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Authors note:

Here is my take on a scenario that I find hot. I hope you enjoy reading this. I have edited this as best I could, but please let me know if/what mistakes made it through.

I would like to give a special thanks to Literotica member HeyAll for the valuable input, any remaining errors are wholly mine.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback.<3 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Please do not repost this story without the author’s permission. Also, all individuals engaged in sexual activities are of ages 18 and above. ***** It all started where a lot of other bad ideas were conceived, at the bottom of a couple of beer bottles. I was visiting my parents, needing a break from all the stress of running a startup with my best friend. We are finally at the stage where I could take an extended leave from the business without having to worry that it was going to combust spontaneously the minute I wasn’t paying attention. Besides, it was in good hands with my friend and co-founder. My parents always brag about their twenty-two-year-old successful son and business owner. I feel like I don’t deserve the praise sometimes, and a lot of the times I feel overwhelmed by the things which needed to be done for my business to stay afloat. But I’m blessed with incredible, supportive parents. They frequently call and ask when I’m coming to visit, and since I broke up with my girlfriend a week ago, It thought it a good time to make the trip. I parked in front of my childhood home. The house that my parents raised me in, the door opened, and a greying older version of me walked out to the porch to meet me in a bear hug with a dozen or so of those mandatory hard pats on the back men give each other to show that we are indeed men, not hormonal woman hugging. “Heya sport, glad you made the drive out,” my father said as we separated. I said, sharing a look of long-suffering look with my dad, “Well you know old man, mom kept guilt-tripping me into coming, the last time she called me she made it sound like you guys have one foot in the grave already and that I needed to visit before you all passed away! And mom looks ten years younger than her forty-two,” I took the luggage out of my car’s trunk. “Well, you know your mom son, she was never one to shy away from emotional manipulation,” dad said with a rueful laugh. I eyed my dad’s impressive beer gut and the beginnings of double chin and jokingly remarked, “Although I can’t say the same about you, pops.” “Let’s see you how you look after twenty years and multiple back surgeries,” my father retorted half laughing half grumbling. When we made it into the house, my father said, “Go on ahead and greet your mother. I think she is finishing up dinner. I’ll take your bags up to your old room, Darlene made sure it was cleaned and had new clean sheets. She has been excited ever since you called” dad was shaking his head with a rueful smile as he made his way up the stairs with my bag, and I followed my nose to the kitchen. Inside the kitchen, I found my mother swaying to a song that was playing over the stereo, probably why she did not immediately rush to greet me. It looked like my mom stirring a saucepan while swaying her womanly hips to the tune, so I stood in the doorway for just a minute to admire my mother’s beauty. My mother has always been the woman I compared all the other girls to who I have dated in the past and all others I will date in the future as well. She was my golden standard. She was what I wanted in a woman, my fantasy. I probably have a bigger crush on my mother than what was healthy for a son to have, but I came to terms with it years ago, growing up. My mother has long brown hair that was at the moment braided in a complicated fashion wich woman just knew how to pull off effortlessly. I know it probably took some time and effort, but to me, my mother seemed effortlessly beautiful. Mom stood a whole foot shorter than my six-foot frame and stayed fit and healthy jogging regularly with the other neighborhood mothers. My mother had the quintessential hourglass figure most women would envy after having kids. With massive natural breasts, a trim stomach and waistline, wide hips and a great bubble but, my mom was drop-dead gorgeous. Her breasts were starting to get weighed down a bit more with age, and her thighs were a bit thicker these days, but it only served to inflame my lust for her even more. Yea I had it in a hard way for my mom, that was one of the reasons I moved out of the house as soon as I was able. “Hi sweety I did not hear you pull up,” mom said and finally turned around and caught me gawking like a pervert in the doorway, well hopefully she thought Ankara escort I just got here. “And my face is up here mister” she admonished me playfully with a smile while pointing at her heart-shaped face and defined cheekbones. Her beautiful green eyes were dancing with mirth as she turned back around and winked at me through the reflection of the kitchen window.

“Hi mom,” I stammered now embarrassed for no catching on how the afternoon light played on the kitchen windows. I went over and gave her back a hug taking in her warmth. Mom reached up and back with her free hand to caress my face that was next to hers. I admit to stealing a peek down my mom’s sweater before letting go and stepping back.

“Food will be ready in ten minutes, why don’t you go grab a couple of beers and go sit with your dad in the den. I will bring out dinner as soon as it’s ready, and we can eat there tonight.”

“Ok, mom great mom, good idea.”

I jumped on my mother’s suggestion to put some distance between me and the kitchen before I got caught staring again. Probably at how well that sweater molded to her chest or how those jeans seemed spray-painted on her tight ass, heck even at her cute bare feet.

Mom asked me, concern bleeding into her voice, “Oh, and Jimmy if you could figure out what has gotten into your dad these last few weeks that would be great, make sure to tell me as well ok?”

Mom called me Jimmy and my dad Jim even though we were both named Jim. Jim senior and Jim junior.

“Well, in that case, we need more than just one beer,” I winked at mom and grabbed both unopened twelve-packs out of the fridge and made my way to the den where I could hear a game playing over the sound system.

In the back of my mind, I was starting to get concerned. I had noticed the last few months when my parents called they were arguing more, never over anything significant, but it’s worse if my dad has stopped speaking to my mom about it. We always talk about what is bothering us with each other. It was one of our family rules. No matter how embracing or trivial we think something is, we do not keep it in and let it fester. So I was on a mission to get my dad drunk off his ass tonight and tell me what’s up.

After dinner, most of the night was a blur. But, I could remember more of it than I wished I had. It was a rollercoaster of beer-fueled emotions as my father opened up about what was eating at him. My mother wanted another baby. Having me out of the house affected my mom more than she thought, and she missed not having someone to care for other than my father. My father tried his best to do his husbandly duties -if you could call trying to impregnate someone as hot as my mother a task- but no matter how many times they tried, they did not conceive. So my kind mother did what she always does, and took to blame herself for not being able to get pregnant. My dad feeling ashamed, got his sperm tested in secret. It turns out my father has a meager sperm count, and it was virtually a miracle that I was even here today. As my dad was spilling his heart, we got steadily drunker to mask our discomfort, as men usually do when it came to talks with too many feelings involved for our tastes.

I remember joking about almost getting my previous girlfriend pregnant after the first night together that I could probably impregnate mom by the first try as well and that the baby will even look like them. I know I’m one of those stupid drunks. My drop in my IQ tends to correlate with how much liters of beer I drink, directly. Luckily -or was that unluckily?- I got that from my dad, and he was not upset. In fact, he laughed and said that my mother would enjoy making babies with her son as she always loved that I checked her out. He said I made her feel young, and she thought my crush on her was cute, given that I tried to hide what was so apparent to everyone else. I remember a strange gleam in his eyes when he asked me if I would like to sleep with my mom, and if I wanted to give them another child to raise. He looked at me at that moment like I was the answer he was looking for as if a weight lifted from his shoulders.

Flustered, I said that mom would never agree to that because it would be incest! My father denied that my mother would object but said she did not have to know. Now it is a testament to how fucked up we were at that point to consider tricking my mom into thinking my dad knocked her up when it was, in fact, another man, her own son’s seed that did the deed.

After a moment of drunken silence, my dad clapped a hand on his leg in a Eureka moment and said he had it all figured out. My dad was going to tell my mom that he had read online that tying up your wife and blindfolding her helps enhance the experience and will make him orgasm with more force inside her from the visual stimulation and give his swimmers an advantage in reaching a fertile egg. In the state we were in, we thought it was the best idea to have been thought out in the history of humanity. I remember Ankara escort bayan dad said I should get to bed and rest up because my mother started ovulating tomorrow and I will have to be in peak condition.

I recalled all that as I lay here in bed and questioned my poor life choices over the pounding in my head. I got up and took my bag of toiletries, and a new shirt and jeans and headed for the adjoining bathroom. Luckily for my pounding head, I found a couple of aspirins in the medicine cabinet above the sink. After shiting, showering, and shaving – in that order- I went down and was greeted by the smell of bacon as well as my parents at the kitchen table, dad reading the newspaper as was his habit in the mornings, and my mother laying out fresh toast for me with crispy strips of bacon and one of her homemade hashbrowns. I grabbed a cup of steaming coffee from the machine while mumbling something that resembled a “good morning” and kissed my mom’s temple taking in her womanly scent. I noticed she had on her comfy sleeping gown that unfortunately hid most of her delicious curves. I made my way to my seat. My father lowered his newspaper to give me a happy smile. Not at all looking like someone who got smashed with his son and concocted a plan to have his son impregnate her.

“Morning, sport, you look terrible this morning,” he laughed at my hangover. “Don’t tell me your old man can hold his drink better than a young man like you, eh?”

“Hardy har, old man. Laugh it up, I don’t have all the years of drinking experience you have and neither the beer gut like yours to show for it,” I retorted with a mock baleful scowl.

Honestly, I was wondering if I dreamed most of what we spoke of last night, and if not – how much did my dad remember?

“Now, now settle down you two,” my mother admonished us with a giggle, clearly enjoying our banter at the table.

“Yes dear,” “yes mom,” my dad and I simultaneously answered that had us all in stitches. That made my head throb. Ugh.

“Say what did what are your plans today, son?” my dad asked.

“Not much, though I did promise to hang out a bit with Mike and the guys today,” I answered around a slice of toast. Mike and our mutual friends all went to the same high school. We were not particularly close, but I did hang out with them at least once every time I came to visit my parents.

“Why, dad, did you have anything planned for me?” I asked. Like, say, having sex with your wife, my mother and planting a bun in the oven.

“Well, you see, son, your mom, and I need the house for a special date tonight. I know you came here all this way to visit, but would you mind just hanging out with your friends until around midnight?” my dad asked me. “We don’t want your sensitive ears to burn son, your mother gets pretty vocal, right Darlene?”

Of course, my dad asked the question when I decided to take a drink from my coffee cup. The evil look in his eyes made it visible he did it on purpose. After I spewed hot coffee out of my nose, I choked out an “Ewww dad, TMI.”

“If it were “eeew” as you say, you would not have been here Jimmy,” my mom fired that out there and passed me a paper towel with a wink.

That made me imagine my dad having sex with my mom; I was envious until I replace him with me in my fantasy. I think I drooled a little.

“Earth to Jimmy?” my father asked, waving a hand in front of my face with a smirk on his.

“Ah, ah yea, yea sure dad I think I can swing it. I just need to make sure the guys are up for it going to midnight. I know some of them are working the weekend, and can’t hang out until twelve,” I finally answered my father. I banished my impure thoughts before I got a hardon at the table.

As we finished up, my father volunteered himself and me to clean up and wash the dishes while my mom can finish dressing.

“That’s sweet of you,” mom said and kissed us both on the cheek and went up to her room.

“Now son we don’t have a lot of time before your mother comes down, so don’t argue until I am done speaking,” my dad started suddenly giving me his stern face. I gulped suddenly my throat felt dry, and it was hard to swallow. Oh, fuck here it is, my dad was going to tear me a new one now about last night when I offered to have sex with my mother. So I just rapidly nodded my head that I understood.

My father said, “You can go hang out with your friends, but I need you to be back at seven-thirty. I will leave the backdoor unlocked for you to sneak in, ok? You need to stay silent; I will have your blindfolded mother tied up and wet, ready to go. I will wait in the den, you just do your thing, ok? I will wait for you to come to get me and we will switch again with your mother none the wiser.”

Wait, what? I was still nodding like an idiot when my mother came skipping down the stairs humming one of the Abba’s most famous songs.

“Jimmy was just leaving for his friend’s house, honey you’re just caught him on his way out,” my dad said Escort Ankara slapping me on the shoulder and handing me my keys while ushering me out the door.

“Have a good time at your friend’s sweetheart, don’t get into any trouble, ok?” my mom called over her shoulder as my enthusiastic dad kept moving me along.

As we reached the door, my father gave me a light shove out onto the patio, and a whispered, “Remember seven-thirty sharp!” And slammed the door closed before I could reply.

I think my dad was afraid I would get cold feet about our crazy plan and on moral grounds alone, I really should. But I was thinking on the way to my friend’s house, could I miss this opportunity? My father is offering up my fantasy woman on a platter. Never mind living with myself if I took this chance, would I be able to live with myself if I did not take this opportunity?

I kept myself busy with my friends but excused myself with enough time to make it home. I was getting excited the closer I got to home. I was so paranoid that my mother would hear my car – it’s v8 had a distinct rumble- that I did what every teenager had to learn while sneaking out of the house. I got up to some speed and turned off the engine, coasting the rest of the distance down my street onto our driveway. I would have to push it back down again later- fortunately for me, the road was not leveled and little slope to it- but that was a problem for then not now.

I made my way around the back door, which I found unlocked like my dad promised it would be. He was probably waiting in the den now for me to dump a load in his wife. Most of the lights were off in the upper floor.

I lightly slapped myself along with an admonishment to get my head in the game. I started undressing, leaving a trail of discarded clothes to mark my passage like bread crumbs in that fairy tale. I needed to remember to pick it up on my way back. My parent’s door was open, and there was light spilling out into the darkness of the hallway. No one should be able to see me in the shadows of the hall, so I hoped it was safe to have a quick peek.

What I saw took a moment to get processed in my mind. I may have short-circuited something.

Hogtied to the bed on all fours, blindfolded and in her birthday suit, was my mother, the mother that raised me and kissed my boo-boos better had her creamy ass pointed at me towards the door. My mother was aroused. I could see her puckered pink asshole winking at me and below the starfish was her very wet and shaved little pussy, her blood-engorged labia flowered open for me to see her pretty pink core. Her thick thighs glistened with her arousal. My mother was straddling some big cushion on her stomach on all bound fours, flattening her tits enough for some side-boob to show, elevating her ass even more.

As I approached, I could not help the groan of desire from escaping my throat. At least that was not an indication of my identity, but that made my mother stiffen up.

“Jim is that you baby?” my mother asked, and for a terrible second, I thought she knew who I was before my short-circuited brain caught on that she was probably referring to my dad the other Jim.

“Uh Huh,” I grunted in what I hoped to be a vague enough acknowledgment.

“God baby, what took you so long, I need your cock so badly baby, look how wet I am for you. This was a great idea, honey, now I need you to pound my needy little pussy! Mmmhmm, fuck a baby in me!”

My usually conservative mother is gone now, replaced by a woman in need.

If I weren’t hard before I was sure as hell am now after hearing, my loving mother would talk like such a dirty slut. All eight and a half inches of me felt ready to punch holes through solid steel as I made my way forward up the bed. I walked the last of the remaining distance on my knees and placed them on either side of her bound together legs. With how my mom’s legs were done together, it left them a few inches apart, and I knew I was going to enjoy this.

“Oh yes baby, Jim I need your dick baby. Get it nice and wet, fuck,” mom moaned and said as I grabbed my cock by the root and dragged it through her folds hitting her engorged clit, getting my swollen crown nice and wet.

I groaned again scooped up some of her arousals on her inner thighs and smeared it on my shaft. The air smelled strongly of my mother’s arousal, and I breathed it in like a dying man.

I stuck first one, then a second and finally the third finger into my mothers pussy to make sure she was ready for my length. I should have known it was not needed; she took my fingers. Handley, so to speak.

“Ahaah baby yes you have such thick fingers, but my cunny wants something more significant,” mom moaned.

My mother half giggled and half moaned out as I took my fingers out of her snatch, she asked, “How about some roleplaying to really make this naughty, eh? I know incest turns you on so let’s roleplay as mother and son again. Just grunt if you agree, ok?”

I was so shocked at the request that I grunted in surprise, and my mother took that as my agreement. Well, what the hell here goes nothing. I griped my moms hip with one hand, and with the other, I guided myself to her drooling entrance.

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