Britney Ch. 01: Oh BrotherBritney Ch. 01: Oh Brother


“Come on in guys. My parents aren’t home right now. We can hang out a couple hours at least.” coaxed Lance Foxx.

Lance and his family had moved last spring from Vermont, to the great state of Florida. Their transition was awkward to say the least. Lance himself had a difficulty making new friends. Being eighteen only a week and a bit of a rogue socially left him hanging out with the outsider crowd. Not that he complained. Still he managed to befriend fellow skateboarders Evan and Styles. Both young men his own age and stunted in height. Each of them had yet to escape 5’5 status.

“Nice crib, Foxx.” Styles nodded checking out photographs on the wall.

Evan joins Styles observing family portraits.

“Hey Bro? Who’s the hot chick?”

Lance grins mischievously, “THat’s my twin sister Britney. A senior. Eighteen last week like me. Even I think she’s fine.”

“Set us up, Dude.” Styles jokes with a hint of seriousness.

Lance puckers and rubs his chin, “What’s in it for me?”

Evan shrugs, “Eternal friendship?”

“Yea, no. It’s has to be worth my effort.”

Styles nods, “You can date my sister.”

Evan chuckles, “You can date my mom.”

“I hear a shower. That’s her. She stayed home today. Hooky.”

“She’s in my third period class I think.” Styles ponders, “Algebra.”

“Maybe. I don’t really know.”

Lance admires a photo of his sister from a past prom. Her long brown hair silky smooth and flowing over her shoulders. Big blue eyes that cry seductive. A bulging cleavage that her dress barely contained.

Evan looks over Lance’s shoulder at the same pic, “Dang. Those tits must be double D’s.”

“34D’s” Trust me I snoop.” Lance chuckles with a sly grin.

“You see her naked?” Styles enthusiastically asks.

Lance nods, “Twice. She doesn’t know I did. I caught her masturbating once. Awesome. She’s a screamer.”

Brilliance strikes Lance as he motions for the boys to wait for him as he heads down the hall toward the bathroom. At the restroom door he listens to hear his sister humming as she showered. Hesitantly he tests the door knob and finds it unlocked. Easing it open he peers in to see Britney through a foggy set of glass shower doors. Her body was perfect. Lengthy legs even for her 5’3 stature. Firm belly and solid hips and tight ass. He almost whistled.

Carefully shutting the door he returns to his buddies.

“Ten bucks each I’ll let you see her in the shower.”

Both boys looked at each other and began digging through their wallets and pockets.

Coughing up the amounts barely they hand over the cash. Lance then headed back down the hall and motioned them to follow. At the door he listens again and makes certain that her status had not changed. Convinced, he opens the door and looks carefully inside at the same basic stance she had been in earlier. She was washing her hair now.

Guiding the boys to the door to peer in they nearly fell over at her nudity. Even as much as the fogged up glass revealed. They were speechless and each hogging space for a better look.

Finally, Lance forced them out of the way and closed the door.

Hurrying back to the living room they sat down and marveled over what they had seen.

“Damn dude. That was awesome. What’s twenty bucks get?” Evan laughed.

“I don’t want your money guys. This was just a teaser.” He hands their money back.

“Wow! Dude you’re cool as hell.” Styles nodded.

“I know. Besides, I know how to sucker Brit. She’s extremely naïve. Might be I can sucker her into teasing you guys. If I do though you can’t let on that I set her up.”

Evan smirks, “I dare you to get her to come out here in a towel.”

“Dare, huh.” He chuckles, “Buy me lunch tomorrow.”

“Breakfast the day after even.” Styles adds.

“Deal. Wait until she heads for her room.”

Patience led to Lance activating his Xbox and quietly playing “Grand Theft Auto”, while they waited. Ten minutes into their game they heard the bathroom door open up.

Lance sat back with his controller and paused the game to effectively get his sisters attention.

“Hey Brit? Come here a second. It’s urgent.”

After a brief hesitation his darling sister shuffled down the hall toward the living room. The boys had dominated the sofa, each settling in on one arm of the couch. Out of her immediate sight.

“What’s wrong?” She pleasantly asked as she dried her hair with a smaller towel. Covering her lithe body was a broader towel that barely concealed her bulging chest, while also mischievously rode extremely high on her thighs.

“Dad called. He said he and mom were going out for dinner and we had to feed ourselves. He said you had cash for a pizza.”

She reaches the threshold of the living room and enters, still obstructed at first from her admirers. Once she realized they were there she froze in her step and dropped her jaw.

“I didn’t realize you had visitors. Awkward!”

Evan speaks up fast, “No problem. We both have sisters. Seen it all. I’m Evan. This is Styles.”

She bites her lower lip nervously Eyüp Escort and slightly covers her chest with the hand held towel.

“Hi.” She smiles then scowls at Lance, “You could have warned me.”

The brother smirks, “Guess so. Sorry. Wanna play GTA with us?”

She eyes the paused video game on the big screen TV. She loved playing video games. She grits her teeth and exhales loudly, “Sounds fun. Let me get dressed real quick.”

The boys both look at her with pitiful gazes of disappointment. This made her realize they were obviously virgins or close to it. Rolling her eyes she smiles at them.

“Okay. I can dress later. I’m covered right?” She marches straight for the entertainment center to locate a pink controller on a charging dock resting on the lowest shelf. This required her to bend over to obtain it. In doing so her bare ass popped into view for the boys to catch a glimpse. Not to mention a flash of her pussy lips. It was ever so brief.

Their eyes popped out as she grinned sheepishly out of their field of witness. Standing up she twirled on the ball of her foot to face them. She then acted as if her towel was loosening. She catches it, dropping the other towel to her feet. Tightening the larger towel she acted as if holding the controller made things near impossible. She chose to prop the controller under her chin holding it against her cleavage.

Once adjusted she scurries to the couch and drops into the cushion in between the two lads. They had trouble keeping their eyes off of her toned legs.

“Get me in Baby Brother.” By all of thirty minutes he grumbled.

Lance took a few minutes to set up dual players and got her started. As the minutes passed the two of them raced a gauntlet of intersections filled with chaos.

“I’m beating you Lance.” She giggles.

“Not going to happen.” He claims.

“Bet I do.”

“Bet you don’t.”

“How much you wanna bet?” She coughs.

“No money. Can’t bet what I don’t have.”

“Let’s make this interesting.” She pauses the game.

The boys took immediate interest in her wager quest.

She sits up and props one leg under her and stretches her arms over her head. In thought she looks between the two boys.

“Should I humiliate him?”

They both nod feverishly and try not to laugh.

“Traitors.” Lance joked.

She felt confident, “If I win you have to run around the outside of our house in your underwear.”

“Yea right. Okay I’ll bite. If I win you have to dance naked for my friends here.”

Her eyes bulge out then darts a glance between the two.

“Ummm!” She fidgets before locking her eyes on Lance, “Length of one song.”

“Nope. Three songs.”

“Three? That’s like ten minutes.”

The guys mumble and call her chicken.

“I am SO NOT chicken. Matter of fact if I lose I’ll give you lap dances naked. But, if I win not only does Lance run around the house he has to give you two lap dances.” She then laughs hysterically slapping her right leg.

Styles and Evan grimace at the thought of Lance dancing and hold their hands up in retaliation.

“Now who’s chicken?” She offers a guilt devising expression.

Lance rolls his eyes, “Do we have a deal?”

“Let’s race bitch.” She shivers with excitement.

The challenge endured for nine long breathless minutes before Lance defeated his sister. He leaps up and jumps around triumphantly. After a moment of ego that resides he points at his sister.


She sat silent and expressionless for a minute then lowers her gaze.

“Wow. That sucked.” She muttered.

Lance found a set of prerecorded songs from the games archives and started one from the band “Five Finger Death Punch”.

Britney blushed and started shaking her head, then forced herself to stand up and move in front of them.

“You never said I had to dance in front of you Lance. Go to your room or I won’t do this for them. It’s too weird in front of my own brother.”

“Nope. Dance.”

“Dang it Lance.” She growls and begins swiveling her hips and reaching her arms over her head. The music became hypnotic as she closed her eyes. Before long she untied the towel as she turned away from them to hide her full frontal pose. She lifted the towel higher and revealed her bare ass shaking her cheeks like a professional.

The boys drooled and gave Lance their approving nods of respect.

Peering over her shoulder at the boys she smiles and licks her lips. Soon after she eyes Lance and sticks her tongue out at him before expelling “I despise you.”

“Whatever.” Lance laughs, “Shut up and dance.”

Lowering the towel back over her cheeks she unfolds the width to display her bare hips from the left profile. Closing out she taunts them with a view of her right hip and full leg. As the boys sat forward they stared at her with pure lust.

Cloaking herself she turns to face them and steps within three feet of their knees.

She then bent over in front of them and loosens her towel to give them almost a full titty shot. Only her nipples Eyüp Escort Bayan were hidden. Full cleavage dangling made the boys bulge their eyes.

“Like that?” She moves in to whisper from Evan’s ear then over to Styles.

Nodding hoarsely they stare straight at her chest. In response she shakes her tits under the towel. Stepping even closer she forces Evan to sit back so that she could crawl into his lap and straddle him.

Evan had an instant hard on as she wiggled in his lap.

“Somebody’s getting a woody.” She giggles.

His hands roam her back over the towel as she leans forward to press her chest into his face. In the process she releases her grip on her towel and decides to let the burden stay or fall of its own decision.

As Evan snuggled between her mounds he inhaled her scent and sighed loudly.

Styles to her right leaned over and caressed her leg moving his hand under the towel to discover her hip.

She sighs and winks at Styles while continuing to grind on Evan. Her writhing hips made Evan groan. With his groan came his hand moving down her spine until it reached the towel’s hem. Sliding under it he grips her ass cheek, forcing Britney to squeal.

She darts a glare at her brother eying them and she shivers.

“Your friends are getting brave. Shouldn’t you be defending my honor Little Brother?”

Lance stands up and casually steps over to them. The boys gaze up at him with a pitiful expression. Finally, Lance reaches in and grips the towel ripping it off of her body. She now sat totally nude in Evan’s lap. Her nipples grazing his shoulders.

“Oh my God! Lance!”

“Shut up and keep dancing. Two more songs. Besides, your bet was naked lapdances.”

She whines , “You’re right. I did say that. I was hoping you had forgotten.”

With that she sits up straight and grinds her hips with a fierce rhythm. Evan took the chance and reached both hands up to squeeze her tits.

“Hey! Did I say you could do that?”

Evan doesn’t let go instead he crushes them together.

“Okay. That felt good. You can keep doing that.” Brit sighs closing her eyes, gently tilting her head back.

Styles rubbed her ass and tickled his fingers along her anal cavity. This gave her goosebumps .

“Lance? I never said anything about being pawed up.” She whines.

“You just told Evan he could keep playing with your tits.”

“Yeah. But Styles here is fingering my ass.” She trembles letting him continue.

“This songs almost over. Switch laps.” Lance notes the guitar riff fading.

She starts to crawl off when Styles just reaches over and yanks her into his lap. This time her back was against him. She yelped as his hands clutched her tits tossing them about.

As the second song started, from “Metallica”, she realized the song playing was like twelve minutes in duration. Her eyes widened at Lance.

“This song’s really long. No fair.”

As she growled under her breath Evan sat up and began rubbing her inner thighs. She observed his fingers toying in her thin strip of pubic hair. Finally, fingers graced her clit. He massaged her lightly at first which made her crease her brow.

“Lance?” She frets.

“You made the bet. Live with it.”

“You suck, Lance.”

“That’s your job. Not mine.”

Evan chuckled and slipped fingers up inside her pussy. She in turn started to lurch forward but found Styles holding her with his folded arms. After a few moments her nerves calmed and gave in to Evan’s mission. It did feel awesome.

“See! My friends like you.”

She blows hair from her eyes, “I still hate you. Just because it feels good doesn’t give him the right to do it.”

“Don’t make bets then. You know you never win.”

“Not true.” She suddenly whimpers as Evan’s fingers found her G-spot.

“Come on Sis. I’ll tell you what. Let’s make another bet. If I lose you don’t have to finish the next song. We can stop after this one.”

She shivers finding her nipples stabbing ever higher.

“What’s the bet consist of?”

“Evan there’s fingering you. If you cum before the end of this song because of his fingers then I win. If you hold out and the song ends you win.”

Her eyes bulge. That could be a challenge. She knew her body was already acknowledging his finger’s quite sensitively.

“What if I lose?”

“Three more songs. You suck both these guys off.”

“What? How is that even fair?”

“It’s not. Your call Chicken.”

“Stop calling me that.” Brit hated being called anything near a failure.

“I’ll jack them off if I lose.”

“Nope! Suck their cocks.”

Styles grumbles, “No way she can win that bet. She’s shaking like a leaf.”

Evan pulls his fingers from her and shows them dripping wet.

“Definitely! No way.”

She whines and pouts, “FINE! But, if I win you suck their dicks.”

Lance scowls at the thought, “Not gay sorry.”

Evan returns to merely massaging her clit making her thoughts confused.

“Then, you have to jack off in front of them and they have to watch. Escort Eyüp No wait. All of you have to jack off in front of each other.”

Lance snickers, “I can do that. You have to kneel under all three of us as we cum.”

“Oh my God! You’re my brother.”

He moves to the music selection and pauses the song.

“I’m starting the song over. If you don’t cum we stop and jack off, you just watch us. If you do cum then you suck their dicks.”

Brit quivered chilling from the possibility of losing. Then she felt a burst of adrenaline and narrowed her gaze confidently.

“I have a better bet.”

“We’re listening.” Lance smirks.

“If I fail before this song ends I’ll fuck your friends.”

She believed in herself.

“If you lose you not only fuck them, you become their sex slave for 24 hours each. 24 for Evan. 24 for Styles.”

The boys swiftly look at each other. They were excited by the chance.

“Why don’t we make it 48 hours each? Bitch!” She grew egotistical and over confident, “I’ll agree to 48 hours. If I win then they become my slaves for 48 hours. Anything goes!”

Evan and Styles grit their teeth. That might be bad for them.

Lance shakes his head, “Same goes if you lose. Anything goes!”

“Agreed.” She laughs at him, “Also, if I win, You Brother Dear do whatever I tell you to for 48 hours.”

“Whatever. You’re going to lose. Get ready.” He then starts the song over.

Evan crawled to his knees in front of her as Styles repositions to not only hold her but use his own legs to hold hers wide. Sadly, Britney loved this risk.

Three fingers inserted Evan began digging and probing her. At first she rolled her eyes at his efforts. Then, he found her G-spot all over again. Terrorizing it, Evan studied her face and realized that was his target center. He thrust his knuckles in vigorously and rubbed her clit at the same time. She began straining and whimpering. Both boys felt her body convulsing under their activity.

Lance leaned over his sister and grabbed her chin forcing a stare, “You’re only four minutes into a twelve minute tune. Not going to make it Sis.”

She grimaced and pouted trying to remain calm, “Leave me alone.”

“Just imagine how badly you want my bud’s here to fuck you. It has to feel even better than this.”

“Shut up Lance. I’m not losing.”

“Maybe I should go get that pink vibrator from your bedside stand. The one you hide from mom and dad. Not me though. I’ve seen you use it.”

Her eyes flare up, “WHAT? You’ve seen me use it?”

“Yep! Screamer. Even with the music up.”

The thought stabbed her hormones. He had watched her. He must have liked seeing her. Gross. Interesting. Sick. Wow!

“Seven minutes.” Lance walks away and returns with her vibrator buzzing it to life.

“Lance don’t. Please.” She cringed as Evan moved in and out of her like a straining mad man.

Lance chuckles and touches the tip of it to her clit. The vibrator destroyed her senses.

“You’re my brother. Stop!”

“Nine minutes. Can she survive this guys?”

Both men grumble, “Hell no.”


She tenses and without another warning squirts all over Evan’s hand. His eyes crossed at her gusher.

“Holy shit!” Evan murmured.

As the boys release her she slides to sit on the floor between Styles legs. Evan falls back across from her. Lance stood up wagging the vibrator zooming it around like an airplane.

Shutting it off finally he crouches beside Britney who had retreated into her own world having an orgasm.

“48 hours each. Including me.” Lance brags.

She looks up finally, “You cheated.”

“Never once did either of us say how it would be won. Styles? You get her this weekend. Evan the next. I’ll get mine during the weeks in small doses.”

“Get yours?” Britney perks up, “I’m not fucking my own brother.”

“ANYTHING GOES!” He points out smirking.

She offered a look of hate then an expression of dread.

At a loss she stands up and gathers her towels before looking back at Evan and Styles.

“See you in two days Styles.”

Styles reaches over and grabs her wrist, “Hey! Stop moping. I think you’re beautiful.”

“I don’t feel beautiful. I feel very used.”

Lance groans, “Hey You made this bet. No reneging on it.”

“I’m not. I’ll honor the bet. Even if I hate doing it.”

She trudges down the hall to cry her eyes out. As she fades into her room Lance knuckle bumps his friends.

“Dude. That was insane.” Evan holds his fingers up.

Styles stands and pats Lance on the back, “What does Anything goes entail?”

Lance shrugs, “Whatever.”

“You weren’t lying. She’s naïve as hell.”

“Dumb blond in a brunettes body.” Lance chuckles.

Opening the front door Lance lets his friends head home. He had other things in mind.

As soon as the door shuts Lance heads to Britney’s bedroom. Opening her door he finds her in a fetal position under her covers. He plops on her bed and rubs her leg.

“Cheer up. It’s only 48 hours.”

“No. It’s 144 hours. Total. I’m such a loser.”

“My friends think you’re hot.”

“They’re kind of cute. I guess. I liked teasing them.”

“I knew you did. You were getting into it.”

“Yeah, but not like this. Lance you’re evil.”

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