Betty LambourneBetty Lambourne


It seemed like the start of a perfect day in late summer. It would be many weeks before the leaves began to turn red and gold.

A black car threaded its way slowly along a deserted country road. Its journey had begun in the city centre and now, after an hour, it was in the depths of the countryside. The car entered a narrow lane and stopped outside the only sign of habitation, for miles, a small thatched cottage.

Suzy and her mistress stepped from the car which drove almost silently away and became lost from view amongst the trees.

The two women walked up the path to the door and pulled the rusty handle of an ancient door bell. A wooden sign reading ‘Honeysuckle Cottage’ hung from the wall beside the door. The paintwork on the door and windows was fresh. The small front garden was neat and tidy.

Before the girl has a chance to see more, the door opened and a small plump woman in her late fifties stepped out and welcomed them warmly.

“Oh how lovely to see you again Pam dear.” She said as she kissed the older of the two visitors.

“Do come in … that’s it …” And she quickly ushered her two guests inside. The door closed with a soft click followed by the sound of the key being turned in the lock.

Once inside the lady turned to the younger of the two arrivals.

“And this must young Suzy.” She said with a warm smile.

Suzy took a step forward and shook her hostess’s hand. “How do you do Miss Lambourne.”

“Oh my, you are a pretty one. I’m very pleased to meet you. Your mistress here has told me so much about you Suzy S! And please, do call me ‘Betty’ my dear.”

“Why don’t you both sit down after your long journey?” Miss Lambourne continued. “I was about to make a pot of tea.” And with that she disappeared into the kitchen, from where, after a few minutes, came the sound of a singing kettle and a clatter of cups and plates. Miss Lambourne reappeared with a tray of tea things. The two visitors settled themselves on an old but very comfy sofa, tea was served and soon Pam and her hostess were chatting about past event and holiday plans.

Suzy had a look around. Miss Lambourne herself was neatly dressed in a pleated tartan skirt, a cream coloured blouse and grey cardigan. Her white hair was arranged in a neat bun – the perfect image of a genteel Englishwoman, comfortably off but thrifty. Suzy thought It would be easy to imagine that this lady arranged the flowers at the local church and did good works in the village.

During a lull in the conversation, Suzy could hear a clock ticking somewhere far away down a corridor.

Miss Lambourne turned to the girl. “So Suzy, you must tell me where you bought that lovely dress. It suits you so well.” Suzy told her and soon she was telling the lady about her own home and her parents and all sorts of things she hadn’t planned on discussing in front of her mistress. There was something about this homely little woman that made her easy to confide in.

“Now if you’ve both had enough tea I’ll clear away.” She said. “And I suppose we ought to get started didn’t we?”

And Miss Lambourne rose and began collecting the tea things and returning them to the tray. Before she returned to her kitchen she turned and looked at Suzy.

“While I tidy these things and Suzy, I’d like you get undressed for me.”

Suzy looked at her mistress with a startled expression. But her mistress merely arched an eyebrow so she did as she was told and, standing up in the tiny living room, began to take off her clothes.

By the time the woman returned from the kitchen, the young girl was completely naked. There was something almost surreal about a beautiful Anadolu Yakası Escort nude in the tiny room — the fussy decorations and chintz and the tall slim girl with the white unblemished skin.

Suzy’s mistress had moved to an armchair in the corner of the room and watched as her sub stood nervously in the middle of the room, anxiously shifting from one foot to the other. The sun was streaming in the window and the girl’s bare body gleamed beautifully in the clear morning light. Pam knew well that it was one of her subs fondest dreams to be the only one naked in a room with other women but this was different in some way. The dynamics here were very different.

Miss Lambourne returned and stood facing the anxious girl who stood trying to cover herself with her hands.

“So, what have we here?” She said smiling disarmingly.

“Oh, hands by your side dear … most important, thank you.”

The woman stood looking at Suzy for several moments. Her twinkling eyes seemed to be probing every part of the girl’s naked body.

“I want you to stand with your legs apart just a little bit more and put both hands behind your head. That’s it, such a good girl!”

To Suzy, Miss Lambourne’s voice seemed so warm and reassuring that she felt that she was beginning to relax a little. Yet there was definitely an indefinable tension in the air. Her owner had not explained why she had been brought here. But what harm could this little old lady do she thought and Suzy turned towards her mistress and smiled happily.

“Suzy dear, I want you to stand completely still for time being. Please don’t move so much as a muscle until I tell you to dear!”

“Yes Miss Lambourne … I mean Yes Betty”.

The girl stood in silence as the woman began to run her hands lightly over Suzy’s shoulders and down her long back. The contrast between the old woman’s wrinkled and mottled hands and Suzy’s white and flawless skin was startling.

Suzy stood staring into the middle distance as Miss Lambourne pressed and kneaded her tiny breasts and ran her fingers across them so that each finger flicked the nipple lightly as it passed. The plump hands then slid down the girl’s hips and across the flat stomach.

“I think someone here has been going to the gym Pam! Is that right Suzy?

“I try to go as often as I can Betty. I want to look good for my Mistress.” And with that Suzy turned to look at the woman she loved.

The sound of the blow was as loud as a gunshot.

Even Suzy’s owner jumped at the sound. Betty Lambourne had suddenly struck the girl hard across the face with the back of her hand.

“I thought I said stand completely still Suzy!”

The mark of the old woman’s fingers showed on the girl’s cheek, the red welt growing darker. The action had been lightning fast and it was a very powerful blow for someone of Miss Lambourne’s age.

Suzy tossed back her head and tried to blink back the tears. “I’m sorry Miss … I mean Betty, it won’t happen again.”

“There’s my good girl. Now where were we? Oh yes … turn around dear and bend over and hold your ankles. Keep your legs straight mind!”

Suzy obeyed at once and the old lady parted the cheeks of Suzy’s bottom. She felt a finger press gently but firmly all around the puckered opening. As the probing finger moved to the very centre of the rosebud, Suzy felt it begin to dilate. For some reason she felt really embarrassed at this reaction to the woman’s finger.

While Suzy’s head was hanging down, Miss Lambourne reached into a pocket in her skirt and brought a little tube of Vaseline which she squeezed on her finger.

“Breathe Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan out slowly Suzy dear. She said as the lubricated finger slide easily into the girl’s anus. Suzy could feel the finger twisting inside her and pressing deeper.

“Squeeze my finger dear.” And Suzy responded. She clenched the finger as tightly as she could.

“Good.” Was all that the woman said then after another pause, “And again.”

Suzy felt at least two of Miss Lambourne plump fingers entering her rosebud. She tried to relax as much as she could as the fingers stretched wide and pulled the opening wider than her mistress had ever done. Suzy winced and bit her lip and prayed that it would soon be over. Thankfully the fingers closed up again and withdrew.

“Very good Suzy, now stand up and turn around while I go and wash my hands.” Alone for a moment with her mistress, Suzy turned to the woman she adored who was waiting patiently in the corner of the room. But her mistress put a finger to her lips and nodded in the direction of the kitchen door. Suzy turned to see Miss Lambourne returning, drying her hands on a towel.

“Here we are again Suzy dear, I have a request.”

“Yes Betty?”

“Please be so kind as to show me how you masturbate when you are on your own. How do you like to do it dear?”

Suzy began to describe her private way of pleasuring herself but Miss Lambourne interrupted her.

“Why don’t you just show me dear?” So Suzy stood in the morning sunlight and began to run her middle finger up and down her slit. At last the old erotic feelings aroused by being naked with two fully dressed women, began flood back into her mind and soon the finger was slipping easy over the moist petals of her sex. She pressed gently against the side of her clitoris and slowly moved the soft wet tissue of her little oyster around and around, the pleasure rising all the time.

Looking up for the first time she saw Miss Lambourne looking at her closely, her wrinkled face quite flushed.

“Oh that’s lovely Suzy, now don’t get carried away dear … we’ve got work to do. Come with me.”

Taking the girl by the hand and kissing the wet fingers, Miss Lambourne led her from the room and down the long corridor.

Suzy’s mistress, sat back in her chair and waited. She heard a door closing somewhere in the cottage and then silence disturbed only the steady ticking of the clock and the muted sound of birdsong from outside the window. Mistress P was still feeling stunned by the violence of the slap and she ached at the thought of what she was subjecting her girl to. She had grown so fond of her sub that causing her real pain was increasingly difficult.

The Mistress had lost track of time and she same in the warm room thinking about the girl she loved so much. Falling in love had not been on her agenda at the outset but it had happened and there was nothing that could be done about it. She knew she had done her best to guide Suzy in the right direction. From the start she had been delighted by the girl’s responsiveness, the speed with which she became aroused and the free and open way she displayed her body.

Suzy’s orgasmic response was nearly as powerful as her own and Mistress P could feel herself getting moist at the thought of all those times when Suzy had quivered and shaken in her Mistress’s arms as she reached her climax.

The reverie was shattered by the sound of a low guttural moan coming from down the corridor. Suzy’s mistress new it was her sub but it was an awful and primal sound she had never heard Suzy utter before. A few moments later it was Escort Anadolu Yakası repeated, for a longer period this time. Then, silence again.

But the silence was broken again — shattered by a piercing scream, harsh and terrifying. It lasted for a second and then was stifled.

Mistress P leapt to her feet and was about to run towards the source of that heart-rending cry of pain but something stopped her and she stood looking out into the garden and tried to compose herself. She was now close to tears herself.

Eventually she heard the sound of footsteps in the corridor and Miss Lambourne reappeared drying her hands on a towel. Her hair was a little disarrayed and she patted it back into shape. Suzy returned a few moments later.

Her mistress turned to her. The poor girl’s sweat-soaked skin had a waxen look. She stared at the ground and her whole naked body was shaking uncontrollably.

“Take her Pam.” Was all the old lady said as the mistress gathered the girl to her and they settled together in the armchair, Suzy buried her face in her owner’s shoulder and wept and wept as her mistress gently rocked her back and forth and stroked her wet hair.

Pam could feel Suzy’s heart pounding as she held her against her breast and so she whispered the secret and private words of love and kindness to the sobbing girl. The sweat and saliva that had run down between Suzy’s breasts collected on her tummy as she sat curled in and almost foetal position. Mistress P could feel the dampness on her own legs, soaking though her jeans as Suzy’s nectar dribbled from her vagina.

Over an hour passed before the two lovers began to stir from their position. Suzy, still clinging to her mistress’s neck looked around and with red rimmed eyes and watched as Betty Lambourne cleared ornament and fruit bowls from the long refectory table by the window.

Suzy’s mistress knew what was going to happen next and she helped the girl to sit on the table and then she herself sat behind her so that she could supported the girl’s shoulders as Miss Lambourne positioned Suzy’s feet so that her heels were right up by her bottom.

Next, Miss Lambourne placed a cushion on the floor just below where Suzy was perched and, kneeling down, she put her hands around the girl’s bottom, drew her closer to her and began to lick.

The girl lay still, utterly subjugated by her experiences. As the woman’s tongue and lips did their work, the girl stared at the ceiling praying that there would be no more pain. The silence of the room oppressed her. Just the liquid sounds from between her thighs and her own breathing. The first pulse came quickly and unexpectedly and with it that wonderful concentration of feelings at her centre. Now she was the helpless slave of her own desire. It gathered fast. Now the pulses come more frequently, and Suzy could feel her insides move, position themselves for the climax. When she felt this way she knew she would come violently, the pleasure would be torn from deep within her pelvis.

For a brief moment she melted, Miss Lambourne was unrelenting and the girl felt as if she was falling from a great height. Her spasms came, stronger that she had ever experienced. Her cry was that of a women whose flesh had been pierced by arrows of the most exquisite pleasure.

The spasms subsided and her tormentor withdrew and stood looking down as the sweat-soaked form that lay trembling on the table.

The room seemed to grow dark and Suzy would not remember how she was helped into bed or how she fell into a deep and hopefully dreamless sleep.

Mistress P returned to the living room where Miss Lambourne was pouring tea. The sun was now low on the horizon and a soft warm light shone through the small windows of Honeysuckle cottage. Turning towards her guest with a wistful smile, the old lady spoke slowly and deliberately.

“So, Mistress Pam Spencer, shall we make a start?”

Pam Spencer lowered her eyes modestly and began to slowly unbutton her shirt.

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