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Here I was 18 and stranded in the middle of no where for an entire summer. I love my Grandmother and all, but she is just that my grand mother. Both my parents worked late so it was in there better judgment to leave me with Gram for the summer while they worked. Spending the summer with Gram was fine when I was younger. Now I need some kind of social life. The weekly grocery shopping is just not cutting it. Gram does not allow me to use her phone either she is so old fashion. Asking, “Who you calling now it better be your parents.” Hovering over my shoulder as to what I say, even if I am calling mom or dad.

My Grandmother is only 58 she had my mother when she was real young. Then my mother was only 18 when she had me. My Uncle Roy is only two years older than me but still he is my Uncle and he makes a vivid point that the “Uncle” part is pronounced when ever addressing him.

By the third week of summer break I was going bonkers. I was cooped up in the middle of no where with out any means to get out, or to have friends over. If I only had a car or something to do, which by the way was not going to happen at least not this year. My parents wouldn’t even allow me to work at the local mini mart.

I considered my self lucky when my other second cousins would be stranded with me for a day. They were much too young though to be really any fun or to play anything other than hide and seek.

Uncle Roy who I don’t think had a real job. I was betting it was more an illegal means of getting money. Would come and go through out the week. I knew he was lying to Gram, his mother, as to how he had to go to work. All I knew is for the little he worked he sure seemed to have money for his age.

It was a Friday afternoon I was knitting with Gram out of pure desperation. The sun was out and God I was stuck. Her elderly friends would soon be coming over for the main event of the week “Canasta” I think it was. To top it off my parents had left for the weekend so I was stuck here for another week with no hope in sight. I hear Uncle Roy’s truck pull up the loud engine always rattled the house. It was one of those Bubba trucks all done up in chrome and a beautiful blue color.

After about fifteen minutes I started to look out side as he never came in. His truck was there but no sign of Roy. Throwing a pair of sandals on my feet I ventured out side. I knew he couldn’t be far and I was right. He was in the back burning some stuff into the fire pit. I walked up behind him and asked, “Whatcha doing?”

Roy Jumped a mile and was yelling at me to never sneak up on him. He asked, “Where is ma?” Looking about.

I laugh and say, “Oh aren’t we just a bit touchy today? Don’t fret Gram is in the house knitting. Why you got something in there to hide?”

Roy punched my arm hard like he always does when he bullies me. As I reach to hit him back he yanked my arm and put me in a head lock giving me nuggies. I managed to push him down on the ground. I weigh like 98 pounds and Roy is twice my size, but soon he had me face first in the grass and my arm up pinning me to the ground. I was not in the mood and began to kick at him. He stuffed my mouth with grass as I spit it back out at him.

Ha, ha! I managed to get it on his arm. He pinned me harder as he wiped the saliva on the grass saying, “That is gross, disgusting.” Taking a hand full of grass he stuffed it down my boy shorts. Pulling back the spandex he stuffed it in and reached for another hand.

I was screaming, “No you bastard! Get off me!” I was pissed off.

I hear Gram yell, “Roy! You get off of her right now!” From the side deck she shouted.

Roy yells back, “What the little twerp started it!” Then he grabbed the bikini strap and pulled it back and let it fly.

It didn’t really hurt but I made a big deal over nothing.

Gram yelled again, “Roy!” holding a broom stick up like it was going to make a difference.

It was a funny sight to see and we both laughed. Roy stopped and backed off me leaving me on the ground.

I stood up and dusted off my front and was pulling the grass out of my ass. Gram went back inside. I stuck my tongue out at him and said, “Ha, ha! You got in trouble.” I was still trying hard to remove the grass from my rear. I knew he had gotten the better of me again, but wasn’t about to stop teasing him.

I did my little dance as he sat down in a lawn chair and laughed as I tried to see if I had gotten it all out. Roy said, “You missed some.” Pointing to my bottoms with his finger wavering at me.

Pulling back the material I swept my hand across my ass. Then from the back I pulled the legs down a bit with one hand and the other swept the crotch.

Roy laughing says, “Nope you missed it still. Right there in the front!”

I bent over letting my hair just about touch the ground to see. I looked carefully and replied, “There is nothing.”

Roy beckoned me closer So stupid me I did. He says, “Right there!” Touching my pubic mound with his hand.

I backed up quick and retorted, Ankara escort “Very funny, like you don’t know.”

Roy laughed, “What? You have a jungle in there?”

I was embarrassed, “I said it is just the way it is.”

Roy laughed some more, “That’s right you are too young to know how to shave it.”

I kicked his leg hard, “Fuck you!” In a hurt voice and I started to walk to the house.

Roy called out my name, “Kay_______Kay! Come back here I am sorry!” He spoke in a sarcastic tone, muffled in laughter and insincere gesture.

I ignored him and just went inside. Gram was cooking, she asked me to snap the beans so I did as I quietly sulked.

Around five we were all sitting down to eat. Roy was as boisterous as always, getting on Grams and my nerves. Still he was entertaining compared to the dull quiet evening ahead. When done I helped clear the table still in my swim suit I felt funny as I knew Roy was watching me. Not that it made much of a difference but his eyes seem to watch my ass. When I turned around he would look at me differently like he always had.

I was standing at the sink with my back to him, as I washed the dishes. I took glances in the reflection of the window and watched as he was really looking at my butt. When I finished I went into the parlor to watch TV. Roy left and entered his room closing the door behind him.

Gram came out of her room slightly dressed for her guests to arrive. She spoke loudly for me to go put something on as we have guest coming over. I frowned in anticipation of the fun evening ahead.

Roy came out and yelled over to the kitchen purposely blocking my view of the TV. as he said, “Hey ma I will see you later. I’m headed out!”

Gram asks, “Where do you think you’re going?” As she sets up the table looking back.

Roy says, “Oh a bunch of us are just going down to ‘Play Land’ for a while. You know the regular group.”

I start begging, “Please, please can I come. Please!”

Roy looks at me and with a laugh he says quietly to me, “This is not about doing kiddy stuff.”

I am on the floor holding his leg, “I don’t care please just let me come. I will do anything, just don’t leave me here.”

Roy looks at me and says, “You will do any thing?”

I nodding my head quickly yes say, “I promise to be good. I don’t care what we do, or where we really go.”

Gram passes the room and makes her way into the bathroom.

Roy looks at me and says, “Stand up!” I stood in front of him as he looked me over. “You don’t understand this is more a guy thing. To be honest they like to be a little rude and most of the time in an adult way. Do you know what I mean?”

I shook my head yes and said, “I don’t care! I am not totally stupid you know. I know how boys talk about girls.”

Roy looked at me and says, “I… I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

I jumped a bit whiney, “Come on Roy! Please! I promise I will do what ever you want I will even just sit in the truck quietly.” Holding my hands together begging him dearly.

Roy says, “That’s uncle Roy.”

I repeat, “Please Uncle Roy! I promise to do whatever you want.”

Roy jokingly says, “Yeah right and what if I want you to flash your tities.”

With out hesitation I gave him a quick flash of my small chest. Roy looked at me wide eyed and said, “What are you doing?”

I shrugged and said, “I don’t care it ain’t no big deal. So can I come?”

Roy yelled over his shoulder, “Ma! Kay wants to come with me is that alright?”

Gram exited the bathroom saying, “Since when have you ever gotten along with Kay. I can see it now you two will be fighting in the middle of the street.” Walking past as she went back into the kitchen.

Roy looked at me and taking his hands down to my waist pinched the two sides of the boy shorts and lifted them high to give me a severe wedge. I just smiled up at him and let him taunt me freely. Finally he smiled at me and said, “OK go put something on as this is a bit too revealing.”

I kissed him and jumped toward my room with excitement saying, “Don’t leave I will only be a second.” Peeling off the swim suit lickedy split. I hurriedly threw on some panties tight shorts and a mid cut tank top.

Passing through the kitchen Gram says, “You better behave. I don’t want to have to come out and pick you up because you and Roy are fighting.” She gave me a kiss and out the door I went.

The truck was running as I climbed up I was almost ridiculous looking to get in. I sat on the cold leather bench seat as the air conditioner blasted at me. Slamming the door closed, I tried to look as grown up as possible. That was difficult as the seat was so big if I sat all the way back my legs barely touched the floor.

First we pulled up to the gas station and Roy left the truck running as he fueled it. I was glowing with excitement as this was way to cool. I flipped through the radio stations, and then checked my hair in the mirror. I looked out at Roy and smiled, I couldn’t help being giddy Ankara escort bayan and wove to him in the mirror. Roy smiled and making sure no one was looking wove back.

He got back in the truck and immediately changed the station on the radio, adjusted the mirror, snickered at me. Then drove off, as he entered the road the truck thundered loud. I was getting goose bumps as it was so cool.

Roy looked over and asked, “Are you cold?”

Not knowing I just said, “No why?”

He shrugged and said, “I don’t know you just look cold. The shirt you are wearing ain’t hiding it. Sure as hell the bra is not helping.”

I laughed, “That is because I am not wearing a bra you dufus.” I stopped and said, “Sorry.”

Roy laughed saying, “It’s ok this time. You’re not wearing a bra, why?”

I held my chest to hide the nipple protrusion from sight. Then I said, “Well, I don’t normally wear one. It is not like I have anything to really hold up you know.”

Roy took one of my hands down and says, “Let me see?”

I pulled it back fast saying, “Nooo, you will make fun of me.”

Roy just said, “So much for the anything deal we had.”

“Fine! You want to see? There is not much to see.”

Roy pulled the truck over to the side of the road. I was not sure what was up. The engine just rumbled at an idle. Roy turned and says, “Yes I want to see.”

My heart pounded fast from his comment it was not so playful this time. I turned toward him and said, “OK it really is no big deal.” I removed my hands as his eyes took in my boobs. My nipples were jutting out really hard through the thin shirt, and it made me a little self conscious.

Roy looked and says, “Yeah there small but cute! Now stop covering them up.” Then he turned and started back down the road.

I laughed at him saying, “So you like to see them then?”

Roy blushed a little and said, “Yeah but… I just like to look …I just want you to look good, never mind I even said that.”

I was still facing him and asked, “You want me to look hot for your friends? Is that it?”

Roy looked at me and said, “Yeah that’s it.”

I asked, “What is hot then?” Trying to be cool.

Roy twisting his lips and head says, “You know girls in mini skirts and tight clothing is hot!”

I look at him saying, “Well I am a girl in tight clothing, am I hot?”

Roy looked down at my yellow spandex shorts then up he replied, “Your Ok!”

My eyes frowned at him, “Ok, what is wrong?”

He smirked a bit wiping his face saying, “I can’t believe I am saying this. But you’re wearing panties.”

I looked at him awkward, “Yeah so?”

“Well if you’re going to wear tight short shorts you wear a thong or nothing at all. So there are no panty lines.” Squinting his eyes to gauge my reaction.

I frown then say, “You were checking me out when I came out of the house? Now I feel like a clown.”

Roy smiled, “You’re not a clown. You’re just young to the real world, and it don’t help that you’re treated like a child all the time. How would you know?”

I waited till we were on a back road and I said, “Pull over here.”

Roy looked at me funny but did. I hopped out off the truck. He kept asking what I was doing. I quickly as fast as I could, removed the panties and hopped back up in. I threw the panties at him and said, “There is that better?”

Roy held the little panties up by the waist, and in front of me sniffed the crotch. I was flabbergasted as I tore them out of his hands. Roy held out his hand and said, “Give me back the panties.”

I said “No that is gross.”

He held his hand out not moving the truck at all. I reluctantly placed them in his hand. He took them and placed them in the glove box. Then snarled at me in a playful way saying, “You’re not being very cooperative as far as doing anything I want are you?”

Placing my hands on my hips I respond haughtily, “Just what did you want me to do?”

Roy says, “Nothing bad, relax a little. But since none of these guys know you, I want you to just pretend you are my date. It has been a while since I have had a girlfriend, so you are going to look a lot better if you’re my date rather than my niece.”

I laugh, “You want me to pretend to be your girlfriend? What happened to I was too young?”

“Ok stop it are you going to do it or not?” Roy showing his sincere concern then says, “You know your good looking, I shouldn’t say this but you look really good and all.”

I smile deviously, “Does this mean I don’t have to say Uncle? I am just kidding, Ok I will pretend but I am not kissing you.”

Roy looks at me and says, “Duh, that is not going to happen just don’t screw it up or it will be the last time I take you any where.”

“I won’t don’t worry about it Roy, honey.” I sat back fluttering my eyes at him in a silly girly fashion.

Roy looked at me first rolling his eyes. Then said looking down at my shorts, “You look hot! You looked good before but now you look really good.”

I winced back at him, Escort Ankara “Thanks.”

We drove off down the road; I immediately changed the radio station now knowing he was not likely to argue about it. He just kept biting his lip and frumping his brow at me. I didn’t care I just bounced to the music as it blared. We met up with several of his friends at the Play Land entrance in the parking lot.

Four of them had dates and only one male friend did not. They were talking as I remained in the truck. I liked all the attention these big trucks were getting as passer by people looked on. I turned down the radio enough so I could hear what they were saying. All I heard was Roy saying to his buddies over their music, “Yeah and she fucks like a bunny too, never getting enough. Ok so we are all headed down the beach then?”

A moment later Roy hops back into the truck and we roar out of the parking lot. I ask where we are going in a quiet manner. Roy explains there is a Kegger happening down on the beach so that is where we are going.

We drive out on the beach and about a mile down he turns the truck into the dunes. I was a little nervous as he climbed up over the first dune pile then another. When we crested the third one I could see a bunch of trucks and a bon fire going. Like an idiot he parked on the side of the dune pile so I could barely get out with out falling.

He left me in the background as he greeted all his friends. One of them asked, “And who does this sweet thing belong to?” At which point Roy remembered me and introduced me as his girl. I was not very thrilled at how he treated me, but I know I wasn’t really his girl either.

Some of the guys came over with beers in there hands for us and I accepted it. I took a little sip and it tasted awful. I smiled and took another sip pretending like I drank often. The time stood still for the next hour or so. Several of his pals were hitting on me even some that came with a girl. God only knows where they were, as many of them seemed to be hanging on each others date.

I looked around and quite a few were making out around the fire while others disappeared. Mike the single guy from before was talking up a storm with me and I was not really sure as to what he was saying I was a little bit tipsy. I asked, “Mike where do I go pee?”

He laughed and said, “Ah your among friends just drop em’ and squat.” Placing a hand on my shoulder.

I said, “I am not going to do that.”

He says, “Look we can go over by the trucks and you can do your stuff and I will keep a guard for you.”

So we did I had to pee badly. I squatted down and let it go on the sand. I stood back up and mike was watching me as I tried to pull my shorts back up. He placed the cups on the truck and turned to me and said, “Here now let me help you.” I felt him pulling them back down.

I said, “Hey you’re not helping.”

He pushed me against the side of the truck and started to kiss me. My shorts were still down at my knees. His hands slid under my shirt and greedily groped my breasts. I was not sure what to do. He then sucked a nipple into his mouth. I was scared as I tried to push him back a little. Saying, “Ok, ok enough Mike!” He didn’t stop he held me. I felt his fingers touch my pussy. He knelt down and slid my shorts to my feet. I almost fell catching my balance on his shoulder. He then kissed my pussy, I felt his tongue tickle it, and then lap at it. His hands squeezed into my little ass cheeks not letting me go.

I saw Roy walking to his truck. I yelled out, “Roy!” He turned and looked about. “Roy! Over here!”

Roy walked over and like it was all cool says, “I told you they are a little bit rude.” He gives Mike a kick and says, “Ok big guy that is enough for now back off. Just because you are drunk does not mean you can take what ever you want.”

Mike stood up he was just slightly bigger than Roy, Mike says, “Roy is this girl yours? Because I have not seen you around her all night. In fact I have not even seen you kiss her or even hold hands. I don’t think she wants you.” Said with a slur and a staggering pose.

Roy looked at me and I felt funny inside as he moved closer I knew what he was going to do. He brushed my hair back and then planted is lips on mine. I just held him softly as he kissed me. The feeling was so different than I have ever felt before.

Then Roy broke the kiss and turning to look over his shoulder he said to mike, “If you don’t mind I think we need some time alone.” Then returned to kissing me on the lips.

I watched as Mike shrugged his shoulders and started away. I pushed Roy back a little and said, “Ok he is gone.”

Roy’s eyes traced down to my pussy patch and then back up before saying, “Yeah, you better pull them shorts back up.”

I fumbled with the shorts as they were rolled it was hard to get them back in position. Roy just stood by me and watched. I asked, “Do you think we could go home now?”

Roy embraced me with a hug and replied, “Yeah I think we can go.”

Most of the ride home was silent. I sat there looking out the window in a daze. My mind was not functioning all too well. When the truck parked in Grams driveway I looked over at Roy and said, “I am sorry. Please don’t be angry with me.”

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