Being asked to Breed a White, Married Woman chapter 5Being asked to Breed a White, Married Woman chapter 5

Double Penetration

After we landed and were waiting for our bags in baggage claims I sent a text to let Josh know we had arrived.Hey there,Just wanted you to know we have landed and will be at the hotel shortly. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and to get working on trying to get our two firms working together. I plan to arrive at about 9 am unless you want me there earlier. Thanks for all of this and I can’t wait to see you. Sally says hi and wants to meet your girlfriend to see if she is as special as you indicated the last time we saw you, no pressure there, lol.See you tomorrow my friend.AntonioI hit send and decided I needed to see if Mike wanted to join us tonight for dinner. I had nothing special planned, probably eat at the hotel restaurant.Our bags arrived and as we were walking out to get the car we had ordered I asked both about dinner.“Okay, I have a question for both of you. After we check-in and settle down a little, why don’t the three of us eat at the hotel restaurant tonight?”“Sir, I don’t want to impose on your time with Sally,” Mike said.Before I could answer, Sally said, “I call bullshit. Mike, you are here with us and should feel comfortable eating with us. I promise I won’t crawl under the table and give Sir a blow job.”Mike looked stunned and then we all three broke out in laughter. I pulled her to me and mouthed ‘Thank you’ to her.As we got in the car and Mike put our bags in the trunk, he said, “You win. I don’t think I have a comeback after that Sally.”“Good, I am glad that is settled,” I said.We left and Mike drove to the hotel using the GPS on his phone.When we arrived at the hotel, I went to check us in and found we did not need a second room for Mike as Josh’s company had booked us a suite with three bedrooms. I got three room keys and we followed the bellhop to the elevator.Once in our room, I told the others to wait to unpack until after we ate, so we went back down to the restaurant to enjoy a light lunch. After lunch, Sally and I walked around to see the pool while Mike went to make sure the car was secure.While Sally and I were looking around I sent Josh another text to let him know we had checked in and our suite was great. He responded he was excited we were there and said we should come to his house about 6 pm and we would have supper there, so we could get caught up with our lives and we could meet his girlfriend.I told him we can do that and he texted ankara travesti me his address which I sent to Mike so he could GPS it when we were ready to go.I decided to rest and Sally joined me but she had other ideas. She looked a little shy, but then she just dropped to her knees and started to open my pants.“Excuse me, what the hell do you think you are doing, Kitten?” I asked with a smirk on my face.“I am sorry, Sir, but I am thirsty for some cum and I want yours,” Sally responded not looking me in the eyes. “Besides I must confess that if Mike had not been with us at lunch I would have definitely dropped under the table and done this then.”I lifted her head with my finger and told her, “Look at me, Kitten. You are more than welcome to it but I think you forgot what your place is here. The dress code still applies and I don’t believe you are complying right now. I need you to lay across my lap so I can punish you.”Sally looked surprised I would enforce the dress code with Mike in the other room but she just lowered her head and stripped down to her stockings and heels. Today she had worn a garter belt with her stockings and she looked so hot I almost wanted to forget the punishment and just fuck her.But I knew I could not do that and as she laid on my lap, I rubbed her ass cheeks as I said, “Now do you know why you are being punished, Kitten?”“Yes, Sir, I did not obey you and get naked as soon as we entered the room,” she said.I smiled and then said, “Don’t forget to count each slap or I start over again.”Sally looked over her shoulder confused. Had I forgotten to tell her the proper way to count? So, she asked, “Sir, I don’t remember you telling me how you wanted me to count. Is there a certain way I should do it?”“I guess I never did since this is your first punishment. Yes, there is a certain way I want you to count. After each swat, you will say the number of the swat and then say ‘Thank you, sir, may I have another.’ Got it?” I asked her.“Yes, Sir. I will do it exactly as you say,” she replied.While she was saying this, I raised my hand and hit her right cheek making it turn pink instantly.I saw her wince but then say, “One. Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”“Very good, Kitten,” I told her and then came down on her left cheek. Now both cheeks were pink.“Ooh, Two. Thank you, Sir. May I have another,” she said right on cue.I continued until travesti ankara I gave her five swats on each cheek. They were red and you could see my handprint on each as well. I knew she would be sore so I told her, “Go get the lotion the hotel supplies, and I will rub it on your ass, Kitten.”She got up and got the nearest bottle off of the nightstand. I applied it and the red started to lessen.She got up and I immediately pushed on her shoulders. She looked at me with a confused look on her face.“I didn’t say no to your idea of a blow job, I just complained you weren’t dressed properly. So, worship my cock, slut,” I told her.Sally smiled and immediately fished out my already hard black cock and proceeded to pleasure me. She was getting better at taking my size down her throat and seemed to want the prize that she knew was coming.“You are getting so good at that, Kitten. I am glad you love to suck me as I do love watching you on your knees in front of me. You are mine now and will be forever. Ben is just going to be a parent to our child and not your lover. That is what I am, your black lover, with a big black cock for a white married woman,” I told her.Sally pulled off my cock looking worried about what she had just heard. “Sir, I do have to tell you how worried I am that Ben will not like that. He is my husband and I have already told you I will not leave him no matter how much I love you and love being with you. Please, don’t make me make a choice here as I need both of my loves in my life.”I could see her starting to cry so I pulled her up to me and wrapped her in my arms tightly.“I am sorry I made you cry but I wanted you to understand how I see us from now on. I own you and you are a Queen of Spades. You could never go without a black cock, even if it is not mine. Ben just has to realize what you need to be satisfied,” I told her.I moved her off my lap and got into my suitcase to give her the present I brought here. “I was going to wait until after my meetings were over to give this to you but I think now is the right time.”I handed her the jewelry box and she looked at me in shock. “What is it, Sir?”“Well open it and find out Kitten,” I told her.She did and her eyes were as wide as a plate. “Oh, Sir. I didn’t think you were serious the other night when you mentioned you might do this. Am I to wear it when I am with you?” she asked.“No, you are to ankara travestiler wear it always and Ben is just going to have to get used to it. Is that a problem?” I was looking into her eyes when I said it and saw her start to tear up again.“I…I guess he will just have to, if that is the only way I get to be with you, Sir. I want to not only be your baby mamma but also your fuck slut. Yes, you are correct I will forever need big black cock now to feel satisfied,” she said and then broke down crying.I held her again and took the necklace, a gold chain with a Queen of Spades card on it, and placed it around her neck. It symbolized that she only fucked black cocks.After a few minutes, she pulled back and looked at me before speaking again. “I am sorry for my reaction, Sir. Thank you for the necklace and I do understand what it means for me to wear it. I will only take it off when I bathe. I am proud to let everyone know about me now.”She leaned up and kissed me passionately and our tongues did a little dualling as well.I laid her down on the bed and got between her legs. She never broke eye contact and just smiled knowing what was coming next. I placed my mushroom head at her entrance and slowly inserted it into her causing her to moan.“Thank you, Sir, for everything we have done today. I loved being spanked by you and I love my new necklace. I will wear it with pride knowing I am your white married slut. Now please drive that beautiful black cock of yours into me and claim me as yours,” she begged me.I smiled at her and then said, “I like it when you beg. You are never going to want a white cock again. I will always claim you and expect you to allow me to breed you as often as I want.”With that said I picked up the pace and got into a steady rhythm that caused her to moan and lunge up to meet my thrusts into her.“Fuck, you are still so tight. I can’t believe I haven’t stretched you out yet. I guess by the end of this week that might happen,” I told her.“Please, Sir, just fuck me. I am so excited to know we will be doing this several times each day while we are here. I can’t wait to walk around tonight at Josh’s with your cum running down my legs,” she said and then giggled.I pushed as far as I could inside her and felt my cum fill her yet again. She then stiffened up and came with me. We laid there catching our breaths and then I kissed her.“I love you, Kitten. I don’t care that you are married as far as I am concerned you are now mine and will always be mine,” I told her.“Mmm, I like the sound of that, Sir. Now I need a shower before we go out or I will be letting everyone know we just had sex,” she said causing us both to laugh.

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