Birthday SurpriseBirthday Surprise


It’s my birthday again. After sixty-one years you’d think that birthdays wouldn’t be a big deal any more, but they still are to me. One reason for that is that my ten-year younger wife always pulls out all the stops to make the day special for me. Most men get tools and such for their birthdays. Not from my wife. She works hard to make each birthday extra special. This year it lands on a Saturday, which is why I’m still lying in bed, listening to the shower running. She got up quietly, padded to the bathroom, probably in hopes of NOT waking me, and closed the door. I’m smart enough to know to just lie here and wait patiently.

Last year she wore the sexiest little see-through negligee I’d ever seen. Her five foot nine, hundred and fifty-pound frame is surprisingly firm and curvy with nice large thirty six D tits that draw my eyes and hands like magnets. The sheer white material she wore on this day last year contrasted spectacularly with her brown hair and eyes, making her tanned skin look even more erotic. It was a complete surprise to see her normally white patches tanned almost as dark as the rest of her lightly bronzed skin. I’d never seen her or even had a hint that she was at all inclined to tan nude. In fact, she’d always rebuffed any suggestion at doing anything outside that didn’t include having all her private parts covered, though I’d often fantasized about going someplace like a clothing optional beach with her.

My conclusion was that she had made good use of a tanning bed some place, which in itself started a whole slew of fantasies. It also explained why she wouldn’t let me see her naked in the light for almost two weeks before my birthday. Can you get the idea that my wife is still a hot sexy woman even at fifty one? Well, maybe she isn’t to a twenty-year old, but to someone with a little mileage she’s still damn hot!

I heard the shower shut off and long minutes passed before she walked out of the bathroom, completely nude, even the small patch of dark brown curls that showed occasional wisps of gray were gone, shaved baby bottom smooth. Even before she reached the bed I could smell my favorite perfume wafting from her. “Damn you look hot!” I whispered, the sun sneaking in between the blinds as it came up over the tree tops casting streaks of shadow and brightness across her curvy body.

“Glad you think so,” she said as she reached for the covers and pulled them back. She reached for my boxers and pulled then down, letting me lift my butt off the bed to help her. My already rock hard six incher poked up at her as she bent over me and grinned. “You know. I was thinking that I was going to have to coax this awake this morning, but I see I don’t have to. Maybe I should just climb on top of it and forgo the foreplay?”

“No point in spoiling your fun,” I answered her, holding a hand out. She gingerly climbed onto the bed swinging a leg over my head so that her pussy was inches from my face, her full fat outer lips framing the delicate flowery inner lips that protruded so sexily from her. I could smell the musk of her excitement even over the powerful floral scent of the perfume squirted all over her body. I reached my hands to her hips and pulled her down toward me as the heat of her mouth engulfed my engorged cock head. “Ohhhhh fuck,” I moaned softly before sticking my tongue out toward her pussy.

I let my tongue press between her lips, digging in until I could feel the entrance to her tunnel and then pressed my tongue down, pushing her lips apart as I let the tip of my tongue search for her clit. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned around my rigid shaft as my tongue found her clit and drew slow wet circles around it. Her head bobbed slowly up and down my shaft, causing me to hump my hips involuntarily up at her face while I did my best to concentrate on teasing my tongue between her lips and across her clit. Up and down I stroked, tasting her juices as they changed from tangy tart to soft and sweet the more excited she became. Her hips, like mine, were no longer able to hold still and she pulled abruptly from my face.

“I’m so ready for this to be in me,” she said softly as she moved around to straddle my hips, my rock hard cock in her hand. She walked her knees up my body a few more inches, aiming my engorged head for her sopping wet pussy. I watched with a grin on my face as she gently worked my head between her lips and then settled her weight down onto me. My mushroom head engaged into the entrance to her tunnel and slowly spread her, expanding her sexy hot tunnel around my engorged fat head, a soft moan slipping from her lips as she sank down on me.

“Oh damn,” I groaned softly as she used her knees to lift herself on me and then drop back down, her ass slapping softly against my bare thighs. Up and down she went, my hands moving to capture her now bouncing tits. I stroked my thumbs back and forth across her nipples, her excitement engorging them and pushing the entire areola out as her nipples hardened further.

“Oh fuck yes,” she whispered softly as she bounced, her head Pendik Escort tilted back enjoying the sensations of my cock caressing her pussy as I was enjoying how she caressed my rock hard cock. I bucked my hips up gently in time with her strokes, slapping us together a little more vigorously as our mutual excitement grew. Tingles and warmth spread from my cock through my body, pushing my impending climax closer by the second. “Gonna come!” she moaned loudly, her knees starting to tremble where they pressed against my sides.

I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, but not overly hard, causing her to gasp and slam herself down on me. Her pussy contracted around me and I felt her whole body shudder on me as her own orgasm washed over her body. I held her breasts, teasing her nipples, knowing that as soon as her body would function again she would continue riding my shaft. Several long seconds passed and then she lifted again, dropping down on me, her pussy still clenching and spasming around me. She gasped and moaned as she picked up speed again, slamming herself down hard on me with each stroke. “Come for me baby,” she moaned softly, encouraging me to let go of the climax she knew I was holding back.

“Ohhhhh fuck,” I grunted half a dozen strokes later as my body bucked, driving my cock hard up into her and surging a massive gush of cum into her.

“YES!” she cried loudly at the feel of my cum lancing up into her. “Yes yes yes,” she cried more softly over and over as she sat on me, feeling my cock swell and spurt inside her, pushing her own climax up to another peak. “Ohhhhh yes,” she sighed after at least two full minutes of sitting on my cock in the midst of our mutual orgasms. She leaned forward, moving my hands aside and pressing her tits to my chest the way she knows I love. She leaned her face down to mine and softly kissed me. “Happy birthday, lover,” she whispered after a long sexy kiss.

“Thank you,” I whispered back. “What a way to start a birthday.”

“And it’s far from over. I struggled this year to get you something you’d really enjoy.”

“Oh? And you came up with something?”

“I did. Something really different. You might have noticed that I’m naked.”

“Uh huh. I did happen to notice that,” I chuckled softly.

“Well, today I’m your canvas. You get to dress me in anything you want and take me anywhere you want. I’m your little play thing today. I know how you love to buy me sexy lingerie, so maybe a trip to one of your favorite little stores for a new outfit?”

“Mmmmmm. Now that does give me a few ideas. How about a sexy new swim suit? I came across just the perfect one a few months back.”

“Oh? The bikini’s I already have aren’t sexy enough?”

“Oh trust me, this one is way hotter,” I chuckled softly.

“As long as it covers all the private parts,” she whispered. “That’s my only rule.”

“It’ll do that. I promise,” I smiled back at her. “Then we can go to the beach. I heard there’s a nice quiet one up the coast a little ways.”

“And what’s wrong with the beach we usually go to?”

“Nothing, if you don’t mind a lot of kids running around. I’d like something a bit more private.”

“Wanna do some necking on the beach?”

“Or grab assing in the waves. What do you say? Feel playful?”

“It’s your birthday. I told you I was your play thing. Let’s play,” she answered with a smile.


Two hours later, breakfast done, things for the beach packed in the car and my wife, Dianne wearing a pair of shorts and T-shirt, and nothing else at my request, we pulled into the little bikini shop that I’d visited a few times before. I knew exactly what I wanted, a very VERY skimpy little white micro bikini that I came across last time I bought her a new bikini. I would have gotten it for her then, but I doubted that she’d wear it. Today though, today I was going to go for broke. If she was willing to be my play thing, then by golly I was going to enjoy it as much as I could.

We were only the second car in the little strip mall shopping center, and the only one parked in front of the swim shop. “Here?” my wife asked in surprise.

“Uh huh,” I answered with a grin. “I have the perfect suit for today.”

“And you promised, it’ll cover all the private parts?”

“It will.”

“I don’t know what you have in mind, but okay, let’s go see it,” she said, opening the car door. We climbed out and she followed me into the cool air of the shop, the store filled with rack after rack of swim wear ranging from conservative one piece suits to stylish two piece bikinis. I moved up and down the racks, looking for something in particular, the sales girl drifting our direction as I looked for what I had seen before.

“Can I help you find something?” she asked as she got closer.

“I was in some months ago and I saw you had some really tiny bikinis.”

“Oh. Yes. The micro’s. They’re right over here by the peek-a-boo’s”

“Peek-a-boo’s? I asked as I stepped around the end Pendik Escort Bayan of the rack to follow her.

“Uh huh. Bikini’s that basically are just the strings with no material. Technically they’re legal to wear on most of the beaches, but I wouldn’t be brave enough. They just outline your boobs and pussy, they don’t cover it.”

“You’re NOT getting me one of those, are you?” my wife asked with a scowl.

“Nope. What I have in mind will cover like I promised,” I answered her with a smile, still following the little twenty-something sales girl winding through the racks toward the back wall of the shop.

“Here we go,” she said, stepping to a spot on the wall with a bar full of tiny hangers that were almost bigger than the bits of material they held. It only took me a moment to see the one I had in mind, a tiny white bikini with gold strings and trim. I pulled it from the rack and held it out for my wife. “This one.”

My wife took the hanger from me and looked at the miniscule triangles of thin white material. “You want me to wear this?”

“Uh huh,” I answered with a wide smile. “Now you can see why I wanted a little more private beach.”

“I should say. I mean I’ll be practically naked!”

“Yeah, but not quite,” I agreed, still grinning.

Dianne rolled her eyes at me and shook her head. “If it wasn’t your birthday I’d tell you exactly where you could put this. You know that, right?”

“I do,” I agreed solemnly.

“You have a changing room?” she asked the sales girl.

“Right this way,” she said, stepping past me and walking toward the corner of the store. I saw what looked like curtains held up on some poles, but not what I would have called changing rooms. She pushed back a curtain and inside the small cubicle of hanging cloth was a single folding chair.

“Good grief,” my wife mumbled as she stepped into the curtained cubicle. I stood and waited for a few seconds before reaching for the curtain on the side of the cubicle, one that faced, not toward the front of the store but only down the aisle we had just walked. I pushed the curtain aside as my wife’s shorts were hitting the carpeted floor. “JIM!” she squealed loudly, trying to cover herself as I stood there grinning.

“What. No one to see but me and the sales girl,” I said with a grin. “And I wanted to see how it fit.”

“You’d see it soon enough,” she answered with a scowl.

“Yeah, but it’s more fun this way,” I said.

“How would you feel if I did that to you?”


“Exposed you in public like this!”

“It’s just me. What’s the difference between me watching here and in our own bedroom?”

“Lots!” she answered with a scowl.

“Come on. If anyone comes in I’ll close it.”

“Oh fine,” she relented after several silent seconds. I watched as she stepped out of her shorts and then pulled the t-shirt off, leaving her standing completely naked. I couldn’t help but get a hardon as she slipped the tiny little bikini in place, bowing her legs to get it to cover her lips leaving almost none of her bare shaved mound covered. She sighed and gave up trying to stretch it to cover more and picked up the tiny top. “You sure this will cover me?”

“I promise, if it doesn’t we won’t buy it,” I answered, feeling the bulge in my pants growing.

“This is awful thin material. I’m not sure how much it’ll show when it gets wet.”

“It’s a bikini. It’s made to get wet, right?”

She frowned at me again and after a few seconds asked me to help her with the strings, which I happily did. With the top in place she stepped out of the booth and in front of the mirror, turning herself to and fro. “I might as well be naked,” she mumbled as she looked at her completely bare ass, only the string around her hips and one down between her cheeks showing that she had anything at all on. “How come it’s only us girls that have to wear this half naked stuff?” she asked loudly enough for the sales girl to hear.

“Oh. There’s men’s suits like that too,” she said with a grin. “Would you like me to show you some?”

“Actually, yes, I would!” my wife answered enthusiastically. She turned and followed the sales girl to a rack half way across the store, looking through the rack and then walking back with a tiny black suit that looked more like a lady’s thong panty than a men’s swim suit. “Here lover. Try this one on for me.”


“You’re not bashful now are you?” she needled with a crooked grin. “Besides. All you have on now is your swim trunks, so it won’t be hard at all.”

“I guess not,” I said taking the tiny suit and walking the few steps to the cloth cubicle.

“Oh. And you can leave that open. I mean it’s just me and the sale’s girl, right?”

It’s funny how things can boomerang. I had a really nice time watching my wife change, practically in public, which gave me quite a hardon. Now it was my turn to unexpectedly perform. I took a deep breath and pushed my suit down my legs, bending over to pull Escort Pendik it all the way off, leaving me in just a t-shirt and shoes in front of not only my wife, but the twenty something sales girl. Her eyes were glued to my hardon as it stuck straight out at the two of them. I unhooked the tiny little swim suit from the hanger and stepped into it. It had a front, such as it was, but the back was only a strap that ran down between my ass cheeks, rubbing in places that usually don’t get rubbed by my boxers, as I tried to figure out how to make my hardon fit into the tiny bag that was the front half of the suit. “I’m not sure this is going to work,” I said, trying to force myself down into the suit.

“Well, looks like you just have to make it go down. I’m willing to wait if you want.”

“What? Jack off? Right here?”

“Well, that is one solution,” she giggled, knowing full well that I wouldn’t and she wouldn’t expect me to, but having fun none the less pushing me into a corner like this.

“We do have some suits that are a bit stretchier that might work,” the young lady offered.

“Why not. We can take a look. Come on dear. I’m sure you won’t mind. It’s just the two of us after all,” she said, stepping into the little booth and pulling me by the hand out of it.

To say I was uncomfortable walking though the store like this, potentially showing off to anyone outside as we walked down one aisle with my cock sticking half out of the tiny suit, well it would be an understatement. The only saving grace was watching my wife’s bare ass wiggling back and forth with each step, which, on the other hand, was doing nothing to make my hardon go down.

“Here,” the sales girl said, holding out a bottom that looked like it at least had a back and front, even if they were tiny.

“Try this on lover,” my wife said, handing me the suit. “Might as well do it here. Not like she hasn’t already seen you naked.”

“Yeah. I guess,” I answered, pushing the thong suit off so I was almost naked again in the middle of the store. I pulled on the suit and this one allowed me to bend my cock to one side and contain it. Of course the thin stretchy material clearly outlined every feature of my shaft and head, almost as if I were naked.

“Yes. That’s perfect!” my wife said with a wink. “He’ll take both.”

“My pleasure. You want to wear them or would you like me to bag them for you?”

“Oh we’ll wear them!” I answered quickly, thinking of how my wife will look riding in the front seat next to me in that, especially when we go over bumps.

Ten minutes later we were headed up the highway wearing nothing but our swim suits and shoes. At her request to be “fair” I had removed my T-shirt, allowing her to not only view my hardon in the skimpy, thin shorts or but allowing her access to reach across the gap between our seats to tease my cock and keep me rock hard. Not that she really needed to do much to keep me hard. The frequent bounces on the highway made her large soft breasts bounce enticingly, and just as frequently, out the bottom of the insufficient top. I could tell from her motions and expression that she was getting slightly frustrated at the lack of the top staying in place. I hoped that she hadn’t realized yet just how much she was showing off out the window of the car every time it happened.

Fortunately for me, we pulled off the interstate onto a two lane highway before she made that connection. “You know. You could just not fix it,” I said when one of her breasts popped out again.

“Why? You want me to show off to everyone?”

“Who can see? Besides me. And leaving them out certainly makes your efforts to keep me hard much easier,” I chuckled.

“Well. Cars coming the other way?”

“Uh uh. You try and look in and see what you can see. Nope. They can’t see and I’ll give you plenty of warning before I slow down and pull off,” I said as I steered around another long sweeping curve that led up the mountain instead of down toward the ocean. We continued to climb for some time before switching and winding our way down the mountain toward the ocean. I had to admit that I was enjoying the view of my wife’s breasts exposed, the air conditioning chilling her nipples and making them harden. Her areola puffed out so that they stuck out from the round of her breast almost as far as the peaks of her nipples, giving them an incredibly sexy profile. The view made my cock so hard it almost hurt. I reached down and pushed the front of my swim suit down, hooking the waistband, such as it was, below my balls, so that my cock stuck straight up from my lap.

“Having fun?” my wife asked with a grin as she reached over and wrapped her hand around my cock.

“Uh huh,” I answered as I reached over, crossing my arm over hers to slide my fingers between her legs.

“Mmmmmmmm. You know how I love that,” she moaned softly, spreading her legs as far as she could in the small car.

“Yeah, I know,” I answered as I continued down the curvy road, worming my fingers under the tiny bikini bottom so my fingers could slide between her wet lips. “Feels like someone else is having fun.”

“I have to admit I’m pretty turned on. I’m almost tempted to tell you to pull off someplace so we can fuck. I’m not sure I can stand playing like this all day without sex.”

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