Breaking in the JacketBreaking in the Jacket


On an impulse, he grabbed his leather jacket from the pile of discarded clothes and spread it on the floor. She happily raised her hips enough for him to slide it beneath her.

Some improvisation was called for – he felt he owed her one anyway. It was her keys that got them into the building and into the back room, after all. Their plausible excuse didn’t last for long – someone had stood too close, someone else had smiled, and suddenly hands were everywhere and they were looking for a place to lie down.

She hadn’t planned it either, at least not for there or then. Somehow, though, the quick kiss had become a slow one, and her hands had gone beneath his jacket to rub the muscles in his back. Next thing she knew, she was backing him against the desk, her body pressing against his as if she were trying to crawl into the jacket with him. The after-hours errand they’d come in on could simply go to hell – he felt *good*.

He’d started looking around for a place as she began to peel the jacket off his shoulders – he could have swept the desk clean with an arm, but he’d not wanted anyone thinking about cleaning up messes just then. The decision was to just take a corner of the floor, and he’d let her know this mid-kiss by steering her that direction, with strong hands on her hips and a few murmured words.

She’d giggled as she sank to the floor – how often had she stood right there? Reclined, propped on her elbows, she’d watched as he tossed his jacket aside and knelt between her knees. This corner of the floor was suddenly her favorite place.

One sneaker off, then the other – his fingertips traced the sole of her foot; she met his eyes and bit her lip.

Hands to the waist of her sweats – he peeled them from her, panties and all, in Maltepe Escort Bayan one slow, sure motion. She’d raised her hips to help him out, and let out a little yelp when her bare buttocks touched the floor. She’d murmured that the floor was cold, and that’s when his jacket came in handy.

As she arranged the jacket and herself for comfort, his face went to the inside of her thigh, eyes locked on her pussy. His stubbled cheek slid forward, to sample what she had for him, as his hand gently nudged her other thigh aside. He blew first on her lips, then lightly licked them, bottom to top. When her hands went to his hair, he accepted her suggestion, and took a more thorough taste.

He spread her labia gently with a hand’s pressure to either side, and dipped his tongue into her gathering wetness. A few strokes sufficed to tease out her stiffening clit, and her grip on his hair turned to a caress as he tickled it, side-to-side.

She lay back fully, eyes closed, feeling herself dampen, hearing his breath quicken. She tugged her sweatshirt up to bunch just under her chin, and thumbed her exposed nipples, abandoning herself to the sensations connecting all through her body. Definitely her new favorite place.

Suddenly he was gone, and her eyes flew open – he’d brought himself to his knees, fumbling with his belt, teeth bared in what was mostly a smile. His eyes met hers as his cock sprang free, and he edged forward on his knees as her gaze traveled downward.

She leaned forward, grasped his already dripping penis, pulled him in. He edged forward more and leaned over her, locking her in a kiss. She licked his lips to taste herself, as she rubbed the head of his cock along her entrance.

Both of them moaned as he slid into her, full Maltepe Escort length in one unhurried motion. Buried in her, he rose up on one hand, the other going to cup her ass where it rested on the increasingly crumpled jacket. He slid it up her leg to the back of her knee, as he positioned her leg wide to open her completely to him.

Her hands went beneath his shirt, to the small of his back, and lightly rubbed him along his spine. She helped adjust herself to welcome his cock all the way into her, eyes closing and head lolling back. Only the sensations at the tips of her fingers and deep in her cunt mattered to her just then, and this was now her all-time favorite place.

He began stroking into her, slowly but firmly, pinning her between his body and his leather. He saw her wince once or twice, as he hit bottom a little too hard, but soon they’d found the perfect angle, with his head just tapping her cervix as his pelvis slammed into her clit. He felt her driving her pussy right up his shaft to meet him, with small noises of protest from his poor jacket just audible over their breathing.

She suddenly clutched at his back, holding him to her, as her body shuddered and tried to turn itself inside out around him. He spurted into her, pulsing over and over, as deep as he’d ever been, driven over the top by the clenching of her cunt as she came.

Finally, she lay limp, mouth half open, panting heavily, eyes still closed, hands still holding him to her. He stayed motionless within her, softening just slightly, admiring her still-stiff nipples and watching the flush over her sternum spread up to her throat.

After a few wordless moments, her hands relaxed and he dismounted, not without a small moan of longing from her. His eyes traveled down Escort Maltepe the length of her body, enjoying every inch, and he smiled ruefully to see that her still-open pussy was leaking profusely onto his abused jacket. Every plan has its flaw.

He reached to hold her leg again, and brought a fistful of the material to her flesh, gently attempting to wipe her dry. She gasped at the touch of it, sudden leather when she expected just a few more moments to collect herself, and her abdomen twitched again at the sensation.

Noting her reaction, he shifted his grip, and after brief experimentation, used the heel of his hand to roll the leather against her clit. She whispered a string of curses at him about how good it felt, her hands went back to tugging her nipples, and the flush renewed itself seconds later as another wave of orgasm rolled through her.

He tried to see what else she might like, but she sat up suddenly and pulled his face to her for a kiss. They had to get out of there, she reminded him, straightening her sweatshirt over her breasts – could they get their pants on please, and get what they’d come in for in the first place?

Grumbling with a smile, he complied, and they began dressing, her still seated on his jacket. He rummaged around the place to accomplish their mission when he was presentable again, taking his time as she was moving rather slowly despite what she’d said. When he found what he was looking for and turned around, he was surprised to see her standing ready to go, sneakers still untied, smiling at him with his too-big wrinkled jacket wrapped around her.

“You know, you could have just said you were cold.”

She rolled her eyes at him and just walked to the door, giving him an excellent view of the work they’d done together, the spots and stains and trickles covering the back of the jacket.

“Just for that, boy, you’re never getting this back.”

They both cracked up laughing, as he chased her through the darkened halls.

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