Beauty and the Geek Ch. 07Beauty and the Geek Ch. 07


“I can’t believe tomorrow night is prom already.” Stacy said. It was Friday afternoon and she and Miley were enjoying some chili fries and diet sodas at the local arcade after school. “Did you see Adrian today? He looked sooo yummy. I’m totally going to jump his bones tomorrow night.”

“Do you want to make him your /boyfriend/?” Miley teased.

“As if!” Stacy laughed. “I only said yes because it’s prom and I want to go with someone from school. You know I only date older guys.”

Miley replied “Still, I’m glad he asked you to prom, Adrian’s a nice guy. We’re going to have so much fun.”

“I still can’t believe he asked you first.” Stacy sucked some soda through her straw, then teased “Like you would go with anyone but Charlie. You two are so in love it makes me sick.”

Miley scoffed out a laugh, “Whatever. You’re just jealous!”

“I am a little.” Stacy admitted with a grin. “I’m glad you’re happy hon, seriously. You’ve found your dashing geek…”

“Oh my god, speaking of geeks… did you hear that Brian is going with Cassie Burns?” Miley asked, munching on a fry.

“Really?” Stacy sounded surprised.

“Yeah.” Miley confirmed, “He asked her to a concert last week and I guess they totally hit it off. I’m so happy for him, he needs a girlfriend.”

“Speaking of Brian, where the heck are him and Charlie? I expected them to come with us. They never turn us down for chili fries at the arcade…”

Miley scowled, “They’re working on that stupid comic book of theirs. Ever since my dad said he’d show their stuff to a publisher it’s like they’re obsessed.”

Stacy laughed, “A little jealous?”

“No!” Miley denied, “But it’s like Charlie doesn’t even notice me anymore, he’s always with Brian working on story boards and plot twists and… god, I don’t even want to talk about it.”

“Oh my god, Miley. Whatever. You and Charlie are like, attached at the hip all day at school.”

“At least I’ll get him all to myself tonight. Dad has to go down to Tampa and finish some business and won’t be back until tomorrow.” Miley smiled, excited. “So Charlie and I will have the condo all to ourselves.”

“A little pre-prom warm up?” Stacy giggled.

“Sort of.” Miley winked. “I have a surprise for him that Charlie will never forget…”

“I don’t even want to know.” Stacy remarked dryly. “So how is it going living with your dad?”

“It’s fine. You know my dad. He loves me but he’s pretty hands off. I like the freedom, but I kind of wish he was around more too, you know?” Miley grabbed another French fry. “And I miss Charlie being down the hall.”

“I wish your dad was around more too.” Stacy said, “So I could seduce him!”

“Oh my god!” Miley threw her fry at Stacy.

Both girls fell into a fit of laughter.


“You made her look like a total slut!” Charlie argued, gesturing at one of Brian’s sketches.

“What do you mean?” Brian wondered, sitting at his bedroom desk, pencil in hand.

“You have her wearing a bra, garters, and heels.” Charlie fumed. “She’s a reporter, not a hooker!”

“Dude, I always draw my females sexy…” Brian said.

“Sexy is fine, but she’s not supposed to be a dominatrix, she’s Captain Darkness’ girlfriend for crying out loud. She’s supposed to be a nice girl!”

“Fine, fine, I’ll try another concept.” Brian frowned, grabbing his notebook and tearing out the page. “I’ll save this drawing though, you gave me an idea for a villain…”

Charlie heard his cell phone buzzing and looked around Brian’s messy room. He found it laying on the bed and answered, “Hello?”

“Charlie you /ass/!” came Miley’s steaming voice.

“Miley? Uh…?” Charlie asked.

“You were supposed to be here a half hour ago!” Miley’s voice had that tone of danger that Charlie was starting to know all too well. “If you are still at Brian’s working on that stupid comic I swear I’ll kill you both!”

Charlie looked wide-eyed at his watch, “Oh! Uh, no, I just left, I’m on my way… see you soon love you bye!”

“What the hell?” Brian asked.

“That was Miley…” Charlie said, pocketing his phone and frantically looking for the keys to his mom’s car. “I was supposed to meet her at her dad’s place thirty minutes ago… she’s going to kill me.”

“You can’t go now!” Brian complained. “We still have to make a decision on the Captain’s base of operations…”

“It’ll have to wait.” Charlie said, finding the keys. “See you at prom tomorrow?”

“Okay dude…say hi to Miley!”


Miley had a scowl that could melt granite when she opened the door to her and her father’s new condo. “I can’t believe you Charlie!”

“Miley… I’m so sorry… I…”

“You and Brian and that damned comic. It’s like you love that comic book more than you do me!” Miley turned and stalked inside.

Charlie trailed after her, closing the door. “Sweetie, I’m sorry, I…”

“Don’t you ‘sweetie’ me, buster! I made spaghetti and meatballs just for you, and you know I don’t cook Charlie, and now it’s cold and…” Miley let out aksaray escort an exasperated sigh, turning her angry glare on poor Charlie.

Charlie stared at Miley, suddenly noticing what she was wearing “Um, why do you have a bathrobe on?”

“Never mind that!” Miley scolded, “You better not be working on that comic tomorrow, because I swear Charlie, I’ve had it with feeling like I’m second place to Captain frigging Darkness. It’s prom tomorrow and you better make me feel like a queen or else I’ll…”

“I got a limo.” Charlie blurted.

“A limo?” Miley asked, temporarily distracted from her anger.

“Yeah.” Charlie confirmed. “My dad borrowed me the money. I’ll have to pay him back after I get a summer job, but… there was enough leftover for a room at the Four Seasons too.”

“Ooh!” Miley was suddenly beaming. It was difficult for her to stay mad at sweet Charlie. Most of it was just theatrics anyways. “The Four Seasons? That’s one of the nicest hotels in Tallahassee.”

Charlie grinned, “Yeah. Look, I’m really sorry I’ve been so busy on the comic. I swear, Brian and I won’t even talk about comics for the rest of the weekend.”

“You better not.” Miley warned.

“You really cooked?” Charlie suddenly asked.

“Yes… but I think I burned the meatballs.” Miley pouted, “I’m so useless in the kitchen.”

“Aw, I bet they’re fine.” Charlie said. “Want to warm it up in the microwave?”

“Later. I have a surprise for you first.”

“A surprise?” Charlie sounded curious

Miley nodded, blue eyes twinkling. She slowly untied the belt of her robe, then peeled it off her shoulders and let the garment fall to the floor.

Charlie’s mouth hung open in near-shock.

Miley was wearing a tight sports-bra-like top that bared her naval. It was blue, and emblazoned with the Superman ‘S’. A flaring red mini skirt hung from her slender hips, so short it barely concealed the matching red panties beneath. Her tan legs were clad in high glossy red boots with heels; they lifted to just below the knee. A red cape hung from Miley’s shoulders.

“Oh my stars and garters…” Charlie whispered.

Miley smiled at him. “I know Supergirl is supposed to be blonde, but…” Miley struck a pose, fists on her hips and one leg akimbo. “This my prom gift to you.”

“That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen…” Charlie muttered.

“I had to do something to get your attention, and comic books seem to be the only thing you care about lately…”

“You have my /undivided/ attention.”

Miley smirked, strutting towards Charlie. “Ever made it with a super hero, big guy?”

Charlie shook his head slowly, still staring at Miley.

“Well, tonight’s your lucky night.”

“Miley, I don’t know what to say…”

Miley started unbuttoning Charlie shirt. “Tell me you want me.”

“I want you so bad.” Charlie assured her.

Miley peeled the shirt off Charlie, revealing his hairless torso. “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you so much…”

Next, Miley unfastened Charlie’s jeans. “Tell me I’m more important than your comic book.”

“You are… you’re the most important thing in my life.”

Miley pushed Charlie’s pants and underwear down, until he stepped out of them. “Tell me you want to make love to me with your big thing, Charlie…”

“I do Miley… I want to make love to you right now. You look so incredible.”

Miley pressed her costumed body against Charlie’s nudity, lifting to her toes to kiss him. Charlie’s hands went right under Miley’s short skirt, gripping her ass firmly over her tight panties.

“Oh!” Miley squealed against his lips, “Getting fresh with Supergirl are we?”

“Sorry.” Charlie smirked, “Couldn’t help myself.”

“I guess I can forgive you, since you have this big thing right here.” Miley gripped Charlie’s erection, giving it a few strokes. “You’re so hard already… like my own personal ‘man of steel’.”

“Damn, you are so sexy when you use comic book references.”

Miley gave him a tender shove, “Have a seat, baby. You’re about to score.”

Charlie was all smiles as he stepped back and sat on the couch, his erection sticking straight up towards the ceiling.

Miley hiked her tiny little skirt up and started wriggling out of her panties, pulling them down her toned legs and over the glossy boots. “You don’t mind if I keep my outfit on, do you?”

Charlie shook his head, still in awe.

Stepping to the couch, Miley straddled Charlie’s lap, hovering over his turgid penis on her knees. “Look at that beautiful cock.” Miley said, wrapping her smooth cotton panties around his length. “So hard and powerful…”

Charlie lifted his hands to the back of Miley’s thighs, running his palms up and down her legs.

Curling her neatly manicured fingers into a fist, Miley began masturbating him with the panties, the soft material sliding against him.

“Oh wow, that feels so good.”

“I know baby.” Miley cooed, “You always like it when I jerk you off don’t fatih escort you?”

Charlie only nodded.

“This big cock of yours is always full of so much goo.” Miley continued pumping him, rubbing the smooth material of her panties along his shaft. “I bet I could jerk you off three times a day and you’d still have lots of cum left. You’re such a horny boy aren’t you?”

Charlie nodded again, lifting his hands to Miley’s bare ass, beneath her skirt, kneading his fingers into her soft flesh.

“Look at your big cock Charlie, already all twitchy and leaky…” Miley rubbed a finger tip over the top of Charlie’s penis and lifted a sticky strand of his pre-cum to her mouth, letting him watch as she tasted it between her red lips.

“Oh shit Miley, you’ve got me so hot already…”

“Poor baby.” Miley teased, returning to her slow strokes. “Do you need to be inside me? Hmm? Do you want to stick that big cock of yours into Supergirl’s tight pussy?”

“Yes…” Charlie near-pleaded, smoothing his hands down the outside of Miley’s thighs.

“Such a naughty boy… wanting to fuck a nice innocent superhero like me. I bet you want to cum on me too, don’t you? You probably want to shoot your nasty stuff all over my sexy little tummy and breasts…”

“Oh god…” Charlie moaned.

“Is that what you want Charlie? Hmm? To decorate me with your sticky mess?” Miley pulled her panties off Charlie’s penis, letting it twitch in the air without her grip. “How am I supposed to fight bad guys with your cum all over my sexy outfit?”

“I… I…” Charlie stammered, so aroused that he could barely think of anything to say.

Miley giggled at his needy expression, then sunk down onto his cock, letting it penetrate deeply into her sex.

“Ohhhhh fuck….” Charlie moaned in absolute pleasure.

Miley rolled her hips, her skimpy skirt obscuring their union as she straddled his lap and let his erection work its way into her vagina. “Tell me before you cum, okay baby?”

Charlie grunted a nod, wordless.

“Don’t cum inside me.” Miley murmured, “I want to watch you. I want to see all your spermies come shooting out of you. It’s so hot when your cock gives me all of your love, I adore watching that.”

“I do love you, Miley.” Charlie told her, bucking up with his hips as she humped him with a steady rhythm . “You’re so amazing, I can’t believe you did this for me. You’re so fucking hot.”

Miley bent and kissed him, holding Charlie’s face in her hands. “Am I good girlfriend? Hmm? Am I good girlfriend for dressing up and giving my boyfriend a good fuck?”

“The best.” Charlie answered.

“I’m glad you like my outfit…”

“I love it Miley… so much.”

Miley beamed a smile, then took Charlie’s hands and drew them back to her ass. With him supporting her weight, she leaned way back, rutting her hips against him. This caused the top of his shaft to stimulate her clitoris firmly. “Do you want to shoot your load on me baby?”

“Y-yes…” Charlie said, watching Miley’s petite frame curl backwards, his hand clutching her butt cheeks.

“Tell me… talk dirty to me baby, make me cum…

“I want to shoot it all over you…” Charlie told her.

“Where…” Miley gasped, “Tell me where.”

“I want to shoot it on your titties” Charlie said, “And your tummy, your sexy tummy… I want to shoot my cum on your titties and your tummy… oh fuck Miley…”

“You’re so naughty Charlie, telling me you’re going to shoot your nasty mess all over my tits.” Miley leaned forward again and started bouncing on Charlie’s cock.

“I want to shoot my cum all over you…” Charlie groaned, doing his best to hold his orgasm back.

“Oh my god… you nasty boy…” Miley’s eyes started to lid, and she felt her sex beginning to tingle. She pressed her palms against Charlie’s slender chest and fucked herself onto him at a rapid pace. “You must think I’m a total slut… don’t you…”

“Yes!” Charlie gasped with arousal, “I want to cum on you like a slut, like a dirty slut…”

“Oh my god!” Miley bucked on Charlie’s cock, “Oh my… oh! Oh fuck! Charlie!”

“I’m going to shoot it all over you…” Charlie said, knowing that Miley was mid-orgasm. She loved dirty talk, and he was growing more comfortable using it during their sex. “Does that turn you on, thinking about being coated in cum?”

“Yes! Oh that’s so naughty… I want to be dripping with your sticky cum…” Miley gasped and impaled herself on Charlie, driving his cock deep into her sex. One of her hands dipped under the red skirt and Miley started rubbing her clit. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your big dick baby… oh Jesus fuck!”

Charlie felt Miley’s honey coat his shaft as her vagina and thighs quivered around him. “Miley…” he groaned in warning.

Miley kept rubbing her clit, gasping with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

“Miley…!” Charlie said more urgently, his mouth starting to hang open. He could feel the orgasm slowly boiling up his length.

Miley eyüp escort finally looked at Charlie, breathing in gasps. A portion of her senses returned and she realized how close Charlie must be to orgasm.

“Miley!” Charlie yelled with urgency.

Miley lifted herself off Charlie’s shaft, “Oh baby, cum for me…”

Charlie’s erect length waved in the air between Miley’s thighs. “Miley, please…!” he begged.

“I’ve got you baby… mama’s got you.” Miley sat back on his legs and took Charlie’s cock into her firm grip, pumping him rapidly. Her masturbation was lubricated by the slick remains of her own orgasm coating Charlie’s penis.

The first shot went high into the air, startling Miley as it splattered against her face. “Oh!” she squealed, giggling as the second rope did the same. The rest she aimed towards her torso, and Charlie’s cock kept pumping out his orgasm.

“Uhn! Uhn!” Charlie was grunting as his cock heaved out its burden over and over. Miley laughed as it landed all over her sports bra, criss-crossing over the ‘S’. More strands of the pearly fluid stretched across her naval and yet more fell onto her red skirt. Miley was delighted with the spectacle, so happy that Charlie was having such a potent orgasm.

“Oh my god!” Miley said as the last of it oozed and dripped out the tip of Charlie’s cock, onto her hand and wrist.

“Jeezus.” was all Charlie could say as he slouched into the couch.

“Oh my god…” Miley repeated in disbelief. “You soaked me, baby. Look at it all!” She was playing with it, letting it stretch between her fingers, still giggling.

Charlie looked through lazy eyes at the strands of cum clinging all over Miley.

“I’m going to have to wear this suit more often… I think it turned you on.”

“You have no idea…” Charlie remarked.


“Where did you find that outfit, anyway?” Charlie asked, twirling some noodles onto his fork. He and Miley sat at a small kitchen table eating re-heated spaghetti after getting cleaned up from their lovemaking. Charlie just had his jeans on.

“Online. I just knew you’d love it.” Miley replied, mirroring Charlie’s actions with her own fork. She had to take the Supergirl outfit off, as it was suitably stained with semen, and she wore only the red panties and Charlie’s shirt (which she left unbuttoned and open). “I wanted to be Wonder Woman, but my boobs aren’t big enough to fill out that one-piece she wears. I don’t know how she punches out bad guys with those big tits of hers…”

Charlie grinned at that, reaching for the parmesan. “You’re totally the coolest girlfriend ever.”

Miley beamed and leaned over to kiss Charlie’s cheek, giggling when she got spaghetti sauce on him. “I’d do anything to turn you on.” She lifted a napkin to his face. “You know that.”

“Yeah, you’re really good at it too.” Charlie took another bite. “I can tell Brian about your outfit, right?”

“Of course.” Miley answered, “I tell Stacy everything, after all.”

“Everything?” Charlie wondered.

“Uh huh.” Miley laughed when she saw Charlie’s nervous expression. “She’s my best friend Charlie, we tell each other everything.”

“Scary.” Charlie remarked, dumping more cheese onto his spaghetti.

“Whatever.” Miley rolled her eyes. “Like you don’t tell Brian everything.”

Charlie smirked and continued to eat. He looked at Miley, clad as she was in his shirt. It hung open and he could see her small breasts and the tanned expanse of her flat stomach. Her curly dark tendrils were a little strewn from their sex, which only added to how sexy she appeared to Charlie’s eyes.

“What?” Miley’s smile reached her brilliant blue eyes. She adored the way Charlie looked at her.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“Charlie…” Miley’s cheeks colored a little.

“You are. It’s astonishing. You take my breath away every time I look at you.”

“Baby you’re so sweet.” Miley leaned close, pressing a kiss to Charlie’s lips. “Will you spend the night? I want to wake up in your arms.”

“When is your dad getting back from Tampa?” Charlie wondered, not wanting to get caught.

“He said around lunch time.”

“Yeah, okay.” Charlie agreed. “But I better get going in the morning, I have to go get my tux and everything.”

Miley beamed a smile, “You’re going to look so handsome.”

“And you’ll be the most gorgeous girl there.” Charlie got up from the table, carrying his dishes to the sink. “So, what do you want to do tonight? Want to watch TV or something?”

“I kinda want to fool around some more.” Miley stated.


Miley nodded, “I’m horny.”

“Miley, we just had sex like twenty minutes ago.”

“I know but you’ve been telling me how beautiful I am…” Miley got up from her chair. “And that always makes my pussy itch for you.”

“You’re insatiable, you know that?” Charlie told her.

“I know.” Miley bit her lower lip, pouting cutely. “What can I say? You’ve got a horny slut for a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, that’s a tough problem to have.” Charlie remarked dryly.

“Will you give me oral pleasure?” Miley asked, slinking her body against Charlie’s and smoothing her palm against his slender chest. “I love it when you eat my pussy.”

“Yes.” Charlie replied softly. “Of course I will.” Without warning he grabbed Miley under her arms and lifted her to the kitchen counter.

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