Bound For PleasureBound For Pleasure


It was June of 2015 when I went to Delhi, India, to enjoy a weeklong vacation. During my stay, I went on every tour available to me. I saw many wonders, and not all of it was desert. I enjoyed the nightlife. The nightclubs rocked, and to my great fortune, I met a tall, handsome Indian named Gopal who approached me at the bar. He had coal-black hair, long lashes and gorgeous eyes, and a sexy smile that nearly had me sliding off my stool.We talked, drank, danced, and flirted. Nothing beyond that happened that night, but we made a date for the following night. Gopal wanted to take me to a classy restaurant for dinner, and I readily accepted.I prepared myself for our date with just enough makeup to look seductive and spritzed my favorite perfume in all the right places. I wore a blue chiffon dress with matching four-inch heels and a cream-colored shawl.Gopal knocked on my hotel room door precisely at 6 PM. We took a cab to a posh restaurant. Once inside, we were seated in a cozy hideaway in one corner of the room. The soft candlelight gave it the allure of a romantic liaison. We read the menu and placed our orders.All through dinner, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. His accent, mannerisms, and his sexy smile touched more than just my heart. Halfway through dinner, I had already wet through my panties. I fantasized how it would feel with his lips on my nipples and his cock plunging deep inside my wanton pussy.I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. As Gopal looked at me, he wondered how far things would go. My smile, voice, gestures, and fragrance gave him signals that I wanted more than just dinner at a fine restaurant. He felt his cock stirring. His Ağrı Escort mouth went dry, and he had to take a drink of wine before he could speak. He asked me if I would like to take a walk with him. I told him it was a marvelous idea. The evening was perfect for a moonlight stroll.As we walked, we talked as if old friends. We walked along a deserted garden pathway. We held hands as we walked. Then I spoke, Gopal, I hope you do not mind me being forward, but I think you are very handsome and sexy.”Gopal replied, “Oh, I don’t mind it at all. If you don’t mind me being blunt, I think you are sexy and beautiful. I would love to kiss your cherry-red lips right now, mmm…so luscious and inviting.”I felt my temperature rising. “Gopal, when I look into your eyes, I tremble with desire,” I confessed and followed my words with a lustful kiss. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me back with all the passion one man could give.Gopal looked into my eyes and said, “Ann, I want you. I want to feel your naked body against mine as we lay together. My cock is swelling now as I think about sliding it into your hot body.”Oh, damn! Gopal was outright slaying me with his words. I put my arms around him, gazed into his beautiful eyes, and purred. “Well, what are we waiting for? I am burning with lust to touch you, kiss you, and wrap my lips around your cock,” I said as I reached down and gave his cock a quick rub through his pants.We left the garden path and hastily hailed a cab to return to the hotel. I clung to Gopal as we walked to my room. After unlocking the door, we both quickly went inside. I threw myself at him, kissing him hard as my fingers Ağrı Escort Bayan slid down the outside of his pants to once again caress the outline of his cock. I could tell he had a big cock.The thrilling touch of my hand on his cock made him gasp. “Ooh, God! Baby, I am yours tonight. What would you like to do first?” He asked excitedly.I leaned into Gopal and asked, “How do you feel about tying me to the bed and blindfolding me?”“Really?”“Really! I like to be bound and teased until I can’t take it any longer. It always makes me so fucking hot my pussy squirts when I climax.”Gopal’s eyes widened, and he grinned, “Oh, Ann, I would love to tie you up and tease you in ways you will always remember.”I kissed him and said, “Why don’t you take your clothes off.”As Gopal eagerly stripped, I took four colorful scarves and a red silk blindfold from my suitcase. Then I stood there to watch him undress. He revealed his muscular physique and a well-endowed erection. I flashed him a steamy look and purred while licking my lips. Then I hastily stripped off my clothes, and we were both naked from head to toe. I handed him the scarves and the blindfold. Then I climbed onto the bed.Gopal licked his lips in anticipation as I placed myself spread-eagle on the bed. He then tied me gently to the four corners of the frame. He was careful not to pull the knots too tight but tight enough for me not to get loose.“Are you ready?” Gopal asked.I trembled with anticipation and replied, “Oh, yes, more than ready.”Gopal sat on the side of the bed and placed the blindfold over my eyes. He stood up, and although I had the blindfold on, I could tell Escort Ağrı he was staring down at me, seeing how sexy and vulnerable I looked.I loved that vulnerable, helpless feeling that washed over me as I lay, hot and naked, waiting for his moves. My swollen nipples were begging for his touch, and my pussy was already leaking juice between the cheeks of my ass and spotting the bedsheets.Gopal moved the position of my legs to see more of my glistening pink folds. I heard his breathing quicken and knew he was excited. I didn’t know what Gopal would do next until I felt him lean over me and blow his warm breath across my nipples to watch them swell and stiffen more. He continued to tantalize my nipples with his fingers. More juice tricked between the cheeks of my ass.I moaned, waiting for more of his touch. Gopal made me wait a little longer this time. He watched me squirm and pull against the bindings as I became more restless until I arched my back and squealed, “Ohhh, please, Gopal, I beg you not to stop!”I heard him chuckle, and then I felt him brush my firm tits lightly with his hand, first one, and then the other. He drew tantalizing circles around my areolas with the tips of his fingers. Then I purred with delight when he took a nipple with each hand and began pulling and rolling them. I pulled on my bindings and found each one secure. I could not move, only to heave my breasts and squirm my ass against the sheets.Oh god, I loved feeling helpless at the mercy of Gopal’s hands. I shivered with brazen delight and began to sweat, and the musky scent of my heat hung heavy in the air around the bed.He again paused, not saying or doing anything. Then, he placed his lips around my left nipple and drew it into his mouth. He held my teat between his teeth, and lashed it with his tongue, repeating the same action with my other nipple. Then as quickly as he started, he stopped and got off the bed.

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