Becoming HisBecoming His


As his lips press softly against mine the cares of this world fade away into darkness.He and I are all that exist.Lips pressing harder my need becoming palpable the blood in my veins seems to become liquid fire.My heartbeat pounds through my eager body.Strong hands caress isveçbahis my face memorizing the nuances of me each nerve in my body tingles as his fingers work their magic.He has taken my breath away.Our lips part yet we want more we give in to the hunger his isveçbahis giriş tongue finds mine our bodies merge together.Ecstasy washes over me in burning waves.The joyous heat of our passion courses through my veins my heart beats like a loud drum desire isveçbahis yeni giriş drips from my core.Every part of me igniting on fire.The carnal need now irresistible. The world is gone, an unwanted guest, all that exists in the moment are he and I, alone together in our bodies.He growls as he finds me willing and wet.Gloriously now we light the universe with star bursts and screams and fireworks. He is so beautiful in his passion as I release all that I am into his keeping.Nothing will ever be the same.

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