like rubber, opening further zeytinburnu escort and further, resisting my gigantic organ, but only temporarily. The elastic flesh distended. Lana shifted her feet apart, her mocha-complected ass quivering, just like the rest of her.

I growled as I sunk into her boiling-hot depths, dark lips stretching until … pop! My head sunk in. The reaction was instantaneous.

“Aawaaugh!” she howled as she gushed, her pussy gripping me as juices squirted out around my cock, re-coating it in that clear, delicious veneer. I could feel the droplets rolling down to the underside. Her walls kneaded my glans like silky hands. I used the slickness to push even deeper, aided by her sheer wetness and my own slime pouring into her. That deliciously dark skin of hers began to shine in the subdued light, sweat rolling down her forehead in the mirror.

Schhrrrip. I heard a quiet tearing noise. I saw a bulge appear in her lower belly as I sunk the first quarter of my cock into her. Her eyes clenched shut. I began to pump. A slow, relentless pace, pressing her face up against the mirror. Lana’s hands returned to gripping the steel bar as I pulled her backward, her eyes opening and looking at mine.

Glursch. Glursch. Glursch. Every powerful thrust sunk my cock deeper and deeper, inch by inch, until I felt the thump of my glans ramming into the fleshy barrier to her womb. Lana bit her lower lip, whined, and I felt waves roll down her belly as she came again. Skllrsch! Jets of hot nectar sprayed my belly and cock.

The burgundy of her dress was distended oddly, bulging out and out. Another sound of tearing cloth. Schhrrk.

“Look down at your stomach,” I told her, grinning in the mirror.

She did so, her eyes opening wider as she beheld the shape of my cock inside her body. “Mmmhahh!” she whimpered, cumming again, her body rocking in orgasm right on top of the last.

My thrusts became more and more insistent, bouncing her up and down, making her arch her back, her huge ass wobbling with every thrust. Our slickness combined, rolling down her legs, making them glisten, the fluids flowing into her shoes, squishing hotly around her toes.

I grabbed handfuls of her jiggling rump as it wobbled wildly. My fingers sunk into the yielding softness. I rubbed and kneaded, reaching down to gather handfuls of or fluids. I slapped my hands against her ass, sending out a spray of moisture. I oiled her rump with precum and her own nectar. It was incredible, each gigantic cheek jiggling like a brown basketball, clapping together with my thrusts. Their plushness, along with that of her thick thighs, ensconced several extra inches of pumping cock. I don’t only like bottom-heavy girls for their aesthetics—that extra thickness is practical, too.

“Auumph. You’re so. Fuck! Can barely stand!” she cried. “How many before me today?!” demanded Lana again.

I growled at the back of her head. “I fucked! Mmph! I blasted over two dozen wombs with jizz!” I groaned as I slammed my cock into her. GLUSCH. GLUSCH. GLUSCH. She moaned. I continued, “I pumped bathtubs worth of jizz today! They couldn’t even move after, their bellies were so big! And I was still horny after!” I grunted. “The same thing I’m gonna do to you!”

“Yes!” she cried. “Yeeh-auuugh!” she cried out and bowed forward as she came again, her pussy gripping and rippling, powerful spasms rocking her being. I could feel every single one squeezing my cock, just as I heard the glooosch! of her next explosive climax. A fresh coat of heat sprayed me. That was all I needed. Her cervix loosened slightly. Experience told me one more good thrust would do it.

I pulled my hips back, drawing my two-foot monster back like a battering ram. Lana bit her lower lip and closed her eyes tightly. The bulge in her stomach receded. Maybe she knew what was coming.

My cock slammed back into her like a freight train. Her cervix stretched and buckled. My coconut-sized glans crashed into the back of her womb. It tented her belly out far from her body. Her back seam split open near the middle. Lana’s heels left the floor. The air left her lungs.

She didn’t even cry out at first, but her body began to convulse, her eyes rolled back into her head, and she warbled incoherently. “Aahmmumm. Muahhuhh. Mahugh!” Bright arcs of glistening cunt-juice sprayed all over my thighs and stomach, mixed with my own fluid. Lana fell forward against the mirror again, her mouth hanging open, her cheek against cool glass, strings of drool hanging from her mouth. If my cock hadn’t been inside her, she would have collapsed right then.

I wrapped my arms underneath her and pulled her back. My thick arm wrapped around her waist. I straightened up, lifting her. Only a foot of cock was inside her. The rest served to hold her up in the air, her heels scratching my legs, her weight coming down taksim escort bayan on my cock, her head lolling back. Her orgasm hadn’t ended as far as I could tell. It wasn’t as intense, but I could feel her pussy moving in gentle waves around me.

I sat down on the bench on the opposite side of the booth. The wood creaked under our combined weight. My coarse, meaty hands wrapped around the sides of her chest, just under her armpits. I began to bounce her up and down my cock, biceps flexing as I lifted her, pulling glistening inches out before slamming the back in.

Her fat tits jiggled and bounced wildly. The bulge of my cock pushed up between the heavy, low-hanging breasts. Lana’s legs and arms dangled, her heels and calves rubbed against my gigantic nuts. Her skirt hung down now, covering a lot of my cock. But I could see the thick layers of cunt juice and hot precum rolling down my cock in glistening waves. Her eyelids fluttered. I shifted her back, leaning my shoulders against the wall so her weight pinned her back to my chest.

I grabbed handfuls of her tits, kneading those jiggling things through her dress. I could feel my nuts starting to tighten up. As I thrust upward, they bounced against the carpet. I started pumping more quickly, bouncing her up and down, causing her to make some odd noises.

“Aaummh. Awwaummnh. Mmmmh. Wmmgh,” came her catatonic moaning. Fluids kept squirting from her, and not all of them were mine—indeed, I don’t think she’d stopped orgasming.

But I could feel my balls tightening. The feeling like there was more cum than space inside. I shifted my arms. One of them wrapped around her shoulder, in a sort of half-nelson. I grabbed the back of her head and tilted it forward. My other arm wrapped tightly around her waist.

“Lana, look,” I rumbled behind her.

Her eyes opened, her gaze rolled forward. How aware was she? It didn’t matter much.

I erupted.

SPLOOORCH! A solid column of seed forced its way up my cock, blasting from the tip like a geyser. For several seconds that wad flowed through my pulsing organ, Lana’s belly growing that entire time.

“Ooohmm!” she moaned.

GLUUUUURCH. I shot again, a nickel-thick rope of spunk splashing and stretching her womb with raw, goopy heat. SPLURT. SPLURT. SPLURT. I kept shooting, and her belly kept growing, out, and out, and out. The outline of my cock disappeared. BLOOOOORCH. Pressurized spunk sprayed out around my girth.

“Aaaugh! So much!” whined the girl.

SPLUUUUUURT. I groaned and leaned back against the wooden wall, relaxing as my nuts emptied. Lana laid back against my chest, but I helped her keep her gaze on her own growing belly. Within moments, she was nine months pregnant with twins, and my nuts still hadn’t nearly emptied.

SCHRRRIIIP! Her dress gave. An avalanche of brown flesh. Her enormously bloated belly was free, her tits bare, sitting heavily atop it as it grew. The remains of her dress hung around her waist. I kept cumming and cumming and cumming, and she kept swelling and swelling and swelling. Every time my wads exploded inside her womb, her belly jiggled. I wasn’t even thrusting. SPLURT! Wobble-wobble. SPLURT! Wobble-wobble.

Soon, her belly was wider than her hips. I lowered her to the floor so she could lay atop it. I lounged there, my hands rubbing over her gigantic ass, gripping handfuls of pleasant flesh as I spent the next few minutes blowing my load. Lana rose up and up into the air as her belly spread to the sides. Soon, she was high enough to use as her back as an ottoman or a coffee table.

A knock at the door. Arva’s voice. “Are you done?”

“One minute,” I called.

Finally, I felt the dregs of my nuts emptying out. Spluuuuuurt. A long, lazy wad. I sighed. Putting my hand on Lana’s ass, I pulled my cock back, pushing her forward. Schlooor-pop! GLOOSCH! Her cunt yawned open for a split-second before it became a pearly-white fountain. “Okay, I’m done,” I said.

The door opened. She came in and gasped. Her jaw hung slack, her eyes wide. “Wh-what … did you do?” she asked. What Lana’s aunt saw was her niece lying atop her own belly, her dress tattered, her head and limbs draped lazily across that fleshy dome. My two-foot monster was painted white, and it laid atop her back, reaching to her shoulderblades. It drooled precum all over her back, collecting in a pool in the small of it. And I couldn’t imagine the smell. But I could see Arva’s dress. There was a long, dark stain starting at her crotch and cascading down the front of her bright sari. She finally spoke after a long moment. “I do not…. You’re still hard? How?!”

“Yeah, I didn’t think that would work. Fucking just once usually just makes me hornier,” I explained.

“What will it take to make it go down?!” she gasped.

“You could help,” I suggested, putting my hand on her hip and pulling her closer, my hand rubbing over her ass.

Arva bit her lip, but shook her head. She turned her back to me so she wouldn’t need to look at this raunchy spectacle. “No, I need to keep my wits about me if you want me to produce first-class quality! We must do the needful, and it can’t be me,” she said.

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