Subject: Book that’s a very posh, five-star property,” Brayson said. “When the occasion warrants, one has to treat oneself like royalty,” Eric responded. “Your wedding is such an occasion. Rodney and I do indulge ourselves from time-to-time. The place is stunning gentlemen, we even have a private pool and jacuzzi.” “That’s very kind of you guys, really, but as you said, we have a big day tomorrow. I want our boys to be well-rested. Book looked at Brayson, “What do you think, babe?” “I must admit, I am rather curious about the property. I know it’s upper-scale, I’d like to see it first-hand since I’m in the business; I’d like to see how we compare.” Brayson said kind of thinking out loud. “There you go, join us for a night-cap. It won’t take long and Echo would be very happy to meet the boys.” Eric said enthusiastically. “Echo? Who’s Echo?” Book asked. “Echo is our dalmatian; he’s a rescue. We got him when he was a puppy. He’s 4 years old and he loves people. We named him Echo because he has a tendency to trail off, or elongate his bark sometimes. He kind of talks a lot,” Eric responded. “Dad! Let’s go!” Tommy said excitedly. “I want to meet Echo. Please.” “What about you, Alex, do you want to go?” Book asked. “I’m game. I want to see the hot-tub,” Alex said with a smile. Book looked at Bray to see him nodding his head. “Very well, we accept your kind offer for a quick night-cap; but we have to leave by 11. Agreed?” Book looked at each of the boys to see them nodding their head in agreement. “Good, that’s sorted then. I trust you know where the Winterford is. We shall meet you there,” Eric said as he and Rodney smiled and walked away. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * As they climbed into the car, Bray said, “So, I’m gleaning that you boys had a little excitement with Eric in the restroom?” “A little,” Book said. “He sucked Alex’s cock for a few seconds and then mine. I must admit, I was a little surprised. He seemed to have no issue regarding Alex’s age; he just went for it.” “I should have cum in his mouth but dad cut us off,” Alex giggled. “It was not the time nor the place, gorgeous,” Book calmy stated as he started the car. “When we get there guys, I want you two to behave yourselves until I can sort them out. I know how ridiculous that sounds considering what happened in the restroom, however, I need to get a feel about Rodney. I am sure Eric has already told him what happened in the bathroom, but we have no idea how they might act regarding Tommy. So, you need to take my lead or Bray’s; understood?” “Understood, dad,” Alex said. “Do you think they will be freaked-out about Tito?” “I just don’t know yet, that’s why I need to sort it before anything happens. Eric was obviously not bothered in the least that you’re a minor. I don’t think it’s an issue for him but Rodney is a complete unknown at this time so we are going to play it cool.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book pulled into the visitor parking area at the resort. They piled out of the car and took a quick look around. “There they are,” Tommy pointed out. Book looked over and for the first time, he noticed that Rodney is taller than Eric and a little skinnier. He didn’t appear to be muscular but he was nicely proportioned. Book guessed that he was in his mid to late forties. Eric and Rodney escorted them to their front door and it gave Bray an opportunity to get a peek at the property. The Winterford was a large complex consisting of individual casita like buildings all of which had their own pool, jacuzzi, and private entrance. It catered mostly to clients that wanted their privacy and to not be disturbed by their neighbors. The property attracted a lot of Hollywood clients that could escape the paparazzi. Eric placed the keycard on the censor and the courtyard gate popped open. He stepped through the gate and held the door open for his quests. Their private courtyard was about 400 square feet and landscaped beautifully. It had a beautiful water feature in addition to a constellation of cacti, succulents, pavers, benches, an the appropriately placed shade tree. It was gorgeous and manicured perfectly. Eric led the short walk to the front door of the cottage, his keycard ready. He placed the keycard on the censor and the door buzzed as he pushed down on the door handle. As soon as he opened the door, Echo was waiting for them all excited; his tail wagging one hundred miles and hour. He ran out into the courtyard and greeted everyone. Tommy immediately dropped to his knees and waited for Echo. “Dad, he’s so beautiful,” Tommy exclaimed excitedly. Tommy waited impatiently for Echo to make the rounds and when he finally reached Tommy, Tommy wrapped his arms around Echo and gave him a big hug. “What a handsome boy,” Tommy said as he petted Echo. “I see Echo has made a new friend in Tommy,” Rodney said all smiles. “Tommy loves dogs. He has yet to meet a dog he doesn’t like.” Book commented. Eric invited everyone into the house and left the front door open for Tommy and Echo. Bray immediately took a look around making mental notes. The place was decorated beautifully. Eric walked over to the patio door and flicked a switch on the wall. Various subtle lighting illuminated the back patio and the jacuzzi engaged. “Let me give you guys a quick tour,” Eric said. Book walked back to the front door and called Tommy in. Tommy stepped into the house with Echo on his heels and Book closed the front door. “Come on, Eric is going to give us a quick tour,” Book smiled as he reached down and ran his hand across Echo’s back. For the next ten minutes or so, Eric and Rodney showed them around the place. It was fully equipped and lacked for nothing. They stepped back into the living room and Rodney stepped behind the bar. “What can I get for you guys,” he asked. “For me I think I’ll just have a mimosa if you have champagne: I don’t mix,” Book answered. “I’m a bit of a light-weight, so I’ll have the same,” Brayson said agreeing with Book. “Two mimosas coming right up,” Rodney said. “What’s your flavor, Eric?” “Make that three mimosas,” Eric said as he stepped between Book and Bray resting his hands on their shoulders. “For you Alex, what would you like handsome?” Rodney asked. “I’m fine thanks, I’ll just have to pee again,” Alex responded. Rodney looked at Book and said, “how about Tommy?” “Tommy is occupied with Echo; he’s fine, thanks,” Book answered looking at Tommy and Echo on the couch not paying any attention to anything else. Rodney made the drinks and stepped out from behind the bar. “Gentlemen,” Eric said, “let’s get naked and enjoy the jacuzzi, shall we.” “It’s a little warm outside for the jacuzzi,” Book commented. “Not a problem, Book, I have not turned on the heat. The water is air temperature; we can enjoy the bubbles,” Eric immediately countered. “There is plenty of room for everyone; it seats eight.” “Please, dad,” Alex said. “We don’t have a jacuzzi at home.” Book smiled at Alex, set his drink on the bar, and pulled his shirt off. He placed his shirt over the back of the bar stool and turned to face them. He slipped off his sandals and slid them under the bar stool. Book reached down and popped the button open on his dress shorts, and slowly slipped them down and off. He folded them neatly and placed them over the bar stool, his dick swinging side to side ever so slightly as he moved. Brayson could not help himself from smiling ear-to-ear. Eric and Rodney were seemingly in awe as Book stood there naked in all of his glory for everyone to see. Brayson pulled off his shirt and hung it over the back of the bar stool as Book did just seconds before. Without ceremony, he slipped out of his shorts and hung them over istanbul travesti the bar stool. Alex looked over at Eric when he heard Eric gasp ever so softly. Immediately, he pulled off his polo and dropped his shorts to the floor. Using his foot, he kicked up the shorts and placed them on the bar stool and tossed his shirt over Bray’s shorts and took his place next to Brayson. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” Rodney said out loud. “You guys are fucking gorgeous! All of you!” “Your turn, guys. The clock is ticking,” Brayson smiled. Eric and Rodney set their drinks on the bar and quickly shed their clothes is unison, leaving them on the floor where they disrobed. They dropped their shorts and their peckers popped up at half-mast. “Tito,” Alex called, “come join us in the jacuzzi.” “Go ahead guys, I’m going to stay with Echo a little while longer if there are no objections,” Tommy responded as he wrapped his arms around Echo. “We should get him a dog,” Bray whispered to Book. “Shall we, gentlemen,” Eric said extending his arm towards the back patio.” On the way out, Book stopped and leaned over the back of the couch and whispered something to Tommy. Tommy shook his head but did not verbally respond. They stepped out onto the back patio. It was beautifully appointed and much more tropical like as opposed to the front courtyard. It was just beautiful. Bray was taking it all in and storing the images in his memory bank for future reference. Eric it felt good as the bubbles teased their skin. Alex immediately reached over in each direction and grabbed Book and Bray’s cock under the water. Book leaned back and rested his arms out on the coping and spread his legs a little. Bray reached over and rested his hand on Alex’s left thigh. “Gentlemen,” Eric said, “It is obvious that you guys share a very complex and intimate relationship with one another. May I ask if that also applies to Tommy? Please understand, you needn’t be concerned nor should you feel obligated to answer, of course. We would certainly understand should you decide to take the fifth. You see, in our youth both, Rodney and I have had similar experiences.” “What exactly does that mean?” Brayson asked. “Permit me to give you a brief synopsis of my personal experience,” Eric responded. “When I was about ten years old, we moved to Irvine. It was a nice apartment building and my parents became friendly with our neighbor. His name was William and his wife’s name was Angela. They had two girls, twins in fact. Anyway, I was very taken with William. He was a manly kind of man; the tall, dark, and handsome type of man. At the time, I didn’t quite understand my attraction to him. I was quite smitten with him. One day, not too long after we moved in, I was at the apartment’s pool. It was a hot day and my mother ingrained in me the importance of sunscreen; even back then. I got out of the pool and in those days, the sunscreen washed off easily in the water. I dried off and started to reapply sunscreen. Suddenly I heard William’s voice behind me. “Do you need any help with that champ?” he asked me. “I turned around to see William standing there in a red speedo. I was absolutely mesmerized looking at him. Apparently, my attraction to him was rather obvious although I had no clue. He grabbed the sunscreen, turned me around, and applied it first to my back, and then my chest and stomach. He put the cap back on as I was standing before him. He looked down and I had a raging boner.” “Looks like you enjoyed that, champ?” he said with a smile. “He grabbed my boner. He was my very first experience. For the next two years, we had sex as often as possible. I worshipped him. I was younger than your Tommy is now. Yet today, I look back on it with fond memories. I wasn’t damaged or scared by the experience in any way, shape, or form. I wasn’t forced or manipulated. I was a very, very willing participant and on more than one occasion, I initiated the sex. It was wonderful. Rodney, would you care to share your story?” Eric asked. “In short, gentlemen, I too started at a very tender age. I grew up in Pleasanton which is about thirty-five miles outside of San Francisco. I am an only child. My mom was a registered nurse and she worked second shift at the hospital. She took Bart back and forth to work. She was rarely home before 1:30 in the morning. My dad worked during the day. Mom was gone by the time I got home from school and dad got home from work. That left a lot of alone time with my dad. Our relationship became intimate. To this day we still share that kind of intimacy even though he is now in his late sixties. So, you see, based on our own experiences, we have no issue with the kind of relationship that you guys may have.” They all looked over as they heard the patio door open and Tommy and Echo stepped out onto the patio. “Hey Buddy, are you ready to join us,” Book asked. “Join us, Tommy; just leave your clothes on the patio table,” Eric said pointing the way. “Do me a favor though, leave the door ajar so Echo can get back inside. He won’t stay out here long before he gets too hot. He’s a spoiled boy.” Echo made a full circle around the jacuzzi smelling everyone and headed right back inside the house. Tommy walked over to the table and quickly disrobed and returned to the jacuzzi. As he started to slip down into the water, Eric said, “Hold on there handsome; let us get a good look at your sexy self before you get in.” Tommy looked at his dad for guidance. Book gave him a quick wink letting him know that all was well. He looked at Eric and smiled holding up his arms. Without further encouragement, he turned around and let them see his backside. “Very nice indeed, young man. You are very handsome.” Eric cooed holding up his glass in salute. Tommy smiled and slipped into the water. Immediately he sat down on Book’s lap and settled back into Book’s arms. Book hugged him and kissed him on the side of the neck. “You love your dad, don’t you Tommy?” Rodney asked. “More than anything,” he answered softly. “You guys make my dick hard just looking at you,” Rodney sighed as he reached down below the surface and grabbed his dick. Bray quickly looked at Book and then across at Rodney. “Show us that hard cock,” Bray said calmly. Rodney needing no further encouragement, immediately stood up out of the water, his poker-straight dick pointing at the sky. Alex leaned forward and reached out wrapping his hand around Rodney’s boner. He pulled Rodney to him and sat back down in the jacuzzi. Alex aimed his cock towards his mouth and swallowed it whole. Rodney gasped loudly as Bray stood up and ran his hands over Rodney’s hairy chest gently tweaking his nipples. Bray immediately laid a heavy lip-lock on Rodney as he felt his cock being ingulfed by a hot mouth. Bray pulled back from the kiss and looked down to see Eric on his knees sucking his cock. He grabbed Eric’s head and guided it up and down on his member. “Suck me off, Eric,” he hissed. “Make me cum in your mouth!” Eric started a muffled groan continuously as he feverously sucked Bray’s cock. Bray let his head fall back slightly enjoying the throat vibrations on his cock as Eric moaned. Eric grabbed Bray’s firm ass and buried his nose is his pubes as he worked his throat muscles. “Yeah, that’s it,” Bray growled, “Suck the cum out of my balls like a good cocksucker should!” Alex was bobbing up and down on Rodney’s cock bound and determined to make him cum. He grabbed Rodney’s ass and stuck his middle finger half-way up his chute. Rodney called out “deeper!” and Alex shoved in all the way. Rodney let out a low growl, grabbed Bray and kissed him hard as he filled Alex’s mouth with kadıköy travesti man-jizz. Alex moaned with excitement as he tasted his reward for such an outstanding job. He wiggled his finger around in Rodney’s ass as he felt Rodney’s cock ejecting copious amounts of juice in his mouth. Rodney stood in place panting heavily as Alex continued to slowly suck the last remaining drops from his now softening cock. He looked down at Book, Tommy still sitting on his lap and smiled. “Do feel free to join in,” Rodney said with a heavy breath. “We’re fine, at the moment, thanks. We’re enjoying the show,” Book responded with a smile. Alex released Rodney’s cock and sat up on the coping of the jacuzzi. He leaned back on his hands and spread his legs in invitation to Rodney. Rodney looked down at the gorgeous, young cock standing, tall, hard and proud in front of him. “Freakin’ eat me! Alex commanded looking directly into Rodney’s eyes. Book loved how Alex was taking control and his dick throbbed in response. He lifted Tommy off of him and sat up on the coping of the jacuzzi his legs spread wide. Tommy kneeled down on the jacuzzi seat and took Book’s cock in his mouth. Bray looked to his side to see Rodney eating Alex’s ass and Tommy sucking Book’s cock. He slowly backed up and joined Alex and Book sitting on the coping of the jacuzzi. He spread his legs and beckoned Eric to him. Eric took his place on his knees and resumed sucking Bray’s cock with a passion. Bray looked over to his left as he heard Alex order “Fucking eat my ass! Get your tongue in there deep!” Rodney growled in response and buried his tongue deep up Alex’s ass hanging over the coping. He was stroking his dick hard the water splashing all over. When Rodney came up for air, Alex sat up and grabbed him by the hair. “Suck my cock! He ordered. “I’m gonna cum in your mouth!” Rodney grabbed Alex by the hips and swallowed his young, throbbing cock. He sucked passionately growling softly as he sucked. “You want my sweet, young, cum, don’t you cocksucker?” Alex continued. Bray was so fired up hearing Alex talk to Rodney like that he grabbed Eric’s head, thrusted forward, and shot off down Eric’s throat. Seconds later, Alex clenched his fists and hissed through his teeth. “Get ready cocksucker, I’m gonna cum in your mouth!” Rodney groaned in immense pleasure as he felt Alex’s cock explode in his mouth. He was amazed the young teen produced so much cum; it surprised him. Alex let himself fall back gently onto the decking as Rodney continued to suckle his cock. Eric stepped up and stood on the jacuzzi seat. His thick cock pointing directly at Bray. Bray reached up and grabbed Eric by the hips and took his cock in his mouth. Eric’s cock was so thick he had to be super careful of his teeth. “Even Book’s cock is not this thick,” he thought to himself. He quickly adjusted to the girth and found a comfortable rhythm. Rodney stepped up onto the bench next to Book, his dick hard again and pointing at the sky. Book immediately swallowed his cock. Tommy was so focused on sucking Book’s cock he was seemingly oblivious to Rodney’s presence. Alex had fired Rodney up to such a heightened state, it took about 90 seconds before he shot off in Book’s mouth. Rodney stepped down off the bench in the jacuzzi and stepped behind Tommy who was bent over between Book’s legs on the bench. He grabbed Tommy’s hips and lifted up just enough to bring his ass up out of the water. Book watched in appreciation as Rodney buried his face in Tommy’s butt cheeks. Tommy came off of Book’s cock just long enough to gasp audibly. Book quickly pulled his legs together to help support Tommy’s weight. Without delay, as soon as Tommy felt safe, he went back down on Books cock. Due to this new position, almost half of Book’s cock was wedged between his thighs. It was easy work for Tommy to suck just half of Book’s cock. Rodney went at Tommy’s ass with renewed gusto. Book could feel Tommy trying to push back onto Rodney’s face as he ate his little, round ass. The sight was too much for Book to bear and he felt his balls start to churn quickly. Book grabbed Tommy’s head and held it stationary as he erupted. Tommy’s mouth filled quickly to overflowing before he swallowed. Book was actually surprised because Tommy has learned how not to let it spill out. Suddenly, Book felt Tommy’s body spasming and it made sense. Tommy was trying to breathe, cum and swallow at the same time. Feeling Tommy’s body spasm, Rodney knew Tommy was in orgasm and he buried his tongue as deep as he could in Tommy’s ass. Without warning, Bray suddenly had a mouth full of think, creamy cum. Eric looked over and saw Rodney’s face buried in Tommy’s ass as Tommy sucked Book’s cock and it sent him over the edge. He held onto Bray’s muscular shoulders as his cock pumped out it’s juice into Bray’s waiting and willing mouth. Bray squeezed him tight as he gulped down the creamy fluid. After swallowing everything Eric had to offer, he released him. As Eric attempted to step down, he faltered and Bray had to grab him quickly to keep him from falling. “Are you OK, Eric?” he asked as he guided him down to the bench below the water. “Yes, thank you. My legs suddenly became uncooperative for a second. I do so appreciate your assistance, Brayson,” he answered. Bray returned to his side of the jacuzzi to see Alex sitting up. He gave Alex a big smile and leaned down and kissed him. “You are such a fucking stud!” Bray whispered in his ear. “I’m want to eat you so bad right now!” Alex threw his arms around Bray and kissed him hard. “Eat me, Bray!” he whispered so only Bray could hear. Bray stood up, his cock expanding rapidly. He pulled Alex up and hugged him tight. Alex wrapped his legs around Bray pressing his hardening cock against his abs. “Take me, Bray,” he whispered. Book stepped up behind Bray and wrapped his arms around them. “We need to bug out guys. It’s getting late. Tomorrow is a big day for all of us.” Alex released his leg-grip around Bray’s waist and stood on the jacuzzi bench before stepping out of the water. Bray stepped up and out of the jacuzzi and stood next to Alex. Book was standing in the middle of the jacuzzi looking up and the two stunning guys before him their hardons pointing north. “You two take my breath away,” Book caught himself saying out loud. Book walked over to Tommy, took him in his arms and stepped out of the jacuzzi. He turned to face Eric and Rodney. “Gentlemen, my family and I thank you for dinner and your kind hospitality. Dinner was great and we have thoroughly enjoyed your company this evening. We shall see you both tomorrow. Book sat Tommy down on the pavement and he walked over to the table to collect his clothes. Eric and Rodney stepped out of the jacuzzi and walked them inside. As they started to dress, Alex looked at Rodney and said, “Rodney, I just want you to know that I meant no disrespect when I called you a cocksucker. I just got carried away a little. I hope you were not offended.” “Fear not my dear boy, I was not offended in the least, in fact, I rather fancied it to be honest. I thoroughly enjoyed every precious second. I would gladly do it again a thousand times over. I do pray this won’t be the first and the last. Perhaps, you all can visit us in Los Angeles. We have plenty of room,” Rodney smiled as he extended the invitation. “Yes, please do; you are welcome anytime,” Eric cheerfully chimed in. Tommy was the last to get dressed. He was on the floor engaging Echo. “See you later, boy,” he said as he rose to his feet. He bent over and gave Echo one last hug and Echo licked his face eliciting a little giggle from Tommy. “It seems your Tommy bakırköy travesti has taken a liking to our Echo,” Eric commented. “As I said previously, Tommy loves dogs. I’m not surprised,” Book said. He waited for Tommy to get dressed and coaxed the boys to the front door. Eric and Rodney escorted them to the courtyard gate. Just before they stepped through the gate, Tommy bent over and kissed Echo on the head. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Brayson was wide awake at 4:45 in the morning. He quietly and gingerly snuck out of bed and went to pee. He stepped out into the kitchen and popped a K-cup in the Keurig and waited for his coffee. Just as the coffee finished brewing, he felt someone behind him wrap their arms around his waist. It startled him a little because he thought everyone was still sleeping. He looked down and immediately recognized the hands. He turned around and whispered, “You are up early, gorgeous. What’s up?” he asked Alex. I felt you getting out of bed. I just wanted to make sure you’re OK,” he whispered back. “I’m good, baby. Thanks for checking though. I guess I’m just excited; I get to marry the man of my dreams today.” Bray leaned down slightly and kissed Alex gently on the lips. He grabbed a coffee cup from the cupboard and poured half of his coffee into the cup for Alex. Alex stepped to the side, opened the refrigerator door and grabbed the creamer. The light from the fridge casted his shadow across the kitchen floor. Bray took a deep breath as he took in Alex’s naked beauty standing in the glow of the refrigerator light. Alex poured some creamer in his cup and then Bray’s. He put it back in its place and closed the refrigerator door silently. The kitchen was dark again with the exception of a small under-the-counter LED light that mostly illuminated the sink and countertop. They sipped their coffee as they made their way to the living room couch. Bray sat his coffee cup on the table and lied down on the couch enjoying the cool leather against his bare skin. Alex sat his cup on the table next to Bray’s and slowly lied down on top of Bray. Bray moaned softly as he felt Alex’s cock against his own. He wrapped his arms lovingly around Alex and hugged him tight. “You know how much I adore you, right?” Bray whispered softly. “I could just eat you up entirely.” Alex started to giggle softly. He turned his head and kissed Bray lovingly as he gently pressed his cock against him. “I love you too, Bray. Sometimes I think it makes me kind of psycho.” “What do you mean, psycho” Bray whispered. “I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t mean psycho like an axe murderer. I mean psycho like I’m losing my marbles. Like last night, when you called me a fucking stud in the jacuzzi. I could feel you; I mean, somehow, I could feel your feelings, your love, your desire, your lust. I think I felt what you were feeling and I kind of checked-out. I wanted you so bad I didn’t care who knew or who saw or what anyone thought. I was so totally and completely focused on you I could have just screamed at the top of my lungs.” Alex paused for a second or two and took a deep breath. “Never mind, I’m not explaining this very well. I don’t know how to put it into words.” “Let me ask you this, have you experienced this kind of thing before?” Bray asked. “Yeah, a lot lately; mostly with you and dad. The first time was with dad,” Alex answered. “Right; that makes sense. What you’re feeling Alex is normal. Feeling like you are losing your mind is a part of loving someone. When you love someone it kind of makes you crazy in a way. At least that has been my experience. When I first met your dad, he made my head spin like a top. I physically felt a little dizzy. He still makes my head spin, but so do you in your own way.” “I do; why?” Alex whispered laying his head on Bray’s chest. “Alex, you’re fucking drop-dead gorgeous and you’re so fucking sexy it makes my dick hurt. You heard what your dad said last night, right?” “When?” Alex asked softly. “Last night In the jacuzzi when you and I got out. He told us both that we take his breath away. Don’t you remember that?” “Oh yeah, I remember.” Alex whispered happily. “Well, there you go. Look Alex, that fact is, you are deeply loved and desired by me, your dad, and Tommy. You know that for a fact because you have seen it many times over. How many times have you caught me, or your dad, or Tommy just standing there looking at you with a raging boner? Just think about that for a second. You make all of us hard just looking at you; Tommy can’t keep his hands off of you. When I looked over and saw you last night sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi I could not believe how beautiful you looked. You experienced the effect it had on me. We all get a little wack-a-doodle sometimes. So, what you are feeling is normal, I think. You are feeling what we feel every single day. You make us all crazy sometimes, and personally, I’m glad that we have that same effect on you. It means we are all doing things right and that we sincerely love each other. You’ll get used to feeling like you’re losing your marbles; trust me. So, the next time you want to just jump my bones, or your dad’s bones, go for it stud; you’ll get no objection from us.” “So, I’m not psycho then,” Alex giggled softly grinding his cock against Bray. “No gorgeous, you’re no more psycho than we are. I’m sure your dad will agree.” Bray whispered as he cupped Alex’s beautiful, round globes in his hands and thrusted up gently. Alex groaned softly and kissed Bray. “You’ll make me cum doing that Bray,” Alex whispered in his mouth. “Tommy and dad love it when we cum like that cock to cock.” Bray kissed Alex hard and thrusted upwards as he held Alex’s beautiful, round ass tight against him. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Book woke to the morning rays seeping into the bedroom through the window blinds. He reached out for Bray but he wasn’t there. He looked over expecting to see him on the other side of the bed and noticed that Alex was missing too. He quietly rolled out of bed and went to pee. He walked out of the bedroom and saw Bray and Alex asleep on the couch. Alex was laid out on top of Bray; both of them sound asleep, Bray’s hands still cupping Alex’s sweet, round butt. Book walked over to the couch and noticed the dried cum on the leather cushion next to Bray’s hip. He laughed to himself as he turned and made his way to the kitchen to put the coffee on. As the coffee brewed, he walked back over to the couch and couldn’t resist running his tongue up the crack of Alex’s ass. He so badly wanted to bury his whole face in Alex’s sweet, young ass but resisted the temptation. Instead, he gently ran his tongue up his crack again and backed away. This time, Alex moaned and opened one eye. “Morning dad,” he said still asleep and faded back out. He bent down and kissed Alex softly on the cheek and went back to the kitchen. Book stepped out onto the front patio, his coffee in hand and looked at the large tent-like canopy over in the grass. He looked up at the lanai but was too far away to see anything in detail. He walked over to the patio table and set his coffee down and took a seat in the chair. He sat there all of about five minutes before Bray walked out. He walked over to Book sat his coffee cup on the table and wrapped his arms around Book. “Good morning, daddy,” Bray said and kissed him on the cheek. “Good morning, my love. Did you not sleep well last night? I saw you and Alex on the couch,” Book asked. “No, I slept fine. I just woke up real early this morning. I snuck out of bed and was making coffee when Alex surprised me. We shared a coffee and then he made me cum and I fell back asleep. You know I have very little will power or self-control with him,” Bray confessed. “Yes, he has the same effect on me as you know. That boy has us all wrapped around his finger whether he knows it or not,” Book said lovingly. * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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