Becoming Ch. 03Becoming Ch. 03

Group Sex

That weekend was the best weekend Audra had experienced yet in her mere eighteen years of life. She spent most of it locked away in her bedroom, overcome by the pleasure brought by her new budding breasts. She felt flashes of guilt when Alex knocked on her door Sunday morning and asked if she wanted to ride with him to get breakfast—he had come all the way home from college, after all, and she knew it was rude to ignore him so much—but she really couldn’t help herself.

Or rather, all she could do was help herself.

It seemed that no matter how many times Audra made herself cum, her newly elongated nipples only became harder, and her cunt, wetter. And Audra made herself cum a lot. She’d discovered the magic of the pulsating shower head in adolescence, of course, but she’d never enjoyed it with the fervor that she did that weekend, never enjoyed it six times a day, each until the hot water turned cold (and even sometimes then, the icy water on her feverish pussy making her orgasms that much stronger). She’d never enjoyed it with such abandon, legs splayed over the tub, a damp washcloth shoved between her teeth to stifle her cries of ecstasy, the shower head beating a relentless rhythm on her clit, her breasts, her clit, her breasts.

And they were breasts, those once-flat patches on her chest. She wasn’t in so much of a lust-fueled fog to notice how they had blossomed. The small grapefruit size had persisted through the rest of Saturday, though when Audra finally collapsed in a sweaty heap to sleep at nearly four a.m., her reddish areolas had grown from quarters to something just shy of silver dollars, and her rock-hard nipples had swollen to throbbing nubs a fair bit thicker and longer than they had been that morning.

Sunday morning, when Alex had woken her asking about breakfast and she’d called back “Too tired!” in a voice that she’d hoped concealed the fact that she already had two fingers curled inside her dripping cunt, her breasts hadn’t seemed much bigger. Audra had known, though, that they sex izle weren’t done. She could tell by the way they felt: heavy and over-full, like two water balloons stuffed to the point of bursting. It would have been painful if it hadn’t felt so fucking good when she groped them.

“You can grow more for me, can’t you?” Audra had said to them that afternoon, giggling to herself as she squeezed them in the mirror after one of her marathon shower sessions.

Sure enough, by that evening, they had. Gone were the grapefruits and in their place, much to Audra’s delight, were two perfectly ripe, juicy honeydew melons. She could hardly believe it as she palmed them, feeling the soft but firm flesh jiggle in her hands. They were deliciously heavy and full, but betrayed their weight on her frame, appearing high and round with only the barest hint of a teardrop shape to indicate just how wonderfully natural they were. Her nipples, an erotic red now, were even thicker—about as thick as her thumbs—and longer. They jutted proudly upward, making her already perky tits look impossibly perkier.

“Fuck me,” Audra groaned to herself as she examined her new body, her hands, as always, drawn back to her aching nipples. “This is impossible.”

But it wasn’t. The proof was there on her chest, round and firm and real. Less than two days ago, she’d had the body of a skinny, unremarkable boy, and now here she was with her round ass and tiny waist and impossible yet incredibly real tits. It was a rack, Audra thought, that would put Natalie Price’s to shame.

She wanted—needed—to know just how big she’d grown, so that night, she Googled a measuring chart and when she was sure Alex was in bed, she snuck down to steal the measuring tape from her mother’s sewing kit. She measured twice, just to be sure, enjoying the silky glide of the tape over her nipples.

Double D—barely. Audra had a feeling that, if she actually had a bra in that size, she’d be one good bounce away from falling right sikiş izle out of it. Out of a double D and into, what? An E? Fuck. The thought was so incredibly erotic that Audra found herself, for about the fifteenth time that day, splayed open on her bed, one hand pinching her swollen nipples and the other driving the thick handle of her hairbrush into her tight pussy.

She was so wet—seemed to always be so wet now—that the handle slid in with ease. She drove it in all of the way to the hilt, and it stretched her pleasantly, but it wasn’t enough. She’d fucked herself countless times on this hairbrush, and while it was better than nothing, the novelty had long since worn off.

Audra knew she needed something bigger, something that would really fill her up and stretch her out the way she craved. She slammed the hairbrush into her again and pinched a nipple between vice-like fingers. Something that would hit every secret spot inside her, something that would push her right to the cliff’s edge that separated pleasure from pain. Her pussy clenched hard around the handle, and she shifted so the heel of her hand could grind against her clit. The combined sensations sent bolts of pleasure up her spine, and she dug her heels into the mattress and gripped her heaving tit tighter.

Her brain, close to short-circuiting from all the pleasure, fit snippets of a fantasy together behind her closed eyelids. Her thighs, slick with her own juices, pushed far apart. A long rod, impossibly thick and impossibly hard, pounding into her pussy, filling her to capacity at a punishing speed. Her massive tits, swollen beyond the constraints of her bra, bouncing wildly. Two anonymous mouths with unbelievably skilled tongues, sucking and sucking and sucking at her thick, throbbing nipples.

Audra came with a groan that became something shriller as one orgasm turned into two turned into three, all of them rolling together into an unstoppable train of pleasure. Her back arched off the bed, her sopping türk porno pussy clenched wildly around the hairbrush handle, her big titties quivered and knocked together. It might have been a minute or it might have been five when the waves retreated, leaving Audra sticky, panting, and with a pulsing pussy. She pulled the hairbrush free of her body and brought it to her mouth, licking both it and her fingers clean of her juices. The salty, tangy taste of her pussy sent a shock to her engorged clit and she felt the beginnings of dull, twin throbs starting deep in her breasts.

She laughed, watching the way her tits bounced and swayed as she did. It was going to be another long night.

Monday morning, the sound of a car door slamming and an engine turning over woke Audra. She lay in a patch of sunlight, one hand idling teasing her clit, and listened to her brother drive off. She contemplated a shower—her skin was stiff with the dried combination of sweat and her own sweet fluids—but her growling stomach changed her mind. Food first, shower later.

Audra slipped on a pair of panties which grew damp instantly at the crotch and an old t-shirt made a few sizes too small by her now-oversized tits. She hadn’t measured again this morning, but she was confident from the heavy pressure she felt behind her nipples that if she wasn’t already double-D-no-more now, she would be by noon.

In the kitchen, she found a note from Alex on the table saying he’d gone to visit a few high school buddies and would be back that evening. Audra smiled. The whole house to herself…

She ate three big bowls of cereal and four pieces of toast with peanut butter, unaware until that first bite of just how ravenous she was. She wasn’t sure she’d eaten anything all weekend, as…busy as she’d been, and she’d certainly worked up an appetite.

She checked her phone while she ate—it, like her meals, had been severely neglected—and found a slew of texts from Maggie, asking her to pretty please hang out soon and help Maggie escape from babysitting her zoo of younger siblings. Audra held a piece of toast between her teeth as she typed out a response, inviting Maggie to come hang out at her place for the day.

“I have something you need to see,” she wrote. “You won’t believe it.”

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