Boots and Birthday Suits Ch. 02Boots and Birthday Suits Ch. 02


Thanks for both the positive and critique feedback on the first Boots and Birthday Suits. I am glad that people enjoyed my journal. I have received various requests. I appreciate the interest, however while I do edit my journal entries, I try not to stray very far from what occurred. It has taken me some time to get this entry out as I had an opportunity that I had to take given the bad economy we are still in. I have gone back and forth on whether to do all our matches or just the greatest hits. I opted for relaying my journal as the matches happen. Again, I hope you enjoy them.


Spring 2007:

Wow. Of all the things I had hoped Madison and I would be as a couple, (happy, parents, grandparents) being sex wrestlers was never on that list. There was no getting around it. Even though people in our lives didn’t know it, except our friends Susan & Dave, that is what we were. Sure we got a check for $1000 from our first match but that was gone to our growing debt problems and we needed to go back and wrestle again.

Even though we won our first match, I thought we were done. “We weren’t these kind of people.”, I thought to myself. After all, it was rich people taking advantage of couples struggling during one of the worst economies our country has faced. They were like vultures feeding on our carcasses of desperation and I hated them for it. I told Madison I didn’t want us to wrestle again. But my hours got cut again and a few other unneeded bad breaks meant our sex wrestling careers would continue.

While I struggled with our dark secret, Madison was as calm and cool as always. I don’t know how she did it. Not just with this but also with what seemed to be all stress situations. Madison didn’t block out what happened, but it definitely didn’t get to her. I was glad one of us could be calm about it. I selfishly wished it were me.

Everywhere I went I was sure people knew. I couldn’t get out of stores fast enough as it felt like everyone’s eyes were locked on me. Once I feared people at the market were crowded around a flyer that exposed us! There were several women around it and calling others over! I rushed out of the store leaving my cart in the middle of the aisle I was hiding in. I went back that evening just before close to see it was only a flyer for puppies with cute pictures.

I realized I was having serious problems with this and it was making me insane. Madison didn’t understand. She kept telling me, “Not to worry. No one knows. Susan and Dave have been doing this for months without any problems.”

Despite Madison’s assurances, I still wasn’t coping well. I needed to find someone I could talk to. The only person I could think of was Dave. It was he and Susan that got us involved in all this. They have had several matches so hopefully he had some wisdom that would help me out.

I called up Dave and invited him out to beers at a bar that I knew wouldn’t be busy on a Tuesday night. More importantly, people I knew don’t hang out there. I was glad Dave agreed to meet up. To be honest, we weren’t really friends in the true sense. Our wives were friends and, as all married guys know, that meant Dave and I had to be friends.

Dave was an all right guy. We had some things in common, but he was never all that cool with my not being a native of the area. It didn’t matter that I grew up in a rural area like he did. This community views anything west of the Rockies as a giant Los Angeles or San Francisco. Neither of which were held in high regard around here. I was always going to be an outsider.

We met up at the bar and grabbed an out of the way booth, but not too far as to not seem like we were hiding something. Being paranoid, I brought some papers so it would seem like we were discussing business or something. Dave thought it was ridiculous but he played along.

“Well, what has you all worried?”, Dave got right to the point as he took a sip from his beer.

“Aren’t you worried?”, I asked.

“Worried about what?”

“Worried about people finding out?!”

“God, all you California people are the same.” I’m not from California. A fact that has never stuck with Dave or his friends. “Look, no one is going to find out. The people behind this thing are rich as hell. You see any filthy rich people around this town.”

“You really think they don’t talk about us? They don’t tell their friends?”

“Look. Rich folk like their secrets. Especially the ones they keep from each other. They are all wearing masks. You ever ask your self why?”

“I figure they don’t want anyone to know who they are.”, I answered.

“Exactly!”, Dave responded.

“Exactly what?” I was confused.

“They don’t want anyone to know who they are because they don’t want to be caught involved with this. It’s the reverse man. We’ve already lost everything and are just trying to hang on. What can we lose? They are the ones who would lose everything if they got found out. Their status, precious memberships and seats on ‘the board’ all go down the drain.”

“I bolu seks hikayeleri never thought of it that way.”

“Well that is how you should think about it. Hell, I’ll tell you something else. You think all those ‘couples’ in the crowd are married? Heck no! Most of those freaks are bringing their girlfriends or escorts. What if their wives found out? That will hit them in their wallet for sure.”

Doug’s take on the whole wrestling scene made me feel rather stupid. Something I honestly never thought Doug was capable of. I switched subjects in an effort to shake that feeling.

“I have another problem I didn’t tell you about.”, I started.

“Oh lord. What now?”, Doug callously responded.

“Serious Doug. What about some dude having his way with Madison? That’s really fucked up.”, I said with a hushed anger.

“Madison and Susan talk so I heard all about your match. Quit your bellyaching.”

“Quit my bellyaching?! How the hell can you say that? I guess you don’t care if someone gives it to Susan, do you.”

Boom! Doug hit his fist on the table, shaking the bottles.

There was an awkward pause as the handful of patrons and the bartender looked over to see if there was a problem.

Hushed, Doug said, “You watch your mouth! You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Well excuse me if I’m freaked out about my wife getting violated!”

“Violated? That’s a damn joke. Your wife didn’t get touched your whole match. Mike grabbed her boob. Big deal.”

“Well I say that is too much for me! I didn’t care for the cheating either.”

“Then, you better just quit now and figure out where y’all are moving to ’cause it is about to get a whole lot worse.”

“A whole lot worse?”, I asked.

“You think the other guys are only going to grab a little boobage? You wrestled Sarah & Mike. She practically has him neutered.”

I just looked at Doug blankly.

“Yeah, she don’t let Mike touch the ladies or he’ll have hell to pay. You basically got the easiest guy to go up against.”

“How bad does it get?”

“Look, I’m not going to lie. When your wife is in there against real men, she is going to get some cock. There is no way around it.”


“You just have to deal with it. It is what it is. The same way you can’t wait to fuck that guys wife, he is looking to do the same to yours.”

“This is so messed up.”

“I’ll tell you something else. You two better start cheating if you want to have a chance in this thing.”

“Cheat? I don’t want to get disqualified.”

“You’ve got to cheat whenever you can. Everyone else is going to. We are fighting to save our homes. This ain’t any time to play boy scout.”

My talk with Doug was sobering. I was wondering what Madison had gotten us into. Doug had some tips about some things Madison and I could do to bend the rules and how to avoid disqualification. I thanked him for taking the time to talk and we both headed home.

–end part 1

Madison and I showed up to the first of our group practice sessions since our first match. Instead of the 3 couples that were supposed to be there, only two showed up. We were told the missing couple quit after their first match.

The real surprise is that the couple with us at practice was the one with the wife was in tears at the first practice. When the trainers asked to strip down naked she was inconsolable. Now she seemed like a totally different person. She had no issue with being naked at all. Apparently they had won their first match too and she gained a new air of confidence. We were not supposed to but we did exchange names in the locker room. They were Heather and Robert. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to know our real names, but Madison never listens to me about such things. I tried to get her to give fake names but she just said I was paranoid.

Practice sessions were rougher this time around. We were more experienced and executed moves better on each other. Our trainers were making us more effective with every move. We particularly worked on a variety of ground moves.

With only two couples, practice became a bit competitive. Nothing was too bad at first, but they began working stiff. Stiff meant that their moves were meant to inflict more pain than practice moves should. Trouble was brewing with each hold. Finally, Heather put Madison in an arm bar that I thought would pull Maddy’s arm out of its socket!

“OW! You bitch!”, Maddy screamed and reached up to grab a hold of Heather’s hair. The trainers rushed in and broke them up. Later, I got back at Heather by not releasing a double toehold when the female trainer told me to. Instead I put more pressure on her shapely legs and twisted her ankle for good measure. Heather slapped the canvas in pain. The trainer kicked me off of her. “Enough! You better watch yourself!”

I rolled over to a knee and stared back at her. Now way was I going to take on a real pro wrestler, but I wanted Heather and Robert to see my intensity.

As Heather limped off to the side, I smirked and said, “Hey you might want to put some ice on that.”

“You son of a bitch!” said Robert as he started heading right for me but the male trainer stopped him. We just exchanged glares as I headed back over to Madison. She was staring at Robert too, but broke it off to give me a nice kiss on the cheek.

The female trainer had it with us. “Enough! This is where you learn and get better! Not try to take each other apart!”

The male trainer chimed in, “You fools hurt yourself here and you jeopardize your next match. You need money? Well, you can’t win any money if you can’t be in your next match! It’s that simple.”

The trainers were right, but we really couldn’t abide by their logic. We are going to come up against Heather and Robert at some point. They figured the same and were trying to intimidate us. If we blinked, they would have the upper hand if we met in the ring.

The remainder of that session was testy. It continued through the rest of our practice sessions that month. The trainers had to break us up from little fights that were breaking out between all of us.

–end part 2

With training behind us, we got our confirmation call for our next match on the upcoming Saturday. I expected our pickup point to be the same location, but it wasn’t. This time we had to drive over 2.5 hours away.

Saturday came and we had to get a good start. We had a long drive ahead of us and our pickup time was 4pm. There was some construction we didn’t account for but fortunately we still made it with a little time to spare. Only minutes after we pulled in did a suburban pull up to take us to the match.

Just like last time the suburban was blacked out so we couldn’t see where we were going. The drive was definitely shorter than last time, but it still seemed like part of the ride was for confusion.

When we arrived, we exited to what I can best describe as a popup tunnel like you would see at an event. It was black fabric all around with some lighting that led up to a door where Ms. Levinson met us. She looked great in her skirt suit. We exchanged pleasantries and followed her down a hallway.

This was obviously a different place than before. We entered an odd elevator that had symbols (a sun, a cloud, etc.) instead of numbers on the 5 buttons. The weirdest part was that after Ms. L pressed the button with a tree on it, the elevator went down. I was bit alarmed because I was certain we were on the ground floor when we entered.

Our room this time was more like a simple hotel room and there were no windows. I felt like a grumpy old man for thinking “What if there is a fire?” There was television and two chairs and a round table on the side.

Ms. L reviewed the rules video with us again. The same basic pro wrestling tag team rules of one partner in the ring at a time. Partners must tag in order to switch. No closed fists, no choking, no hair pulling, clean breaks on the ref’s requests, in the ropes breaks a wrestling hold, a count of 20 for being outside the ring, etc. There were obviously some differences.

– being in the ropes does not stop a sexual attack

– M v M, F v F, pins are 5 counts

– a F pinning a M is a 3 count

– a M pinning a F is a 7 count

– falls can be won by pin, submission or forced orgasm

– the referee is the final determination on whether a wrestler reached orgasm

– submissions are only verbal declarations to the ref, NOT tapping out

– matches are best two out of three falls with at least 1 fall won by forced orgasm unless otherwise specified.

Overall the whole pre-match wait was rather uneventful. With only one previous match under our belts, we were nervous but not unsettled. The whole thing was still scary. We needed this win. We got involved in all of this because the winners of each match supposedly receives double their mortgage payment and we were desperate for it.

My “Hawk” outfit of black wings and boots were in the closet along with Madison’s “Angel” outfit of white boots and white angel wings. Ms. L was right when she picked that outfit for Madison. I loved watching her in those boots and wings. Heck, my penis started to firm up just at the thought of it.

As I stared off into space at the closet, Madison came up behind me and put her hands around me.

“What are you day dreaming about?” Madison asked as she hugged me.

“I’m just thinking about how hot my wife is.” I responded.

“I am sure your wife appreciates that very much.” Madison said as she placed a gentle kiss on the back of my neck.

I turned to face her and we made out. While it was passionate it did not lead to sex. I think it was because, while still nervous, we were not terrified like we were for our first match.

We took time to relax initially. Madison did her makeup. I preferred her natural beauty without any makeup. Eventually our room phone rang and we were told to be ready in roughly 30 minutes. My nerves kicked up a notch. We began our stretching to get ready. My favorite show is to watch Madison stretch her body. I could watch her do that for hours.

I liked to do some pushups and jumping jacks to get warmed up. We had the time since our wrestling costume clearly didn’t take any time at all. Once we stripped naked and put our boots on that was it except for our wings. We were ready in our 30-minute window but there was no knock at our door until at least 50 minutes had passed.

When the knock came, my knees went weak from nerves again. I took some quick deep breaths. It was suddenly very real all over again. I thought to myself how silly I was for getting this nervous again. Maddy seemed to be ok. I couldn’t tell if she was really calm or just putting on a cool exterior.

We helped each other get our wings on and met the valet outside of our room. This time the valet was female, which did really mean anything. I thought it was odd that a “sex wrestling” league had the guests and staff dressed so conservatively.

We followed the valet back to the elevator. This time we went to the bottom floor. The moment the doors opened we could hear the murmur of the crowd waiting. The valet exited the elevator and held us there while we were announced.

“For our next match, these newcomers won their very first match!”, the announcer started. “Tonight we see if they can make it 2 in a row! Please welcome, Hawk & Angel!!!”

The crowd generously applauded and our valet motioned for us to head out. It was a short hallway to the ring area.

As Hawk, I tried my best tough walk trying to look big. That was a joke since I was 5′ 7″ and I had dropped more weight since our last fight. I was closer to 150 then the 160 limit the males needed to reach for their first match. I had to face the truth that the almost 20lbs I had lost wasn’t really muscle.

Madison skipped along side me easily portraying the sexy Angel. As usual all eyes were on her. I was used to it. Heck, it took the pressure off of me.

This place was smaller then before and so was the crowd by about half. The ring was empty meaning we were first in. I went up the ring steps to the apron first. I glared at that audience. I sat on the second rope pushing it down while pushing up on the top rope making way for Maddy. My left wing got hung up in the top rope a bit as I did this. I quickly got it unstuck and I felt really embarrassed, but no one really notice. The early pattern balding, not that hot of naked guy vs. the hot naked blonde in white knee hi wrestling boots and white angel wings was a no brainer for the attention of the room.

With the deserved attention from both the men and the women in the audience Maddy feigned flirtatious joy at my gentlemanly act. She coyly cupped her breasts as she bounced up the steps. It was such a sexy subtle move, but honestly, her b-cups aren’t big enough to warrant such an act.

She ran her hand along my face as she passed me on the apron. Instead of entering the ring, she spun her back to the ropes. She stretched her arms along the top rope and arched her head back, pushing her chest out. The crowd expressed their approval. I love my wife and all, but bare left ass cheek on ring rope ain’t all that comfy and I just wished she would just get in the damn ring at this point.

Madison did finally enter the ring and gladly skipped around the ring waving to her “adoring fans”. I was getting no such love. While she was prancing around, I entered the ring with no fan fare and a stupid rope print across my ass. I just hoped everyone stayed focused on her. I was in our corner before she finished, but she nicely finished up her “tour” by coming to me in our corner and gave me a deep sensual kiss that got a nice round of cheers. I thought to myself, “Yeah you assholes, she’s all mine!”

We took our wings off and handed them to the staff person. I stood with my back to our corner. Madison stepped in front of me and leaned back into my chest. As she reached back and ran her hand up and down the outside of my thigh, I did my best to be stoic and look intimidating. Despite Madison’s sexy posing, we both anxiously waited to see who our opponents would be. The crowd grew quiet as everyone’s attention turned to the other hallway entrance across the other side of the ring.

“Their opponents,” began the announcement, “with a record of 5 and 1, are quickly cutting a path to a title belt matchup. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the team of Jock & Jill!!!”

With that announcement, the crowd erupted with raucous applause way beyond anything we received. Madison’s hand stopped moving on my thigh. Out from the other hallway burst the team of Jock & Jill.

I can easily say that they were my worst nightmare. In front was Jill. She was a tight little hottie cheerleader bouncing around complete with pompoms, straight brunette hair pulled back into a pony tail and a set of pert round tits that were simply jaw dropping. Jock was right behind her. He had blonde hair and surfer golden boy good looks. He had football shoulder pads on, eye black stickers, and a breathe-right strip on his nose.

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