Blindsided in the BushBlindsided in the Bush


“Shhhh,” I whispered. “Every deer in this patch of woods will hear us if you keep tripping over branches like that.”

“I can’t help it, I can hardly see anything out here.”

It wasn’t exactly the perfect start to a bowhunting trip, but there we were, my wife and I, in Alberta’s Rocky Mountain foothills, searching for whitetails. I’d been a bowhunter for quite a few years, but last year my wife, Delia, decided it was better to join me than stay home.

And that was fine by me. We get along great and hunting was just another way we could do things together. Delia picked out her own compound bow, arrows, quiver – the works – then spent long hours at a range, practicing her technique.

And now that it was the fall hunting season, we took a few days off from work, to head out into the bush and see if we could get lucky; hunting, that is. So, a Wednesday morning found us gearing up at the truck at dawn. We pulled on our camo gear, smeared grease paint over our faces, then headed for a little watering hole I had staked out earlier in the fall.

And this is where we hit a snag. We’d hiked together plenty, but stalking silently through the woods is different than blasting along a trail in broad daylight. We had to cover a few hundred yards to get to the hunting blind I had built near the water hole, and it was kind of tough going for Delia in the dark. Still, once her eyes adjusted to the dim dawn daylight, she did all right. I was proud of her.

Quiet as possible, we snuck into the blind I had constructed on a little slope above the watering hole. Once we placed ourselves and our equipment, so we could move as quietly as possible, it was time to nock an arrow and wait.

It was kind of cool and, as usual, once we had settled in, it was amazing the sounds a person could hear. Few people ever make the effort to be quiet, but a hunter has to. And that’s when you hear mice rustling in the undergrowth, air whistling through a raven’s wings as it flies overhead, even flies buzzing around.

As we sat silently in the blind, we heard all these things. Then we heard a light rustling sound from the direction of the waterhole. As we peered through the camouflage netting of the blind, a doe walked out of the trees and made her way to the water’s edge. She was perfectly safe, almanbahis adres we both held tags for bucks. She daintily picked her way to the water, stopping to look and listen as she moved, being careful.

I looked at Delia, and saw her eyes light up as she watched the graceful doe. Suddenly, the doe looked behind her, toward the woods where she had emerged. Both of us looked in the same direction and, sure enough, a buck stood there looking at her.

Delia leaned toward me. “Is that one big enough to shoot?”

The young buck was just a little forkhorn, definitely not worth using up a tag to bag. “No,” I whispered back. “Way too small.”

So we settled back again, not wanting to make any more noise that might scare other bucks away. As we watched, the buck approached the doe, sniffing her. They circled each other, sniffing and at times licking each other’s muzzle.

It was rutting season and the buck’s cock was well ready, stiff and hanging beneath him. After some long moments of sniffing and circling, the doe stood still, her hoofs in the mud near the water. The young guy moved behind her and, with a little grunt, mounted her, a leg on each side of her skinny ribcage.

With the need to get busy with mating, the young buck didn’t take long, plunging into the little doe over and over, in a hurry to find others, I guess. I looked over at Delia once again and her eyes now seemed to be really shining as she watched Mother Nature’s porn show.

Unconsciously, I think, her hand moved to my leg and she leaned to me again. “Wow, look at that. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s beautiful.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just watched too. After a few more moments, the buck was done and he pulled out. The doe looked back over her shoulder at him, but he just wandered back into the bush.

“Typical man,” Delia whispered to me. “Has his way, then leaves her.”

I’m not sure where that came from, but there didn’t seem to be an answer. “That’s nature?” I lamely replied.

Delia turned and looked at me. “I guess that’s true. Still though, at least they had some fun. More than I’m having sitting in this blind.”

“Sorry, but that’s how this type of hunting works.”

“I guess,” she sighed. “But you know…” And with that, she moved almanbahis adres close and kissed me – deeply. Wow. I kissed her back and we locked lips and explored with our tongues. Delia pushed into me and I toppled back, knocking over some gear with a clatter.

“Shhh,” I whispered loudly. “Everything will hear us.”

“I don’t give a shit,” she said loudly back. “The deer can leave.” She pushed me back onto the ground, then stretched out on top of me. Again, she plunged her tongue into my mouth and explored. I quickly forgot about hunting myself, and grabbed her ass through the camo gear. As I did, she moaned into my mouth and I could tell she was really turned on.

This was turning into a great hunt. I was about to say so, when she pulled away from me and starting furiously undoing the buttons on my jacket. With it open, she worked on my shirt, until it, too, was open. The cool morning air made me goosebumpy, but I didn’t notice for long as Delia began licking and kissing my chest. As she did so, she put a hand on my crotch and began rubbing. Straddling me, she began using both hands to caress me through my pants. Damn.

I was hard now and moved to sit up. Delia still straddled my legs and I took my turn with her buttons. I quickly undid them, pulled her jacket open, and pushed her camo T-shirt up over her full, firm, breasts. Reaching behind her, I unclasped her bra and pulled it away. Like me, the cool air brought out the goosebumps, but what had my attention were her nipples, firm and perky. As I began sucking, them, Delia moaned and pushed against my mouth.

As I squeezed and sucked, she moaned loudly into the forest. “Jesus Christ, that’s good,” she yelled, pulling my head tight to her chest. As I sucked, she ground against my crotch and I could tell she was more than ready for me – you learn these signs after a few years of marriage. And I was sure as hell ready. This fun in the bush was fuckin’ GREAT.

Taking a last, long suck of a nipple, I grabbed Delia and moved her to the ground. Leaves and pine needles rustled under her, but she didn’t care. She looked at me and pushed her ass in the air. I undid her pants and pulled them down her legs, then grabbed her panties and slid them down as well.

I was all set to fuck her right there, almanbahis adresi but, with her ass still in the air and her black patch moist and ready, she said, “I don’t want this shit in my ass.” And with that, she rolled over and pulled her knees under her. She looked over her shoulder at me, kind of like the doe did. “Fuck me, buck, fuck me.”

I needed no further encouragement. With her waiting doggy for me, I moved behind her, undid my pants and pulled them and my boxers down to my knees. Fully hard now, I was ready.

“Give it to me, babe.”

Delia looked back as I pushed into her pussy. She was wet as hell and I slid in real nice. She moaned as I put my hands on her hips and started fucking her. I couldn’t fucking believe it; here we were, fucking in the forest. I looked around as I drove into her, over and over. Shoving in full length, then backing out to rub her with my head.

As I fucked her, she began bucking against me and we made that great squishy sound we do when we’re both really into it. Hands on the ground and knees under her, Delia pushed back hard as I plunged into her, shoving, driving, pushing my cock as deep as I could into her body. Her bare ass had goosebumps all over it, and it had never looked better.

I swatted her ass a couple of times, the sound loud in the quiet forest, and she laughed. About the time I could feel that familiar ache in my balls, Delia squealed that she was ready, and encouraged me to, “give it to me. Give it to me. Shiiiitttttt.”

A few more lunges and plunges and we came together. I emptied my load into her and she gushed around my cock. I could feel the ripples in her as she came and she squeezed me tight with her pussy. I slowed as I my shot load inside her, then slowed more to an easy, post-craziness fuck. We were both puffing as I slowly moved in and out of her soaked pussy.

Finally, I just stopped, deep inside her, and looked around the forest. The sun was fully up now and a ray of light fell across Delia’s bare ass, highlighting the goosebumps and lighting the curves of her skin. We stayed that way for a while, not wanting to disengage, just enjoying the feeling of our spent bodies.

Finally, I pulled out of her body and sat back on my haunches, my cock now limp and light by the same ray of sunlight. Delia pivoted around and, pulling a hankie out of a pocket of her coat, wiped the cum from my cock. Up on her knees, she then reached between her legs to clean her pussy.

Looking me in the eye, she asked, “So, just how many woman have you brought to this hunting spot?”

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