Rowan and I had met through a music website some 5 odd years ago. Infact, if she wasn’t my first online friend, she was one of the first.

Immediately we had a lot in common. Obviously we both loved the same band, and thought their bass player was the sexiest man on earth, also we were both blonde, both Aries, had the same take no prisoners and take no shit attitudes, both were in to alternative spirituality ..

We were from different countries and our life paths had certainly been different, but there were also parallels.

It was apparant to us both that we had a real bond .. like sisters. We certainly did look alike! Even my mother thought so.

And whilst Rowan is the more flirtacious of the two of us, in no time we had many guys fantasising over being with us – the whole “twins” fantasy…

She actually did end up fucking one of the guys .. and told him how she had wanted to do me.

It was only after a long conversation with him that I realised that Rowan was serious – it wasn’t just her mucking around and being cheeky and leading the boys on.

Our friendship was cemented and never waned and we discussed us having a committed lesbian relationship, but we both liked dick too much to make a go of that (not to mention I had never been with a girl before).

But none-the-less, that didn’t diminish our spiritual bond as friends, sisters, witches and potentially, lovers.

So now, many moons later I FINALLY get to meet my beloved Rowan.

I am busting with excitement when the plane taxi’s in to the terminal! I rush of the plane and am ‘power walking’ to the gate, I pause to ‘straighten myself up’ after the flight and do a quick hair and make up check.

I am wearing a black flowing Steve Nicks style skirt, black knee high lace up boots and a bright red top that is cut to follow the line of body snuggly – my narrow waist, curving out to my full hips and tightly hugging my “rack” (as Rowan refers to them), my skin is pale, my long blonde hair is out and I am wearing my signature bright red lipstick.

She is wearing a purple velvet skirt and a top in shades of purples, like me her long blonde hair is out and her big blue eyes express the same excitement I am feeling.

Ro is in her mid 30s I’m in my late 30s, we’re about the same height and the same weight and god endowed both of us with big tits.

We run squealing in to each others arms Ümraniye Escort and embrace, jump around and are close to tears. I swear there is not one person and the terminal that hasn’t heard us carrying on like a pair of high school girls catching up after the long summer break.

“My god, Angelene, I can’t believe you are really fucking here” she says in her smart arse way. “Oh beautiful, I know! Finally! Can you fucking believe it?” I replied.


She had taken the day off work so after dropping my bags off at her place, we hit the mall. We shopped, talked, ate and had a perfect girlie day.

She had gotten rid of her boyfriend for a day or so and her kids were staying with relatives so we could hang out by ourselves.

We had showered and put on ‘something more comfortable, as they say. For me, that was a red bra and panties set, a black satin bath robe and black fluffy slippers .. for Rowan, that was a t-shirt that barely covered her ass, white panties and white socks. (for some reason we both were susceptible to getting physically cold feet)

With the take out delivered, and the movie in the DVD player we settled in to a girls night in.

The movie was a bit of a surprise. Ro had told me it was a ‘girlie movie’ and that she was sure I would love it.

So when the credits started to roll and I realized it was a Vivid porno made for women I was a bit ‘uncertain’. Apprehensive probably a better word, but I was certainly up for seeing where this was going to lead!

I don’t think we made it 5 minutes in to the movie before Rowan leaned in and started kissing me.

Soft .. tender kisses .. “Mmmm,” I thought, loving the feel of her feminine lips .. the way her tongue snaked in to my mouth and entwined with mine. In no time I was kissing her back. We were clenched in a tender embrace, holding each other as our kisses built to fever pitch.

One of her hands had wandered to my thigh, running up and down the outside of my thigh from my hip down, and she lightly ran her fingers up the top of my thigh and back down the outside and then was caressing my inner thigh and I felt my legs instinctively part.

I found that my hands too were wandering, also rubbing her creamy outer thighs, over her hips and caressing her ass. My hands were wandering up her back under her t-shirt and back down to her ass.

She undid Ümraniye Escort Bayan my robe and began to knead my breasts in her hands and as her mouth bent down to kiss my chest; her hand returned to my inner thigh and softly brushed my pussy through the lace fabric at my crotch.

We were caught up in our passion and I pushed my ample bosom in her direction, encouraging her to free my aching breasts. She undid the front clip and my tits were exposed. She continued to caress and squeeze my breasts. I reached across and pulled her t-shirt off over her head and saw her amazing, full breasts. I had to touch them! I had one in one hand and began to softly squeeze and knead .. With my other hand I pinched her other nipple – by the moan she let out, I knew she enjoyed that. I tugged at her nipples a little more and leaned in and took one in my mouth. My tongue circling her nipple, then flicking at the bud and I began to suckle on her big tittie all the while the other hand was caressing her other tit and tweaking that nipple.

Our mouths met in another kiss and my hands found there way down her back and gripped her ass pulling her closer to me.

She broke our kiss and told me to lean back against the couch, and she pulled my butt forward so it was at the edge. A hand ran up and down either thigh and she reached for the sides of my panties. Tugging at them, I lifted my ass off the couch as she slid them down my thighs and I kicked them off. Her hands resumed stroking my thighs, I could feel my legs parting and she took each of my knees and spread them till I was wide open in front of.

“This, Angelene, is what I have wanted to do to you for 5 years,” she announced. Then she lunged in and ran her tongue up my slit. My puffy lips were opening and she could see the pink bud inside. Her fingers parted my lips and she ran her tongue from my hood down to the entrance to my vagina and let her tongue wiggle in my hole a little and licked back up. Up and down with her full tongue. “Oh god” this felt so good! And I felt my hips thrust up pushing my pussy in to her face.

She wrapped her arms around my thighs to hold me still and with one finger from one hand she flicked at my clitty for a moment and then used her fingers to open my hole and have a look and feel inside. She then slipped one finger inside me and wriggled it around and then another. As her fingers Escort Ümraniye began to fuck me I felt her tongue on my puss again and she nibbled and nuzzled on my clit til my juices started streaming out of me.

I was bucking wildly against her face and she held firm and licked my clit til I toppled from one orgasm in to my second.

Then she soflty, but surely lapped my juices up .. Licking every soaked crevice.

“Oh god,” she continued “your Aussie pussy tastes soooo good!” And she crawled up me and straddled my lap and we started french kissing again.

My hands found her breasts again and then wandered down to her ass.

I broke the kiss and asked her to stand up in front of me and I slowly peeled her panties off, over her hips, down her thighs .. legs and off over her feet.

My hands on her hips I guided her to turn around so her back was facing me and I reached from behind and caressed her upper thighs.

I instructed her to get on all fours and I knelt down behind her and began to massage her ass cheeks, down the side of her thighs, around to the front of her thighs, her inner thighs, between her thighs, just brushing at her dripping wet pussy.

“Ro, let me do this,” I said as I gently pulled her ass cheeks apart and let my tongue trace around the rim of her ass.

“Oh god Angelene,” “what are you doing?” she said .. “Shhhs Ro .. I think you’ll like it,” I responded.

My tongue circled her tight asshole and after a few laps I poked my tongue and started to worm it’s way up her tight little anus. “Ohh,” she moaned and pushed her butt out. Her ass was getting nice and lubricated and I was able to slide my tongue in a little further.

One hand was on her left butt cheek, my right hand was playing with her pussy, and her puss was dripping wet.

I moved my mouth to her vagina and slid my tongue inside. I licked inside her, wriggling my tongue and just lapping at her oozing insides.

My hand found her clit and and I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger .. “Ooooooh god” she moaned.

I kept the pressure on her clit as I proceeded to fuck her with my tongue.

She was in need of release, so I shoved my tongue as far up her as I could, my nose rubbing at her ass and my fingers working her clit.

She was bucking and grinding and I felt her body start to tremble and then it happened .. she came with a squirt!

As she was coming down from her orgasm I continued to slowly rub her puss and when she returned to her cheeky self, I slapped her ass.

She knelt up and turned and faced me and kissed me hard on the lips. “Oh my beloved Angelene, I am so glad you are here,” she sighed. “Me too my lovely me too” I replied.

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