Black Journal Ch. 01Black Journal Ch. 01


Duncan Cyrus, age 20, Peter’s Sister

At the end of my sophomore year, Peter’s family came to help him move out for the summer. Nice people from what I can tell. His sister is about a year to two years younger, but she attends a college that is only about an hour away from home which is why she picked it. She isn’t as cute as Peter’s ex-girlfriend, but is bigger and has more curves. She has brown hair, deep brown eyes, some freckles, close to Peter’s height which I understand because their parents are decently tall. I like her thighs and round face if I had to physical features. Her personality is a bit over the top which I figure it’s because she has confidence. I can’t say because I’m majoring in botany and zoology. I figure knock them both out.

Anyway, back to Peter’s sister. Her name is Piper. Her and Peter are always going at it. When he gets really mad at her he starts disgracing her size. Doesn’t really bother me, but I can’t bring a girl to the dorm because he would go off the cuff like that. Now, actually seeing them in the same vicinity, it is hilarious. She practically beats him up, daring him to say something idiotic in front of me. I laugh inwardly, almanbahis adres very hard. Once they were done with the packing their parents left, but Piper wanted to go out with us. It was my and Peter’s last hurrah together. Apparently she had been told by her brother some of our women pickup escapades. This is why from here on out I’m living alone.

So we three go to a bar, they drink, I don’t. I drove myself and Peter already had his targets set on this blonde college girl who is already plastered. Must be “easy night” that night for Peter.

Piper and I sit at a table watching Peter get tail. Piper wanted to see me pick up a girl. She’s a guest so I entertain. I pick out this small group of girls. Two of them are big. One Latina and the other white. I introduce myself to the group and they are surprised that I’m so confident in coming up to them. I ask for their names and perhaps an email or number so that we could chat more intimately. Yes, I asked them both. They say no, politely, and I accept and go back to my table.

Piper was disappointed to say the least but not more than few minutes later one of them came up to me, handed me a piece of almanbahis adres paper, with numbers, and the names and description who it belongs to. And that was that.

Peter came to the table, a little ripped but I’ve seen ten times worst. The blonde is just as drunk and he said he was heading to the room. We waved him off. That gave Piper the green light to pull me outside to my car and proceeded to grope my crotch and kiss me. I just let it happen. Feels like she’s been holding it in for the longest. She tells me to grab her butt and squeeze and I do just that. I lift her onto her toes for extra effect. Once we break I drive her to a motel. I know a guy and his wife. They are nice people. They allow me to use a room as long as I clean up my mess.

We get in and she strips me down. She likes to be dominating but so do I. I get her down on her back and pull off her pants and panties. She took off her shirt and bra. Once we are fully nude I turn her on her knees. I put her face into the mattress and plunge my missile into her.

She inhaled with a loud moan and I stab without a care. She bucked back into me but I’m too strong for her. I thrust with so much almanbahis adres force she was gaining distance from my dick until every time she rocked forward her pussy came all the way off.

Once that was done I flipped her onto her side, I heft a leg into the air and wrapped my arms around it. She squirted within seconds as I hit her g-spot on par over and over. She dug into the comforter and then I reached to the back of her hair and pulled. Peter’s ex taught mainly to always add an extra something to my sexing. She liked it too. She screamed explicit after explicit at me to fuck her more and faster.

I told her I was about to cum and she tells me to shoot it in her mouth. I pull out and she gets into position on her knees and sucks and strokes my member till I spill it into mouth. She gags but keeps pulling more into her mouth. I was all drained and she spit out my stuff into the sink.

I leaned back into the bed to give myself a rest. Piper came back after brushing her teeth and rinsing. I always have stuff like this around just in case. She lied on top of me and cuddled. I’m not too much of a cuddler. All I do is put an arm around her and look up at the ceiling. She thanks me for the fun time. I take her to her parents’ motel because they will be leaving in the morning. Peter called her phone and asked where she was and was I with her. She just told him I dropped her off. If he only knew how.

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