Birthday GiftBirthday Gift


Lucas opened the door as Ruby latched onto his lips and pushed him inside. Not wasting even a second to get him on the couch, her lips found his again as he sat on his lap.”Happy birthday,” she said after finally letting him breathe.He took a deep breath and pulled her back, not willing to let those lips go easily. She went along with it for a bit. She put her hands on his chest, bottled up her unwillingness, and pushed him softly. “Your gift.” She managed to utter before he was on her lips again.This time, she let him go on longer, hoping he would get tired of kissing her and give her enough time to open her mouth without his tongue already in it.But he continued, tirelessly. She finally found the strength to push him a bit harder. “Dear,” she started, expecting him to interrupt her again. But this time, he was more willing to listen.”I still have some gifts for you.” Even though they had a shared bank account, they also had their own separate accounts. So a gift from each other really was a gift from them, instead of just a figure of speech.He wrapped his arms around her waist. “A visit to an amusement park, flowers, love notes, a professional massage, a dinner date, and now another gift? You’re spoiling me, dear.” He kissed her neck.She held his cheeks, fingers on his lips. “Flowers and love notes don’t count.” She leaned closer, enough to let him feel her breath on his lips but not enough for a surprise kiss, which he tried to go for anyway.”Just give me a moment to prepare… it.” He raised an eyebrow, but pulled his hands back nonetheless. She quickly got up, not willing to give him time to change his mind, and headed upstairs. It took around ten minutes for her to come back down.”Sorry, had some trouble.” She gave him a small red box. He pulled her back to his lap when she got close enough. “No problem.” Opening the box, a watch welcomed him. It was one of those new watches you could change every little thing in it. A completely new look only took a few minutes if you prepared a template.He gave her a kiss. “Thanks, dear. It’s beautiful.”She smiled and buried her head on his neck. She knew he loved tinkering with watches, often setting aside hours of his weekend for it. So she decided to give him a new toy to tinker with – that or a hoe, considering he was also into gardening.He put the box on the nearby table and started kissing her, his hands on her thighs and body. Caressing her softly. “Let me thank you properly.” He put her down on the couch and made his way between her legs.”Wait,” she said, her breath heavy. “One more gift. We just need to go to the bedroom.” She tried to stand up, only to be pushed back down again.”Dear, I really want you right now.” He kissed her neck. “A gift can wait.”She put her hands on his chest, intending to push him off of her, but not finding any strength to do so. “I just don’t want you to be tired before seeing your gift.””Oh.” He had a good idea about what it was. A maid costume. He may or may not have mentioned having a thing for maids. Now, his dear wife went ahead and decided to surprise him with one. “Well, if you insist.” He picked her up again. Carrying her to their bedroom upstairs. He waited in front of the closed door. Not sure whether she would prefer him to wait outside as she changed, or change in front of him to give him a good show.When she didn’t say anything, he decided it was the latter and entered their bedroom.Only to be greeted by a naked, blindfolded redhead on her knees near their bed with a gag in her mouth. Her hands were cuffed and attached to the collar on her neck.”Oh.” He couldn’t help but be a little disappointed.She panicked internally for a moment. They had talked about threesomes before and decided she would bring a woman if she felt comfortable, and he would bring a man if he felt comfortable. So, she was confident in this “gift”. But after seeing his reaction, she couldn’t help but think she messed up.”We don’t have to have a threesome if you don’t want. I’ve already talked with her about this possibility, so just say if…” she trailed off, trying to do some damage control but unsure how.”It’s not that I don’t want to.” He put her on her feet and hugged her. “It’s just that I was hoping the gift would be you in a maid costume,” he admitted with a hint of embarrassment.She raised her head. “Sorry, I guess I misheard you. Did you just say you would pass a threesome to see me in a maid costume?””I mean… You would look hot in one.” She chuckled. “Fine. I will wear one later.” She slapped his ass. “Now, show our guest some love, dear.”He smiled and held her hand, moving towards their bed. They both sit on the edge of the bed. He pulled the redhead between his legs.”Eve.” He read the name written on the collar as he lowered his pants to his ankles. “Is that your name?””Yes,” she said in a low voice after he took off the gag. “Hmm…” He held her head, inching it towards his dick. When her lips touched his dick, she opened her mouth, letting him enter.He slowly moved her head.Ruby, who has been watching them with her head on his shoulder, pinched his thigh softly. “You’re a lot rougher with me.””You expect me to face-fuck someone I just met?” She put her hand behind Eve’s head as well. Roughly pushing it and making her take his dick balls deep. “I expect you to enjoy yourself.” She held her like that as she struggled. “Without any worries.” She finally let her head go. He didn’t answer, but held Eve’s head tighter and pushed his dick inside her mouth.”Yeah, just like that.” As he was busy fucking her, she decided to take off his t-shirt and gave him kisses before getting on her knees next to Eve.She started by sucking his balls and licking his dick whenever Eve wasn’t deep-throating him. But after a bit, they started taking turns. One would deep-throat him while the other focused on his balls and taint.”Fuck.” He leaned forward a little, pushed his dick deeper into Eve’s throat, and came. He let Eve’s head go. Cum, she couldn’t swallow, dripping down to her chin.”Mind if I fuck her first, dear?” He asked while watching Ruby lick the dripping cum on her chin.”I don’t. Just so you know, she gets sensitive after an orgasm,” she said as she took his cum and saliva-covered, half-flaccid dick in her mouth again. Leaving her to clean his dick, he helped Eve get on his lap. Though, she wasn’t sitting on his lap, and was kneeling above his lap. So Vin could suck him off while he focused on their little guest.He put his index and middle fingers between her lower lips, while his thumb was on her clit. “Tell me when it feels really good.” He rubbed her wet pussy for a bit to make sure it wouldn’t hurt when his fingers entered.After she started moaning, he finally put one of his fingers inside her, looking for her g-spot.”That… feels good,” she whispered in a quiet voice. He smiled to himself and pulled her closer to kiss her neck as his second finger also entered inside her, causing her to hug his head with her cuffed hands.His fingers moved in a slow-paced rhythm inside her while his other hand explored her twitching body. Grabbed her ass, fondled her boobs, caressed her thighs and legs, and drew lines on her belly.”I’m close,” she managed to utter in between her constant moans.He didn’t answer but kept doing what he had been doing, and in return, she kept making those cute noises. That is, until her body finally gave in. Hugging him tighter, her body tensed, and she let out a final moan before her voice quietened, and her legs buckled under her own weight. The only reason she didn’t fall on Ruby’s head was because he was supporting her and keeping her somewhat above his lap. “I came.””Yeah, and just in time,” he said as he felt Ruby taking out his erect dick from her mouth and position it so the tip was touching her pussy. “I hope you aren’t too sensitive, because I don’t give breaks.”Before she could answer, he lowered her until half of his dick was inside her. She let out a moan filled with pain and pleasure due to sudden and rather rough penetration.Thankfully for her, he lowered her slower for the rest of the way. As such, her moans now only contained intense pleasure.She lowered her head until her forehead was touching his shoulder and put her hands on his chest. Since he hadn’t started moving yet, she used this chance to catch her breath.He waited for a moment, then moved his hips while rubbing her clit. While her husband was fucking Eve silly, Ruby took out a butt plug and a bottle of lube. She knew he would want to fuck her ass next, so she wanted to prepare her.Lubing her fingers, she drew a circle with her fingertips around her asshole. Warning her what she was going to do next so she wouldn’t tense up. It worked as her finger slipped inside without resistance.She fingered her for a bit before inserting the butt plug inside her.With her job done, she slapped her ass. And lowered her head to kiss her feet. She could tell it caught Eve off guard, but otherwise, she let it happen. So, Ruby continued. Licked her soles, sucked her toes, and moved her tongue between her toes.Until she was bored. So, she lowered her head more to worship his feet. A lot more passionately.

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