Big Boobs in a Car GarageBig Boobs in a Car Garage


“Look it’s half empty, and this is the ground floor. I was right, no one comes downtown on the weekend. Farther up the garage is probably empty.” I kept driving, up a couple more levels, but the garage was still only half empty. In fact, there were some people walking around as well. Beverly said, “Brian I don’t think this is a good idea, look at all the cars.” “I think there are still several more levels, let’s see how the rest of it looks.” As we got closer to the top it thinned out a lot, and then suddenly we were on a level with only a few cars on it, then, on the next level, just one car. “Look Beverly, just one car, we have the place to ourselves. No one is going to come up here. Let’s just start with a blowjob and see how it goes.” I tilted the seat back while Beverly took out my cock. It quickly became hard in Beverly’s soft mouth. She was twirling her tongue around the head, and she started moving her mouth up and down on it as it got harder. I pulled off her shirt and bra while she sucked my dick. I held and squeezed her tits to help reduce the strain on her back. I suggested, “How ’bout I get out and stand next to the passenger seat with the door open?” “Sure, that might be easier for me.” I walked around to the passenger side and opened the door. I rested my arms against the top of the car while she took my dick into her mouth. Her blowjobs are usually pretty good because they’re wet and tender. It always makes my dick really hard. “Don’t forget my balls.” I felt her open lips on ankara travesti my balls and she carefully sucked my balls into her mouth, while she stroked my cock with her hand. Then I didn’t feel her mouth or her hand. She was getting onto her hands and knees. She started bobbing on my cock again, and taking it deeper into her mouth. I let her tits spill over my hand. I squeezed each of her tits and rolled her nipples around between my thumb and finger. I said, “Turn around. Stay like that, but facing the other way.” She turned around and was still on all fours in the seat, with her butt towards me now. I unfastened her pants and pushed them down her butt, along with her panties. I moved my hands all over her big butt and thick thighs, and down to her pussy. I rubbed her clit in hard little circles. I slid my thumb inside and squeezed and rubbed her pussy, with her clit in the palm of my hand. “Move back a bit more.” She shuffled back so her knees were on the edge of the seat, her feet sticking off the seat between my legs. I eased my boner into her pussy until I was in up to the balls. It was already hot and steamy in there. I knew it would be a smooth ride inside her silky pussy as long as I started slow. I felt her getting more slick after just a few strokes, and started spreading her velvety pussy flesh with my boner a little faster. My dick was swelling even more. I continued fucking her at that moderate pace, so I could keep going for at least a little while longer. I asked travesti ankara her if she wanted to get out of the car. She asked, “Do you think anyone will see us?” “I don’t think so. There’s only this one other car here, there’s no reason for anyone to come up here.” She pulled her pants off and came out of the car naked. She turned and put her hands on the car. “Against the car and spread ’em.” I pushed her gently but firmly against the car. She giggled. “But officer, I didn’t do anything!” “I don’t give a damn.” I looked down at her boobs squished up against the window of the car. Beverly should run a carwash; she wouldn’t need to buy sponges. She opened up her legs and I slid my dick into her pussy. I kept her tits pinned to the car and fucked her deep. The sound of our skin slapping together reverberated inside the car garage. I felt pussy juice trickling onto my balls on every stroke. Sometimes Beverly gets a little too wet. “Do you want to sit on the hood?” I asked her. “All right.” She started to get on the hood of the car, but the curb was right in front of the car, I didn’t have anywhere to stand. “Hold on a second, let me back the car up.” I got in the car and backed it up. Beverly sat on the edge of the hood. This way I could jam my dick into her at a good stiff angle. I grabbed her legs and picked her butt up and pulled her towards me even more. I let her rest her legs against my shoulders and slid my dick in. When she put her thick legs on my shoulders it made me ankara travestiler worry that I could lose my balance and fall over, but I guess if I made sure to fall forward onto her tits I’d be fine. I had to thrust into her pretty hard, so I could make her tits jiggle. She let out a little whimper on each thrust. Pussy juice was dripping off my balls onto the bumper of the car. I kept pumping against her g-spot at a steady rhythm to see how much pussy juice I could get out of her. It became almost a steady trickle, out of her pussy, down her ass crack, cascading onto the car’s bumper and onto the concrete floor. When there was a small puddle of pussy juice on the floor, I had her lean over the hood with her tits hanging down and her butt sticking out at me. “Spread your legs wider, and arch your back.” I took a couple steps away and stared at her tits hanging down. “Beverly you look great.” She smiled but was pink with embarrassment. “You should be one of those models that poses with cars.” “I don’t think they would hire me for something like that, I don’t look that good.” “They would be idiots not to. You look fucking great.” I slid my dick into her and started to pump her pussy. Out of habit I fucked her somewhat hard and rough, just right to make her tits jiggle and swing. Several times I had brought her into the bathroom and leaned her over in front of the mirror so I could watch her tits while I fucked her. I had developed the technique just right to make her tits swing like a pair of pendulums gone berserk. Her moans reverberated inside the parking garage on each thrust. I was able to see a reflection of her tits in the windshield. I glanced up and saw a car had driven onto our level. It slowed almost to a stop. “Oh my god,” Beverly whimpered.

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