Breakfast is ServedBreakfast is Served


“Honey, would you come in here for a minute, I need to ask you something.” Wes heard his wife call from their upstairs bedroom.


Wes and Mia had met almost 4 years ago. Wes had been studying abroad in Germany when they had met. They met through friends, as many couples do. Wes immediately recognized her radiating beauty, she was the most beautiful woman he had met. She was quite tall, standing just a bit taller than Wes. She had long dark, wavy hair that fell past her shoulders. It was so smooth it looked like a waterfall. She had big blue eyes that seemed to stare into his soul. Whenever she looked at him, his heart skipped a beat. Her skin was slightly paler than most of her friends, but to Wes, that just made her stand out even more.

They first met at a bar among many other friends. It was winter, which meant it was cold, dark and miserable. Wes found solace in the cozy establishment, with it’s old wooden architecture and its warmth. As he walked in, and the warmth hit him, he felt a sense of euphoria, then he saw her. they ended up talking almost exclusively to each other. Both of them interested in what the other had to say. Being a native German speaker, she spoke with a light accent and occasionally made some small mistakes. Wes thought it was cute, and he appreciated that she spoke English with him to make him feel more comfortable. One by one, their friends left until it was only them sitting at a table in the bar. They decided they would stay in touch and exchanged phone numbers. Slowly they would spend more and more time together.

At first it was once or twice a week to catch up and hang out at the local student bar. Then they started spending more and more time together, visiting each other in their dorms and drinking. Wes’s friends teased him and said that they were pretty much a couple at this point. Wes disregarded these comments, there was no doubt in his mind that Mia was very attractive, but he was almost sure they were just friends.

One night they decided to watch a movie together at Mia’s dorm. They grabbed some snack from the store and headed to her place. Once they got to her place they looked through Mia’s impressive collection of digital media. They browsed some movies for a bit and ended up watching some cheesy b-movie they were both half-interested in. They popped it in and got comfy on Mia’s couch. Her couch felt very out of place in her dorm. It was a black leather couch that seemed a bit too fancy for the low-rent student dorm she was living in. Once, Wes asked about it and she said she just saw it laying on the curb one day and decided to take it up to her apartment.

“Alone?” Wes asked.

“Yeah, why?” Mia responded.

“I mean, that’s gotta be pretty heavy right, how’d you manage that?” Wes pressed.

“I’m not that weak Wes, cmon.” She said, punching his shoulder playfully.

Honestly, Wes couldn’t remember the name of the movie, he was too busy thinking about what his friends had teased him about. As he was pondering, Mia grabbed a blanket from behind the couch and threw it over the both of them. As she sat back down under the blanket, she snuggled closer to Wes. She was leaning on his shoulder with her legs up on the couch. His heart was beating fast. Mia seemed to notice he was a bit on edge.

“What’s wrong Wes?” She asked, he looked a bit pale and was sweating slightly.

“Oh, nothing just thinking about…school stuff.” He responded, not even convinced with himself.

“You look stressed, do you wanna talk? I can pause the movie.” She said, genuinely a bit concerned for him.

“No, no, don’t worry, I’m fine…really.” He said, again with the confidence of a peanut.

“Wes?” Mia said looking up at him.

“Yeah, what’s-” Wes was cut off as Mia planted a kiss on his lips. It was a short one, but it felt like it lasted hours. As she pulled back from the kiss, he felt quite dazed and a bit confused. He stared at her blankly.

“Feel better?” She asked, a small grin forming on her face.

Wes leaned in and kissed her. As if they weren’t paying attention to the movie before, now it was a lost cause. The spent the remainder of the film locking lips. Wes had never felt such relief before in his life. It seemed Mia was equally surprised and excited. Wes was in bliss until he looked at his phone. It was late, and he had class the next morning.

“Ah fuck, I gotta go. I have class tomorrow.” He said, genuinely upset. He couldn’t risk being late to class again, he was already behind.

“Wes, do you have to go?” Mia asked, she wanted him to stay, she made that clear. “Why don’t you, spend the night?”

“…Yeah, OK.” Wes responded.


That was four years ago. Since then, a lot had changed. They were married, they both had jobs, they were both successful. Things really fell into place.

Wes and Mia were open with each other from the start, they told each other almost anything. Almost. Mia had a secret that she had kept from Wes throughout başakşehir escort the first three years of their relationship. It wasn’t anything relationship breaking or sinister, it was more so embarrassing for her to admit, so she kept it from him. Wes didn’t come to know about it until a good ways into their relationship. In fact, he found out on Mia’s birthday.

Mia had had a big celebration for her 23rd birthday last year. Her family and friends had all come from across Germany for her Birthday/Housewarming party. Wes and Mia had just moved in to their suburban house and were ecstatic. They had finished moving and unpacking just a few days before Mia’s birthday party. It had been stressful but they managed. All her friends and relative wished them both well. They brought cake and pastries and all sorts of delicacies. They had dinner, then dessert, then drinks. They all bid their farewells and wished them good luck with the new house. Once they last of the guests had left and the house was empty, Wes and Mia were finally alone, the house was silent. The only remnants of the party that had just occurred was the slight intoxication that both of them felt.

“I dunno about you, but i’m exhausted.” Wes said as he wrapped his arms around Mia in a warm embrace. “Let’s go to bed, I need my beauty sleep.”

They headed upstairs and straight into the bedroom. They both collapsed on the bed, exhausted but content. Just as Wes was about to close his eyes, he remembered something that made him hop right back on his feet.

Mia, who was close to drifting off, asked him groggily “What’s up honey, I thought we were sleeping.” Eyes not fully open yet.

“I completely forgot to give you your present.” Wes’s head had disappeared into the closet. When he emerged, he was holding a plain cardboard box. Wes had attempted to wrap it but gave up as he had now idea what he was doing.

Wes handed the box to his still half-asleep girlfriend and urged her to open it. As Mia unfolded the flaps of the cardboard box, she slowly lifted out the contents of the box. Inside was a small vibrator and a pair of handcuffs.

“Surprise!” Wes said, a bit unsure on how to gauge Mia’s reaction.

Mia looked at the toys and a smile spread across her face, she was laughing. Wes wasn’t sure whether to feel happy or insulted.

“What’s wrong, you don’t like it?” He asked, afraid he might have made the wrong choice trying to introduce something new into their sex life.

“No, no honey, of course not, these are great. Really. I just wasn’t expecting this at all.” She said, admiring the toys in her hands.

“Do you…want to try them out?” Wes asked. He was excited to try these toys out on her. They had been sitting in his closet since yesterday when they arrived in the mail. He hadn’t cheaped out either, these toys were quite luxurious.

A smile formed on Mia’s face. “I though you wanted to sleep. What’s wrong, not tired anymore?” She asked, playfully.

“Some things are more important than sleep.” He replied.

“OK, but only if we do things my way.” She said, holding the vibrator between her hands.

“Of course, you’re the birthday girl.” Wes said, not exactly sure what he was getting himself into.

“Alright, take of your clothes, all of them.” Mia demanded. Wes began stripping of his party outfit. he took off his dress shirt and pants leaving him in just his underwear.

“What’s wrong, are you shy. Take that off too.” She said, indicating to the underwear.

He took of his underwear, leaving him completely naked, sitting on the side of the bed. He was expecting Mia to take her tight black dress off as well, but she didn’t. She was just admiring Wes.

“Aren’t you going to take off your clothes, I feel weird if it’s just me.” He said half jokingly.

“Do you feel vulnerable? That’s just how I want you.” Mia said, her voice getting progressively more and more dominant. Wes was taken aback, he hadn’t seen her like this before.

Mia than got up and instructed Wes to lay in the middle of the bed, which he did. As he layed down on the bed, Mia took the handcuffs and fastened both of his hands to the headboard. Wes was laying on their bed, completely naked and exposed while Mia headed to their closet and grabbed a black, silky scarf. She took the scarf and wrapped it around Wes’s eyes, forming a makeshift blindfold.

“Mia, what are you doing?” Wes chuckled, truthfully a bit nervous.

“Shh, just let me take control now. Relax.” Mia said as she went for the nightstand table where they kept there lube and started prepping the relatively small yet discreet vibrator. It was made of silicone, it was smooth and by the looks of it, not cheap. As her hands glided up and down the vibrator, gently lubing it up, Wes was looking quite nervous. All he could hear were the sounds, he had no idea what was coming.

“Now honey, if things get too intense, I want you to say ‘gingerbread’, do you understand?” Mia asked.

“Umm…ok yeah, I guess. kadıköy escort What do yo-” Wes couldn’t finish his sentence as Mia had just slid the vibrator into his ass. Wes gasped as he was shocked. He had not expected her to penetrate his ass. Mia switched the vibrator on it lowest setting and began fucking her boyfriend with it. Each time she moved it in and out, Wes’s hips rocked back and forth.

“Is this too much? I can pull it out if you want.” Mia said, making sure she hadn’t pushed any limits. Wes, unable to speak from the shock of the vibrator entering his ass, mixed with the pleasure of it brushing up against his prostate, simply shook his head ‘no’, signalling to Mia that she should continue. She did so, switching the vibrator to a higher setting. Wes let out a few moans of pleasure, he was enjoying each second of this. Them, Mia took her free hand and wrapped it around his fully erect shaft. She grasped it firmly and began stroking his cock. As her lubed hand slid up and down Wes’s throbbing cock, she wrapped her lips around his head and teased it with her tongue as she fucked his ass with the vibrator.

Wes was really moaning now, he couldn’t help it. She was doing everything perfectly. Her technique was perfect, teasing his cock right to the brink of orgasm, so close to that point of no return and slowing down just before she reached that point. The sensations of pleasure grew more intense with every minute of edging. She edged him hard, to the point that he was almost begging to cum. He would whimper and moan, but she wouldn’t grant him that satisfaction. Instead, she slowed down and brought him back down to square one. Each time harder than the last, harder to hold back the orgasm that was just aching to come out. Wes’s balls were beginning to feel strange, they needed to release their load, but Mia didn’t allow it.

“Mia please, I’m not sure how much more I can take. Just let me cum please!” Wes begged and begged, but it seemed as if Mia couldn’t hear him. She just continued having her way with him until eventually she took her lips off his dick and started stroking fast.

“In a minute, I’m gonna let you cum, do you understand. You have to last a minute, otherwise I’m going to ruin your orgasm and we’re not gonna have sex for a week. Do you understand?” Mia said, revealing a much more dominant side of her Wes had never seen before. Wes nodded his head in agreement, not even sure if he had the strength to go on for a minute.

The vibrations in his ass grew stronger as she set the vibrator to it’s highest setting. It felt like his cock was vibrating from the inside. Her strokes grew faster and faster, and every time he felt as if his dick was drying out, Mia would spit on his cock and stroke faster. Occasionally she would use her tongue to tease his head, making it even harder to hold back from orgasm. It must have been just under a minute but it felt like hours. Each stroke an agonizing pleasure, each vibration sending a new sensation to his cock. He was about to burst just as Mia began counting down.

“I’m gonna count you down, blow a fat load for me when I reach one, OK? 10, 9, 8…” As Mia continued counting, her strokes got faster and tighter. He was gonna blow his load, soon he would cover her hands in his cum. The felt the pressure growing in his cock. His balls were churning and aching to release.

As soon as Mia hit 1, she wrapped her lips around his head as his cock erupted. His body convulsed as all the sensations hit him at once. Hot strings shot out of his head, emptying his balls in her warm, welcoming mouth. He was sure he could hit the roof with the amount of pressure built in his balls. Each contraction produced more and more cum until finally it was over.

It took a while before Wes regained his bearing, his head was all over the place. As all the blood from his dick rushed back into his body, he began to feel more and more present. As soon as Wes had recovered from his ordeal, Mia undid the handcuffs and took off the blindfold. She then took the vibrator out of his ass and threw all that stuff on the floor. She then cuddled up next to him on the bed and threw the blanket over both of them. Wes was still not quite there, but he managed to spurt out a few questions.

“Where did that come from?” He asked, shocked from his whole experience.

“Well…I’ve always wanted to tell you but I’ve never had the confidence to tell you. In each of my relationships, I’ve always been the dominant one. I guess I just get a kick out of it. I never told you cus’ I thought it’d scare you off, and I don’t want that to happen.” She said, slightly afraid Wes might respond negatively. “What’d you think?”

Wes was silent for a bit, it was unnerving. Eventually he broke the silence. “That was the best thing I’ve ever experienced.” He said, with a smile on his face, both of them content with the other. “Soooo…wanna go again?”


Soon after that they got married. Over the next year of esenyurt escort bayan their relationship, they both explored this concept. Mia continued being the dominant one and Wes was open to suggestions. He wanted to explore with her, not really knowing much about this side of his wife. He was excited, it was also a learning experience for him. He learned that he liked being submissive and it pleasured Mia knowing this.

“Coming!” Wes replied, as he rolled his chair away from his computer desk and headed to the bedroom where Mia had called for him. He opened the bedroom door.

Behind the door stood Mia, her back towards Wes. She was looking on the bed-stand mirror, admiring herself in it. She was wearing a leather corset and a tight pair of latex pants with a zipper around the crotch area. She was also wearing a pair of black, thigh high stilettos. Wes was shocked. Ever since he revealed to her that he had a thing for latex, she had been relentlessly teasing him. He’d walk into the kitchen and she’d be at the dinner table wearing a full latex catsuit, or he’d go out for groceries and come back to her vacuuming in some dominant, latex attire. It made him weak in the knees seeing her like this.

She turned when she heard him enter the room. “Ah, there you are, I need your opinion on this outfit.” She said, not even acknowledging anything was off. She walked towards him, her heels clacking against the hardwood floor. The heels made her stand much taller than him, it was intimidating, but in a way that made Wes oddly aroused. She stopped in front of Wes and looked down at him.

“I told you many times slave, when you’re in my presence, you will kneel. Get on your knees.” Mia demanded. Wes remembered the protocol.

“Yes Mistress Mia.” He replied as he got on his knees and looked up at this towering beauty. His knees hurt against the hardwood floor, but that was nothing compared to what she would do if he did not kneel.

“Now, I’ll ask you again, how do I look?” She said as she slowly trailed her hands all across her body. Her hands ran over her boobs, waist and ass as she slowly turned around, giving Wes a good idea of how the outfit look like from all angles. Wes was more than satisfied with her look. The latex brought out her natural curves even better and the corset pushed her boobs to make them seem even bigger. Stunned at her beauty, Wes stuttered as he answered his Mistress.

“You look perfect Mistress Mia, I would feel no greater pleasure than to worship you here and now.” Wes said truthfully. He had been aching for this moment. He loved when she would spontaneously put on her latex attire and show off her figure. He knew she did it for him, and he was thankful.

“You don’t think it’s too…tight, do you?” She asked, teasingly. She bent over so her latex ass was in his face, so shiny he could almost see his reflection in it. She spanked it just for good measure as Wes watched it bounce, then return to it’s firm natural state. “I hope it’s not, I really need to be flexible in this outfit.”

Wes gulped, he knew she was just teasing him, but he didn’t care, he wanted this to escalate. “What do you mean, flexible?” He asked, trying to maintain his composure. It was hard, staring at his goddess from this angle, in this perfect outfit. She looked so effortlessly sinister yet delicate. She was a real beauty.

“Get your ass on the bed slave, and take off all your clothes.” She demanded, knowing her slave was a good boy who would follow her orders. Wes climbed onto the bed and striped off all his clothing. As his underwear came off, it revealed a solid steel chastity cage that Mia had placed on his dick about a month ago. She said he needed training and that she liked seeing him desperately horny. With each passing day it felt as if the cage grew tighter as he grew hornier. Each day he felt his composure break slightly as he tried his best not to be broken by all the relentless teasing that Mia inflicted upon him. Each day was harder than the last. About a week ago, she had taken off the cage, only to rub his dick with a wet towel and place it back on his dick. That had been the most action he had had in weeks, and he was ashamed to say that it made him hard.

Mia pushed him down on the bed gently, yet firmly. She stood at the edge of the bed, raised one of her boots and placed it on his chest, pushing him down. Mia had trained Wes to clean her boots whenever they were presented to him, so he tucked away his pride and began licking the grime off of her shiny boots. Each lick made the cage around his cock feel tighter. His balls were visibly upset, taking on a blueish tone. She then placed the other boot on his chest and he did the same. Mia had a look of pride on her face. He could tell she was proud that her little slave boy’s training was effective.

After he was done cleaning her boots, she took both of them off the reveal her slender, pale feet. Each toes was painted a deep red color. Her feet were the most beautiful he had ever seen. She had long, slender toes, her arches were smoother than any other part of her body. She would routinely ask Wes to give her foot baths or foot massages. Her feet were softer than pillows, and like a pillow, Wes wanted more than anything for them to be resting on his face.

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