Brockton’s Favorite Bisexual ManBrockton’s Favorite Bisexual Man


My name is Wilson Tetu and I’m a young black man of Cameroonian origin living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. City of Champions rocks! I’m currently a student at the Brockton Institute of Technology, a four-year private school located in Brockton’s West Side. I’ve been going there since graduating from Brockton High School in 2006. It’s a damn good school. It’s also the setting of my awesome new adventures. Come in and take a look around. I guarantee that you won’t regret it. I’m your tour guide.

The Brockton Institute of Technology currently boasts of a ten-thousand-person student body. Fortunately, there’s an equal number of male and female students on campus. That’s a very good thing, especially in an age where most colleges and universities in North America aren’t as balanced. Most of the students at Brockton Tech are graduates of Brockton High School, but many of them come from nearby towns like Randolph, Avon, Stoughton and even Hanson and Plymouth. The campus is quite diverse. Lots of black, Hispanic and Asian students. I once considered attending Curry College but gave up on the idea because the school was lily-white and way too expensive. Brockton Tech is where it’s at!

I mean, this place has everything. Kick-ass sports. Affordable tuition. Student housing. In-state residents only pay one hundred and fifty dollars per credit at Brockton Tech and I’m taking five classes in Criminal Justice right now. They’re all three-credit courses. One day, I’m going to be a police officer. Maybe work in a city like Boston or New York. A big-city. I don’t want to work for the Brockton Police Department. Let’s just say that I had a negative opinion of them. They’ve harassed me for no reason in the past. No, I didn’t get arrested. However, I got embarassed. Publicly. I’m no stranger to harassment. I’m a black man and I’m also bisexual. I get bugged for being who I am. However, these cops were downright mean. Work for the Brockton Police Department? Hell no! They’re all a bunch of racist pigs anyway. I thought Brockton was going to change since a young black man was running for Mayor of the City of Champions but he didn’t get elected. The black community of Brockton didn’t support the young black man who ran for Mayor of the city because he was gay. The rich old white guy who was the Mayor stayed in power. I was deeply saddened that day. Change never comes, does it?

I began my sophomore year at the Brockton Institute of Technology with a somewhat heavy heart. On one hand, I was very close to getting my degree and moving on. On the other hand, lots of things in my life weren’t going well. Fortunately, I had something to cheer me up. The first-ever Varsity Football to represent the city of Brockton at the college level. Lots of towns almanbahis şikayet have college football teams. Curry College of Milton City has its football team. Bridgewater State College has its football team. Brockton City has a high school football team but no college team. Now, we finally did. A massive fundraiser helped us bring college football to Brockton City.

Originally, the Brockton Institute of Technology offered a wide variety of sports to all student-athletes. I mean, we were no slouches in the sports department. We have Men’s Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling, Tennis, Bowling, Lacrosse and Golf along with Women’s Varsity Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling, Tennis, Bowling, Lacrosse, Field Hockey and Golf. Now, with the addition of Football, we had officially become an athletic powerhouse. The Brockton Institute of Technology joined the New England Football Conference in 2007 and now competes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division Three. We’re collectively known as the Stars and Lady Stars.

That’s our varsity club. We also have club sports in Men’s Rugby, Women’s Rugby, Men’s Fencing, Men’s Rifle, Women’s Karate, Men’s Boxing, Women’s Fencing, Men’s Horsemanship and Women’s Equestrian.

Yeah, it was good to finally have college football in the City of Champions. It completely changed the atmosphere on the college campus, you know. Finally, Brockton Tech was on the map.

We were competing in the big leagues now. Students from the nearby community didn’t have to go to UMass-Boston, UMass-Amherst or Boston College to get a good education. Oh, those are fine schools but they’re so far away. Why not go to a college that was closer to home? When it comes to thorough academia, Brockton Tech wouldn’t let them down. And if they happened to be student-athletes, we would take care of them too. We had more sports than my colleges and universities around the country.

Yeah, I was having a lot of fun this year. My friends and I went to the brand-new Football Stadium to show support to our new team. It was tough to get seats. The Brockton Tech Football Stadium was built to house twenty thousand people. They were usually packed. I mean, half of the city of Brockton showed up to watch our football games. Having a college football team didn’t only change the face of our great school. It completely changed the face of our great city as well. The city of Brockton wasn’t on most people’s radars. Our few claims to fame were our kick-ass high school athletics, a legendary boxing tradition and a minor league professional baseball team. Having a college football team helped put us on the map. It brought in more almanbahis canlı casino business. Also, we were in the news a lot more often and it was a positive thing. When Brockton is in the news, it’s usually due to something bad. Somebody got shot on Warren Avenue or some hustler brought a gun at the local high school. Crazy stuff like that.

Now, we were doing much better. It’s at a college football game that I met someone who would later become very important to me. Why did she matter so much to me? Well, we had a lot in common. Trista Canister. A big and tall, brown-skinned and short-haired young black woman with whom I had the time of my life. Trista Canister was a member of the Brockton Institute of Technology Women’s Rugby Club. She was a lifelong football fan. I was watching the game in the stands with a few of my buddies when I noticed this hot chick who was screaming and raging against Brockton Tech’s opponents, the Bridgewater State football team. She noticed me looking at her and happily waved.

I smiled. Female football fans are something of a mystery to me. But whatever. After the game, I approached her and introduced myself. She smiled at me, and we shook hands. She had a crazy, fiery spark in her eyes. We sat down at the Dunkin Donuts near the Train Station and the Police Department and had something to eat. For the next two hours, we talked about college football. She was a fan of Brockton Tech, which goes without saying but in Division One College Football, she had a thing for Boston College and Ohio State. I liked Ohio State University. The biggest university in the country. An athletic powerhouse. Man, I was amazed to finally meet a woman who shared my passions. I asked her out and she said yes. A passionate romance awaited us both.

We had been dating for some time and I was falling in love with Trista. She was hard to resist. A six-foot-tall, gorgeously curvy, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed black woman with the face of an angel and the body of a ghetto porn starlet. We had a lot in common. I loved Action Movies and Comic Books. I hate watching Chick Flicks. Trista felt the same way. We went to the movies in downtown Boston and watched flicks like the cinematic masterpiece Beowulf, along with I Am Legend. I think these are two of the best movies ever made. I had no complaints, folks. Trista told me that she wanted to wait before we consummated our relationship. I respect that. I loved her, so I was willing to wait. I had already told her about my bisexuality and unlike most females, she hadn’t panicked and left me. She was cool with it. We continued our relationship and all was fine.

I’ve been in many relationships before, with both men and women. I don’t have much luck. The men almanbahis casino I’ve dated were thugs and gangsters. They’re really sexy but not the nicest people. The women I’ve dated were control freaks and drama queens. Ghetto hussies with no manners and no scruples. I had given up on love and romance, until I met Trista Canister. Then, one day, Trista dropped the ball on me. She was ready to have sex. We had some wild kinky fun together. Trista bought a strap-on dildo to surprise me in my dorm room. I most definitely liked my surprise. Trista put me on all fours and spread my ass cheeks wide open. She greased me up with some cool lube. Then, she pressed the dildo against my asshole and pushed. Oh, man. The first time her dildo went into me, it kind of hurt. But the lube helped. She was gentle with me. Trista placed her hands on my hips and gently fucked me with her strap-on dick. Having her dildo deep inside my ass felt oddly good. Hell, my dick got harder because of it. I screamed and begged her for more. She fucked me harder and faster, slamming the dildo deep into my ass. I loved every minute of it. So much that I came multiple times.

Afterwards, we tried more conventional lovemaking styles on the bed. I sat down and Trista knelt before me to suck on my eight inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black dick. Man, this chick gave really good head. In no time, I was hard as steel. I spread her legs and slid my cock into her pussy. Hot damn. It had been a while since I had a hot, tight pussy to fuck. I missed it. I fucked her for some time, then we tried something else together. I put her on all fours and spread her sexy ass cheeks wide open. I looked at this big beautiful black woman who was offering me her sexy plump ass. She looked hot!

I placed my cock against Trista’s asshole, and pushed. With a swift thrust, I was inside. Oh, my. Trista’s asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight. It held my dick nicely. I put my hands on her hips and began fucking that ass of hers. Trista moaned but did not scream as I fucked her. That’s a good woman. I’ve fucked many asses, both male and female, over the years. Gay and bisexual men for the most part tend to love ass fucking and take it without so much a grunt. Lots of women will scream like bitches when my cock goes up their asses. It’s funny. Trista wasn’t like that, though. She took it like a champ. I slid my cock in and out of her asshole, loving every moment of it. We went at it until I came, sending my hot seed deep into her asshole. She screamed passionately. That’s my girl!

Afterwards, Trista and I lay on the bed, happy as can be. Truth be told, I loved this woman. And she loved me. Our relationship was fun, passionate and deeply romantic. I had no complaints. As we fell asleep in each other’s arms, I looked at the ceiling. Truth be told, this was a Kodak moment but I had no camera. Oh, well. The best things in life come along when least expected. Life is unscripted. Let it be like that. I think it’s better this way. Anyhow, see you around.

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