Boogie Van Ch. 18Boogie Van Ch. 18


After walking Brooke to the door, and exchanging passion-filled smooches, I went to bed, and after such a workout, I was out like a light. My dreams were hot and passion-filled, hands stroking my cock back up, then a warm mouth sucking and licking at me. A body swung into position, and I felt a hot, wet ring of pleasure start to engulf my prick, sliding down slowly. My dream broke apart, as I rose up to wakefulness, I heard a soft voice purr, “Oh my God” as with one final downward thrust I felt the grip of a very hot, very aroused cunt plunge down, taking me balls deep.

I opened my eyes, now fully awake, in the dim light from the hallway, Brooke’s Mom was perched on top of my prick. I’d recognize those big, succulent dairies, and those awesome hips anywhere.

She smiled, as she purred, “Hello Colin, I hope you don’t mind me introducing myself this way! Your door was unlocked, so I thought you would welcome me. I’m Maggie, Brooke’s Mom.”

I grinned, as I replied, “Not at all! It’s nice to meet you, Maggie.”

She cooed, “And wonderful to feel your big hard cock. When Brooke came back, I was still awake, and wondering what she’d been doing. It didn’t take her long to spill all the hot juicy details, she gave you such a glowing review I decided I needed to sample your big cock myself. My husband is fast asleep, we have an open marriage, so both of us get to fuck other willing men and women, we both have very high sex drives. We have only two conditions, first, that we don’t fall in love with our fuck dates, and second, always come home after we’ve gotten hot steamy satisfaction.”

I felt her cunt flex, giving my cock a squeeze, oh that felt good, she purred, “My daughter was not exaggerating, I adore the feeling of my tight cunt being stretched open by a big, hard cock, I will definitely get my satisfaction. Take a good look lover, am I the kind of sizzling hot married Mom you’re going to love to fuck?”

I could see her grin as I took in the whole package. Her green eyes were filled with sexual heat, a long mane of russet-colored hair, those melons were enormous, capped with huge stiff nipples, filled my vision. My eyes traveled down, taking in the hourglass figure, looking towards where we were joined. I could see a fluff of russet-colored pubic hair, and the awesome sight of those wide, sexy hips straddling me.

I growled, “Oh yeah baby, your big tits and those sexy hips just drive me wild!”

She lowered her upper body down, sticking those awesome tits in my face, and purred, “I love having my nipples sucked, suck my tits lover!”

I happily took her left tit in, sucking and licking, feeling her nipple swell up in my mouth, fat and hard, enjoying her soft cries of pleasure as I sucked, licked, and gently nipped her swollen nipples, switching back and forth, making them rock hard and reddened.

Maggie lifted back up, purring, “Mmmm, you did that just right lover, my tits are throbbing with pleasure, my married cunt is ready to explode, now, I’m going to ride you, enjoy!”

She started out, pumping her hips up and down hard, her hot velvet depths sliding up and down on my steely shaft, over and over. Her cunt was dripping wet, watching her riding bahis siteleri me, and seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time to her hard thrusts down on my stiff cock, was a great sight. The wet juicy squelch of her pussy pumping down on me filled the bedroom, she was really ramped up, and she let me now.

“Oh fuck, yes, gonna cum, so deep, so hard, gonna cum so good, good, GOOOOODDDDD!”

I felt her cunt grip me, pulsing wildly as she exploded in an orgasm. It was great to see the joy and delight of our coupling playing across her face, hearing her cries of orgasmic delight, and watching her beautiful body shuddering from the orgasm tearing through her. I was still building up, as she sailed into her post-orgasm plane, she noticed my still stiff condition, still buried deep between her thighs.

“Mmmn, oh yes, you are still so hard, so big, lover. Brookie must have given your cock a very good workout! Good, more fucking for me! I want the load of cum that your balls are working on, I love the feeling of another man’s cum creaming my married pussy!”

She took to hands and knees, looking back over her shoulder with a come fuck-me-look.

“I love getting it from behind, so primal, so animalistic, take me, lover, ram my married cunt!”

Quickly taking the position, I nudged against her, and in one smooth thrust, I buried myself. Grasping her hips, I could feel Maggie’s sexy body responding, her hips starting to move wantonly backward to meet the surges of my prick. I could feel another hot gush of her juices coating my cock, as she got into the rhythm.

“Oh yeah, your married cunt is so tight, feels so good to fuck you, baby, I’m gonna love squirting my hot cum into your hot, married cunt!”

“Yeah, I love it, fuck, oh god, fuck, a big hard cock to stretch my married fuck-hole apart, so good!” Maggie growled.

My cock was plunging wetly between her labial lips, testing the liquid depths of her pussy, as she rotated her ass around and around, corkscrewing herself back on my cock, eager to feel my cock rubbing over every fold, every part of her pink tunnel.

“Oh god, gonna blow, gonna cum again, GAAAAAAAAAWW!”

Maggie’s shriek filled the van as she tumbled once more into orgasm, her cunt clinging to me, gripping tight. I was getting closer, and one more ride would do it.

I pulled out, and said, ”Lay back baby, let me fuck you once more. My balls are just about ready to blow!”

Maggie’s face was alight with lust, spreading her thighs for me, as she purred, “Mmmm, I was hoping you would. My pleasure will not be complete until I get that nice hard cock exploding and squirting deep inside me. I love the feeling of another man’s cock, the hot rush of another man’s cum, I want my married womb filled with another man’s hot, fresh cream, I love getting my married pussy creamed with a new, hard cock. Do it, lover, stuff my married cunt, and fuck me hard, I want your load! And kiss me, I love deep tongue-filled kisses while I’m being fucked!”

She was spread out, that tuft of russet pubic hair parted, and I saw the labial lips slightly parted, the glimmer of her pink inner pussy waiting. I quickly mounted her, enjoying Maggie’s squeal of canlı bahis siteleri pleasure as I plunged in balls deep, nudging tight against her cervix.

“Oh yeah, I love it, getting you in so deep. Now, fuck me, and kiss me, lover!”

Our lips came together, tongue-filled swirls of passion, as I felt her legs wrap around my waist, urging me on as I rode her missionary style. The feel of riding deep inside her buttery velvet depths made my balls start to churn, and I started to power fuck Maggie’s fiery cleft. I could feel my cock jerk, swelling up, and with a squeal from Maggie, I was at the entrance to her womb, ready to explode.

“Yes, yes, let it go lover, flood my married cunt, another man’s cum creaming me, cum with me baby, I’m gonna cum again, oh fuck, so good!”

I felt the spunk streaking up my shaft, and my cock let go, painting the inside of Maggie’s womb. A loud cry of pleasure joined in as she orgasmed a third time, her delightful tightness gripping and milking, sucking every drop out of my cock, as we shook and shuddered together in shared orgasmic pleasure.

I flopped down next to her, what a workout. She turned on her side, smiling at me.

“Ummm, that was so perfect Colin. I love the big hard cocks of guys in their 20’s. Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I are both 41, and he still has no problem getting it up, and keeping it up until he creams me deep inside. But it’s the excitement, the forbidden nature of getting another man’s cock inside me, and another man’s cum filling my pussy, that makes it so good. As far as I am concerned, having an open marriage has made our marriage stronger. How many married people sneak around on the sly, fucking other lovers in secret, until they are discovered, and another marriage ends up on the scrap heap?”

That made me think of Janice and her husband Paul, they seemed to keep their marriage fresh, by Janice having the freedom to have other lovers, then telling all the hot juicy details to her husband, while they were fucking.

“With an open marriage, no sneaking around, just the two conditions I mentioned earlier, and we stay together. I loved getting a good hard fucking from you lover, but I am nowhere close to falling in love with you, the same way that I have never felt like falling in love with my previous lovers. That is reserved for my husband, he is the one that I love with all my heart. Next time we are getting it on, I’m going to tell him all about the good, solid fucking you gave me, it’ll turn him into a tiger, and he’ll ravish me in the best possible way.”

With a smile, she cooed, “Brooke told me how you got her panties as a souvenir, would you like mine?”

I said, “Oh yeah, I’d love it!”

Maggie purred, “Let me model it for you first.”

She stood next to the bed, grinned at me, then slowly stepped into her panties, and drew them up. They were a set of gray Calvin Klein tanga style. She smiled as she let my eyes feast on the front, her pubic region just hidden behind the panel, she turned her back to me and looked over her shoulder.

She cooed, “Do you like what you see lover?”

My mouth dry, I managed, “Oh yeah baby, I like it very much!”

Oh yes did I ever. canlı bahis The tanga-style bottom covered just half her cheeks, leaving an expanse of uncovered backside for my eyes to drink their fill. My dick rose up again, jeez, the visual Viagra just brought me back up again.

When Maggie turned back, she saw my condition, and she was quick to offer me relief.

“Oh yes, so nice and hard again. I always say, never leave a cock hard, always do what I can until you are relaxed, in every way. Let me take care of that hard, eager cock!”

She shimmied out of her panties and smiled as she put them on the bedpost with Brooke’s panties.

“There you go lover, just like a trophy, both mother and daughter’s panties on your bedpost. Now, let’s take care of you.”

Maggie mounted back up, letting me enjoy the sight of her riding my cock, those big succulent melons bouncing up and down. She moved with expert strokes, her cunt was squeezing and releasing me rhythmically. Her pelvis moved backward and forward, then side to side, then in a circular fashion, so my cock would again touch every bit of her pink tunnel. Maggie mixed the movements, and alternated them, all the while slowly rising up on her knees and slowly sinking back down.

Maggie crested quickly, her grunts and cries of orgasm filled the room, as her pussy rippled with milking waves. I was just getting started on building up a load, and Maggie was happy to take advantage of that. She rode me hard, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on me again and again. She tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. It inflamed her lust even more. She orgasmed again, then with increasing speed, she crested again, then started to orgasm over and over. The room was a symphony of Maggie’s squeals, cries, and grunts of pleasure as she cried out for me to keep fucking her, sailing from one orgasm to the next. The non-stop scrubbing of her quivering walls brought me closer and closer, and I could feel my cock ready to explode.

I grunted, “Oh God, I’m going to blow!”

“Yes, yes, cream my married cunt again, give it to MEEEEEEE!”

I felt a hand reach down, wrap around my balls and squeeze and massage them. That took me roaring over as I yanked her down hard and drove up as hard as I could, one more orgasm shaking her body as my cock let go, squirting a fresh load of thick, hot cream upwards into her cunt, her pussy milking me, inundating her cervix with one more load.

Exhausted for the moment, Maggie slid down, sliding off my prick, onto her side. Her face was aglow with the “just got fucked perfectly” look.

As my cock finally started to wane, she purred, “That’s what I like to see, a well-satisfied cock, knowing that I took care of that. Mmmm, you really are a tiger, lover. I want your cell phone number, we travel a lot, and when you are where we are, I want another go at that hard cock you got sweetheart. You really earned my panties, and from Brooke’s eager description of how you fucked her tight little asshole, you really earned hers too, lover.”

We got up, and she grinned at the bedpost display.

“Nice trophies, both mother and daughter panties, great souvenirs.”

After hot tongue-filled kissing at the door, she smiled as she slipped on her robe, and made her way back to the motorhome. I went back to bed, wondering at the lust that was racing along American highways before I plunged back into a deep sleep.

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