Becoming a Gal Friday Pt. 09Becoming a Gal Friday Pt. 09


Here I am standing naked in red 6 inch plastic high heel platform shoes, all dolled up in makeup with red lipstick and sporting a semi-erect cock being held in a fabric cock ring thong that is also holding a penis shaped butt plug in my ass.

I am in my Ex’s apartment complex in the morning hours with David in an elevator. I feel so vulnerable and so much like some fem boy. But I’m not! I am a hetero guy who likes girls. Yeah…but now, I feel like a girl and at least my cock says I’m still a boy.

Now, standing there in front of us is a young twenty something, good looking in a rugged way.

He’s about six feet tall, scruffy brown hair, unshaven, in bare foot in gray sweat pants and a white tee shirt holding a basket of dirty laundry, with a bottle of laundry detergent in his hand. “I almost forgot the detergent,” he mutters as he steps into the elevator.

We step back to let him in, I try to hide behind David, but he won’t have it. So I huddle off in the corner, hoping the young man sticks to elevator etiquette and just keeps his eyes forward and not make contact with the rest of us.

“It’s too bad you are moving out.” The scruffy young man in the now tenting sweat pants says. “You look nice, like some pretty girl all made up, that is if I just look at your face and your body, excluding that cock of yours, of course.”

“Ahh…” I answer, as I can’t help notice his tent. “How did you know we were moving out?”

“The empty boxes and the empty bags you’re holding. Too bad, you look like interesting neighbors. I really like your outfit.”

“Ahh….” I mutter embarrassed, as I feel flushed. I must be blushing from head to toe.

“You could get arrested looking like that, just to offer some friendly advice,” He says.

I glance down to avoid eye contact and just happen to stare at his full tent in his sweat pants.

“But, you are a good neighbor and might be persuaded not to report anything,” David asks.

“I might.”

“Well after you start your laundry, perhaps my little boy here could come to your place and orally persuade you to you forget you saw him, or at least not report him,” David says as he pats my head. “How does that sound?”

“Sounds fine. Hell, I don’t see anything wrong here, he went and put all his clothes in the wash and so didn’t have anything to wear but that little string thing and he just happened to be in such a hurry that he put on his girlfriend’s makeup and shoes? Yeah, for a good one I might be persuaded to believe something like that happened. I think that sounds like a plan. I’m sure your friend can administer to my needs in a way that I would be happy to overlook this situation. I’ll see you shortly.”

David gets his room number and the young man exits. Hell! Oh no!

We continue on our way up to my Ex’s. What will

David make me do with this guy? Suddenly I really notice the sensation of that plastic penis in my ass. Oh…God…please no….

My mind is focused on that penis in my ass as we approach and open the door to my Ex’s. David starts asking me where my stuff is located and we begin to pack my belongs up. I show him the dresser draws and the closet where my clothes are and then the book case where my few books are, my DVDs and CDs collection is located.

“Excellent, now you run along downstairs. We don’t want to get you arrested.” David says. “I’ll handle this while you handle him. Now run along little a good girl, or should I say bad girl.” With that, he pats my ass.

I sigh and reluctantly give in. “Okay. I’ll be back when I’m done.”

As I head out the door walking towards the elevator, I hear footsteps behind me.

“Hey fag…I like the look….you have a great ass. Are you coming or going?” A voice behind me says.

I turn to see a husky man in running shoes and shorts and a sport tank top. “Oh….hi…”

“Hi yourself. I do like the outfit; it shows off your ASSetss so nicely. Do you know that your lipstick matching the color of those hot fuck me heels of yours? Are you moving out or in?”


“My loss. Maybe you’d like to take one for the road? I could use it.”

“Ahh…I guess…” I’m already doing ‘IT’ for the laundry guy. “Just don’t tell anyone or call the cops or something.”

“Tell me fag, what is this ‘IT’ you’ll be doing for him?”

“Ahhh…I have to suck him off.”

“No problem fag. I’m interested in something else. Want to do this at my place or your’s?”

“Ah well I was heading to persuade another guy not to report me, you could come along.”

“Sure I would love to follow your pretty ass.”

He follows me into the elevator and down we go.

We check each other out. He seems to have a solid package not too big, just sort of comfortable looking the look of his tenting running shorts, he looks like a construction worker or perhaps just bulked up at the gym. He gently rests his hand on my butt and caresses it, so softly and fondly like he is polishing something he owns.

We get to the floor and he fondles my butt as bahis siteleri we get out of the elevator. I try not to notice.

We meet up with Mr. Laundry in the hall way.

“I was almost losing faith in my fellow man when you didn’t show up. So glad you arrive. Who’s your friend? Another guy in need of persuasion?”

“Ahh…yeah…I hope it is okay…”

“He can do you first,” the muscular guys offers.

“Very kind of you. Step into my pallor.”

We go into his apartment and Mr. Muscles shuts the door.

“Nice place,” Mr. Muscles remarks, “Do you have any lube?”

“Over there on the table, now enough small talk, let’s do it,” Mr. Laundry says as he pulls down his sweat pants to reveal white undies recently stained from pre-cum. He still has a hard on, he sits down on a leather couch. “Pull it out and suck it, pretty boy.”

I pull down his tiddie whities and find a hairy and solid piece of meat. Suddenly seeing all this hair down here is a bit unsettling and unsanitary feeling. I’m getting used to David’s and Saul’s dress code. His long and solid white cock is leaking precum that I instinctively lick up. He moans. He tastes saltier than I’ve gotten used to. There is a prominent vein running along the cock shaft and I can feel its strong pulse as I take his cock head into my mouth. As I suck on his shaft, I hear him groan and I hear the guy behind me return and open the top of the bottle and presumably pour out some lube then he fondles my ass.

I want to say something to stop the other guy but Mr. Laundry feels me stopping and he grabs my head by the hair and keeps me at this crotch. He is like a dripping faucet and I just do my best to swallow as I suck him off. I can get more of his shaft into my mouth and I slide up and down this slick warm piece of sexual meat as I give him his blow job.

I can feel the other guy rub his hard naked cock up against my mostly bare ass as I continued to suck.

“How’s the fag doing,” the guy behind me asks, as he tugs on the throng string in my ass and oh no…he starts playing with the plug in my hole.

“Ohhh shit man…he’s a natural….ohhhhh….”

“Too bad he is moving out, he could be a nice playmate,” the guy behind me says as he takes the plug out of my ass. It feels odd with nothing inside me. I’ve gotten used to it. It almost feels unnatural not to have it in me. Oh no! Oh dear God no! I can’t say anything but I want to…I need to….please mister don’t do this to me…please….I begin to whimper as I feel his solidity firmly shoved into my ass.

“Ohh…yeah,” Mr Muscles says, the one with his hard prick inserted into my asshole, “….maybe….we should….ask his master if he….ohhhhh…does house calls…..”

“How is he?” Mr Laundry asks.

“Oh fuck…so nice and tight…I love tight holes…My lady just is not into anal. Which is such a shame, she has an ass that is so fine. Ohhhh yeah…asses are great…cunts are nice and soft and slippery but nothing holds you as tight as an ass…and his is so FINE…ohhh…How is he doing for you?”

“Shit man, this queer is a natural…Oh shit he knows what to do with a guy’s cock…Ohhhhh…”

I am crying steadily now as I’m being fucked in the ass. My cock is so hard it hurts, it hurts a lot more than my ass hurts from having a cock going in and out of it. Being fucked is not as painful as I feared. I guess he lubed it up good and having the plug in me prepped me…oh Hell…Oh…Hell….Ohhhhhhh. I recall what Mr. Muscles said about fucking cunts and asses…he likes fucking girls just like I do…they are so soft and juicy…though…oohhhhh…ahhh…Then I realize that I didn’t really like the smell and tasty of pussy….he says asses are good though….solid and tight…..I wonder what that’s like…..ohhhh…he seems to like my ass….he is pounding me and moaning like he likes it.

The cock in my mouth is constantly leaking pre-cum and I have to struggle to swallow as much as I can….still some slobbers out and down my chin as I continue with his blowjob.

“Oh shit man,” Mr Laundry exclaims as I work his shaft. “It is too bad this queer is moving out…man he is so good….”

“Oh yeah….fucking A man….” Mr. Muscles says.

“I’m going to cum….shit man…soooonnn…,” Mr. Laundry moans.

“Me too! God damn this ass is great! Let’s fill his holes!”

“Oh shit yes!!!”

Oh no! Their cumming! I can feel it….ohhhhh….

Their hot fluids gush into my mouth and asshole….I can feel the shudders and spasm of their bodies as they experience their climax sending those hot cream into my mouth and ass…my own cock begins to shoot out hot burst as well…Oh

God….it all feels so fantastic! I’m cumming! His cum is so tasty….I try my best to swallow…..oh….this time I can…he does not spurt out such a huge load….like I’ve had to deal with…..ohhhh fuck…it feels so good to have my ass filled with hot cum….my cock is slowly finishing ejaculating my own hot load….Oh God…I feel great!

That was Great!

Oh canlı bahis siteleri No!

Oh….yes! That is what my body has been saying…

My cock has been telling me that it likes the fact that strange men can stick their own cocks into my mouth and make me give blow jobs…my ass likes to have something solid in it….It likes the feeling of some strange guy fucking my ass..

Does this mean….that I’m gay? I do like how it feels….I feel his cock going soft and leaving my body…no…stay…I don’t want you to leave me….

Oh No! What did I say? I admitted I liked this? I like being fucked in the ass? I like the feeling of his hot cum filling my ass? I…I…really am gay?

“Shit man…that was great,” Mr. Laundry says coming back after his climax.

“Oh Fuck yes,” Mr. Muscles says as his cock slips out of my ass completely, “He was fucking amazing.”

I’m gay. I liked all of this. I’m gay. Oh No……

Mr. Muscles leaves and I hear Mr. Laundry say I can go wash up in the bathroom as he hands me my butt plug and thong.

In the bathroom, I try not to look at myself in the mirror…but I can see my mascara is all a mess from crying. I wash carefully the butt plug and then carefully slip the thong strings over my high heels and bring it up my legs. I secure my cock and balls through the front ring, then pick up the butt plug and insert it in my ass. That feels better. I secure it with the string of the thong. There. Now I am dressed. I head back out to the living room and find Mr. Laundry has left.

I proudly stride out of the room and down the hall, basically naked and happy with my cock flapping with each provocative step I take. I take my time listening. I dare myself to be seen again. I want to be seen again, hoping to suck another stranger or better yet to be fucked by someone’s big thick piece of meat.

But…fate is not with me. I stand in front of the elevator looking all ‘come take me’ in my sexy pose, with my hands on my hips and ass. The elevator door slowly opens.

Rats. No one is inside.

I step in and punch my Ex’s floor. Should I tell David? Or should I just show him? Let him take me? The thought of his huge black hard cock in my asshole excites me and I shiver. My cock awakes with thoughts of primal lust. His cock is so big and long how much can really fit inside of my ass? Will it feel painful the first time? Do I care?

The doors open and out of step anxious to meet David; I let my erection point the way as I walk down the hall.

I approach my Ex’s apartment and see all the bags and boxes near the door neatly arrange. I quietly call David’s name.

“In here. Come to me,” he calls in a sultry deep voice.

I follow and find him in the bedroom all spread out. His face is beautiful, almost angelic and all made up with lush dark pink lipstick, long beautiful lashes and accented eyes. He has large golden hoop earrings on. I catch a whiff of my Ex’s perfume. He is wearing a white baby doll with matching white thong panties. David is wearing one of my Ex’s outfits. His hard on is not contained in that small white panty. He has on white open toed stiletto pumps with six-inch heels. His pose on the open unmade bed is so sexy and inviting.

I stand fixate by his gaze and his sexual beauty.

David writhes on the bed for me and I just stare at his dance of desire. I notice how the bed has been stained from earlier sex fluids. My Ex’s has spent the evening and perhaps the morning with someone on this bed and I can see those large spots as evidence of her activities in multiple places over the bed sheets.

He rises out of bed with bright intensity in his eyes. He is like some panther approaching his prey.

His arms wrap around me and the scent of the perfume floods my senses. I’m aroused and my cock press up against his cock. His mouth opens and we kiss, deep and long. I feel like I’m being swallowed in sex and I can barely stand this kiss is so inviting, hot and wet. Our tongues dance sensuously and suggestively of the mingling of our bodies yet to come.

One arm keeps me close in his embrace and passionate kiss while the other surreptitiously travels to my ass and takes the plug out of my ass, and then he works his hands to my front and somehow manages to free my cock and balls from the ring that held it. He then slides the thong off my hips and ass. I’m free and feel even more nakedly vulnerable.

He pulls me to the bed and we tumble together, giggling as we fall, wrapped in each other’s arms.

He kisses lightly my face, neck, and chest, making his way down my body. Sucking a few moments on my nipples and then playing with my belly button. Finally he comes to where me sex is hot and hard waiting for him. He takes me in his mouth and I just dissolve.

I am breathless and lost in wet hot desire.

Then I feel warm oil pouring carefully and anointing my cock head and my shaft.

He gently pushes me away and rolls over presenting his back and his magnificent behind with the thin white strips canlı bahis of the thongs accenting the shape of his solid sexy bubble butt.

“Take the thong off me Jesse,” he says in a deep hot breathy voice.

I slowly and reverently pull the strips out of his ass cheeks and bring the thong down off his ass and hips. He bends his leg so that I can work the thong off him having a bit of difficulty, they get caught on his high heels, but after some concentrated effort I negotiate them off him and toss the thong panties behind me. David raises his hips, spreads his legs apart, and presents that incredible ass of his to me.

“Take the oil and coat the crack between my cheeks,” David commands me with that breathy voice.

I pour the oil and work it into his ass and he glistens.

“Work the oil into my asshole.”

I pour some at his asshole bud and work the oil into it, slipping a finger into that inviting hole.

“Yes, that’s it. Now Jesse, mount me. Please. Take your cock and plunge it into my ass. Please take me on this bed and fuck me…please Jesse, do it for me…”

As if in a dream, as if I am watching a video and not really participating, I feel myself get on top of the lustfully open and inviting naked black body that David offers me. I see his spread open ass and the oiled and anointed asshole waiting. I imagine it is winking at me and call me to enter into its secret warm depths. I see myself take my cock head and press it against David moist asshole and in slip, easily and as if he is swallowing me up.

“Yessss…go deep in me….Jesse….push your cock deep inside my ass….please take me….”

I feel a warm tightness surrounding me as I go slowly deeper….I’m being held so firmly…deeper into warm mystery I go until I feel my hips settle in against his firm solid and lushes ass.

“Fuck me, Jesse. Please fuck me.”

I feel myself taken on this bucking ride. My body, my erection knows what to do and it plunges in and out of this inviting dark chocolate ass that has opened for me and me alone.

A powerful desire takes hold of me and the urges of my cock pound repeatedly into his dark deeps. My balls boil and my cock burns as I plunge in and out of David’s wonderful ass. I’m overwhelmed and a fire burns and burst forth from my balls to burst forth outwards sending my lava like essences into the solid depths of David being.

Too quickly it is over.

“Ahhh…so sweet…so wet….just rest my sweet one…recover….lay against me firm, soft body…”

I collapse onto David, allowing my form to melt onto his curves, his solidity; his sweet blackness is where I reside.

I awaken with a feeling of vigor and firmness. I don’t know how long I was out of it.

“Yes, Jesse. I feel your hardness in me. I knew you would awake again. Take me again. Take me one more time. Take me hard and long. Ram your cock in my ass and fuck me over and over and over. Fill me. Flood my ass with your cum.”

David’s words transform me and my body rises to his wishes. My cock is hard, hot, and filled with lust and need.

I once again ride his ass with vigor and power as I fuck him. I plunge into his ass over and over and over again.

My moans of pleasure and joy meld with David’s. We are one flesh. We are sex. We are fucking together.

Long and hard, I work and plow his ass. David keeps encouraging me to fuck him, to keep fucking his ass. We both glisten from the wetness of my efforts as my body works up a hot sweat.

Finally, I feel that boiling heat need to explode. I burst forth and gush out filling his ass with my hot fluids. I gush and gush and gush.

I keep cumming as I pound his ass, filling him up and flooding his asshole. I can feel my cum dripping out of his hole and traveling along my cock as I keep plunging into him and ejaculating more cum into his ass.

In one last powerful burst I yell out my joy and lose consciousness in hot blazing fulfillment.

I awaken sometime later, sweaty and steamy, lying on David’s moist body.

“Oh…Jesse…you were wonderful.”

I get off him and we get off the bed seeing the large puddle of my jizz stain on my Ex’s bed.

“Shall we wash up,” I ask.

“Nah. I like the smell of our sex. Let’s just get dressed and made up.”

David makes the bed and removes my Ex’s baby doll and places it in the hamper. I go write I brief note for my Ex and leave the keys.

We do up our makeup in the bathroom mirror side by side, butt touching butt. We finish and giggle girlishly, blowing a kiss to each other with our hot pink lips. David gets into his tight 501’s and puts back on his white stiletto pumps. He has brought me a skimpy pair of cut off shorts and a cut off sweat shirts that leaves my bare belly exposed. I step into my pink platform high heels and I’m indecently clothed. The shorts show off the bottom of my ass cheeks. I admire myself in the mirror and I feel proud how sexy I look.

With our heels clicking down the halls, we get my stuff out of my Ex’s and into the SUV.

I still feel the sexual buzz and I’m happily in a daze.

This time David drives directly to our place and we pull in to the garage. I see Saul waiting for us looking tall, strong, and sexy in his jeans and tee shirt.

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