Blue Eyes Pt. 01Blue Eyes Pt. 01


Laura was an amazing woman, smart, sexy, beautiful, loving, caring, I couldn’t have asked for more and sitting on that white couch I was lost in my head thinking about many things, too many things, my life was rushing in front of me because I just couldn’t believe my luck.

It had been a month and a week since I first saw her picture on a website I was on, she only had one picture but she seemed lovely and very sexy, so I messaged her hoping she would reply.

A few minutes later she replied and so began a long conversation, we talked about the fact that she was 20 years older than me and how that was fine by me, she seemed a little tense at first, but soon we started to take a deep interest in one another.

The long deep conversations went on for a while and got steamy fast, it was clear the chemistry was off the roof and we were both very, very eager to give this a shot.

We finally met on a late Friday afternoon, I was waiting in front of Lorenzo’s, the restaurant I had booked for the occasion…well I wasn’t really right in front of it, more like on the other side of the road, in front of the bar we were supposed to meet at, I only told her we were actually having dinner after the brief 10 minutes that served as a “test”, which was successful, she seemed to enjoy my company enough.

She was quite surprised I would say, she wasn’t expecting a dinner, she probably expected something else because of my age but there she was, sitting in front of me, beautiful long blonde straight hair, blue eyes and a slight shyness shining through her otherwise confident mature beauty.

The dinner was great, we were very excited, even a bit nervous, but we smiled and laughed and talked about our past and our hopes, but I never thought she would actually invite me to her place, don’t get me wrong, she was extremely attractive, the wine and my skyroketing testosterone had me on fire but still I had to convince myself that that was actually happening.

We walked to her apartment building and I followed her through the door, as soon as we were through nişantaşı escort we started kissing and could hardly see anything as we kissed and touched all the way through the corridor and up the elevator to her apartment door, there I pushed her against the door with my body pressing against hers as she held my face in her hands and kissed me deeply.

When we went inside she reluctantly unlocked her hand from mine, saying “I’ll be back in a second” as she vanished through one of the doors, that actually hurt, that one last stare of her beautiful blue eyes already left a mark, I had to have her, I needed her from the bottom of my heart.

I sat on the white couch wondering how long I’d have to wait, but there she was coming out of the door again, I though she went in there to change, to “put on something more comfortable” but there she was wearing the same dress that showed just enough cleavage to still be classy.

She walked towards me, smiling, a bunch of toys in her hands, “these are for me” she reassured me sarcastically, “I must hope so” I replied, smiling back.

She put down her toys on the side table and sat down next to me, I quickly leaned in and met her lips with mine as she layed down on her back and I followed, running my hand up her leg, under her dress, grabbing her panties and taking them off.

She pulled down the top part of her dress revealing her very large, magnificent, round breasts and and I pulled up the bottom part of her dress just to come across the most beautiful trimmed pussy.

I squeezed her big milk juggs to find they were truly milk juggs, milk came out of her perfect nipples and I immediately looked into her eyes and kissed her lips, then her neck and then I started sucking the sweet milk out her breasts while playing with her pussy.

After I was fed, I kissed her again and moved down to eat her pussy, she was already wet as can be and I gladly licked all her lovely juices and started french kissing her clit, while my fingers went up inside her and pressed towards me, I continued unrelentless şişli escort until she came, squirting in my face.

Laura was growing more and more hungry for my cock, so after kissing me and giving me another of her pretty smiles she removed my pants and took my hard cock in her hand, then she put her amazing big tits on top and started jerking from underneath until she took it in her mouth and started sucking, staring into my eyes as her hands pressed her tits together…it was heaven, I almost wanted to come when she made me tittyfuck her harder, the sensation in my balls was amazing, and the view was breathtaking, it was incredibly hard not to shoot my load right there and then, but I resisted and after a couple deep kisses and detours on her breasts I was ready to penetrate her for the very first time.

She laid down and spread her legs wide, keeping her boobs together, looking their best, wanting to drive me crazy, I held my cock in my hand and pressed it against her wet gorgeous slit until it was deep inside.

I started fucking her, it felt wonderful, her pussy was surprisingly tight and made my cock so hard,

I leaned in and kissed her as my hips kept rolling in and out, then I buried my face in her neck and fucked her hard making her moan as she pulled me in, wanting more.

I stood up, temporarily pulling out and I pulled Laura up, we were holding hands and the time just froze for a moment as she smiled, we got closer and kissed passionately, then she took one of her toys, a thin pink vibrator, and stuck it into her pussy, saying to me sweetly: “suck my breasts again love” and so I gladly latched on and started sucking as sweet milk came flowing out of her nipples and into my mouth, then down it went, so delicious and nourishing.

Laura twitched as she came, taking the pink vibrator out and so I left the grace of her lovely tits and quickly fingered her hard to revive and prolong her fading orgasm, her knees became weak and she tightened her grip on my shoulder, moaning loudly again.

I grabbed her round mecidiyeköy escort ass and pulled her closer, she wrapped her legs around me as I lifted her up and carried her to the bed, I threw her on the black silky sheets and licked her pussy avidly before slamming my cock inside her wet pussy and fucking her hard from behind.

Me spanking her ass was such a turn on for her and hearing her incite me was such a turn on for me, my hands where holding on to her hips tight as I crashed into her, wave after wave of testosterone driven force, she then turned on her side, keeping her soft warm legs together and I, holding on to the one on top, I penetrated her pussy again and again, feeling the tight throbbing wetness of her dripping pussy.

Laura’s big tits were leaking milk from all the excitement, she was a beautiful mess and I indulged again, bringing my mouth to her nipples, sucking hard as I squeezed her tits with my hands, drinking her milk again as her hand caresses my head.

“Fuck me again, please baby” she pleaded, insatiable but surrender to the labour of my love, eyes begging for more and how could I have said no?

I kissed her as I pressed my hard cock inside her again, I pressed as deep as I possibly could, hearing her let out a swift moan, I hit her cervix with the head of my hard cock and smiled at her, and so I began fucking her hard and fast in missionary position, she tightened the grip on me and pulled me in, surprising me saying “I’m so fertile right now and I’m not on the pill…come inside me baby, please come inside me” as she came in a powerful orgasmic spasm, the last few hard strokes made my cock deliver a big load of cum and then another, and then another, load after load I filled Laura to the brim as her legs locked me in her grace and my arms locked around her.

We kissed for a long while after that, I kept my cock inside her, but there was so much cum inside her that eventually some came out and onto the sheets, “stay” she said, staring into me with her beautiful blue eyes and so I did.

The next morning I woke up to a lovely sensation in my balls and cock area, I was just about to fully open my eyes when I realized it was a blowjob, looking down to my cock, however,

I saw, to my great surprise, that who was sucking my cock was not Laura…

to be continued

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