Author’s note: All story elements contained herein are fiction and for fantasy purposes, remember to obey all legal and consent laws in real life, thank you and have a nice day.


Ophelia had a secret.

The secret was, she’d used to have a Daddy. Now that she was married, none of that seemed to matter until the night he’d started talking to her again. She spent a great deal of time alone but something about the idea of her Daddy talking to her was darkly thrilling.

It came back to Ophelia all the times she’d been more than happy to be tied up and thrown around, used on a whim by her Daddy. How much she loved it, and maybe, still did love it.

It had started with simple enough flirting and with the addition of snapchat, fun and sometimes suggestive selfies. Late at night, he would often request them when he knew she was alone and for some reason, that turned her on.

Daddy knew exactly how to get what he wanted out of her, even still. Ophelia didn’t want to say no, giving in was a turn on in itself.

It was one night like this when he began to take a more aggressive approach with her. She’d sent him a picture of her in a bathrobe fresh out of the shower, open wide enough at the top to show there was nothing under it. gaziantep escort Playful and teasing, just something simple.

“Open it,” he’d written back immediately.

Ophelia could almost hear his voice, low and demanding and she flushed a little, feeling the heat spread from her cheeks at the thought of it. The fact that he demanded and did not ask sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine.

He must have thought she was hesitating, because he followed it up with a “All the way.”

Her heart racing, she could feel herself getting wet with his attempts to exert control.

She slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it pool around her for the shot and when he received it, he screenshotted it and replied with a “Good girl. Daddy likes it when you listen.”

Part of her was alarmed that he had saved it but she was in too far and something about being under his control turned her on. Daddy was his title from old times and him using it only made him seem more persuasive, more forceful.

The surface of her skin tingled, her nerve endings lighting up in desire. It brought with it memories of Daddy’s rough hands on her skin, the ecstasy he could bring her through pain.

Ophelia ran a hand down the smooth slope of her body to slip a finger into her wetness, feeling the intensity of her arousal at his dominance. Daddy’s control fueled her heat, made her want him badly.

She bit her lip and with her free hand typed back, “I like it too, Daddy.”

“Send me another one,” he wrote, this time accompanied by a picture of his own, his hard cock rising from an opened pair of jeans.

She could barely hear over her racing heart. For a second, all Ophelia could think of was how much she wished she could be on her knees in front of that cock, staring up at Daddy as he slid it down her throat.

The hot slickness that trickled from between her legs was unlike anything she’d experienced before, and she sent him a short video of herself gently rolling her clit and moaning. She was already getting close just from this, and she didn’t care anymore.

He saved it before typing, “More. Make Daddy cum.” over the top of a quick clip of him furiously rubbing his swollen shaft.

Ophelia was already moaning and squirming so she didn’t even have to play it up for him, the quivering video she sent him showing her fingering herself with deep, breathy moans.

It was nothing against the memory of being pinned down beneath the hardness of Daddy’s cock, being forced to take whatever he had to give his girl. The thought of it brought her to the edge quickly.

Her legs shaking and her back arched as she came, nearly dropping the phone, gushing around her fingers as she softly groaned. When she tapped send, she was still trembling. Every part of her felt as if it had been struck by lightning.

Daddy saved the videos as well and replayed them. Then came a long silence followed by a “I knew you were still obedient to Daddy.”

She couldn’t help but smile.

“What can I say, your force turns me on.” she wrote.

“In that case… I’m keeping these. Daddy might have more than one use for them.”

For some reason, she did not smile but the heat between her legs said that she liked that, indeed.

Ophelia began to wonder exactly how far she was willing to go to pursue her Daddy’s demands. Her soaking wetness trickling in her panties told her that she might go further than she’d ever considered.

Her heart began to pound. The thought aroused and terrified her at the same time. There would be many a night in her future where that thought would find her considering the future with him, lying in the dark.

Those same nights would inevitably end with the thought of him whispering to her, “You can’t say no to Daddy.” sending her into a shattering, orgasmic high, sliding straight into a dark sleep.

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