Breaking Me In Part 2Breaking Me In Part 2


Breaking Me In Part 2Well, since the last time i had that encounter with Mr BBC he ended up breeding me. It has been a while since getting my hole opened up. Now it is nice and tight again and have another craving for BBC. First let me tell you it takes a certain type of black male with a BBC that really knows how to work a hole. So my search starts again. Its takes a bit of time to get through all the fakes and pic collectors but i finally found an older gentleman in his 50’s with a 9″ BBC. He was about 250 and 6 foot so i was a bit worried because i am not a big person. So this time i decided to rent a hotel room and have him walk in and seeing me bent over in the bed with a pair of pink lace panties on and a plug in my ass and see what happens. I got to the hotel at around 2pm and cleaned up and prepped. I first flushed my hole and then put a plug in. I just love that feeling of it popping into my hole and feeling my hole grab onto it. I showered and then put on a pair of pink lace panties. It was now about 5pm and he should be on his way soon. I always get nervous and excited as time is approaching. I got his text that he was here. I unlocked the door bahis siteleri pulled the curtains and got on all fours. I heard the door open and then a voice said “Now that is a great sissy panty ass and felt slap. I hear him undressing and then he walks around to me to show me his cock and i think this is going to hurt, because it is sooo thick. I attempted to suck it as best i could but i was finding it difficult to get my mouth around it. He tells me to sit up and look at him. We walks over reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a lipstick. I want my bitch to wear bright red lipstick, so i put it on for him. Then walked to me and forced his cock into my mouth forcing it in. I was gagging and drooling trying to suck that huge thing. My lipstick was now a mess, but seemed to like it. He likes his bitch messy. Time to make my bitch pregnant. I was worried because his cock was going to tear me open. He pulled the plug out and i felt a pop hoping a had a nice gape for him. He stuck 2 fingers in me working my pussy, they went in easy so i figured i was open a little but needed more. He pulled his fingers out and i felt his cock head trying to enter canlı bahis siteleri my hole. He pushed harder and i could feel my hole stretching the pain was getting intense. He says i hate when my bitch makes me work for pussy. He grabbed a dildo stuck it to the chair and told me to ride it. I sat on that cock and rode it slowly working it deeper in me until i was able to take it all the way. So now i am riding this dildo and sucking his cock licking his balls and shaft. Is that pussy ready for daddy. Yes Sir. I stand up and he tells me now ride me and you better make sure u take it all. I poured lube on his cock and lubed up my pussy and aimed his cock and felt that head and slowly pushed down I pushed harder and then i gasped as that head entered me. I lost my breathe. I held it there for a bit so i could get back my breathe and then slowly worked it in bit by bit i finally had it in and soon i was sitting on his lap and his cock was balls deep. My cock was so hard i knew i was going to cum. After about 5 mins of riding i came and he told he you better eat that cum you bitch. I made sure to lick all the cum off my hands. He reached around canlı bahis me grabbed my legs and started pounding my ass just like in the videos. I was about to see my gape in the mirror. I leaned back he pulled out his cock and wow i was so wide open. He rolled me over i got on all fours and he slammed his cock in my. Holy shit it felt like my ass exploded open. He pounded me so hard i think i passed out. He told me to beg for his cum. Daddy please breed me, give me your babies, make me your bitch. He grabbed my shoulder and i could feel his cock getting ready and then he pushed me down and slammed my pussy so hard as he exploded inisde me i felt like he was never going to stop cumming. He pulled out and pushed a plug inside me, He went to the bathroom and brought out a cup and told me to empty it into the cup. I squated over it and all that cum leaked out into the cup. Is her really going to make me drink it? He told me to lay down and he poured it all over my face and then told me to suck his cock clean. The taste of manpussy cum and lipstick made me feel like a true whore. As i began to wipe off my face before i knew it he was sucking my cock, oh my i did not expect it. I grabbed the back of his headed and fucked his face and i came so quick and hard Hearing him choke and gag as he swallows my load. This was one of the best encounters. One day i will have the courage to have a BBC group.

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