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A lot of people complain about their childhood but I like to think that I take the cake. I don’t think anyone grew up as screwed up as I was. I wasn’t abused or anything like that, well maybe I was. My Mom became a righteous nut after my Dad left. She buried herself deep into religion and got a job working at the church to help her get away from whatever it was my Dad did. It turned her crazy.

See, I’ve always been big, you know down “there.” Ever since I can remember my cock has been swaying this way and that, getting in the way, bumping against my inner thighs. I thought it was normal; I mean no one really ever told me different. When I nit puberty my penis started growing. Thirteen inches long and as thick as my wrist!

When I told my Mom about the erections she told me they were evil and that I should find a way to distract myself. “It’s the devil trying to get hold of you, Kyle,” she’d say in that high-and-mighty tone she took whenever she started preaching at me.

That was it for my sexual education, “erections are evil.” I was a poor boy with a man-sized dick and I had no idea what to do with it. To help distract me, Mom got me a weightlifting set: dumbbells, a bench press, all the usual stuff. Whenever I got hard, I hit the weights, trying to work the Devil out of me.

I was hitting them constantly.

My Dad lived on the West Coast, while Mom and I made due here in the East. It wasn’t too bad. I’d get to visit him every other holiday and for a few weeks in the summer. He and Mom split up when I was really young and I don’t really know why they did. But that’s the past.

It was weird. I found some old pictures of my Mom when they were together. She seemed like a normal, out-going woman. I had no idea what happened to make her go crazy like she did. But I’m getting off track.

This isn’t a story about how my Mom went crazy. This is the story of how I broke free and found out what I could really do with the monster between my legs.

It all really started when I was eighteen. Like I mentioned before, I’d been hitting the weights everyday. I had a lot of tension built up and didn’t want the Devil to get a hold of me.

I worked out enough to get a set of six-pack abs, arms of steel, pecs and legs that make all my clothing stretch and of course, I had my fat thirteen-inch cock.

Back then I didn’t call it a cock. No, that was too dirty for Mom and me but that was before things started to change.

I had just gotten back from my Dad’s after the holidays. I hadn’t been able to work out as aggressively as I like and the tension was growing. I got in a few push-ups and sit-ups here and there but nothing that really worked; the strain was killing me. Mom was called in to work the night I flew back into town, and needed my old babysitter, Kelly, to pick me up from the airport.

Kelly was local college student and had been babysitting me since she moved to the area three years ago. At 21, Kelly was smoking hot, had a great ass and huge tits to die for. What I would’ve given to get a gander at those puppies. It was everything I could do to hide my hard-on when I saw her standing at the baggage claim.

“There you are,” she squealed. She ran over and gave me a big hug. I could feel her jugs right through her winter coat. “I was worried you’d be delayed because of the incoming blizzard.”

“Blizzard?” I said, trying to nonchalantly adjust the growing python in my pants.

“Yeah, it’s all over the news. There’s some big storm that’s supposed to be coming in tonight,” she said, ruffling my hair. “But whatever. You made it. Now let’s get your bags and get home.”

We made small talk as we drove back to my house. How was the visit? What’s weather like in California? Did I meet any cute girls during the vacation? Blah, blah, blah. All I could think about was pushing out a few presses and squats before bed. My dick felt like it was going to burst.

When we got to my house, I dropped off my bags and hurried to the back door. My weight set was in the back yard and unfortunately it had snowed quite a bit in the two weeks that I was gone. Mom hadn’t bothered cleaning them off. In fact it looked like she piled all the snow on top of it. No workout tonight.

“Kyle,” Kelly called from inside the house, “Your Mom’s on the phone. It looks like she’ll be staying at the shelter all night in case the storm does hit. You want to talk to her?”

“Sure,” I said, taking the phone from her. “Hi, Mom.”

“Hey, Sweetie. How was the trip?”

“Good. I got a tan while I was there.”

“That’s nice dear. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to pick you up and that I have to work tonight but the Lord calls us when He calls us,” Mom said.

“I know.”

“Remember to say your prayers and don’t think any naughty thoughts,” she said. I could just imagine her standing over me wagging her finger.

“I will and don’t worry,” I said. “I’ll be a good boy.”

“Yes,” she said, sounding pleased. “I have to go. bahçeşehir escort I love you.”

“Love you too,” I said, as she hung up.

I handed the phone back to Kelly. “So…” I said, trying desperately to not look at her chest.

“So, it looks like it’s just you and me, buster,” Kelly said. “Your Mom asked me to stay over as well, to make sure you’re alright.”

Great. That’s what I needed, a hot, busty coed staying the night with me during a blizzard and no way for me to relieve the pressure. This was going to be a long night. “I guess I’ll go get cleaned up or something,” I mumbled.

“You need any help?” Kelly asked.

“Uh, well, huh,” I stammered, not knowing what to do.

“I’m just kidding. I’m sure you can wash yourself by now. It’s not like I need to scrub you like a little baby, do I?” Kelly said, giving me a wink.

“Uh, no I think I can manage,” I answered.

“Well, yell if you need anything,” Kelly said. She turned to start going through the cabinets. When she did, she stuck her butt out at me, just ever so slightly.

It’s just your imagination, I kept telling myself. The tension was building up too much. I needed a release. Mom was right. The Devil does take hold.

When I got into the bathroom I quickly stripped off my shoes, turned on the hot water, threw my shirt in the hamper, and said a quick prayer. When I raised my head again, I caught my reflection and couldn’t help but flex my hard muscles.

I pulled off my pants and underwear and my thirteen-inch cock bounced against my abs, making a slapping sound. Just being in the same room with Kelly was killing me. I said another prayer, hoping to deflate in the shower.

Feeling the steam rising, I stepped inside the shower and started lathering up. The soap and water felt good after the long flight across the States. Feeling the friction on my plum-sized cockhead felt great too. A little too great. I stopped myself from going further; knowing that doing anything was wrong and I’d be sinning.

I quickly stopped what I was doing and placed my hands behind my back, letting the water wash off all the suds. When I turned off the water, I could hear the wind picking up outside the house. The storm had arrived.

Dripping wet, I went to grab a towel but they’re weren’t any. Crap, Mom must’ve put them all in the laundry.

I grabbed my shoes and poked my head out the bathroom door. My room was across the hall, just past Mom’s. The light was on in her room and I could hear Kelly humming to herself. I decided to make a dash for it, hoping I wouldn’t get spotted bare ass naked. I stepped out, and right before I could take more than a few steps, Kelly walked out holding a few candles.

We both froze. A small gasp escaped her lips as she took in my nakedness. My erection, which had gone done slightly in the shower, was now quickly coming back. Her eyes travelled up and down my body. Stopping at my dick, she smiled and bit her lower lip.

“Um, Kelly. There weren’t any towels and I needed…”

She snapped her eyes back up to mine like she was coming out a trance. “Huh? Oh, of course,” she said. “You better get dried and dressed before you freeze in the cold.”

With a quick nod, I leapt into my room, my cock leading the way. I slammed the door shut and let out a sigh. This night was never going to end.

I said a quick prayer and then pumped out 100 push-ups. It didn’t help much. It just got my blood pumping faster.

I got dressed and started to head downstairs, prepared for a talking to about walking through the house naked. Steeling myself, I heard a low moan come from the living room. At first I thought it was the storm but then the moan became my name.

“Kyle, fuck me.” It was Kelly! I got down on my stomach and peeked from behind the banister.

Kelly was sitting on the living room couch, her pants around her ankles and she was pushing and pulling one of my Mom’s candles in between her legs. I knew enough to know that she was being bad. I should’ve said something, I should’ve started praying but I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

As she seesawed the candle in and out with left hand, she reached under her shirt with her right and started massaging her breasts. “Kyle, such a big cock,” she moaned. “Such a hard body. I need it; I want it.”

She started going faster and faster. She was sweating but it didn’t look like work. It looked like fun.

Then suddenly she stopped. Her back arched off the sofa and her mouth opened up in a silent scream. She sat like that twitching for a few seconds. When she stopped, she sat back and pulled the candle out. She licked it clean and started pulling her jeans back up.

Not knowing what to do and terribly excited, I started fervently praying. The Devil was coming for me. The floor creaked beneath me and Kelly shot a look in my direction.

“Kyle, are you up there?” she asked.

“Yeah,” bakırköy escort I said, getting to my feet. “Kelly, I’m sorry about earlier. There really weren’t any towels and I’m sorry you saw me like that. I know it was wrong. Please, don’t tell my Mom.”

She waved it off and gave me an exhausted, pleased smile. “It was nothing, don’t worry about it,” she said. “I didn’t know you had such a hard body. You must workout quite a lot.”

“Yeah, it helps keep the tension down,” I said, coming down the stairs and into the living room.

She arched an eyebrow when I said that. “Tension? You know there are not many boys your age with a body like yours. Not many men either,” she said under her breath, though I don’t think I was supposed to hear the last part.

“I can bench about 350 pounds now,” I said. I don’t know why I said that; it was a stupid thing to say.

“Really? Wow,” Kelly said, biting her lower lip again. This time I know I wasn’t imagining it. “Yours arms look pretty big too.”

“Yeah,” I said, flexing both. “They’re rock solid.”

She walked over to me, her eyes never leaving mine. There was a wicked grin on her face. I knew I should’ve said something. My Mom would be upset with me, but deep down I craved the attention.

“They sure are,” Kelly whispered, her fingers tracing my arms. “What about your butt? I didn’t get a look at that.” She stepped behind me and squeezed my cheeks. “Rock solid and tight.”

Unnerved I started saying a silent prayer. Mom had a crucifix hanging above the front door and I locked my eyes on it. Kelly’s fingers were making me harder then I ever felt before. I swear I could feel my pants ripping.

Her fingers moved around to the front of my pants, my growing cock strained against the material. “Is there anything to eat?” I blurted, stepping away from her and breaking the spell.

She shook her head, as though she was trying to get rid of cobwebs. “Yeah, there’s something in the oven. I think its lasagna,” she said. “I was about to heat it up.”

“I’ll do it,” I said, moving into the kitchen. What had come over her? What was coming over me?

I turned on the stove and waited for the food to warm up. Kelly turned on the TV in the living room.

“Looks like the storm isn’t going to end anytime soon,” she called from the other room. “Weatherman says it’ll be here all night.”

“Too bad,” I said, pulling out the warmed up lasagna. “I hope we don’t lose power of anything.” I really need to get outside and pump some iron.

“You know, now that you said that, we’re probably going to lose power,” she laughed.

Then the power went out.

“Great,” I muttered. “What do we do now?”

“Don’t worry. I was prepared for this. Let me…there we go,” Kelly said, lighting a match. She quickly lit a few candles and waved the flame out. “As I was saying, I was ready for this. I got a few candles and blankets from your Mom’s room. With the power out, it’s going to get cold in here and we can stay warm by sharing each other’s body heat.”

Great. Snuggling with my hot babysitter.

“Quit stalling in there,” she said. “Bring some of that food before it gets cold again and hop under these blankets.”

I served up two portions of lasagna onto a couple plates and made my way to the flicking lights. Kelly was looking out the window toward the other houses.

“Looks like the power’s out on the whole block,” she said, dropping the curtains down. “Light the candles over there.”

I grabbed the box of matches and went to light the candles near the stairs. I lit one and then noticed that the next was the one she used on herself. I touched it gingerly. It was sticky.

I lit the candle and blew the match out, using the closeness to smell the fingers that touched the candle. Their sweet, sticky, soft smell only made me harder.

“Now get under the covers and bundle up. It’s going to be a long night,” she said, holding the blankets open for me. It was going to be a long night.

We sat there for while, eating in silence. You could cut the tension with a knife. Kelly kept biting her lip and looking over at me nervously. I stared straight ahead, trying to keep my erection hidden, not knowing what to do.

Finally she broke the silence.

“Is it hot in here or is it just me,” she asked. She fanned herself with her left hand while unbuttoning the top three buttons of her blouse.

“Yeah, it is kind of hot,” I said, though the temperature in the house was steadily dropping.

“I guess I grabbed too many blankets,” Kelly said. “You don’t mind if I get more comfortable do you?” She started taking off her shirt before I could answer.

“No, go right ahead,” I said. I snuck a look over at her and saw that she had tossed her shirt into the corner. She was wearing only a white, lacy bra that barely held her tits. I knew it was wrong but I wanted to see them so badly.

“You başakşehir escort can get comfortable as well. It’s just us here. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Kelly said, reaching under the blankets and taking off her pants.

She tossed them in a pile with her shirt.

“Um, aren’t you going to be cold?” I asked.

“Don’t be silly. They say that it’s easier to stay warm if there’s no clothes between two people,” she stated. “Now don’t be a stick in the mud. Get comfortable.”

“Really?” I said.

“Yeah, it’s science,” she said.

It can’t be wrong to share warmth, I told myself. We need to stay warm and you should always share.

She let out a soft whistle when I pulled off my shirt. She took it from me and tossed it into the corner with her clothes.

“Don’t you feel better now?” she asked, running her fingers over my chest. Her hands traveled down to my stomach, running over the ridges of my abs, stopping at my pants.

I looked into her eyes and saw a desperate, hungry need. I knew I should stop, I knew it was wrong, Mom always told me so, but I needed Kelly to keep touching me. I didn’t care if the Devil took me; I needed this.

Giving her a nervous smile, I pulled off my pants and tossed them into the pile.

“See, all better now,” she whispered.

“Yeah, lots better,” I said. With that she leaned over and kissed me long and deep. Being inexperienced, I didn’t know what to do and started mashing my mouth against hers.

“Whoa, whoa. Slow down, cowboy,” she said, pulling back from me.

“Sorry,” I said. “I’ve never done this before. Mom always said doing things like this was bad and I’d get punished.”

“She’s right,” Kelly admitted. “This is wrong.” She pulled the blankets away and straddled my waist and thinly covered cock. Mashing her full tits against me, she grabbed my hands and placed them on her firm ass. “But I can tell you want this as badly as I do.”

Oh, my God! Is this really happening?

Kelly pulled me back into a deep kiss. This time I let her lead the way. “Mmmmm, you’re a fast learner,” she groaned, grinding her hot body against my aching cock.

She reached into my boxers, making me swell even more. I pulled my hands away from her ass and started groping her tits. She laughed in my ear as I ripped her bra away and tossed it aside.

“When I saw you tonight, I knew you had finally become a man worth fucking,” she moaned. “All those muscles and your dick looked so yummy, even when it was soft. I knew I had to have you.” she slid off my lap and onto the floor, kneeling at my crotch.

“I don’t know what to do,” I admitted. “My Mom always said this is wrong and that we’d get punished.”

“Does it feel wrong,” Kelly said, kissing my covered shaft.

I shook my head.

She pulled my boxers down and unleashed my cock. “Oooooh, so big,” she mewed, giving the entire shaft a long lick. “Don’t worry baby, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know. We need to get you ready first.”

“I think I’m ready now,” I said, flexing my cock so it bounced against her face.

She laughed. “No, this being your first time you’ll blow any second. Once you do, you’ll be ready for your lessons.” She gave my head a quick suck as she pulled my boxers off completely.

It was definitely getting colder in the house but all I could feel was her warmth. So very, very warm and so very, very good. Just being exposed like this, seeing her massive, firm tits ready and willing for a good sucking, feeling the wetness through her panties was too much. Without even being touched, I could feel it. Pleasure like no other raced through my body. Every nerve felt like it was fire. I arched by back off the sofa and felt all the electricity, all the fire, all the tension through the years and night, exploding out of my cock!

“Oh God,” I screamed. “I’m cumming!”

It was like my dick turned into a volcano, spewing massive amounts of white, hot magma. I heard Kelly laughing with joy as more and more cum came rushing out. My balls, so heavy and pent up, felt like they were deflating. My cum shot out of my cock like water from a hose. She aimed my dick towards her and shot all over her face, hair, tits, everywhere. She bathed in it, rubbing it in as more and more kept coming.

It was beautiful. There was no way this feeling could be of the Devil. In that moment, I felt closer to Heaven then I ever did.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, I slumped back down in the sofa, spent. My dick was still throbbing, blood still pumping. “That was awesome,” I sighed.

“It sure was, tiger,” Kelly admitted, wiping cum off of her breasts and licking her fingers clean. She was covered in batter and looking good enough to eat.

She grabbed my discarded boxers and wiped the rest of the cum off of herself. It seemed like such a waste.

Noticing my look, she said, “Don’t worry, I’ll gladly swallow whatever you have to give me. It was just too much for right now.” She licked my spent cock clean of any dribbling cum. It throbbed again.

“Besides, I have a feeling I’ll be getting more than my fair share tonight,” she said. “Are you ready for round two?”

Smiling, I could feel my cock start to throb, growing back to its full thirteen inches. “What do you think?” I said.

To be continued…

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