Best Adventure EverBest Adventure Ever


This is one my favorite sexually experience that truly happen to me. I never really had to much gay sex before this and matter of fact this was my second partner. We met online and we arrange to me for him to take me to his place for sex. He was old enough to be my father with grey hair but I didn’t care. I was 25 and feeling the need to be fuck by a man. To feel a hard cock in my ass pounding away always gave me great joy from my first lover. When we got to his place he offers me a full body massage and I ready accept because I never had one done before. When he started I was laying on a table naked with only a small towel covering my stiffing cock. It felt great to have his hands all over my body beside my penis in which was starving for his touch. At the end he asked me if he could remove my towel and I swallow hard saying yes. He removes it and freeing my hard 6 inch cock to start playing with it. It was amazing feeling being naked with this guy fully clothe holding my dick. He had one hand on my shaft and the other rubbing his palm over my tip of my dick. He begins rubbing my kaçak iddaa dick in all kind of ways and it was turning me on in a way I was never before. I could feel my orgasm coming but he stop and grab a lotion from a nearby table and put some on his hands.

He put his finger in my ass and starting fingering it while he held my head with his other hand to kiss me. His tongue was strong in my mouth moving around like an eel and his finger ramming my ass with more pleasure that I could handle. I could feel myself about to explode and cum hard. He let go of my head and grab my cock with one hand starting pound it hard and fast as he was stilling fingering my ass. Soon I came hard and shot cum all over my belly. Here I was still the only one naked and just came very hard, wanting to fuck him hard.

He took me to his shower to clean me up and started to remove his clothes. I couldn’t wait to see his cock and when I did it gave me a hunger for it. It was a beautiful 8 inches cock when fully grown. When we were in the shower water pouring all over our bodies kissing passionately feeling kaçak bahis each other hard cock rubbing against each other. My hand went down to his member which I wanted more than ever to play with. It was hard in my hand and more right than anything like it was meant to around it. He told me to stop and turn around placing my hands on the shower wall. I watch his hand grab a bottle from the wall and felt his finger putting it around my ass. I knew what was coming my cock was hard as it could get again and my ass pop out a little to offer it to him to fuck me. There is nothing like having your ass fill with a hard cock fucking you all it worth. First moment feeling him entering me was blissful and nothing feels more right. He started slow at first then went in a good rhythm with hands on my hip. I bit my lip from the pleasure and wishing it would go on forever. I can start to hear him moaning and knew he was about to cum. When he did my ass was fill with cum and I love the feeling of it in there. I felt sad when he pull out of me because I felt empty and wanting another cock in me again.

The illegal bahis rest of night was uneventful till we went to bed holding each other naked but when I woke up the next day horny than ever. He was still asleep but I couldn’t wait and wanting to try something I never did before and that was swallowing a mouthful of cum. I started to suck his dick and the taste was perfect. I wasn’t too big on blow job before but I barely did it. He woke up with a moan and I was going to town on it. I lick the tip tasting his pre cum juice and was getting more excited by the second. My first never let me finish just stopping me to spin me around to fuck me. This was beginning to turn me on greatly having my lips going down on his shaft. My head was bobbing up and down with the right speed to savior the taste of this cock a little longer. When my mouth was fill with his cum I knew I was hook. The taste of cum was so good I could suck a row guys off just have in it my mouth again. I felt dirty right then and I wanted to be his whore. That night he had me press against one of his big windows with it open for the world to see, lights on and fucking me into a fit. I was hoping somebody in that house across from us was watching because it turns me thinking I was seen being his little whore.

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