Blame It On The Dance Ch. 03Blame It On The Dance Ch. 03


Especially for “Wendy” and the ‘Sisters of the Secret Evenings’

I had just experienced sex with my mother for the first time when she asked, “Are you ok with what just happened Tony?”

“I am very, very happy,” I respond. “I just made love to a beautiful woman and it was magical, why wouldn’t I be happy.”

“Thank goodness for that,” she said. “I guess because what we did is illegal. Mothers are not supposed to love their sons that way.”

“We are two consenting adults mum, I don’t regret anything.”

“That’s good,” she said and snuggles into me. “When you suggested that you could replace your dad until he was well again, did you mean you would replace him in every way?”

I do not respond, but lower my mouth to hers, as my cock starts to harden once again.

It occurred to me then that I hadn’t previously kissed mum once during our entire lovemaking. Of course I had used my mouth on her wonderful fat pussy, but that is different. Kissing is more emotionally intimate and I wasn’t feeling that with mum.

You know what I mean, its that really special feeling that wells up deep within you when your lips first touch your lovers… the heart palpitations… the rush of adrenalin… the shortness of breath… the stupid mumbles that seem to find their way out of your mouth. I just wasn’t getting that with mum, but I wasn’t going to stop either.

I broke the kiss then rolled away so that I could stand beside the bed. I held my hand out to mum so that she could get out as well.

Mum stood directly in front of me, looking up with her arms around my waist.

“Did the massage loosen you up mum?” I said. “Or do you think we should skip dancing practice tonight?”

“Mmmm, I am feeling a bit legless at the moment Tony,” she said, “and you pumped so much cum into me I won’t be able to stop it dripping everywhere,” she giggles, before adding in a more serious tone, “I think maybe we should start fresh tomorrow, what do you think?”

I pull mum tight into my body, wrap my arms around her, and just hold her like that for several minutes. Eventually I let her go and bend down to kiss her once again.

Mum puts a hand on my chest and gently stops me. She looks at me with her coal black eyes and says, “Tony, I’m not sure about this anymore. Please don’t get me wrong son, what we did was fantastic and magical. But afterwards… well… I still love your father you see…”

“I know mum,” I butt in, “It’s just not the same is it?”

“No, it’s not. Your dad fulfills me in everyway… he completes me, as Tom Cruise would say.”

“It’s ok mum, I understand. Could I ask you to do something for me though?” I ask.

“Sure, what is it?” she responds.

“I know it might seem really strange mum, considering what we have just done, but… well… do you, do you think I could see you naked?”

With that, mum breaks into fits of laughter. Her reaction only helps to make me go bright red from embarrassment.

When she finally manages to get herself under control again she says, “I’m sorry Tony,” still chuckling. “I’m not laughing at your request, but I had honestly forgotten that we were still in a state of half undress from our urgency.” Mum then bends slightly and gasps the bottom of her leotard either side of the Velcro strap.

“Can I do it mum… pleeease?” I beg.

She does not say anything but stands up and looks directly at me with a quizzical sort of expression on her face.

I step forward and take hold of her leotard either side of her hips then slowly lift it up. I can feel mums eyes still on me as I watch her pussy come into view. I think it looks fatter because she is completely shaved and smooth. Her mound is so beautiful as it protrudes so full and proud.

As I continue mum lifts her arms high and I quickly negotiate the leotard over her head as she pulls her arms free.

I audibly gasp, and my cock starts to harden once again, as I see my mother in her naked beauty. Her breasts are about a 34B with just a very slight sag to them. They have maintained their conical shape and are topped with a very large light pink areola and beige nipple.

“I think its only fair that I do the same to you,” mum says as she starts to undo my shirt buttons.

I watch her breasts swaying as she works the buttons loose. When she has undone the last button I shrug my shirt off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. My arms move up and pull mum to my chest before encircling her back. We stand there for a short time just holding each other. My heads rests atop hers as I inhale the fragrance of her shampoo.

“Come on you,” she says, “I haven’t finished yet.” With that she kneels down and grasps my shorts by the elastic waist. I can feel her nails biting into my legs as she slowly lowers each side. When the shorts become lodged on my hard cock mum pulls out the elastic with one hand and takes hold of my cock with her other.

“We wouldn’t want to damage this now, would we?” she escort izmit says as I struggle to get my breath back.

Finally, when mum pulls my shorts down completely I raise each foot and step out of them before she tosses them to one side.

Mum sits back on her haunches and looks up at me. “You are my beautiful son,” she says as she reaches up and wraps her hand around my hard shaft, “with a beautiful cock,” she continues.

“A cock can’t be beautiful mum,” I say, “and it’s just an average size.”

Mum starts to slowly stroke me back and forth. “It’s a nice size son. You made me feel nice and full, not uncomfortable or like I was going to burst at the seams,” she says, “and I like the way your veins stand out on your foreskin. Gives the impression of power and strength.”

Mum then does something totally unexpected. She lifts herself off the ground and takes my cock completely into her mouth in one movement. I did not have any time to react as she swallows me completely and flicks the end of my cock with her tongue.

The feeling is so incredible that my legs instantly go weak and I almost collapse, which causes my cock to pop out of mum’s mouth. “Ohh! mum… Ohh! mum,” I say, “I cannot handle you doing that, I am gonna need to lay down.”

I move back to the bed and lay down on my back. Mum gets off the floor and moves across to me.

“My poor baby,” she says with a little girlish voice as she places one leg either side of me and sits on my pelvic bone. “Do you think you can handle this then?”

Mum reaches between her crutch, grasps my cock then shuffles back slightly. I feel my cock being rubbed along the length of mum’s pussy before she holds me at her entrance and slowly impales herself.

“Ohh mum,” I moan, “that feels fantastic.”

Mum bends over and whispers, “Would you like me to fuck you?” she says, “would you like your mummy to fuck you hard? Do you want to cum in your mummy?”

“Ohh yes please mum, please fuck me.”

Mum sits back up and slowly starts to move up and down. I look down and watch my cock sinking into my mother’s pussy, only to be released then consumed by her pussy once again.

Mum increases her tempo and starts to force herself harder down on top of me. I can hear little grunts escape from her with each thrust and the smack as our bodies collide. I take hold of both her breasts and gently massage her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

As my pleasure increases I lift my arse off the bed to meet each thrust then grab mum by the waist and force her harder onto my cock, trying to push myself further inside of her. We are both lost to our own lust and physical needs.

“Mum,” I say, “how about doggy style?”

“Oh yeah, baby… that would be really nice… but I can’t stop. You feel so good inside of me, I just wanna carry on like this for now.”

We have a great rhythm going and as each stroke enters it feels like my mother is on fire. Suddenly I feel the pressure build within me, “I’m almost there, I am gonna cum, mum. I’m gonna cum real soon.”

“Yeah baby, I want to feel you cum inside me. Fill me up son, fuck your mother and fill her up with your cum.”

Hearing my mother talk like that sends me over the edge. “Aagghh!” I scream as my first string of cum hits the back of mum’s cervix.

“Oh yeah… that’s it…. don’t stop… I’m… gonna… cum… too!” mum says between each thrust of my cock.

When I have nothing left I feel her stiffen and ride me faster still. She squeals as her breath come in short little gasps, then contorts her face as the release of her orgasm finally happens.

“Ohh fuck… ohh god… ohh… ohh,” mum says, gradually slowing as my cock deflates inside of her.

With a final breathless, “Ohh f u c k mee,” mum collapsed forward onto my chest, then just lay there.

I wrap my arms around her and pull her closer. “Sooo mum, what happened to not being sure about this anymore?” I ask.

“I just couldn’t help it,” she responded, “I guess I am an easy lay, you must think I’m a real slut.”

“Of course I don’t mum,” I say, then laughingly continue, “whore came to mind more than slut.”

Mum playfully belted on my shoulder, “I’ve never been with anyone else you know. Your father has been my one love, but what we just did was wonderful Tony. It felt really nice to have you love me like that… and really nice to know that you wanted me… physically.”

“You are a very desirable woman mum, any man would want to be with you,” I say.

“Do you still want to be with me Tony?”

“Yes mum, I do. I think we have some unfinished business to take care of,” I reply.

“You know what I said before about being unsure Tony, well… I was unsure because afterwards I didn’t feel the emotion like I the love feel for your father. Oh don’t get me wrong… I still love you very very much, but… as a mother loves her son.”

I start to say that it was okay but mum stops me “Shhh, let me finish Tony,” she says. “What we izmit escort have just done felt fantastic, we just seem to fit together rather nicely and you seemed to know what I liked or needed. This is going to seem really strange to you, after what I have been saying about your dad, but… well… I would like to have more sex with you. It would just be physical Tony, just until you fathers well again, but… but I would like to experiment some more… I want more of what I just felt then. This would be strictly between us Tony, just physical and sexual pleasure. What do you think?”

“Wow mum, I wasn’t expecting you to say anything like that. Okay, let me think it over… yep, sounds great to me, ha-ha. Seriously though, I would love to be with you some more, I loved being inside of you mum, you felt incredible. I would love us to continue fucking.”

“Don’t use words like that around me,” she chided, tongue in cheek, “just remember, I’m still your mother you know.”

We then continue to talk about dancing and what sort of training we will do, before mum eventually gets off of me and heads back upstairs to bed, with dad.

I jump in the shower, paying particular attention to my withered and slightly sore cock. “Boy, are you in for an adventure,” I say to it before collapsing onto my bed for the night.

The next morning I lay in bed thinking about the previous night and wondering again why I didn’t feel anything when I kissed mum. Here I was making love to a beautiful woman yet emotionally I didn’t feel the way I did with Aunt Jane. Not being able to understand it, I eventually decided to pay AJ a visit and find out from her why she cancelled the dancing. I jumped out of bed, threw on my old pair of shorts and headed up for breakfast.

Mum was busy getting dads breakfast ready when I came in, she looked up at me, smiled, then said, “And how did you sleep last night?”

“Like a log,” I responded like I was worn out. Then continued, “I am going out shortly mum, is there anything you want?”

“No thanks Tony, but your sister rang earlier and said she was going to come over this morning to see your dad. She said that she wanted to speak to you about something as well.”

“I’m surprised that she can pull herself away from that boring bloody husband of hers,” I said. “Did she say why she wanted to see me?” I asked.

“No, she didn’t, and don’t be like that Tony, he’s your sisters husband so just be nice okay.”

“Oh, they just give me the shits mum. Kate is just so prim and proper, the typical dutiful butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth housewife and… well, he is just such a dork!”

“Maybe so,” admitted mum, “but just be nice, okay?”

“If I don’t, will that spoil our deal?” I smirked.

“I was wondering if you were going to say anything,” mum said. “How do you feel this morning about what happened between us?” she asked.

“I feel fantastic mum,” I say as I take hold of her hand. “Do we have time for some more practice now?” I ask as I run my hand along the inside of her thigh.

I felt her give a quick shudder, “Your sister will be here any minute,” she says, “but I think there is every chance lessons will have to continue tonight. In fact, I think we should schedule extended lessons tonight… just to keep you up to the job,” and with that, mum quickly kissed me on the top of the head, turned, and took dads breakfast upstairs.

Just as mum left I heard a car pull into the driveway and presumed that it must be Kate. Not being able to handle her snootiness I decided that the time was right to head over to Aunty Kate and Uncle Barry’s place.

“I was hoping I would see you Tony.”

Damn, not quick enough. “And good morning to you too sister dear,” I responded sarcastically, “and where is his Lordship?”

Kate breathed a large sigh and then said, “Your attitude is all getting a bit old Tony don’t you think?”

Taking a short time to think about it, I had to agree with Kate. I had been a bit of an arse hole recently, “Yeah, I guess your right sis. I’m sorry… but you’ve also changed Kate. You used to be so happy and full of life… but since you married fuck-knuckle… oops… sorry… well anyway, you’ve changed into this toffee nosed-upper class snoot. He’s just a boring bloody accountant for gods sake, not the Prince of Persia!”

It was then that I thought I heard Kate mumble something like boring is right, “Sorry I missed that,” I said.

“Oh nothing,” Kate responded, then continued “I know I’ve changed Tony. I don’t know what or when it happened. It used to be that Saturday and pay nights I was out getting blind drunk with the girls, living from week to week. The next thing I’m married with very few friends and staring at four walls day in, day out.”

Kate took a seat at the kitchen table next to me. I sensed that she needed to get this off her chest so I didn’t say anything but just waited for her to continue. How old is Kate now anyway? I did some mental calculations. She izmit kendi evi olan escort is five years older than me so that would make her 28, maybe 29, I wasn’t sure. She favoured Dad’s side of the family. Like Aunt Jane, Kate had ginger-blonde hair but wore hers long and straight with a square fringe just above her golden eyebrows. She was a lot taller than mum, about 5’8″, and rather skinny boned, which gives the impression there is a fragility about her. She does have a couple of very good size breasts, which appear to be much bigger than mum or AJ, but they hang quite low. She sort of has that early Gwyneth Paltrow look going but is a lot top heavier.

She let out a huge sigh, “You know Tony, maybe I need to do something completely left field… completely, oh I don’t know, completely naughty… just to feel alive again… just for me.”

Kate sat in the kitchen chair next to me with one of her long legs curled up underneath her. How do woman do that? Anyway, this caused her denim skirt to ride up higher and I could see the lace edge of her pure white underwear.

I pulled my eyes away and said “Mum told me that you wanted to talk to me Kate. What was that all about?”

Kate appeared to squirm in her seat and looked everywhere around the room except toward me. She um’d and ah’d then finally said, “Do you remember when I can over to your place a few weeks ago?”

“Actually Kate,” I responded, “no, I don’t. I remember that you came over but I can’t recall anything about your visit.”

“I’m not surprised, you were totally out of it,” she said. “You had thrown up all over yourself and all in your bed. You were a bloody mess and you stunk! Your whole place stunk!”

“Really?” I said in a questioning voice, “I don’t remember anything like that.” Then it hit me. “So… who cleaned me up… who cleaned my bed?”

Kate just sat there, looked at me, and arched an eyebrow.

“You didn’t, did you Kate?” I asked rhetorically, “Oh my god, I am so embarrassed. I’m so very sorry Kate, I didn’t know. When I woke up I couldn’t remember anything that had happened since finishing work on the Friday afternoon, although I do remember answering the door at some stage and you were there.”

“Yes and you were disgusting,” she said, “you could hardly stand up, spew was dripping down your chest, your breath was like a sewer and… and well… you were completely naked.”

“Oh fuck,” I responded as I felt myself going even redder with embarrassment.

“Don’t use that language with me Tony. God knows I’ve heard enough of it from you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I couldn’t believe what you were saying. What you wanted to do… with me… your sister!! Oh, I am just repulsed by the thought of it.”

“Hold on Kate, I don’t know what you are talking about,” I begged. “What did I say?”

“I don’t know if I can repeat it,” she said, “It’s just sooo disgusting, not to mention illegal.”

Just then mum came back into the room, “Good morning darling,” she said to Kate. They gave each other a kiss and mum continued, “So what’s so disgusting and illegal?”

Kate and I just looked at each other not knowing how to respond. Kate seemed to gather herself first and said, “Oh I was just telling Tony about something I heard on the radio on the way over mum. It’s no big deal.”

“Oh, okay,” mum said as she went to the kitchen sink and started to wash up the breakfast dishes.

Kate got up from her seat and leaned across the set of cupboards that divided the kitchen from the dining table area where we were seated. She had her elbows propped on the counter and held her head in her hands while chatting to mum about dads condition, the visiting nurse, what’s been happening in the neighbourhood and general chit-chat.

I was thankful that Kate hadn’t said anything to mum about her visit to my place, but then started to wonder why she hadn’t. I couldn’t figure it out and eventually decided that maybe she just wanted to keep it between the two of us.

I turned around in my chair to join in their conversation and that’s when I noticed how Kate was half laying across the counter top. However it may have been her panty clad arse that first attracted my attention. She must have known that her skirt had ridden up and that I could see her white lace panties. I couldn’t believe it, just after she was telling me how disgusting I was she was putting herself on display to me.

Maybe I was overeating, maybe Kate just didn’t know or hadn’t thought about how vulnerable a position she was in. She had kept her legs closed so I couldn’t see anything more that the shadow of her crack enclosed in her heart shaped arse.

Just at this point there was a break in the conversation as mum went outside with the rubbish. I don’t know what came over me or what made me do it, but the instant mum was out the door I was up on my feet, placed one hand on Kate’s back and forced her harder onto the countertop.

“Tony, what are you doing?” she spat at me as she struggled.

I forced her harder onto the counter, then lent over and whispered into her ear, “So you think your brother is disgusting do you? Well I’m gonna show my prim and proper sister just how disgusting her brother really is.”

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