Blood and Love Ch. 21Blood and Love Ch. 21


Apologies for the delay. Well delay doesn’t even come close to the time that has gone. However, I am back and I will conclude the story this time.

Aaron’s Story XI


The night was not over yet. Anger was raging through me. Perhaps, anger doesn’t even come close to describing what I actually felt at that moment. I wanted to grab hold of that Alex bitch and rip him limb by limb. That son of a bitch had planned this entire con from the 1850s! How the fuck did he dare to mess up my life! And to think that Dan trusted him with his life and was more than head over heels in love with that sneaking midget! I had to do something! And I needed to act fast. I needed to tell Dan everything!

I halted at the bottom of the staircase. A muffled buzz of the music playing in the front reached me through the shut door. Alex’s words echoed in my ears. How could I possibly make Dan believe about Alex? I needed proof. As my anger slowly dissipated, I tried to analyze my problems. I realized I was headed towards a dead end. In my rage I had given Alex the Seven days ultimatum but now come to think of it, I had nowhere to go. I had no leads. I had no idea where to start. And the worst thing was that giving the laughing bastard a week was simply digging a grave for me and my relationship with Dan.

No! I needed to do something at once. I had to be unpredictable in order to beat that conniving bitch at his game. I had to come up with a plan now! I kicked the door in frustration and something fell on my shoulder. I screamed and jumped to take a defensive stand. I looked around with wide eyes and a boxer’s stance. Just the dusty staircase and the flickering light. My recent brush with Alex was making me paranoid. I relaxed and turned to leave when my eyes fell on a small lump on the floor. I stooped to get a closer look. A dead rat! Where the hell did that come from? I brushed it aside. More pressing matters needed my attention and I was freaking over the dead body of a… Hang on! The dead body! The corpse! An idea was slowly forming itself. With a determined and confident air I opened the door to do what I had undertaken.


Daniel’s Story IX


I kept the empty glass back at the bar. I could feel the effect of several shots of vodka finally having their effect. I finally felt more relaxed and light-hearted after the entire week of pendulum-swinging between Alex and Aaron. Here I had been pining for Alex for almost two centuries and the moment I got over him to be with Aaron, the bitch called Karma lashed out with a whip; and lo and behold I am standing between the two tearing at each other. I felt like booty and they the hunters! Only this time the booty too was running up to console each hunter! I wanted love and Life said, “Thou shall have it! And More!”

As I stood thinking and cursing repeatedly, Aaron suddenly emerged from among the dancing mob and walked up to me. Without a word, he came and sat next to me.

“Scotch on the rocks.” He told the bartender who arranged the order. Taking the drink he took a sip and turned to look at the pub leaning against the bar. I looked at him sideways waiting for a hint. After tonight’s fiasco I really was in no hurry to start a conversation. Who knew what he would swing at me now!

“It’s a great party!”

I sat puzzled. What was he saying? Was he drunk? He’s trying to have a güvenilir bahis normal conversation with ‘Me’! I guess my surprise rendered me speechless. He turned to look at me after a minute of silence.

“What? So, you’re not talking to me now?” He said with a raised eyebrow.

“Umm No! I was wondering how come you’re talking to me now when a couple of hours ago you had no regret at bashing my head with a bat.”

He took a sip while rolling his eyes.

“For the record, I did not bash your head. The bat didn’t hit you so stop whining!” He spoke coolly.

“Yeah! It didn’t hit me. Such solace!” I retorted slightly agitated at his lack of emotion.

“I don’t believe this! You dumped me after a night when your supposedly dead boyfriend showed up! You bashed my life! And now you’re complaining about a missed shot! Preposterous! Grow up?” He rattled in one breath and downed his drink in another.

“It’s not my fault, okay! I didn’t know he’d come back! And I didn’t dump you! You ran away and didn’t talk to me or let me talk to you!” The alcohol had made me brazen and I was not going to take the entire blame! That was so not fair!

“Of course I ran away!” He turned to look at me in the eyes now. “What would I have done? Watch you guys fuck like bunnies? Lapping each other and salivating! Urgh!” He feigned a vomit attack.

“We didn’t fuck! I love you, remember? You’re the one always running away from me! You didn’t stay to claim me! You just saw Alex and took off! Did you think for a second about me? What I wanted? What I would have done! No! It’s just you! Every time you lash out at me and whip me with your sarcasm or roll your eyes! It is so frustrating!”

“What? WHAT! I am sarcastic! Really! And who are you? My gosh! Your saliva drips with honey! You’ve so never been sarcastic! You’ve not commented when dropping me home after I was covered with bruises! Irritating me when I had been beaten up by my douche boyfriend! You’ve not ignored me when you came to dinner for the first time! You’ve not called me a whore! You’ve not done anything! You’ve never ran away, have you? No! It’s just me who likes running! I am always running!” He thundered in response to my accusations. He paused to take a breath and I thought he was done. But no the volcano had just started erupting!

“Since the first night we met, all that you’ve done is been rude to me or ignoring me or jeering at me or running away with your back from the dead boyfriend or calling me names! Jeez! I mean where the hell is the love? All we do is fight and argue; and then fight again! I read that romance memoir of yours with all the ‘Alex is this!’ and ‘Alex is that!’ and ‘Oh! Jesus Christ! I feel I am in love with this angel of goddamn crap!’ And when I compare that to our relationship! What do I see? ‘Oh! Aaron you’re sarcastic!’ and ‘Oh Aaron! You killed me with a freaking bat!’ And blah! Blah! Seriously! Why would I stay when I know I don’t stand a chance! Why would I fight for you when you’re not even mine? Why would I…”

But he didn’t finish his sentence. I pulled him into my arms and pressed my lips against his. He was surprised and stood still for a second while I continued kissing him. Then he resisted a bit trying to push me away but I was not going to release him! No! Tonight I was going to show him why would he stay. Slowly, he stopped resisting and began reciprocating. The lip locking became sensual güvenilir bahis siteleri and my tongue entered through his parted lips. His hands traversed the muscles of my arms while mine cupped his ass and I pulled him closer to me. I wanted him as close as possible. The kiss lengthened and became even intense. My head was getting fuzzy now with all the testosterone. His smell was intoxicating. Finally, I released him. He swayed a little, probably from the intensity of the moment. But then looked me in the eyes.

“This is why I want you to stay. I love You, Aaron. A week without you has made me realize. Alex is my past. He is from the ‘romantic memoir’ as you called it. But you are my present and my future. I love you.”

Aaron beamed and kissed me yet again.

“I love you too, Dan. But.”

He looked away. “But what?”

“What about Alex?” He looked at with the question in his eyes. I knew what had to be done. It was time to face it.


Sean’s Story XII


This is so AWKWARD!

How the hell did this happen? The way they’re looking at each other. I really don’t want to be the one cleaning blood stains from the carpet. I turn to look at Evan who was looking back and forth between Dan and Alex, with a look of utter disbelief. Stephan stood leaning against the wall with a slight smirk on his face. He obviously was enjoying this. Rebecca sat on the couch with Evan and me. She sat silent assessing the situation. Aaron stood next to Daniel, both facing a shocked Alex. The three of them were standing in the centre of the Damien living room.

Finally, the awkward silence was broken by Alex.

“I don’t get it. Dan, I love you. 170 years Dan.”

Dan shifted uneasily but kept his ground. “I understand Alex. It’s just that I love Aaron. And I can’t live without him. And I’m really sorry. I know an apology is not enough and that I’m bailing out on you but the problem is that if I continue to be with you it would ruin both our lives. I loved you Alex. I mean I still love you but it’s just not that way anymore.”

Alex shook his head in disbelief but couldn’t utter a word. This had come as a huge shock to him.

“But I need you Dan. I can’t live without your support. Especially today, after all these years, in this new place and time, I need you the most. Don’t leave me alone. Please Dan.” He beseeched with tears in his eyes.

Dan seemed to have no retort. He just stood lost for words. However, to my surprise Aaron spoke up.

“Dan isn’t going away Alex. He will still be there for you. However, only as a ‘friend’.” He emphasized the last word and I noticed a smug smile flash for a second in his eyes. Alex’s eyes screamed bloodshed.

I wasn’t sure but beneath all of this conversation, Alex and Aaron seemed to be having another one. The air in the room was crackling with unspoken words and suppressed emotions.

“You see he loves Me now. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing that ‘Anyone’ can do about it. You have to Let Him Go.”

It happened in a flash. Alex had leapt to grab Aaron by the throat and rip it open. But Dan had sensed the impending outburst. He appeared between Alex and Aaron, grabbed the former’s clawed hand and pushed him away.

“That’s enough, Alex! I’m sorry about this but you need to realize that you cannot harm Alex!”

A dishevelled and flummoxed iddaa siteleri Alex glared at Dan. Everyone waited for the showdown. Rebecca, Evan and I were on the edge of the couch. And to the shock of everyone there: Alex took one last look at everyone, and left the house in a vampire flash step.

“Well, I guess we should leave him alone for a while. There’s no point talking right now. It’ll just come to blows. I think I’ll go up and take a shower. You want to join me?” Dan turned to look at Aaron with an awkward shy smile, typically unlike him. By the slight staggering of Aaron’s stance, I realized his knees had gone weak and a fluttery feeling was making its way from his p- Oh well forget it. Let’s not talk about the erotic urges of my brother. That’d be weird. So well, Aaron looked at Dan.

“Go ahead. I’ll join you in five, eh?”

“In five then.” Dan winked and left the room while taking off his jacket and revealing a chiselled physique ready to get out of the slightly sweaty shirt.

“Well, I’ll leave too. Stephan will drop me.” Rebecca and Stephan left. Evan went to his room for some blood. Aaron and I remained; it was time to talk and get to know what was he up to.

Aaron looked at me and sighed. Then he began talking.


What the hell! I was shocked out of my skin. Alex! The whole game was Alex’s thing. This was so screwed. And that Evan or Dan had no idea about it; and probably would not believe unless provided evidence. What was to be done? How could we get such evidence? Especially against a guy who had eluded being outsmarted and beaten or decades, nay centuries?

“We have to do something about this. I don’t have a plan yet. But until I do, we need to be careful. Alex has never been beaten. This is his first defeat. He will strike back in earnest. This won’t be pretty.”

“Yeah, I guess. We should at least tell Evan about this. He can be objective, unlike Dan in this case. I’ll talk to him.” I asserted.

“That’d be great I guess. We need as many hands on deck as possible. Talk to Stephan as well. I’ll get in touch with Rebecca. She could probably do some hocus-pocus and get us a way.” Aaron brainstormed.

“Get in here, Aaron!” Dan shouted from the first floor.

“In a minute!” Aaron screamed back. “I’ll go to Dan now. Thereafter, I’ll talk to Rebecca.”

“Cool. I’ll call Stephan. And before he arrives, I’ll talk to Evan.” I concluded.


Alex stood leaning against an old oak tree in the forest. He had got control on his anger now and was thinking clearly. His cool cold and lethally calm composure was back. As he stood there, a shadow emerged from the grove, dismembering the fog.

“You called?” A deep grave voice whispered.

“Yes.” Alex smiled coldly. “I have a job for you.”

“And that’d be?”

“You have to kill a witch and a human.”

“Very well. Name?”

“Rebecca and Aaron.”

“Where and when?”

“You will find both of them together at her place around 11.30 p.m. Here’s the address. Don’t mess it up. Also, kill these two and get me Sean. It’s time. Both jobs to be done simultaneously. You might have some problem in the abduction. There will be two vampires there.”

“That won’t be a problem.”

With that the shadow retreated. As it did, more shadows from the grove followed it. There was a momentary strong buzzing in the air as if multiple winds were whispering simultaneously. And then it was all silent.

“You are dead, Aaron. You have no idea what is or should I say who are coming your way”

Alex announced and walked into the darkness.

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