Subject: Bookstore Breeding Load 3 This is the third part of a true story. Please donate to Nifty as they allow us to share our stories with the world; let’s keep our juices flowing! Please email me and let me know what you think of my submissions, especially if you live in Florida! 😀 Bookstore Breeding 3rd load… The young stud that had just unloaded in my ass had just left the booth adjacent to mine. I was spent, but in a good way. My ass was warm and tingling having just been plowed deep by 2 men. Each had worked it good, each deposited their respective loads deep inside of me. My legs were still shaking and I had to take my tank top off to wipe the sweat away. I sat in the booth, no video playing so I could cool down for a bit. I could hear the sounds of porn playing in a couple of booths. Next thing I knew I was pinching and twisting my nipples and my cock was swelling again. The urge to keep going was overwhelming. I put my tank top back on and decided to checkout who else might be on the prowl. I exited the booth and made my way towards the back. There was a guy lingering nearby. Not my type, i.e. he was over 30. I looked down the hallway where the other gloryhole booths were located. Both were empty. I walked to the area where they display the videos that are playing, not to check again because I knew the ones I wanted to see, but rather to checkout anyone that might be in the main part of the store. Nobody was out there. I thought briefly about heading home but the pull of raw sex was too strong. I turned and headed towards the empty gloryhole booths I had just passed. I went into the one at the end of the hallway, the darkest recess. I deposited tokens and selected the gangbang video. There was a hot guy in a sling getting fucked raw by a leather daddy while another worked his nipples hard. The bottom was blindfolded and was sucking a third guys cock. My cock sprang to life again, my hands went to my nipples. I was so engrossed in the video I didn’t hear the door to the adjoining booth close. I decided to get comfortable so I stripped down and sat on the chair in the booth. When I did, I noticed izmit escort the light coming through the gloryhole from the other booth. I bent to take a look. Basketball shorts, sneakers and a tank top, light brown skin, not a Florida tan, more than likely Hispanic, or mixed race. My cock twitched at the thought. The guy was leaning against the opposite wall, arms crossed. He was watching the same video I was. My cock twitched at that too. I motioned with my finger. Nothing. I stood and eased the head of my cock slowly through the glory hole. Again nothing. I sat back down and watch some more of the video, periodically I glanced through the gloryhole to see if there was any change. Nothing. There was movement, he changed videos to an interracial couple fucking outdoors. The top was Hispanic and he was slow fucking the bottom…slow and steady. My cock twitched again. I changed my video to match the one he was watching. He unfolded his arms, his right hand started to rub the impressive bulge that start to grow there. I turned my chair away from the video so I could focus on him. It was long before his basketball shorts were of and on his chair. Like me, he was commando. Unlike me he was uncut and thicker than me. His cock was dark brown, his cock was getting harder and his foreskin was beginning to give way to his large cockhead. What a sight, his piss slit was visible as was a deposit of glistening precum. I leaned closer, pinching and twisting my nipples a little harder than before. He bent forward, looked me in the eye, licked his lips and winked. I swirled my finger around the gloryhole again. He took off his tank top. His six pack abs were covered with a light dusting of hair, as were his firm, well defined pecs. He took his right hand and let his cock rest in the palm of his hand. He started to slap upwards onto the underside of his cock, causing it to bounce up and down. He was getting harder as he did this, the precum dislodged from his foreskin and flew off like a spider shooting its web. I motioned again, this time he moved forward. His uncut cock came through the gloryhole and I immediately tasted his izmit escort bayan precum. I slide my tongue under his foreskin and swirled it around his cock head making sure I got every drop. His cock swelled some more. I took as much of him into my mouth as I could. He was thick and at least 9″ long. I took my hand and started stroking his cock, I watched as his foreskin retracted on each downstroke, exposing his beautiful cockhead which I started to lick and suck on. This gloryhole was slightly larger that the one in the other booths so he was able to get his cock and low hanging balls through. I took his balls into my hand and started stroking them as swallowed his cock again and again, I took a chance and started pulling them downward. His moaning told me he licked it. I took my mouth off his cock and started working his balls, licking suck, tugging them. His moans increased as did the amount of precum that was oozing from his cock, I licked up every drop. I went down on him again and as I did, I took both hands and started to twist his balls like I was closing a loaf of bread, more moans and more precum. Then I heard what I wanted to hear, “Papi” – my cock twitched and precum started oozing from my piss slit. He slowly pulled his cock free. He leaned in close and said, “Papi, let me into your booth” I unlocked my booth and in he came. He was young, probably 25, 6′ tall, solid muscles with short hair, goatee and several tattoos on each arm. As soon as he was in my booth we kissed softly, slowly using his tongue to pry my lips open. We kissed deeply while our hands explored each other. He started to work my nipples, twisting them, tugging them, pinching them. A little harder each time, when I winced, he’d back off and then he started to lick them, Soft licks and gentle bites to start, then a little harder. He would take me to a limit and back off. Again, and again. Each time he expanded my boundaries. As we kissed his hands worked their way down my back and to my ass. Soon a finger was probing my ass which was slick with the cum of the other 2 tops I had serviced earlier. He asked, “How many loads, Papi?” izmit bayan escort “Two”, I replied. He whispered “Nice” in my ear as 2 fingers went deep into my ass. He whispered. “Do you another load, Papi?” I said, “At least one, more if you got it in you”. With that he turned me around and I bent forward bracing myself for his massive uncut cock. He slowly pushed his cockhead into my ass and held there. He pulled a bottle of poppers from a pocket in his basketball shorts and handed it to me. I was glad to take a hit as he began to press his cock deeper into my hole. When he was balls deep, he whispered in my ear, “I want to work your hole good Papi. I want to give you my babies”. All I could was moan, “yes”. He started to withdraw slowly and the drive back in, slow and steady. As my hole relaxed, he started to pickup the pace. Soon he was working my nipples as he was fucking my hungry hole. He pulled almost completely out and said, “Here you go Papi” as he slammed all 9″ of his Puerto Rican cock deep into my hole. It took my breath away but I found myself saying, “Yes, harder” He complied and rammed his cock deep with every thrust. I didn’t know how much more I could take when he whispered in my ear, “Do you want me to cum inside you, Papi?” “Yes, give me your load deep” I replied and he started pounding harder. It only took a few thrust when I heard “Papi, here it comes, take my load, Papi” as he went balls deep and started to convulse as he pumped his seed deep into my hole. When he stopped convulsing, he started thrusting again, driving his cum deeper and deeper into my hole. His cock stayed hard and after about 2-3 minutes he whispered, “I got another load in me, Papi. You want it?” All I could do was nod yes. He slammed his cock deep and let loose a second, albeit smaller load into my cum filled hole. He held on to me, as his slowed his breathing down, his cock slowly deflated and gently slid out of my well used ass. He dressed, handed me the bottle of poppers and we kissed deeply. He patted my on the ass as he slipped out the door. I heard “That was hot” come through the gloryhole. We hadn’t even realized someone had watched the whole thing! He motioned with his finger and I slid my cock through the hole. It was my turn to let a load go. It didn’t take long before I was pumping what felt like a gallon of cum down the guys throat.

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