Biking With NinaBiking With Nina


It is a Monday morning, and my neice and I are going to ride bikes in Chickamauga Battlefield. I have loaded my bicycle on the carrier and driven over to my sister’s house to pick up my neice, Nina. When I arrive at Nina’s house, she is waiting for me on the front porch swing, wearing a middriff t shirt and baby blue terry cloth jogging shorts, white socks and sneakers.

As I walk up the steps towards Nina…I notice she is sitting with her legs open just a little and I can see a hint of her white panties….mmmm. I sit beside her, as she puts her arms around my neck to give me a sweet hug. As we hug, her mom, Karen, comes out on the porch (she is wearing a very short mini….and tank top.) Karen asks if I would mind if Nina could stay with me for a few days, as Karen had to go out of town for work for a few days. Of course Nina can stay with me……I reply. Karen tells Nina to go get her things, and Nina runs into the house. Karen is standing in front of me, and I slowly slide my hand up her thigh……to rub against her mound….as Karen moans. I hear Nina coming, so pull my hand away…just in time. Karen winks at me and tells me, some time we will continue this.

Nina puts her things in the car and I load her bike on the carrier, and after saying goodbye to her mom, we leave. As we drive along, I can’t bursa escort help but check out Nina’s sexy little body and her beautiful, smooth tanned legs……wishing there was some way to make slow love with her…..oh to dream.

We arrive at the battlefield, and take the bikes down. Our water bottles are full and we ride away, letting Nina lead….so I can watch her cute little butt moving on her bike as we ride. After riding for a while, we stop to read some monuments, and Nina crawls up on an old Civil War cannon…straddling the barrel so I can take pictures of her. (I silently wish she would straddle my face like that) When she reaches out for me to help her down, she slides off into my arms, her smallish breasts pressing against my chest. I hope she hasn’t felt my hard penis as she moved against me.

We ride some more, until Nina skidded in some gravel and fell. I pulled up beside her, as she sat crying on the ground. I kneeled to check her skinned knees and gently dusted the dirt and gravel off of her. We are in a fairly secluded part of the park, so I carry her in my arms and set her on a waist high monument. I go get the bikes, and move them off the path into the woods where the monument is.

As I am kneeling in front of Nina..gently washing her knees with the water, I notice she has put her hands bursa escort bayan on my head, running her fingers around my neck. For some reason, she is pulling my head towards her…her legs slightly spread. It seems that she is wanting me closer to her private area. As she pulls me closer, I gently kiss and lick Nina’s thighs….letting her pull me closer, so that my nose is in her crotch. I inhale her sweet aroma, as I let my mouth move to her little mound….I pull her shorts crotch to the side, as I kiss her vagina through her panties. Nina moans….and pushes her mound to me. I lick her mound through the panties…before sliding the panties over…so I can get to her sweet, soft little mound. I slide my tongue up her little slit…tasting her sweet wetness….moving my tongue tip to her tiny clitoris….savoring her juices and movements. I love Nina…and want only to slide my tongue deeper in to her. Her legs wrap around my neck as I delve deeper…to make her feel my love for her.

I clutch her bottom in my hands, as I move my tongue faster and faster on her tiny, hard little clitoris….making her moan my name….a finger is sliding in and out of her…making her so much wetter. I love my niece and want her to cum and cum…..forever. I push my tongue deeper in her, to lick her juices….just as she begins escort bursa to cum. I swallow as fast as I can, savoring her love fluids as I would a fine wine.

I move up to kiss Nina….as I unzip my shorts and pull out my hard penis. We are at the right height, as I pull her crotch to the side, my penis moves into her tight little vagina. She moans and opens her self for me completely. As my penis slides into her, I notice how tight she is….very wet….but very tight. We kiss, as she wraps her legs around my hips, pulling me into her deeper. I can feel every ridge, and bump in her tiny little canal. I push into her slowly, so as not to hurt her. Soon, we are fully joined…I stay still….her vagina surrounding me….as we kiss…..and express our love to each other…before I feel her to begin to move.

Nina rocks her hips…and this causes me to slide very slowly inside of her…and soon we are moving in the age old rhythm of lovemaking. Our movements are very slow, so as not to rush something so beautiful. We move together slowly….building ourselves to a very loving, mutual orgasm. As I feel my darling Nina begin to cum…I push myself deep into her, up against her womb opening…to deposit my sperm deep inside of her. Our lovemaking has caused us to really be engaged so completely…..

We slowly uncouple…and just stare at each other. We walk and talk…holding hands, before we kiss one more time. We get on our bikes to ride away……to go back to the car and look forward to our next few days together… total bliss.

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