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I received a lot of angry feedback from my last story. I decided to try and show you guys that I have a lighter side too.

All characters are of course over 18. All your comments are welcome. Please vote.


Tommy lazily woke up to the gentle nudging of his mom Sandra.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” She cajoled in her sweet voice. He drowsily turned his head to see his mom standing beside the bed looking down at him. Apparently freshly showered, she was wearing a bathrobe that although tied at the waist, was threatening to burst open because of her enormous tits.

“I can afford to sleep in today.” he yawned and turned to face away from his mom and go back to sleep.

“Oh no you can’t young man.” She said as she pulled open the sheets; her son wearing nothing but a pair of pajamas. “I see what the problem is.” She giggled as she brazenly grabbed her son’s morning wood, squeezing it in her hand.

“Mom!” Tommy cried out.

“Oh don’t you “Mom” me young man,” She said in mock seriousness. “You were probably going to jack off weren’t you?”

“Oh Mom!” Tommy replied in mock exasperation.

“C’mon, sit up and let mommy wake you up.” Sandra didn’t even bother to wait for a reply. She bent over at the waist, making the tops of her breasts spill out of her robe. She brushed her large tits against her son’s face and proceeded to cup his head with one hand and bury his face in her cleavage. She then sat him up easily, her son glued to her tits and offering no resistance. When he was finally sitting on the edge of the bed, she pried her son’s face away and knelt down in front of him.

She struggled to free his hard cock from his pajamas but finally managed to pull it out. “Well, would you look at that! Looks like this head isn’t sleepy at all!” She exclaimed as she stared at his purplish, angry looking cockhead.

“Maybe you don’t need waking up as much as I thought, baby.” She teased.

“Don’t be a cocktease mom.” Tommy groaned with impatience.

“Tommy! I can’t believe you’d call me a cocktease. You should know your mom better than that.” She chided him before lowering her face to his cock, licking the head all around and giving it a kiss.

Tommy just groaned and grabbed her by her brown hair and pushed her face into his groin. Sandra immediately placed her left hand on his lower abdomen to prevent being fed a mouthful of cockmeat while gripping his cock with her right hand and pushing it sideways to prevent him from pushing it against her face.

“Now, now Tommy, don’t be rude. What did I tell you about cramming your cock in a woman’s mouth?”

“Sorry, Mom. I just got a little excited.” Tommy apologized. “Suck my cock!” He then commanded in a firm voice.

Sandra smiled but didn’t remove her hands just yet. “There, that wasn’t so hard was it? Such a turn on too. Besides I’m not even naked yet.” and she stood up and unceremoniously removed her robe and threw it on the bed. She gave her son a few minutes to stare at her voluptuous body, as she squeezed her big tits and rubbed her clit.

Sandra then went down on her knees, and took her son’s hands. She placed a hand on one of her large tits which her son immediately began kneading. The other hand she placed at the back of her hand, making sure he was grabbing a fistful of hair and would be able to control her bobbing head when he wanted.

Sandra slowly but steadily sucked her son’s cock. Inch by inch she lowered her head Çapa Escort until she had swallowed his entire length and felt his throbbing cockhead at the back of her throat. She looked up to find her son looking down art her with a lustful grin, enjoying the warm wetness of her skilled mouth. Encouraged by her son’s obvious pleasure, she began a slow up and down rhythm, her tongue licking the underside of his cock all the while. Before long her son was vigorously bobbing her head for her. She placed her hands on his thighs just in case he got a little too excited but let him use her mouth like a pussy.

Sandra’s well-practiced mouth had no trouble taking the rough assault on her mouth. She simply sealed her lips tightly around her son’s throbbing cock, relaxed her throat and let Tommy use her as he pleased. Before long she felt his excitement about to burst. Before she could react, Tommy buried his cock in her mouth and down her throat. Sandra had just enough to brace herself before her son’s hot, sticky jizz exploded in her throat. She expertly swallowed every spurt, down to the last drop.

After blowing his load, Tommy finally eased his hold but did not let go. His Mom, without being told, started cleaning his cock. She licked and sucked at his for-now limp cock until it looked like it was freshly washed. To Tommy’s delight, she even tried to coax a few more drops of cum out of his cock.

“There, all clean. I’m just gonna go over to the other room and check on your cousin Bobby okay?” She said, standing up.

“You know, I haven’t fucked you yet Mom.” Tommy reminded her.

Sandra smiled and said “Don’t worry baby, mommy didn’t forget. Why don’t you brush your teeth, wash your face and get some breakfast. Then mommy’s going to take a shower with you and take of you real good, okay?”

“Okay mom. Maybe I’ll fuck you in the tub.” He boldly suggested.

She preferred being bent over and fucked from behind but decided not to say anything. “Hmm… We’ll see.” as she headed for the door. She didn’t even bother to get her robe.


Sandra, stark naked, walked into her nephew’s room. Bobby was still asleep, which was no surprise, but just as she hoped his cock was already very much awake. She pulled down the sheets and discovered that he was naked underneath.

“That’s so sweet! He’s probably excited for his mom to get back from work.” She mused. “Don’t worry Bobby, Auntie Sandra’s going to keep you company.”

Sandra, for the second time that morning, went down on her knees and started sucking on morning wood.

It didn’t take long for Bobby to wake up and find his gorgeous, busty aunt busily sucking his cock. He laid there and just enjoyed the feeling of his aunt’s skilled mouth. When he shifted to feed more of his cock to his aunt Sandra, she immediately let go of his cock.

“I’m sorry, Bobby. Did I wake you?” She teased.

“It’s okay Auntie. You can keep sucking my cock, I don’t mind.” He joked.

Sandra made a face and stuck her tongue out at her nephew, and then proceeded to suck her nephew’s cock.


Meanwhile, Tommy was eating breakfast downstairs. He had on just a pair of boxers, knowing his Aunt Jane would be home soon. He was busy eating pancakes and daydreaming what he would do to her when a taxi cab parked at the front of the house. Tommy knew it would be his Aunt Jane, but didn’t bother getting up; he knew better.

He just watched as the cab started to rock and sway violently. Çapa Escort Bayan It looked like the backseat had malfunctioning hydraulics. After good ten minutes, the car finally stopped rocking and his aunt emerged from the backseat wearing a long overcoat. Tommy stood up to open the door and greet her.

He was a little surprised to see her staggering towards the front door. He was used to seeing her walk a little bowlegged every morning, but nothing like this. He guessed Raul must’ve done a heck of a job on her. He helped her into the house as the taxi sped away.

Tommy took her hand bag and helped her to the couch. Aunt Jane immediately slumped into the couch, her coat opening in the process and revealing that she was completely naked underneath. Tommy’s rock hard cock got even harder.

He sat beside her and began fondling her big, firm tits. She just laid back and enjoyed her son’s groping hands, too tired to do anything else.

“Wow Aunt Jane, you look so wasted. Did Raul fuck you up good?”

“Not more than usual.” She tiredly replied, resting her head on her nephew’s shoulders.

“So why are you so tired?”

“You know better than to ask, Tommy. You know how Bobby wants to be the first to hear all the fucking I did on the job.”

“Well, you can jus just tell how it went and leave out all the details. Those are what Bobby really wants anyway. Besides, you’re my fuckslut remember?”

“Hmm…” She smiled, suddenly finding the strength to rub his erection thru his boxers. “I am your fuckslut aren’t I?”


“I got gangbanged 3 times last night. Well actually once last night, the other two in the early morning.”

“Three times?!? You really are a slut aren’t you, Aunt Jane?” he teased her.

“Hey, it had nothing to do with being a slut! I was well-paid for it.” She said defensively.

“Sorry, my bad. You’re such whore then.” He playfully chided her.

“You know very well I am. I’m only a slut to you and Bobby.” She proudly declared.

“Yeah,” he smilingly agreed as he tweaked her nipple. “So how about a nice, hard fuck Aunt Jane?”

“But, Tommy.” She whined, “I’m so tired!”

“Oh c’mon Aunt Jane, you’ve never turned down a fuck in your whole life. Besides, you’re my slut remember?” He reminded her once again. Jane just whimpered a protest and pouted.

“C’mon Aunt Jane, we both know you want it.” His hand snaked downwards to rub her already wet pussy.

Aunt Jane pouted and said, “Promise you won’t be as rough as usual?”

“I promise.”

“Ok” she agreed with a smile, “You better mount me. I don’t really have the strength to ride that hard cock of yours.” She said as she lay on her back and spread her legs, resting one leg on top of the couch the other on the floor. Tommy pulled out his rock-hard cock and crawled on top of her. As his Aunt Jane guided his cock to her pussy, “Are you ready for this, Aunt Jane?”

“I’m always ready for my favorite nephew.” She cooed, but suddenly remembered Tommy’s rough tendencies. “Just be gentle like you promised, okay?”

“Sure Auntie.” Tommy replied, not really thinking of anything but getting cock in her tight, hot pussy.

Jane moaned as her nephew slowly inserted his cock in her. He looked directly into her as he steadily buried his throbbing cock in her. Jane gave a satisfied whimper when he was finally fully inside her.

“Oh yeah! That’s it, baby, fuck your auntie.” She moaned.

Tommy suddenly Escort Çapa pulled out and thrust his entire length back in one swift, powerful stroke.

“Ugh!” Jane groaned. “Tommy, you promised!” she almost wailed.

“Sorry Aunt Jane, I just had to give you one good poke.”

“Just go slower!” She hissed.

Tommy complied and began a slow, circular rhythm.

“Mmmm… Oh yeah, just like that. Fuck me, Tommy. Fuck me good!” She moaned as her nephew worked her pussy. “Oh baby, you’re so good.”

“You like that Aunt Jane?” he teased, using long, deep strokes.

“Oh god yes, Tommy! Fuck me with your hard cock!”

“Like this auntie?” as he changed to short and shallow but vigorous strokes.

“Oh Fuck! Make me cum, Tommy. Make your slutty aunty cum!” she begged.

Tommy just grunted and alternated his strokes, making his aunt go wild. She began writhing and humping against him; the soreness of her pussy forgotten as she focused on the pleasure her nephew was giving her.

“Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!! Make me cum Tommy, make me CUM!!” She screamed.

Tommy, sensing her orgasm drawing near, began fucking her faster. Using long, sharp strokes his hard cock pistoned in and out of his aunt’s dripping pussy. Within minutes his aunt was screaming and bucking wildly.

“Oh Fuck! FUCK! You fucking motherfucker, I’m CUMMING!!!”

Tommy had to hold on for his dear life as she bucked and thrashed like a woman possessed. Tommy did his best to ride her thru her orgasm. When she finally calmed down, Jane had a silly, starry-eyed look on her face.

“You ok, Aunt Jane?” he asked.

“Mhmm…” She could only moan as she stared at her nephew.

“Good, ‘coz I’m still hard. Maybe you could suck me off.” He ordered, rather than asked, as he brought his pussy-juice-covered-cock to her lips.

Jane just smiled at him and said “Anything for my darling stud.” And she happily sucked cock like it was the most delicious lollipop she ever tasted.


Upstairs, Sandra was still busy sucking Bobby’s cock.

As much as she enjoyed her son’s enthusiastic and vigorous approach to sex, there were times when she welcomed a more laid back pace. She loved sucking cock. She loved kissing, licking sucking, deep throating and doing just about everything as she worshipped a hard cock. With Tommy, it was always just a matter of time before he began using her mouth as a substitute pussy. Even though she welcomed it, it was still a treat for her to be able to just kneel down and keep sucking on a rock-hard cock without being face-fucked.

She had been sucking her nephew’s morning wood for a good twenty minutes at least when they both a loud scream from downstairs.

“Well, looks like your mom is home.”

“Yeah.” He simply said as he pulled her head back to his cock.

“Mfghm Fmhm Dmwn mm Tmfth” She mumbled around his cock.

“What was that Aunt Sandra?” He asked as he released her head to allow her to talk.

“I said would you like to cum on my face or down my throat?”

“Oh… hmm… Well, you haven’t had breakfast yet so I guess I better feed you, huh?” He replied naughtily.

Sandra smiled and gulped down his cock, sucking him like a vampire that fed on cum. She had worked him up so good for the past twenty minutes or so that he was ready to blow. In less than a minute, he was hosing down her throat with hot spunk.

When she finally swallowed the entire load he deposited in her mouth, she licked his cock and balls; making sure he was completely clean.

“There, all clean. Now, just wait for your mommy ok?”


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-Forsaken One

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