Blake Ch. 05Blake Ch. 05


I walked into my apartment, carrying a box full of stuff from my office. I nearly ran into Kurt as he was coming out the door. He said nothing to me, just smiled as he passed.

“Hey Kate,” Desiree chimed as I shut the door behind me. “Oh my God, did you get fired?” She asked, noticing the box.

“Oh, no. My company was bought out by AdVanceMent Capital. I’m working there starting tomorrow, so I had to clean out my desk since I’m moving buildings.”

“Wait! You’re working for Blake’s company? Are you going to be Blake’s assistant?” Desiree was grilling me for information. I was tentative to divulge anything, but I knew I had no choice if I wanted to avoid any suspicion.

“Easy there, Desiree. They just told me to show up tomorrow. You can ask pretty boy when he gets here.”

“I really hope you are. I hate Cindy. She’s always after Blake. I can’t trust her, but I know you wouldn’t make a pass at him.”

Wow! She really didn’t consider me a threat. I smirked to myself. I could only imagine her reaction if she knew Blake and I have been sleeping together, let alone had sex at his work mere hours ago. I almost felt bad for her. Almost.

In all of her questioning, I had almost forgotten about Kurt. I couldn’t let her off the hook that easily.

“So, I just ran into Kurt. I thought that was a one-time thing.”

“Okay, it was a two time thing. Blake was gone the whole weekend and he hasn’t touched me since I got sick. I needed a little release. It won’t happen again.”

“It’s none of my business, but shouldn’t you be honest with Blake? I mean he seems to really care about you. Doesn’t he deserve the truth?” It was a long shot, but I had to try something. I knew Desiree deserved the truth too, but I was trying to avoid taking the bullet. If she broke up with Blake and ran back to Kurt, I wouldn’t have to tell her anything.

“You’re right, but I can’t afford to lose him. Please don’t tell him, Kate,” she begged.

It would only be a matter of time, I knew, but I wasn’t patient. I began to protest when the front door opened.

“Blakey-bear!” She shrieked, running into his arms. He pulled her close, kissing her. I could hear her let out a moan. Her kisses grew more intense. I had to look away as their interaction made me sick to my stomach.

“How is my little lady?” He asked when they finally broke apart.

“Better now that you’re home,” she said, nuzzling into his neck. “How was your trip?” She planted kisses as she anticipated his answer.

“Pretty good. We bought a new advertising company,” he said through labored breathing. He was enjoying Desiree’s intimate touch. They began kissing again, her fingers diligently undoing his buttons.

I couldn’t watch anymore of this. I escaped to my room. A lump began to grow in my throat. Why was this bothering me so much? Blake and I had a casual relationship, purely based on our sexual chemistry. Yea we were friends, but it couldn’t be more than that. I knew coming into this that he was Desiree’s boyfriend and that she came first. Any other placement would expose our secret.

Tears began to spill over my eyes. Why was I crying? Get a hold of yourself, Katie. I wasn’t going to get attached romantically, especially since Blake was with Desiree.

My emotional anguish was worsened by the sounds of moans and screams coming from outside my room.

“Fuck me, Blake! Oh God!” Desiree screamed out in enjoyment.

“Oh, Des. I missed fucking this pussy,” he retorted. I could hear him slamming into her over and over again. Her moans of pleasure assured me she was enjoying his assault.

I couldn’t stay there any longer. The more they enjoyed each other’s bodies, the more the pit in my stomach grew. I was starting to feel sick. I had to get out of there.

I rushed out into the living room, grabbing my coat and my purse. I passed by Desiree’s opened bedroom door. Desiree was spread on the bed, her legs pinned back behind her ears by Blake’s muscular arms. Blake was kneeling, his dick slamming into her quickly, all the way to the base. A thick, black dildo was jammed into Desiree’s ass, increasing their pleasure. Both were breathing heavily and sweat was trickling down Blake’s face from his exertion. Had it been anyone else, this would have been the hottest sex I’ve ever witnessed.

But after the momentary shock of what I was witnessing, the flood of emotions overtook me again. I headed for the door and away from my hell.

I made my way out of my apartment building. I had no idea where I was going; I just had to get away from Blake and Desiree. Why was this bothering me so much? I knew he was dating her and of course they would be having sex. He had no commitment to me. I had the opportunity to avoid this the night Blake confronted me in the bathroom. I chose this. As tears began to roll down my face, I knew I made the wrong choice.

“Miss Stevens?” a voice said when I reached the sidewalk.

I quickly wiped away the tears from my face and looked up. I was shocked and confused.

“Hello. I’m Vance Owens, Maltepe Escort Bayan CFO of AdVanceMent Capital. We met this morning.”

“Uh, yea. I remember,” I said trying to compose myself.

“I’m sorry to arrive here unannounced. I came to apologize for my behavior today. I got the sense that I made you uncomfortable.”

“It’s fine, but thanks for your concern.” I was thankful for his consideration, but Vance had been the furthest thing from my mind.

“Um, if you’re not doing anything right now, how about I take you out for a drink? You’ll come to find that I’m actually rather nice,” he said with his charming smile.

Part of me wanted to be alone and stew. But I didn’t want to think about what I had just witnessed upstairs. I needed a distraction and it appeared that my prayers had been answered in the form of Vance.

“Okay. One drink.”


“So, he really answered the phone?” Vance asked in shock.

“Yea. Probably my worst post-sex experience ever,” I laughed, taking another gulp of my drink.

Vance and I had been talking for over an hour. I was finding his company enjoyable. He appeared to show genuine interest in me. He asked questions concerning both my personal and professional life, and listened intently as I responded. I wasn’t sure if this was all a ruse to get into my pants but at this moment, I didn’t care.

“He sounds like a major dick, whoever he was.” I hadn’t told him that the story was my first time with Blake. No need to give him ammo against him.

I laughed. Almost like clockwork, my phone went off again. It was like Blake knew I was talking about him. He had been texting me for the last half hour. I hadn’t responded yet. I was in no mood to talk with him right now.

My phone started ringing. Vance saw the contact over my shoulder.

“Let me get that for ya,” he said, taking the phone from my hand. Before I could stop him, he answered.

“Hey, Blake. Can’t you wait to harass your assistant until tomorrow, when we start paying her?”

“Vance, what the hell are you doing with Kaitlin?” Blake sounded angry.

“Well, I thought I’d be a gentleman and apologize to the young lady for my behavior by buying her a drink or two.” We were on our sixth round. Whoops!

“Well, I’m at her apartment and I have a bunch of documents I need her to sign before work tomorrow.”

“Come join us!” Vance offered.

“No, thanks.” Blake was getting more irritated. “Can you get her back here, now?”

“Fine, fine. Buzz kill. We’re leaving now,” he said and hung up.

He handed my phone back.

“Well, all good things must come to an end,” he chuckled as we gathered our things and left.


I was a little tipsy as I walked up to my apartment. I was insistent to Vance that I could make it up the steps without his help. Clearly I was wrong. I couldn’t help but laugh as I stumbled up the last few steps to the landing of my floor.

I tried to compose myself before heading into my apartment to face Blake and Desiree. My key didn’t even make it to the lock before Blake opened the door. I tried to act sober, but after seeing his face, I burst out laughing and collapsed onto him.

“What the hell? I thought it was one drink?” Blake asked, helping me into the living room and placing me on the couch.

“Mhm, more like six,” I giggled.

“What the hell were you thinking, Kaitlin?” he said, bringing a hand to my face.

“I was thinking getting drunk was better than listening to you and Desiree fucking all night. Speaking of the bimbo, where is she?”

“She went out shopping for the party on Friday. Why were you with Vance?”

“Why does it matter to you? You don’t own me,” I retorted, pushing his hand away.

“Because all he is trying to do is sleep with you. He has no concern for your feelings, Kaitlin.”

“And you do?” I jumped up. I lost my balance as the alcohol went rushing back to my head. Blake tried to steady me, but I was so angry with him, I didn’t want him to touch me. I pushed him away and started to stumble back to my room.

“What are you talking about?” he asked, following me.

“Are you really that oblivious, Blake? You tell me you care about me and my feelings, yet you fuck my roommate without a second thought.”

“She’s my girlfriend.”

“A girlfriend who you could give two shits about,” I was yelling now. I was so enraged by his excuse that I didn’t care who heard me. I was determined to give him a piece of my mind.

“It’s not what you thi-“

“You know what I think, Blake? I think you are what you say Vance is. I think you fuck girls without thinking about the consequences. The difference? You try to act like you’re a better man, but you’re not. I’m not your property, Blake. You can’t tell me what or who I can do.”

His face went from concern to anger in an instant.

“If you don’t want to listen to me, fine! But don’t act like you know what I’m all about. You know nothing.”

“I know when I’m being taking advantage of Blake. And if you think you Maltepe Escort can continue to sleep with me one moment, then forget about me the next, you’re dead wrong.”

I slammed the door in his face. Blake had ruined everything. I didn’t care what the consequences were for what I had just said to him. I didn’t care if he fired me or told Desiree everything. I wasn’t going to let him control me anymore.

It was clear to me in my inebriated state that he didn’t care about me like he had said. I had fallen for his charms yet again. I made the choice to let him stay in my life that night. I wish I had just let him walk away. Instead, the emotional pain of being the other woman was taking its toll. I laid on my bed and cried myself to sleep.


“Are you almost ready, Kate? I’m not going to be late to my first company party.”

I was about ready to snap at Desiree. For the last week she had been pestering me about the merger party. She didn’t work for the company, yet she wanted to know everything about everyone who would be attending. She wanted to show herself off to the world as Blake’s future wife. She put far too much work into this sickening image.

“Almost ready,” I shouted out to her.

I evaluated myself in the mirror. My long hair was pulled back into a tight, low bun. A few strands had escaped, turning the look from professional to elegant. I chose to wear a tight fitting, navy blue cocktail dress with thin straps. There was a subtle hint of cleavage, as I didn’t want to fully display it at a business function. Overall, I was classy, but sexy.

I stepped out into the living room. Desiree was already waiting to go. She decided to take the slutty approach to this event. Her hair was down and messy, like she had been freshly fucked. She wore a super tight, strapless red dress. Her dress was so tight that it pushed her beasts up, barely concealing her nipples. The hem of the dress didn’t even reach mid-thigh. There were side panel cutouts on the dress that started just below her breasts and stopped just below her hips. It was obvious that she was not wearing any panties. Any man at this party would be drooling over her.

“Blake’s in the limo downstairs,” Desiree said, heading for the door.

The last week had been awkward to say the least. After my blowup, I didn’t talk to Blake until the next day at work. Even there, we didn’t address our unresolved issues. We only spoke to each other on work matters and kept our conversations brief. I felt no need to apologize for my behavior.

“There’s my sexy, little lady,” Blake greeted Desiree as she walked down the steps of our building. She immediately melded into his arms and planted a kiss on him. His eyes drifted to me, before his kiss became more eager. Desiree let out a moan. I know I was the one who called things off between Blake and me, but I couldn’t help feel a ping of jealousy. I wished that was me.

His appearance wasn’t making it any easier. He wore a black suit and black shirt, tailored. This time the splash of color was a blue tie that matched the color of his eyes. His hair was slightly spiked in the front. He was sexy. He was perfect.

“Mhm, it’s good to see you too, Blakey-Bear!” Desiree slid into the limo. Blake looked at me with a smirk before following suit.

The entire ride over, Desiree wouldn’t stop hanging all over Blake. She had one of her legs slung over his lap. Her hands moved around his chest while she planted kisses on his neck and lips. She wasn’t the only one misbehaving. Blake ran his hand up her thigh to her ass. He returned her kisses, but went a step further by kissing the top of her breasts. My ping of jealousy was growing, and judging by the Blake’s side eye gaze, that was exactly what he had been counting on.

We arrived at my stop just short of the hotel that was hosting the event. Being that I was not an executive or the date of one, I couldn’t take the media entrance. I couldn’t be happier to get out of the car.

I made my way into the hotel through a side entrance. The hall was already crowded with various low level managers from my company, as well as a few minor investors. I quickly made my way to the bar for a drink. If I was going to survive the night, I wanted to be liquored up.

From the bar, I could see Desiree and Blake parade through the flashbulbs. Her hands were all over him, claiming him for her own. Blake made no effort to push her away. At one point, he looked over to me. He pulled Desiree in closer, smirking his signature, sexy smirk. He was really going out of his way to make me jealous. It was working. I turned to the bartender.

“Shot of tequila.”

“Isn’t that a little much for a lady?” a voice said behind me. “Then again, you’re no ordinary woman, are you Kaitlin?”

“Glad to see a friendly face, Vance,” I said, grabbing my drink and throwing it back.

Over the last week, Vance and I had become close. My work kept me in the office all day, but on multiple occasions, Vance had shown up to keep me company. He often brought me lunch and made it his Escort Maltepe mission to make me laugh. He was my closest friend at the office. His presence also kept Blake in his office for the most part, which was exactly where I wanted him.

“So what’s the cause for the tequila? This is supposed to be a happy event.” Vance knew I only took shots of tequila when I wanted to get wasted.

“Here comes my roommate to ruin my day,” I said, signaling for another round.

I gestured towards the door, where Blake and Desiree were just entering. Vance took notice of them as Desiree pulled Blake towards us.

“Oh, Christ. Well, if I have to deal with both of their shit, I might as well be drunk too.” He took the shot from my hand and slammed it back. I chuckled and ordered us another round as Desiree and Blake came closer.

“Oh my God, Kaitlin. Did you see us out there? We looked picture perfect, didn’t we?” Desiree said, smashing her body into Blake’s. Her boobs looked ready to pop out of her dress.

“Oh yea,” I said sarcastically, taking another shot.

“So who’s your cute friend, Kaitlin?” Desiree asked flirtatiously.

“Vance Owens, CFO of AdVanceMent Capital,” he said, shaking her hand. “And you should consider putting on some clothes. You’re at a business function, not a strip club.” He pulled his hand back, and turned back to his drink.

Desiree was in shock. She was not used to guys speaking her the way Vance did. A small chuckle escaped my lips. Desiree’s shock turned to anger as she glared at me. She turned her attention to Blake, waiting for him to come to her defense. He looked distracted. His jealous smirk had become a look of concern. Vance presence was making him anxious. Thankful the awkward tension was relieved by an unfamiliar face.

“There’s my little girl,” a booming voice shouted from across the room.

“DADDY!” Desiree screamed, stumbling across the hall into her father’s arms. She started pulling him towards us. He was a large man, almost as tall as Vance, yet twice as wide. He was clean shaven with silver hair. He wore a gray designer suit with a black tie.

I hadn’t met Desiree’s father before, nor had I any intention of doing so. Now I was forced to meet him at the worst possible time.

“Here. You’ll need this,” Vance said, handing me another shot. Blake glared as I took it, urging me not to. I was defiant and threw it back.

“Blake Taylor, the man of the hour,” her father said, grasping Blake’s hand.

“Mr. Daniels, glad you could make it.”

“Please, Blake. Call me Carl. I was impressed with your finding of this small company, and I think it is a great investment. The future of AdVanceMent is bright with you at the helm.”

Listening to all this ass kissing made me want to vomit. Or that might have been the tequila.

“Daddy, this is my roommate, Kaitlin. She’s Blake’s new assistant.”

I faced the burly man as he took my hand. His grasp was firm. I felt like my hand was being crushed.

“Very nice to meet you. It must be difficult having my daughter for a roommate. Especially given you have to see your boss after hours.” I see where Desiree got her smug attitude.

“I manage.”

“I bet you do.”

He faced Desiree.

“My darling, there are some people I would like to introduce you to. It was nice to meet you Kaitlin. Vance.” He finally acknowledged him with a simple head nod and a look of disgust.

“Mr. Daniels,” Vance replied, raising his glass. He had a look of indifference.

With that, the trio left to explore the hall.

“Well, he certainly doesn’t like you.”

“Yea, that’s because I called his daughter a bitch when he tried to set me up on blind date with her.” I nearly chocked on my drink. No one had ever been that vocal about their dislike towards Desiree, and I am sure no one has been vocal towards her father.


“He tried to set me up with her and I asked what she was like. He told me and I said she sounded like a bitch.” I couldn’t help but laugh. He wasn’t wrong. I was glad there was someone I could share my dislike of Desiree.

“I can’t understand how a guy like Blake is with a woman like her,” I wondered out loud.

“Beats me. Personally, I prefer classy to trashy.”

I looked back to the two of them. Desiree had her body pushed up against Blake, her tits about to burst. He was looking straight down her dress as she talked. A large smile was spreading across his face. I didn’t know if this was another ploy to make me jealous or if he was really was enjoying the view. Either way, my anger bubbled up inside.

I needed another drink.

I slammed back a couple more drinks, until the bartender cut us off. I was nowhere near wasted enough to deal with Blake and Desiree in the same room. I was about to go home and call it a night.

“Want to dance?” Vance asked abruptly. I spent the whole night stewing in the corner. Vance had been with me the whole time. I figured the least I could do is reward him for his troubles.

“Sure, but I’m not any good,” I warned.

Vance expertly swung me into his arms. He placed his hands on my lower back, while I reached up to lock my hands around the back of his neck. We slowly drifted to the sound of soft jazz music. It was relaxing.

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