Boston Ch. 1Boston Ch. 1


Here I am at the hotel bar. I’m a frequent traveler, maybe 20 or 25 times a year. Like always I find myself sitting at the hotel bar hoping the bartender will be a decent looking woman and friendly enough to pass the night. I’ve spent so much time in these places that I even find it interesting to observe the operation. I appreciate a barkeep that can run a smooth operation – always making that timely request “another round?” without seemingly making unwarranted observations. This night was no different than a 100 others. The barkeep was good looking and there was enough going on to keep me from looking for the closest tittie bar.

Here they come – three nice looking late 20’s to mid 30’s women. Must be a convention. Isn’t there always? They will all come to the bar, order a round and take it to a central table. Always a central table. Won’t be a corner. Then, for each round only one will come up to the bar. Yep, that’s the table right in the center! Now, will it be the Blond or the Redhead for the next round? The short chubby ones never get the second round.

It’s the Short chubby one! Wow! I would have never figured that! Whooo she is rounding my backside and sliding into the empty stool beside me! I’m 54, married, not very good looking and have been bald since I was 16. Women just don’t go out of their way to show me they’re interested. Being married I never go looking but just the same I always play by rule

. “Never push a woman out of bed unless there’s more room on the floor.” This one must be up to something other than checking me out but just the same here she is in the stool next to me. I have to be better than the wall on her other side. What is she up too? I turn my head to say good evening and there they are, beautiful, round, plump, and cleavage down to her navel.

“Hey” she said “Up here — or are you going to talk to my tits”. I explain “I’m sorry, they just jumped out at me. I just couldn’t get passed them”! What a line– she’ll be gone in a flash. She says “That’s why I wore this blouse. Do you like it? “Oh yes” I say as I take another look. Then I take a peek at the other two gals – just to see what they are up too. Both of them are acting like nothing is going on! Gee is this gal for real? “Can I buy you a drink?” I mutter. “Sure that’s why I came up here, but can we take them back to our table?”

“Barkeep make it a round for the three ladies and me.” We gathered up the drinks and headed for the table. This gal is a nice looking woman. Where did I ever get chubby? Her ass is firm and the tight skirt is perfect to show it off.. As she sets the drinks almanbahis adres down she makes sure that I get another good look at her cleavage. “Girls, this is—- Oh I’m sorry I didn’t even get your name.”

“Jim – Jim Beam like the Bourbon”

“Well, Jim, this is Susan”, as she nodded to the Redhead. “and Debbie”, nodding to the Blond “and I’m Brenda”. “Nice to meet you ladies!”

“We’re not here to waste time so I need to ask you a question” Said Brenda. She leans over and whispers “Do you like to eat P U S S Y?” Shit!– My cock jammed up the teeth of my zipper and I almost fainted from the pain! “Well” Said Brenda “Do you?”

“Y E S — Y E S all I can get!”

“I want my pussy ate until I either pass out or tell you to stop. Can you do that?” Brenda whispered in my ear. Susan and Debbie just watched to see my reaction. Then Susan grabbed my bulge and said “I think you want to play with us!” Then she turned, opened her legs and showed me a commando view. She squeezed my balls just hard enough to let me know she was in-charge. “Well with all that out of the way are three women too much for you honey?” Debbie added.

I’ve never done three women! As I said before I’m not a young stud! Just what the hell am I going to do with three hot women? But, — There’s rule number 1 “Never kick a woman out of bed, unless there’s more room on the floor!” So – What else could I say! “Do my best to please” I muttered and reached for one of Susan’s tits. But, she turned and I only got to rub the silky soft material against what was obviously an unharnessed C cup.

I put the tab on my room and the girls led the way to their room. A beautiful suite on the top floor. “Look ladies” I said “This is all too good to be true – so what’s the catch? – I mean –I sure don’t have the money for this.”

“No catch and you don’t need any money” Said Brenda “We just like to get our pussies satisfied and we don’t like playing the dating game to do it.” Susan added. “So we don’t get more than we ask for all three of us stay together” said Debbie. “Tonight is Brenda’s turn” Susan said. “Now when I get done with you they may want something too — That is if you can handle it” Brenda whispered as she hiked up her skirt exposing a beautifully trimmed dark haired bush. She sat down in a big stuffed chair. “E A T me – Eat me now!” she demanded.

I started to drop my pants but Susan and Debbie stopped me. “That is for later” Brenda whispered. I got down on my knees and dipped my tongue into Brenda’s already sloppy honey pot! She just moaned and repeated “Yes – Yes – Y E almanbahis adresi S” time and time again. After just a few minutes she began to shake and quiver. I pulled away only to find her hands on the back of my head pushing me back in! She wrapped her legs around my neck and as the gusher I’ve only heard about blew past my lips she locked them! Dam I can’t get my breath. Fuck I’m going to die! Wow – What a way to go! Slowly releasing she let me get my breath. “Girls we have our selves a real pussy eater tonight” Brenda shouted through her short breaths. Then she grabbed what little hair I have and shoved my lips to one of her now bare nipples and directed “Suck these until I’m ready again”. “Susan can you help him with his pants? I want to see his cock!” asked Brenda. Susan and Debbie both grabbed me from behind and while one ripped off my shirt the other pulled down my pants.

“Debbie come look at the nuts on this boy” Susan remarked. As Susan moved around the chair I could see that she had lost her blouse and skirt. Her bush was red as the hair on her head! I’d never seen a red bush let alone ate or fucked one! Just then one of the two started to suck my balls! Oh my I think both of them are sucking them! “Hey you two, I’m not done with him yet. He’s going to eat me again before you can have him!” Brenda objected. “We are only keeping him interested” Replied Susan between licks. “Yea you wacked last night’s cock off before I got to fill his mouth!” Objected Debbie just before she bit down on my right nut! “It wasn’t my fault you picked out a two stroke wimp” Brenda replied. Brenda pushed my head down to her steaming cunt and kept saying “Again honey. Again! Do me again. Suck my clit and then give me that tongue”.

“Dam what are you doing” I whimpered as the two girls did something to my balls. But Brenda pulled my head back in. Susan said “We’re strapping your balls so we don’t have any premature accidents! You are leaking and we want you to last until we’re ready” I flexed to push away but found my hands tied behind my back! Shit when did they do that? Debbie was licking the head of my cock “I cleaned up all the pre-cum so we can check for leaks “She said. What leaks my cock wanted to explode! “He’s still leaking” said Susan and then she sucked the head of my cock! “Oh Christ – that hurts!” I managed to blurt through Brenda’s cum gushing pussy. But Debbie just pulled the strap tighter! “No more snaps. That’s as tight as it goes. It’ll have to hold!” She exclaimed.

Brenda relaxed and I pulled my tongue out for a rest! “Let me have some of his cum! Save almanbahis adres some for me” Brenda exclaimed as she un mounted the chair and stood up – her dripping pussy juice streaming down both legs. My face staring into her gaping hole! I did that! She was tight when I started! Brenda pushed me backward unto my back and started to suck my throbbing cock. I wanted to blow my load but it just wouldn’t let go! If I had known that strapping my balls would make it feel this great I’d have tried it when I was 12. I was looking up into Susan’s Red Haired cunt and it was getting closer. Here it comes! I’m going to get to eat a red haired pussy and get my cock sucked for doing it!

Debbie was untying my hands. I cant see but I think she put a big dildo in my hand. She said “If you keep this up my cunt I’ll let you untied” I raised it up in the air and she mounted it all the way down to my fingers. I pumped it in and out and soon her pussy juice was running down my arm. Susan’s juice was dripping from my ears and Brenda was gently sucking my cock with long slow strokes. I want to blow my load but the strap just won’t let it out! Susan is now pumping my face and cumming hard! Susan raised up and I could see Debbie’s pussy lips wrapped around the dildo and most of my hand! She must have the biggest cunt I’ve ever seen. Debbie saw me staring and remarked “It is so big and sloppy because I just had a baby last month” Then she squeezed one of her huge breasts and squirted me in the face with her milk. “Open up baby!” she said. I opened wide and a steady stream of sour fluid poured in and then splashed all over my face. “I want you to milk them for me baby” she exclaimed.

Brenda backed off and Debbie sat down an my stomach -dildo still installed. With my cock rubbing the crack of her ass. I sat up and began the best tit sucking I have ever done. The more the milk flowed the more horny Debbie got. She was holding my head and letting me suck every last drop from one and then the other. Just as the second one ran out of milk she came. My balls were soaked with her cum! “Now we have to clean that up don’t we” Debbie exclaimed as she rubbed my balls with her hand.

They laid me out on the bed. and then tied my hands and feet to the posts. “Ok its your turn honey” Brenda said . All three of them took turns licking and sucking my balls and cock until it was all clean except for the still leaking head. All three of them surrounded me so I could see their tits hanging over my cock. If it could just cum! Tits dripping with cum! Oh yes let it cum! Brenda grabbed the ball strap and popped the snap! I could fell it mounting deep in my balls! “Please just one stroke girls! Please” I blurted Too late! It blew its load! Cum shoot all over their tits and faces as they cheered. Brenda then took my cock in her mouth and sucked every last drop from it!

That’s it girls he’s done!

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