Beginning of a Good WeekendBeginning of a Good Weekend


I walk in your door and drop my keys. You reach over and kiss me while dropping your pants. I grab your cock that is already erect from the anticipation of my visit. As I stroke it, I realize how ready you are, so I fall to my knees and lick the tip. Your cock jumps at the touch of my tongue, and I immediately cover it with my whole mouth. You moan and grab my hair as I lick and suck on your hard member. When you back away I am confused, but my confusion is short lived as you take my hand and lead me to the couch where you pull off my shirt.

You unhook my bra, freeing my size D breasts from their bondage. Your eyes open wide when you see them and your hands instinctively move to my nipples. You begin pinching and pulling them until they are hard. You can’t stand it anymore and you move your mouth to me. As you suck and bite one nipple, your hand is still pinching the other. I lean my head back and moan. Your hands start roaming around çapa escort the rest of my body, pulling my skirt up around my hips. I hold my breath as I feel your fingers slide over my panties. You linger over the thin material for only a moment until you push it out of your way. I cry out as I feel your fingers parting my flesh and rubbing my clit. I adjust my position to give you better access to all of me. You happily begin using more fingers, and when you feel how wet I am, you insist that you have to taste me.

You quickly pull off my panties and my skirt, move between my legs, and devour me with your mouth. As you tease my clit with your tongue, you push 2 fingers inside of me. The sounds I make tell you I’m enjoying this attention, so you insert more fingers. I move my hips to meet the thrusting of your hands. I beg you to let me enjoy your cock in my mouth while you taste me. You willingly topkapı escort oblige, climbing on top of me, cock positioned perfectly over my face. I begin to stoke and suck your rock hard member while you are enjoying a feast of my juices. Your mouth on my clit and your cock in my mouth quickly bring me to a climax.

I tell you I need you inside of me and you don’t argue. You start to move between my legs, but I stop you, stand up, bend over the arm of the couch, and tell you I want you to do me from behind. You tease me by slowly placing the tip of your cock inside of me. I want all of you in me, so I push back into you. You smile as you back away, telling me that you are in control. I beg you to fill my pussy with your cock. You continue to tease until I’m not expecting it, then you push your whole length into me with one fast movement. I scream out in delight at the feeling of being fındıkzade escort filled with your hard cock. As you begin to pound into me doggie style, your balls smack against my clit and your length rubs my g-spot. It’s almost too much for me to handle this hard and deep fucking. You smack my ass and reach up to grab a handful of my hair. The combination of your touch and the rhythm of your movements excite me even more and I scream my approval with every pulse of our bodies.

The whole experience is bringing you to your climax but you want to make sure I cum first. You hold on to my hip with one hand and reach around to my clit with the other. It doesn’t take much for me and you know I am there when I scream your name. You know it’s your time and you pound me even harder. I tell you to fuck me as hard as you can and to empty your hot load inside of me. This encouragement pushes you to the edge. You pound me hard until you cry out in ecstasy and pump your cock dry, releasing your seed into me. We both collapse onto the couch in exhaustion. I have your cum dripping out of me and a smile on my face. You kiss me and tell me if I will give you some time to recover, you’ll rock my world again. I nod, knowing this is just the beginning of a wonderful weekend.

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