Born to be ThreeBorn to be Three


Something changed in my life when I looked up and saw him. A beautiful young man in vest and jeans, sun shining and lighting his body as it hip-jerked with laughter. Tanned shiny muscles, soft but strong. Tight flat stomach, He knew he looked good. He pushed his body forward, he displayed his muscles, he turned easy and relaxed. His jeans were deliciously tight, bewitching. But I could see something else. Probably because I was that much older, I saw an insecurity, a lack of confidence. He was thrusting his body as if to prove that he was a sexual, animal man. It worked for me, but somehow it didn’t look like he believed it himself.

Recently I’d been changing; I was seeing men in a different way. I had always been with women, but, as I got older, I found my mind preoccupied with what it would be like to be touching a man’s body, making love. Really it was mainly about sucking a man. It filled more than my mouth; it filled my fantasies and excited me more than I could believe. As I looked at this young stud, I somehow knew that one day I could have a cock sliding between my lips and, if I let myself dream it could be his.

I’ve had lots of relationships with women. I adore sex and sex adores me. The delights of exploring with fingers, tongues and flesh, the spicy wetness of faces and bodies and wallowing in days of coming in, on, over and around each other. I still felt the drive and the energy for that but I was becoming distracted by the thought of stroking a soft long penis. Squeezing and stroking until it became a hard straight shaft pointing aggressively at my lips and tongue. I thought about it spurting to the back of my throat. Would I be able to swallow it? Would I want to? What would it do to me?

I actually practised a bit. I took make believe dicks into my throat and even used my own. I would shoot into my mouth and swallow with joy. I thrilled to see my hard head, nearly touching my lips; beads of milky juice seeping from an elegant and knowing eye, an eye that led to a fiery lust within me. And the shiny slit, that eye in the head of my beautiful cock glowing and tightening, looking like it would burst. And then it would. Streams of tasty juice shooting from that lip shaped hole hitting my tongue, my throat and, when I lost concentration, my eyes, nose and face. But even as I swallowed and groaned and smiled, all I saw before me was someone else’s cock.

I looked at him and knew that it was a fantasy to think that I could achieve anything with him. I’d never done it before, except with myself, and I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to get him to think that way; to let me fumble with words, buttons, fingers and probably give me a punch in the face. It was impossible. I gave him what I thought was going to be a last look and lingered while appreciating the bulge in his jeans. I tried to imagine how that bulge was formed so that I could take it into my sexual fantasy world. It looked good. I imagined hairless, smooth and straight with a proud compelling head as beautifully shaped as the muscles of his body.

Just as I was turning away with those images burning into my memory, he looked and, as if he knew me, waved and called ‘Hi’. I showed with a shrug of my body that I didn’t know who he was. I noticed that I did it with my arms spread wide and my hips pushed forward. It was meant to look like, who are you? But it was pushing my cock and balls forward, open and available. I had instantly started to flirt with this young man, as if he was a woman that excited me! That thrilled me, but he didn’t notice. He came running down and I enjoyed every single twist of his amazing body as he hurried down the stairs towards me. He spoke quickly with an excited energetic voice.

“Hi, I’m Woody. You’re my girlfriend’s teacher; she talks about you a lot. She pointed you out at Mabey’s.”

As I’m not a teacher I thought he’d mistaken me, but I could at least be close to his tempting body for a little longer. As if I was a teacher, I leant towards him, my fingers cupping my chin (imagining I was supporting his balls) and asked him for his girl friend’s name. He said “Lucia” and I instinctively knew it had to be my Lucia, Luss. I called her Luss because she was tough, soft and sensual with a lust for the exploration of every type of lust.

She told her parents she was having regular lessons with me to account for the afternoons of passion we had together. That must have been what made her say ‘my teacher’ when she had pointed me out at Mabey’s. She’d told me her boyfriend was beautiful but sexually nervous. And so this must be him – Woody. He was more than beautiful and, if he was unsure of his sexuality, perhaps, and here I went into fantasy, I could be the one to help.

I talked about Lucia, a great student, so interesting, so alive, so talented in her studies (and she was!). I realised I had absolutely no idea what she’d said I was teaching her but Woody saved me. “She always says how stretched she feels when she does Psychology Ankara escort with you. She says it takes her into new areas.”

It made me smile to think of those new areas and especially the stretching but I tried to keep to being the professor. “That’s very nice of her and I have to say what a beautiful couple you must make. You are a very handsome, well-built young man. You must be so happy together, she is such a beautiful girl”.

He smiled sheepishly and shrugged. A muscle in his neck went soft and turned to make an exquisite curl of shadow. His hips came forward in an embarrassed, docile way, as if saying there was a problem. I felt a pressure on my trousers as I started to harden. It was as if subconsciously he was opening up to me. I knew that if there was to be an opportunity, then this was it.

I told him, in a very paternal way, that if he had any difficulties with Lucia, he could talk to me. I knew her well, I was discrete and I had experienced many testing relationships. I said that I offered it for Lucia’s sake, but it would be private between the two of us. I took his phone and put my name and number in and called it. As he said ‘shall I give you my number?’ my phone in my pocket gave its discrete bleeps. I motioned towards it knowingly and he laughed with a big white toothed open mouth.

I don’t know whether it was the authority I’d deliberately shown or that an older man was fluent with his phone (luckily it was the same as mine). We both said ‘nice meeting you’ and I was so hot and hard and watched him walk away until he disappeared round a corner. Then I just watched the empty corner. A smile was growing on my face, quite fast, and then it sped up until lips told me they were going to actually crack.

* * * * *

When I got back I called Luss at her house, which I’d not done before, but she’d left her phone at mine. Her mother answered and said Lucia wasn’t in. I said, please let her know she left her phone at mine, then gave my name. She was very suddenly excited. “Oh, we’ve heard so much about you and your teaching methods. Thank you for pushing her so very very hard. She says how thrilling it is – she’s always exhausted after your lessons”. I said that she was a wonderful psychology student and her mother replied “I thought it was Anatomy?”

Never assume that somebody will tell everybody the same thing! That was typical Luss. She doesn’t like telling lies and so whenever she really has to, she tells one that suits her mood. Her mother knows she has a boyfriend, that she has sex, in the house, and very noisy sometimes. She knows that Luss is an adult and doesn’t have to lie about anything. Except, the fact that she is having a wild passionately sexual friendship with an older man round the corner and her boyfriend doesn’t know.

So, in generating the lies, Woody got Psychology and Mum got Anatomy. I liked discovering that, it was quite sexual. I heard myself say “The mind and the body are totally linked and your daughter is gifted enough to make Anatomy into Psychology, with such amazing success”. There was an intake of breath, slow and then building up to a satisfied sigh that was also sexual. Any mum of Luss’s would have to have a large part of sexual animal within her. I liked discovering that too.

When Luss phoned I told her everything, first about her Mum, to get that out of the way and then about Woody. She laughed and laughed and then went very quiet and then laughed some more, and a bit more. Then she was quiet for a little longer, cleared her throat, and I knew her whole body was doing a slinky shiver as the plan started to bubble out of her beautiful lips.

“I could encourage him to come and see you … I’d heard how good you were at helping people”. She started to get excited “I’ll say… he used to be a … sexual therapist .. yes yes yes … before you moved here”. She paused, and in a purring tone added “as long as we carry on with our lessons … perhaps we could eventually combine them? That would be fun”. I knew that she’d finished speaking with that same shiver. It was the sexy punctuation marks she put around her ideas.

I felt so wildly horny but she couldn’t come round. We talked about Woody and she started to moan softly and told me that she was naked on her bed and touching herself. She said she’d tell me about Woody if I took my clothes off. She told me to describe what I saw as I undressed in front of the full-length mirror. So creative for such a young woman! She told me what she would do to my dick and balls and then started to talk about Woody. He’s like a gentle puppy, gets very excited, works out to keep his muscles gorgeous, is wonderful to touch. Has an elegant dick, shorter than yours but thicker, very sensitive balls, wonderful arse, a really nice boy, very sexy, but he comes so quickly and then goes sad. That’s made you harder, hasn’t it?

I looked in the mirror and agreed. I talked about how much I wanted her and how excited I was about her boyfriend. Ankara escort bayan My ball sac was so tight that it made my jutting straining cock look so smooth and touchable. There was the sound of Luss enjoying her body with the phone jammed under her chin. Then she spoke through her bouncing thumping groans. It’s Woody you’re holding. Give him pleasure. You’re in the mirror with me licking and sucking you. It feels good, it feels.. oh …

Then her voice started to choke as she lived out her thoughts. She was near to orgasm, could hardly talk and I listened. I gave Woody’s elegant dick and tight balls such pleasure with all my fingertips and watched myself in the mirror. Luss dropped the phone and sounded as if she had imagined even more into her mouth and, at that thought, Woody erupted and I looked in the mirror and saw his thick creamy juice smack onto me in the glass. Onto my face, body and even legs. And in some places it started to run down my body. I heard Luss groaning, laughing, and then her wicked giggle. She said goodnight, blew me a kiss and abruptly hung up. I loved how it looked on the mirror. Before I went to bed I stood in the same spot and could see my reflection splattered with lust. I didn’t clean it off until the next day.

Woody also phoned the next day and arranged to come round for his first appointment.

* * * * *

Tuesday When he arrived I felt more excitement than when I’d first seen him. I’d always admired the male body but now it was as if I had given myself permission to be sexually excited, and I was. I was careful to be restrained and not let him see my hungry eyes trying to check out every part of his body. I started to generate a professional and distant manner. When he’d asked “how much?” I quickly answered that the first session was free, even though I was thinking that, if need be, I would pay! We sat and talked a lot and it seemed as if he was sexually inexperienced, nervous of the urges in his body and even more frightened by the lust he saw in Lucia. I could sympathise with that!

It seemed that his problem was coming quickly and then not feeling like coming again because he felt so embarrassed about his haste. I could understand that, but the thought of him coming quickly still made my excitement grow. I suggested that it was just a matter of learning control. I said that he had to become more relaxed about his own body, learn how to please a woman but, most of all, learn how to please himself. I said that I could help him in all those areas but, as it had an element of research for me, the sessions would be free. “What’s the research?” he asked and I replied that I was used to working with women and so probably not have such a good touch with a man.

To end that session I got him to stand up in front of my mirror and talk about his body, what parts he liked, what parts he didn’t like. I got him to demonstrate and I gently massaged the part of his body as he talked about it. He gradually had to shed clothes. Thank goodness I didn’t have to, because as soon as I touched him, something happened within me.

As his body uncovered I was overwhelmed with his beauty, the texture of his skin, his muscles, his soft vulnerable areas. It was the most gorgeous body I’d ever seen and here he stood, taking his clothes off on my instruction, as I gently massaged him!

He was standing just in boxer shorts and I could see that, like me, excitement was making him bulge. He was reluctant, but I got him to take off his boxers so that we could ‘get to the heart of the problem’. His dick was beautiful, bigger than I’d imagined, more hairy than I’d fantasised with a ball sac asking to be stroked, sucked and bitten. Not that I’d ever done it! I had this dream man naked and semi-erect in front of me. I knew I couldn’t act rashly but I so wanted to touch him.

I got him to tell me what he felt about his genitals and boldly, but carefully, continued my touch in the same way as I had with his shoulders and stomach and back. The soft pressure of fingertips on flesh. I told him how well formed his penis was and, as I did so, it began to harden and rise. He apologised. I gulped and reassured him that it was natural and healthy and asked about his attitude to his balls and touched them. He grew straight and hard. I commented on it and, in my ‘professional’ style touched the underside and squeezed the head as I asked him how he felt about this, the most sensitive part of his man body.

It was such a thrill. I held the magnificent bulging head of this god. Only a few days ago I’d been trying to imagine what was inside his jeans and now I held it between thumb and fingers and knew that I could easily make him come. And very quickly.

I put my hand around his shaft and said that, to me, it felt thick and hard and was a fine member. I noticed a clear pearl of excitement ooze from his smiling eye and felt my legs go weak. I wanted to stoop and lick that dewy pearl from his taut dome, but I knew Escort Ankara this was not the time to do anything. It would terrify him. I’d never ever put my mouth on another man before but knew that if I did, I would love it. I also knew that, because of his ‘problem’, my lips around his head would immediately make him come in my mouth. I shuddered with lust.

With difficulty I kept my professional manner and, using that, was able to give his balls a soft squeeze and run my hand right up his shaft. I turned away and as I scribbled wild nonsense on my notepad said “that’s the seat of your problem … we can sort it out. Get dressed and I’ll see you next Tuesday”.

When he left I was so troubled. I had looked at and touched that divine body and wanted to kiss, suck, bite and touch every part of it. My hand had been for the first time on a penis that was not mine, around god’s taut member. I was so lucky, but confused. How could I make him want me to touch him, suck him, take him deep into my mouth, … and then I thought into my throat! He was long, but I could practice! I quickly and happily took off all my clothes.

I put a small leather strap around my balls and pulled it hard. I gave a little gasp as they bulged tight and shiny away from my body. I tidied the strap through its buckle. I thought of putting another strap round the base of my dick, but I was already hurting from my hardness, the constriction would be too much.

I stroked myself and pushed a finger deep in-between my constrained balls and picked up the candle that I’d previously used to explore sliding into my throat. It became a slim version of Woody. I licked it, gently bit into the end, pushed it into my cheeks and pushed it hard between my balls. I stroked myself from balls to tip and threw my head back to take Woody deep into my throat.

I kept my mouth closed and made the candle force my lips apart and slide slowly towards my throat. I choked and retched but my lust made me recover quickly. I experimented; I took it close to the retch point and left it there. I thought about those automatic muscles and talked to them as I stroked myself to the edge of a huge teetering orgasm, partly held in check by the strap round my balls and also by the thought of keeping Woody on the very edge of my throat. Throat reflexes relaxed a little but I started to come. I shot onto my face and, as if it had come from Woody’s dick, it seemed to touch the very edges of my throat. I pushed the candle and slid it in and out as I finished coming, screaming, gurgling, moaning, choking, my face and chest thick with cream.

I knew at that moment, where I had to start with Woody. I had to show him how to learn to enjoy coming, whether quickly or slowly. That would be a hard job and take a long time … I hoped.

* * * * *

Thursday How Luss teased me. We lay together and she pushed her fingers into my mouth and said “This is him!” She squeezed my balls tight and said “This is his mouth!” She pushed her fist against my anus and said “He wants to come in!” We rolled together and our sex was fierce and she laughed at how rampant I was. Her voice went husky and she said “I want the two of you, together, in me, on me, over me, right through me! Woody coming in your mouth as you come deep inside me!” She shuddered and bucked her hips up and down against my face as I sucked her sweet juices only thinking of Woody as I swallowed.

A little later, she put oil on her breasts and as I slid my hardness between them, her hands squeezing them tight against me, she said “Woody would love to watch this, he’d have come by now.” Before I knew it I had exploded onto her chin and neck, spurt after spurt of warm cream with louder shouts and moans from me than was usual. She laughed as she licked me clean and wondered whether “I was trying to come as quick as Woody?” I could only think of the three of us together! So exciting and I wondered if it could happen.

* * * * *

Tuesday When he arrived I enjoyed displaying a professorial authority. “You can’t learn to please someone else, if you can’t please yourself”. I asked him to show me how he pleased himself. He looked shocked and I then suggested that he remembered the last time that he masturbated and to recreate that. I told him he had time to think about it because he first needed to relax his body with a massage. Before he’d arrived I’d put a leather strap round my waist with a loop that attached to a strap round the head of my dick. It kept it vertical, flat against my belly. There would still be a bulge but not a tent pole like before.

I told him to take off his clothes and lie face down on the table. “Just relax” I said as I worked on his head, neck, shoulders and back. I pushed him down hard onto the massage table, sometimes rhythmically, pulled hard at his muscles and felt my own hardness sliding up and down, tight along my belly, held firm by the strap, straining to be above my belt. I massaged his buttocks and as I let my little finger trail, I listened to his give-away sighs. I worked on his thighs and when I worked the inside, let four fingers go lightly across his balls. The noise he made was electric and I had to pull my trousers up a little more.

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