BluBalls for Kitty’s BootBoy Ch. 06BluBalls for Kitty’s BootBoy Ch. 06


I had just finished teasing my new BootBoy in my white outfit, complete with the shiny white spike heeled boots I was wearing when I met him. I knew he had been dying to worship those boots from the moment he laid his eyes on them, and it must have been torture on him as we dated several times and talked about how much he loved all the sexy thigh high boots I was wearing for him!

All along I had been acknowledging his interest in me but not doing too much about it, although I really did love the way we were dancing around our shared interest in boot-teasing!

But tonight was his lucky night (mine too!), and he had finally been allowed to watch me show off for him in those pretty white boots, and I had already spent a little while beginning to reel him in. He had been made to watch me tease him with them, strutting around the room while I was all dressed up like a hooker, and I had slowly begun to grant him the little favors he so desperately wanted. Slowly was the key word there…s-l-o-w-l-y!

First I made him sit in front of me while I displayed my slutty boots for him, and after denying him for a while (much to my amusement!) I finally let him touch them a little, just on the part of the boot between my knee and ankle.

I also made him follow me around like a good little boot-puppy, and I enjoyed watching him crawl on his hands and knees behind me while I paraded along in front of him and teased him visually with my sexy boots.

Our introductory little teasing session had finished with me encouraging him to reveal his desire to touch and kiss my slutty spike heels…but I did NOT let him do it…not yet! Of course, I did show them to him, offering them to him right in front of his eyes, only to keep them away from him…but I digress!

In any case, now I was in the other room, changing into a pretty pink outfit. It was almost the same as the little white getup I had employed to start the evening’s festivities, but it was a different color and had a couple of nice variations.

I picked out a soft pink angora sweater which was a low-cut button-down crop-style that I prefer wearing for teasing sessions. I love wearing fluffy angora to tease men, it’s so feminine and appealing, I find that it is perfect to disarm them of their aggressive tendencies and make them want to submit to me and my teasing ways…and my favorite sweaters are very revealing, tight little low-cut numbers I can leave mostly unbuttoned to show off my fantastic tits and cleavage…

I slipped into a pair of teeny tiny pink booty shorts this time, much sluttier than the flowy white miniskirt I was wearing before. I stood in front of my mirror and hiked them up so my ass cheeks came spilling out – if you know me and the way I like to dress for my teasing sessions, you know this is a look I like to present to my lucky little prickteasing subjects!

I then went over to my boot-rack and put the white boots back, this time selecting a pair of pink vinyl platform boots with a rounded toe and 6″ spike heels. I pulled my legs into them and zipped them up, standing up and fussing over my hair and makeup a little before calling out for my BootBoy.

“Oh, BootBoy! Come here, baby, and watch Kitty get ready for our next little teasing game!!”

He came walking into my dressing room, and the moment I saw him I said firmly, “Now what are you doing standing up like that! Doesn’t my BootBoy know that he is to remain on his hands and knees at all times tonight, unless I say otherwise?”

He practically fell to the floor, obeying my command without hesitation, and I motioned him over to me as I continued, “Now come here, BootBoy, and sit at my feet while I put the finishing touches on my next little teasey getup for you!”

He came crawling over and sat down on one side of me, looking up at me in the mirror. I ignored him, but I could see him out of the corner of my eyes, staring at me…I adjusted my tits and ass in my revealing outfit and fluffed up my golden blonde hair, and then began applying some pink rouge to my cheeks. “Do kadıköy escort you like me in this pink outfit?”

“Yes, Kitty! I can’t believe how sexy you look when you get all dressed up like this!!”

“I’m glad. You know I’m doing it to turn you on, don’t you?”


“And is it working?”


“Good! And what about these boots, honey? Do you like these pretty pink boots I’m wearing for you now, BootBoy?”

“Yes, Mistress, they’re very sexy, I love them!”

“Of course you do, you wouldn’t be my BootBoy if you didn’t! Now I must remind you that I’m going to tease and deny you with each and every pair of my slutty boots tonight, and if you are a good little BootBoy, I will let you have your way with them, okay?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“And each time I put on a new pair of sexy boots to tease you with, I will let you do naughtier and more erotic things to them, but I will also tease and deny you more and more before letting you do what you want. Oh yes, and I intend on making you reveal ALL your perverted boot-desires to me, and the kinkier they are, the more I will make you work for them. How does that sound?”


“Very good. Now you sit right there like a good boy and watch me paint my lips for you – and then we will get started, right where we left off. You do remember where that was, don’t you?”


“Tell me!”

“I…I…told you how much I wanted to kiss your high heels!”

“Mmmmmm, you did, didn’t you? BootBoy is very naughty for wanting that, isn’t he?”


“And did Mistress let her BootBoy do such a naughty thing to her sexy boots?”


“Awwww, pooooor BootBoy! Now he didn’t think his Mistress was just going to let him do whatever he wanted, did he?”


“You must know by now that you will have to earn every little sexual favor I give you, don’t you?”


Pleased with his behavior and the way he was responding to me, I stared down at him knowingly and then picked up a stick of pink lip gloss and slowly began to paint my lips with it, pausing for a moment to ask sweetly, “Would BootBoy like to watch me paint my sexy lips up close?”


“What do you say?”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you! I love your lips! They’re so sexy, I love watching you paint them, make them all shiny and juicy looking! Please, PLEASE let me watch!!”

“Very good. Now stand up and come close, and then you may watch!”

He stood up and came close to the mirror, staring at me shamelessly as I slowly and erotically drew the long, thin stick of shiny pink lip gloss round and round my full, pouty lips until they were simply dripping wet. He squirmed around from the stimulation, and I could see the bulge in his pants…

Bu then, suddenly, without thinking, he instinctively reached his hand down and adjusted his erection.

“What do you think you are doing?” I demanded as I turned to face him, moving closer so I was right in his face. My stern tone was aggressive and intimidating, and a look of embarrassment came over his face.


“Did I say you could do that?”

“No, but…but…”

“And you didn’t ask, did you??”

“No, but…I’m sorry, you’re just so…so sexy!”

“BAD BOY!” The look on his face was priceless, ashamed of himself like a small child caught stealing a cookie…

I let my scolding words sink in for a moment before continuing in a softer and more soothing tone, “I know baby, I know you want to touch yourself, don’t you?”


“Well, you can do that later, but only when I say so!”

“I’m sorry, Mistress!”

“You’d better be! Now, don’t let that happen again, until I say!!”

I winked at him, my demeanor suddenly becoming even more sweet and seductive, and his face displayed the kind of aroused confusion I absolutely adore seeing in a man…I was immediately reminded that he was already MINE – to toy with however I wanted…

“All right, I’m ready to tease you some more now! taksim escort Back on the floor, BootBoy, and maybe you can convince me to take you back in the other room so I can resume tantalizing you!”

He sat down beside me, staring up at me, and I smiled and simply pointed at my boots. He looked at them and I started in on him, “You like these pretty pink boots, don’t you, BootBoy!” The way I said it, it was not a question!


“Do you want to be teased with them?”


“What do you say?”


“Please WHAT?”

“Please tease me some more with your sexy boots, Mistress!”

“Very good. And after I’ve teased you with them, what would you like to do to them?”

“Please let me touch them!”

“Is that all?”

“Please, please let me touch the high heels!”

“Oh yeah, you wanted to do that, didn’t you! Naughty BootBoy wants to worship the high heels, doesn’t he?”


“And…he wants to kiss them too!”

“YES, Kitty YES!! Please, PLEASE let me!”

“What else?”

“I…I…I wanna…”

“You wanna what?? You wanna lick them too, you naughty boy, don’t you!” Again, this was not a question…

“Oh, God! Yes, PLEASE!!”

I was starting to really get off on coaxing him like this, interrogating him about his desires, confronting him about them and forcefully making him reveal them all to me…

I lifted one boot up just a little, leaving the toe on the floor, showing him the sexy spike heel and saying, “Oooooh, yeah, these spike heels are VERY sexy, aren’t they! I can see why you like them so much!” I moved the heel around a little, displaying it for him, and he watched it intently, not taking his eyes off it. I put it back down and repeated the show with the other heel, and he kept watching.

He suddenly reached for his crotch again, but before touching his cock through his pants, I noticed what he was about to do and I reached forward, pushing his hand away roughly.

“What did I say?”

“You said…not to touch it…but…I…I’m sorry, Mistress, I can’t help it”

“You can’t help WHAT???”

“I can’t help…touching myself! The way you tease me…it’s so fantastic, it turns me on!”


“I’m sorry!”

“You just can’t help yourself, can you?”


“Poooooor BootBoy! It’s okay, honey, I understand! Now come with me, let’s go into the living room and we can continue our little discussion, okay?”

And then, with a suggestive wink, I spun around on my tiptoes and pranced into the living room again, and he scurried after me, crawling along behind me. I paused a couple times, letting him get close enough to me to touch my slutty pink spike-heeled boots, but he simply stopped and sat right behind me, ogling them but not reaching out to touch them – because he knew better.

“Oooo, BootBoy knows exactly how to behave now, doesn’t he!” I said sweetly, tossing my long hair over one shoulder to look down at him, “He knows he can look but not touch, at least not until I say!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Would BootBoy like to touch these sexy pink boots?”


“And what about these high heels? Do you like them??”


“Go ahead and touch them!”

He reached out but I simply took one step forward, giggling and easily denying him. Again I reveled in how easy it was to reject him, with me standing and him sitting, it was too simple to just walk away from him, staying just out of his reach…

“What’s wrong, BootBoy? I told you it’s okay to touch them now, so do it!” One of my favorite kinky games, one of erotic mental torment, was just beginning now…

Again I offered them to him, and he crawled toward them and reached out. I noticed again how he couldn’t reach out to touch them while he was crawling, he had to sit up straight, taking the weight off his hands, so he could balance while reaching out. This afforded the perfect opportunity for me to deny him, as the time it took for him to position başakşehir escort bayan himself allowed me to step forward just a little to remove my boots from his reach.

“Come on, now, you come and get them!” My coaxing was firm and encouraging, but there was also a sternness to it that really played into his deeper submissive desires…

This little game of taunting torment continued for another minute, with me encouraging his advances but denying him at the same time, and I was enjoying it immensely. He kept falling into my little trap, continuing to follow me around like a horny puppy dog, and before long he began to moan and whimper a little each time I denied him.

“What’s wrong, BootBoy?” I said in an accusatory tone, “Why aren’t you touching my sexy boots? I know you like them, I know you want to touch them, so why aren’t you doing it?”

This is exactly the kind of mind game I enjoy playing with a teaseboy, encouraging him to make advances but making it impossible for him to get anywhere, then innocently questioning why he hasn’t come to get what he wants…

“But…but…you keep taking them away from me!”

“Awwww, is Mistress doing that? Is she teasing and denying you, poor little BootBoy???”


“Now I told you I was going to tease you, and I’m just doing what I said I was going to do!”

“Oh God, please, PLEASE let me have them!”

“NO!” I raised my voice this time, and then continued, “But you will continue to try to get them, won’t you!”

I kept toying with him this way, cruelly busting his balls by offering my slutty boots to him, right before his eyes, demanding that he tend to them, but not letting him. This was the hottest thing I’d ever experienced, being in such a position of power and complete control over him…I could feel my pussy getting wet as I continued to tease him, watching his arousal and desperation get hotter and more intense!

Finally I sat down on the couch and he crawled over to me. I pointed at the floor in front of me and he sat down right there, gazing up at me with a look of sheer desire that excited me greatly. I showed him the high heel of one of my boots again, lifting it up above him just like before, saying “There! Is this what you want?”


“Do you think I should give it to you?”



“Because I’ve been a good boy, I’ve let you tease me, I hope you enjoyed it Mistress!”

“Yes, I did, BootBoy! But what if I want to KEEP teasing you?”


“Yes, BootBoy!”


I could have kept denying him, but like I said, I was beginning to pity him already, and so I teased him like that just a little while longer, keeping the spiky heel high up above him for just another second or two. But then I slowly brought it back down, offering it to him.

He reached up and began touching it…very slowly and softly. Even though this was the point of the night’s fun and games for him, he was carefully watching me for my approval, allowing me the privilege of deciding every detail of how he would be rewarded for his compliance…

His fingers slipped in between the sexy high heel, and he casually caressed it up and down as his other hand softly rubbed around the toe and the top of my boot covered foot. I held it still and smiled down at him, and he glanced back up at me every few seconds, checking to make sure what he was doing met with my approval.

We didn’t say a word at this point, as both of us were simply fascinated with the erotic nature of this newfound little game, with me offering, allowing his advances just a little, denying him after a while, and then granting him his desires some more. The whole thing was developing quite nicely and I was enjoying every second of it!

Finally I broke the silence. “There now,” I said soothingly, “is that what you wanted?”

“Yes, Miss, thank you!”

“And did you enjoy the little show I put on for you too?”

“Oh, God, YES! That really turned me on, you know exactly how to make me want you, exactly how to get me…”

I knew what he was about to say, and I considered making him say it, but decided to wait. I would confront him about his erection later, and we would have all kinds of fun making him reveal it to me and pay the price for his arousal…

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