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Deciding we needed a holiday, my partner and I booked up to take a trip to Jamaica. The resort looked amazing, 5 star and total luxury. When the time came we both couldn’t wait. After a long journey we eventually arrived at the resort. It was every bit as good as the brochure said it would be, and our suite was beautiful. Our first few days were spent relaxing between the pool and private beach enjoying the sunshine and cocktails. I took great pleasure in stripping out of my bikini top to sunbathe on the beach, pretending not to notice the looks I was getting from guys and girls as they checked out my large breasts. Of course because of the heat my partner had to put plenty of sun cream on for me and I’m sure he was the envy of several guys as they discreetly watched him massage the cream into my Ankara bayan escort back and my tits, paying special attention to my nipples, which, despite the heat, seemed to be constantly stiff. Maybe it was something to do with the tiny bikini bottoms that I would wear that would “accidentally” end up at one side so that my moist pussy lips were exposed to the strangers on the beach. I noticed that one of the staff members from the hotel, Romey, I later learned his name was, always seemed to be hanging around whenever I went topless pretending to be busy with some cleaning or something like that nearby and he was always checking me out! Romey was in his early 20s about 5 foot 9 and your typical Jamaican guy. I know the stereotype of black guys having huge Escort bayan Ankara cocks is not always true but from the good sized bulge in his uniform shorts I could see he was well hung. My partner had noticed him checking me out and started teasing me about it, telling me I should put the poor boy out of his misery and give him more than just a flash of my large tits or pussy! One day towards the end of our holiday I saw my opportunity. Along the beach there were shower blocks and changing areas so you could freshen up and wash the sand and salt water off before you went back up to the hotel. Romey would work his way along the blocks cleaning them a few times a day. I watched as he put the sign up outside the block nearest to me advising that “Cleaning Bayan escort Ankara was in progress” before going inside. I put my bikini top on and walked over to the block. I walked inside and could hear Romey whistling to himself as he cleaned the large shower cubical at the far end of the block. On hearing me walk in he stopped what he was doing and turned round. He looked me up and down before managing to say, “Sorry, I’m just cleaning, I wont be long,” “Don’t worry Romey,” I replied. “I don’t mind if you want to hang around.” With that I untied my bikini top letting it fall to the floor and exposing my large tits, my nipples were rock hard in the cool shower block. I walked towards him, his eyes fixed on my big tits and stiff nipples and slowly undid the ties at each side of my thong bikini bottoms letting them drop to the floor as well. There I was, standing naked in front of him, he looked down following the thin strip of my neatly shaven pubic area down to my swollen clit and long pink pussy lips. I didn’t waste any time, I started to kiss Romey passionately and within seconds his hands were all over me.

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