Boyfriend TroubleBoyfriend Trouble


As your boyfriend I’ve suffered a long time. My demands for sex have gone unheeded for too long, and the fact that I find your best friend very sexy doesn’t help when she comes round to visit so often.

I made a vow that the first opportunity I get to take her to one side and get a taste of her pussy, I would grab said opportunity with both hands. I know she has been keen for some time, I’ve seen the way she eyes me from across the room as you’ve chatted. The way she sucks on that Popsicle you gave her the other day, NOBODY would wrap their tongue around a frozen treat without having an ulterior motive.

Well today might just be the day I get the chance to replace that lolly with something that doesn’t disappear as quick. I know you’re going to be out for most of the day but your friend doesn’t and so I’ve taken the opportunity to invite her over for a “coffee” with “us”.

The door bell rings and I smooth out the wrinkles in my shirt before answering the door. As I approach the door I take a quick glance down to ensure my stiffening cock is evident in my tight jeans. Upon opening the front door I am greeted by your friend wearing the tightest of tops clearly showing her nipples protruding through the material and an ample cleavage threatening to burst out as well.

“Unfortunately? has had to go out this morning”, I tell her whilst trying not to sound too disappointed.

“Oh what a shame,” she replies equally ‘despondent’, “whatever shall we do to pass the time until Ümraniye Escort she returns?”

“I have a few things in mind,” I tell her as I absent minded adjust the bulge in my jeans.

“I’m sure you do,” she smirks as she enters the house ensuring that her hand brushes my crotch causing my cock to twitch.

We laugh and joke over our coffee together? takes every chance she can to grab my thigh when a certain story tickles her. It isn’t long before proceedings turn towards more sexual tales and just listening to her fantasies has a huge effect in my trousers. The tightness is clearly evident to her and she starts clutching at her breast.

“I’m not sure how much longer I can keep my hands off you,” she pants.

“Why wait any longer?” I respond with a gasp reaching over, delving my hand between her thighs.

“Oh, FUCK…” she exclaims throwing back her head. Her hand pulls so hard at her top the buttons fly off.

She immediately drops to her knees and eagerly undoes my zip enabling my hard cock to spring from its prison and into her grasp. She takes a moment to eye it up before greedily gorging on it, my hands wrapped around the back of her head forcing her mouth down the full length.

After several minutes it’s my turn to get myself some of her sweet pussy juices and I waste no time slamming her onto the kitchen table and ripping her skirt and panties down. Her juices are already flowing as I start sucking away at her cunt. Ümraniye Escort Bayan I part her thighs aggressively to allow me to bury my head between them my tongue continually lapping at her clit as she runs her fingers through my hair moaning with pleasure.

Suddenly she yanks my head back and forces my gaze upwards.

“Let’s take this outside,” she grins.

Grabbing my wrist and levering me upright, she then proceeds to drag me outside to the hot tub. She wastes no time in stripping herself down and jumping into the water, she beckons me over to sit on the edge of the tub.

After removing my clothes I take up my position as instructed, my cock now rock hard. She gleefully wraps one hand round it whilst fondling my balls with the other. She teases the end with her tongue by licking the pre-cum that is seeping out. She then can’t resist the temptation to slip her wet lips over the length and take the full length right down to my balls which she grabs with both hands. There is a frenzy of activity as she slurps up and down my shaft.

After enduring the suction like effect of her lips for several minutes I get the urge to fuck her tight pussy in the tub, so I remove her mouth from my saliva coated cock and jump into the tub. I slam her body against the side of the tub and position myself behind to get a full view of her ass. I grab the base of my shaft and penetrate her tight ass with the tip of my cock before easing it in all the way Escort Ümraniye much to her delight.

I then grab her tits and start squeezing her nipples making her squeal with delight. My hard cock rams harder, deeper and faster with each thrust.

After several sweaty minutes we both hear a squelching sound followed by a soft moaning. We both turn to see you standing in the doorway, skirt raised with two dripping fingers slipping in and out of your pussy. When you realise you’ve been caught you blush slightly but then you see the looks on our faces and realise that the sight of you finger fucking yourself has turned us on even more.

You immediately position yourself under your friend so that she is able to get a mouthful of your wet pussy as I continue to fuck her ass from behind. You arch your back as her tongue delves deeper inside you and with each thrust of my body you get a new sensation sweeping through body.

A quick switch round finds you at the mercy of my cock as I fuck you good and hard, your friend kisses you long and hard then turns her attention to my balls by laying underneath me and flicking her tongue over them.

As I start to sense my climax approaching I flip you over onto your back and start pummelling your juicy pussy whilst your friend straddles your face so that you can get a taste of her pussy. Moments later I start to grunt and, sensing my impending spunk explosion, you and your friend immediately kneel down in front of me and wait with great anticipation as I eagerly stroke my swollen cock.

Moments later, with a huge gasp of relief, my juices spurt out and coat both your faces in white, sticky spunk. You both lap it up and exchange my juices by embracing each others lips whilst fondling my balls to extract the last of my spunk.

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