Beth goes to the dogs – Chapter 09Beth goes to the dogs – Chapter 09


Cindy gets three new dogs. One of them surprises us both.

After my surprise at finding out the Husky was already trained I worked on the others. The German Shepard was quite powerful and was a perfect breeding dog but also had the makings of a wonderful plaything. It didn’t take long to get him to lick me. In fact I was quite surprised at how quickly he learned that. I just thought he was smart and a natural. Cindy’s business was also picking up and I spent quite a bit of each day doing normal breeding duties. But every time I watched the various dogs impregnating real bitches I got horny and had to relieve the feelings by a session with the Great Dane. A perfect way to ease my tensions.

The German Shepard and the new Lab seemed to be getting the licking down very quickly. It was wonderful and they both got me off multiple times. I tried the next step and they hadn’t quite got the idea of mounting me. I left work one night and headed for the gym. I thought my gym bag was in my car but I realised that I had taken it out to wash my towel and shorts. It was still back in the shed at work. I muttered to myself and did a U turn. Get back to work I parked and headed to the shed. I noticed the lights were on and I could hear funny noises. Thinking there was a crime going on I crept silently until I reached the shed. What I saw shocked and excited me.

Cindy was naked and lying on the bench. The German Shepard and the Great Dane were there. She was rubbing something on her boobs and pussy and the two dogs were licking whatever it was. She would spread more when they began to stop. I glanced sideways and there was a guy standing there also naked. He was stroking his cock as he watched the show unfolding in front of him. “Oh Derek it feels so good” Cindy moaned. I realised the guy was her husband. I had never met him but she had mentioned him several times. I also knew that he was apparently ok with her love of dogs. Edirne Escort Very obvious from his erection.

As I watched she patted her crotch and called out “mount” to the Great Dane. True to his training he climbed on top of her missionary position and he thrust his already growing cock into her already pleasured pussy. She squealed as he began to pound her. She had her hand down and somehow stopped him tying with her. The German Shepard stood, head on the side, watching. A technique I used on new recruits to get the idea of what to do. Cindy was moaning louder as the Dane became more frustrated. Finally he pulled away but Cindy quickly got on her knees and the dog renewed his attack, this time with no resistance from Cindy he forced his huge knot into her and relaxed.

As he began to pump his seed into her Derek walked over and stood in front of her and pushed his cock into her mouth. He closed his eyes and moaned as she began to suck his cock. She didn’t take long to make him cum in her mouth and the Dane finished his work and withdraw. A goodly dose of cum in both ends. Cindy stood up with cum dripping down her thighs and all over her chin. I couldn’t sneak away as I still needed my gym bag. I stepped out of the shadows and they saw me. Derek was surprised but Cindy just smiled. “Been watching long?” she asked “just long enough” I said “now I know why the German Shepard learned to lick so quickly”.

Cindy introduced me to Derek who was still standing there somewhat surprised. It was a little difficult for him to remain calm standing there naked with his cock at half-mast. “Umm hello Beth” he said “it is a bit embarrassing to meet like this”. I just laughed “well I guess we can say that I understand why you may think that. I was just here to pick up my gym bag I forgot. But I certainly didn’t expect to get a show as well. I will go now. Pleased to meet you Derek and lovely to see you Cindy”. I Edirne Escort Bayan grabbed the bag and headed off to the gym. “You are late” said Toni. I apologised and said I would explain when I got home. I had trouble concentrating on my workout. My pussy was buzzing and I just wanted to get off. Toni did that for me when we got home.

The next day I arrived at work to find Cindy smiling. “Did you enjoy the show last night?” she asked, obviously already knowing the answer. “Yes I did Cindy. Very surprising but very stimulating” I replied. “Derek is most disappointed you don’t like men” she added “he would have liked you to stay”. I laughed “well after the Rottie and the Dane men just couldn’t fill me like they do. Toni and my 10” strap-on also trumps anything a man can offer”. Her smile grew wider “10” darling” she said “that would be so nice”. I made a note to remind her about that one day. Maybe when we finally went to see April next time.

I returned to the pens, feeding and watering the dogs. I looked at the German Shepard and wondered if he had learned anything from last night. Then looked over at the Husky and sighed. He was just so gorgeous. I could understand why Donna was so in love with him. I checked the two Lab. The latest addition seemed to be excited. Was he also trained? I would have to check that out later. Just then Cindy came down with a bitch and her owner. The bitch was a Lab and the owner picked out the dog she wanted to service her pooch. I watched her face as the Lab went about his work. She stood wide-eyed has he humped the bitch. “I wish my husband was that vigorous” she said to no-one in particular. Cindy and I looked at each other and chuckled.

I put the Lab away and the client left with her bitch. Cindy smiled as she put the money in the register. “Silly woman” Cindy said “we could have fixed her up with a dog if she asked”. I laughed “well maybe she will come back Escort Edirne again” I said. I went down to the pens. I was already horny and the Husky was so handsome. As Cindy had said the next breeding appointment was not until 2pm it gave me time to work the German Shepard. I had already seen him licking Cindy’s boobs so I took him into the shed and dropped my knickers. “Lick” I said. No response. “Lick” I said again and again no response. I retrieved the goo Cindy had used the night before and got some on my fingers. “Lick” I said again and offered my fingers to him. He responded immediately.

Having allowed him to lick my fingers I got some more goo and spread it only my pussy. “Lick” I said and this time he pushed his head between my legs and licked. It felt so good. It repeated it several times and had an orgasm in the process. He was proving to be a fast learner. I had barely put my knickers back on when the 2pm appointment arrived. This time it was a guy with a Lab. Apparently they were the preferred breed in the town. He led his bitch to the shed and I tied the German Shepard up so he could watch. I got the other Lab out and he soon mounted the bitch who was on heat. The guy kept looking at me and I could see the lump in his pants. He was obvious enjoying the show and lusting after me. “Sorry” I thought “you are not my type. You don’t have fur”.

The dog did his work and I put him away. “Thank you young lady” he said “you have a couple of fine dogs here”. “If you only knew how right you are” I thought but didn’t say. He led his bitch up to the office and paid the stud fee. Cindy declared it had been a good day. I left the German Shepard tied up and retrieved the Husky. Watching the dogs servicing bitches always turned me on. I urged the Husky to lick me and then mount me. I hoped the German Shepard would get the idea. Afterwards I put them back in their pens and tidied up ready to knock off for the day. As I said goodnight to Cindy she announced that April had contacted her and wanted both of us to come and see her on Saturday. Finally I might get a chance to enjoy Cindy. I would take my 10” strap-on just in case.

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