Brittni’s New Job Pt. 02Brittni’s New Job Pt. 02


I was so excited I was in a trance, oblivious to everything except the filthy slut who I was fingering! Jean put her hand on my wrist and my hand came out of her hole with a plop, it was coated with her white pussy cream. Jean then walked me from the bar into the room in front of the guys, I stood in front of one guy and instinctively offered him my hand, the guy was sucking her fanny cream off my fingers, it was turning me on like mad having a bloke suck a woman’s cum of my fingers!

He’d got his prick out and was wanking himself whilst he licked my fingers, I was completely transfixed and had fanny juice flooding my panties, I didn’t notice when Jean stood behind me and pulled my dress up round my waist, I was now on display, Jean was rubbing her snatch across my butt cheeks, I could feel her hairy bush against me, what a sensation.

The guy in front started to grown and a massive jet of jizz flirted from his prick and landed just above my knee, I then woke up…

After he finished I turned round, Jean was sitting between two guys on a sofa, she had a prick in each hand and her legs were wide opening, they were both fingering her, I could see that the both had at least two fingers in her hole, they were also sucking on her nipples.

I moved to a guy sitting alone, I stood there in front of him with my legs apart, he put his hand forward and began to rub my pussy through my thong, I was that wet he was fingering me through the material, I told him to show me his prick, he pulled it out of his trousers, he was about 6 inch long Ankara bayan escort but rock hard, I leant forward and put my hands on his thighs, I then bent my head and started to suck him off hands free.

By doing this my butt was on display, within a minute I felt my thong being pulled to one side and the guy who’d licked my fingers was licking my crack.He was licking from my clit to my arsehole, it was like a dog lapping up water, his tongue was in my fanny, in my arsehole, sucking my clit, I couldn’t hold off and came as he stuck his tongue further up my snatch.

I heard groans and one of the guys that Jean was wanking off was emptying his nuts, it was spraying on het tits, the other guy stood up and plastered her face and hair, she was covered in it. As I watch this, the guy I was sucking pulled his prick out of my mouth and unloaded on me, I swallowed some, some went on my forehead and the rest over my head landing on my back.

The guy was still tonguing my holes and my twat was farting as I came again and again, I was weak at the knees and almost collapsed on the floor.

I came out of my cum stupor and saw Jean, she was now sitting on a massive fucking dong, the guy must have been 10 inch at least, she had her back to him as she rode him so we could all see that massive prick slide up her. David was standing on the side of the chair fucking her mouth with his 7inch prick, in fact, he was fucking her brains out the way he ways ramming his knob in her mouth.

I crawled on my hands and knees to get in front of them and Escort bayan Ankara started to lick the blokes balls, his shaft, her fanny all the same time, she was squelching and I was swallowing everything, I pulled the guys knob out of her hole and licked her juice off his bell end, I then stuck my tongue up her hole and sucked as much of her juice as I could.

Jean said put it in my arse, I held his knob and put the massive head against her butt hole, I watched as it opened her up and about 6 inch slid in, there was still another 4 inch to go!

I shoved two fingers in her fanny, I could feel his prick up her through the membrane, I massaged her and then with a squeal she opened up and I felt the remaining 4inch of his prick slide up her arsehole, he was in up to his balls.

I pulled my fingers out of her hole and shoved my tongue in her, I could feel him fuck her with my tongue, I was cumming with the sensation of what was happening.

I then felt something pushing against my fanny, I looked round and there was another guy trying to get his knob in me, fucking hell, his prick wasn’t that long, but it was as fat as a beer can! It’ll never go in I thought, the next thing I thought I sat on a litre coke bottle, he was in up to his balls and was fucking me like a piston engine.

It was going in with such a force it was pushing my head into Jeans twat, the guy was ugly but I was squirting funny juice like no tomorrow, I thought my fucking ears had popped.

David then moved from Jeans mouth and his prick nudged my face, Bayan escort Ankara as I looked up it went right in Jeans twat.

I licked his prick as he fucked her whilst I was being fucked silly, God I was loving this.

The guy fucking me tensed and he spunked up me, it felt like a fucking hose pipe had been let off, he must have spunked for 30 seconds.

At the same time both David and the guy up her arse started to cum, they both filled her holes and then pulled out, spunk was dribbling from her.

We both looked a mess, spunk coming out of every hole, spunk on my face and legs, on Jeans face,tits and belly, we were covered in it.

David suggested we clean up, we went to the bathroom, Jean looked at me and said lay on the floor, I lay down as she stood astride my face, she then squatted over my face, both her holes were gaping as spunk and pussy juice dripped out on to me, I grabbed her arse and pulled her cheeks wide apart, I then stuck my tongue in both holes and sucked out all the spunk and funny juice whilst she came again, my legs were spread wide whilst I was doing this and Jean leant forward and sucked my twat, swallowing all the spunk that was gushing out.

When we’d had the last drop, we tidied our clothes, Jean gave me her phone number in case I was interested in doing something like that again with her.

We then went back into the room, all the guys had gone and David gave Jean her coat, a brown envelope and thanked her, she then left.

He turned to me and said Britt you were fantastic, here’s a tip for you, instead of giving me 100 bucks, there was 500 bucks, 500 bucks for being fucked silly wow, I thanked him and thought I’d give his cock a quick squeeze before I left, when I put my hand on his prick through his trousers, he was hard as a rock…

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