Beauty and the BeastBeauty and the Beast


When Sebastian Beast, the famous photographer and consort of innumerable fashion models and film stars, decided to move into the quiet country town of Lustley it caused quite a stir. Sebastian was tall, thirty-years old, wealthy and exceptionally handsome. He had bought Thrustham Hall, an imposing Victorian mansion on the outskirts of the town, part of which he had transformed into a photographic studio.

Sebastian could often be seen driving his Porsche around town, sometimes accompanied by one or other of his models and visiting the more exclusive clubs and bars in the wealthier parts of town. He was not only the talk of the town but the centre of rumour and speculation among the town’s local girls, his dark good looks turning their heads and raising hopes that he might look their way.

One girl in particular was very taken with Sebastian. Her name was Petronella Pullman; she was a very attractive eighteen-year-old college student who lived with her widowed father in a cottage not far from the local church.

The most striking thing about Petronella’s appearance, apart from her slender form and perfectly shaped figure, was her pale skin, dark brown eyes and jet black hair which she wore short with a fringe. She was very much a modern miss who had acquired some sexual experience quite soon after reaching puberty and obtained something of a reputation among the boys of her acquaintance because of her enthusiasm for, and her skill at, sucking cock.

One summer afternoon Petronella, having alighted from the bus that brought her back from college, was on her way home when Sebastian Beast, driving his red, open-top Porsche, spotted her and pulled up alongside.

“Hello”, he said, “I’m Sebastian Beast, I don’t think we’ve met”. Petronella turned and looked at him.

“No, we haven’t”, she said, “But I do know who you are, is there anyone in Lustley who doesn’t?”

“I suspect not”, he said, smiling and revealing a set of perfectly white teeth. “Hey, perhaps we could get to know each other better.”

Taking her time, Petronella walked up and looked him up and down across the passenger seat. After a moment she said, “Yes, I think perhaps we could”, pulled open the door and got in, “where shall we go, your place?”

We needn’t dwell on the events that took place in the photographic studio at Thrustham Hall during the following hour or so, as they are not directly relevant to this story, but for Petronella it was an experience that she was not likely to forget. And news of that experience she was extremely keen to share with her very best friend, Beauty Bellingham.

Beauty Bellingham lived with her parents in a semi-detached, four-bedroom house, part of the suburban fringes built in Lustley around 1930. She was an only child. Both her parents were respectable middle class, her father was a bank manager, her mother a very active member of the Lustley Women’s Institute and the family regularly attended church every Sunday morning.

Beauty was younger than Petronella and they had become friends at their Secondary School. However, Beauty’s upbringing had been very restricted. Her mother seemed determined to keep her looking like little girl for a long as possible. All the clothes she wore needed the approval of Mrs. Bellingham, as did the way she wore her shoulder-length blonde hair. Makeup, if not exactly forbidden, was required to be used with extreme discretion. Mother made the rules and consequently Beauty was not only a naïve virgin but even at eighteen she had had no kind of sexual experience whatsoever.

Petronella knew that she could find Beauty at church on Sunday morning and decided she would join the congregation so as to have an opportunity to mention her experience with Sebastian Beast. Beauty’s mother didn’t really approve of her friendship with Petronella, she said she thought she was flighty and not a good influence.

As the parishioners made their way into the church, Petronella, who had decided to wear a black and white striped cotton dress and a little pillbox hat for the occasion, waited for the Bellingham’s car to arrive.

Beauty was dressed in a very pretty pink, full-skirted summer dress and a straw-hat with a matching pink hatband. She wore little white gloves with lacy cuffs and carried her prayer book and a tiny pink handbag. Beauty’s parents led the way into the church giving an opportunity for Petronella to slip in alongside her friend.

“I’ve got something incredible to tell you”, she whispered.


“When can we get together? Could we meet after church?

“Mummy and daddy will expect me to got back with them”.

“How about this evening?” Beauty thought about it. “I know, I’ll tell mummy that you need some advice, she’ll let be go then”.

Petronella had always been concerned that Beauty, her eighteen-year-old virgin friend, was being seriously over-protected by her mother and, following her shattering experience with Sebastian, she delighted in the idea that she might lure her friend into the hands of this handsome arch-seducer so that she might lose her virginity ankara üniversiteli escort in the most rewarding possible way.

Petronella opened the door and led the way up to her bedroom. Beauty sat next to her on the bed, her eyes sparkling.

“Now, tell me, tell me. I’ve been on tenterhooks all afternoon”, she said, excitedly.

“Sebastian Beast took me to Thrustham Hall”.

Beauty’s eyes opened wide and he mouth dropped open.

“Sebastian Beast! “

“He picked me up in his car”. Beauty was speechless, then –

“Petronella, you’re outrageous! What happened?”

“Well, it was great fun. He is a very famous photographer, so first he took lots of lovely photographs of me. Then he suggested that it would be fun to take some sexy ones, so I took off my frock and he took some more pictures of me in my underwear.” Once again Beauty’s eyes popped open and her face was aghast. “Then we did some things together that were very nice indeed”.

“What kind of things?”

“Oh, you know, touching and kissing. It was really exciting being with him. He really is quite a sexy man”

“Was it romantic?”

“Yes, very, very romantic”, said Petronella, lying through he teeth, “It was all very nice indeed”.

“Oh, Petronella, you’re so lucky. I wish something like that would happen to me”.

“Well”, said her friend, “he did ask me if I knew of any other young women of about my age who might be prepared to model for him. If you like I could tell him that you’d quite like to do some as well”.

And this is why, on the following Tuesday afternoon, Beauty Bellingham found herself tapping discretely on the front door of Thrustham Hall.

Sebastian’s studio was very spacious with lighting rigs everywhere, computer monitors and digital screens that could give instant displays of photographs as they were taken. There was furniture, in particular a large sofa and a bed.

Beauty had dressed in a pretty blue cotton frock and wore a straw hat with matching blue band very similar to the one she’d worn for church.

“Can you dance?” said Sebastian. “Yes, but not very well”, replied the virgin.

“I’d just like you to dance around in a happy way in that white area. Use as much space as you like”.

Beauty did as she was asked, and she did it very prettily, leaping and twirling, her arms and hand nicely timed with her movements. Sebastian clicked away with his digital camera, using encouraging words, asking her to repeat things, pose in certain positions, and so on.

After a while Sebastian stopped taking photos and said, “That’s very lovely, thank you”.

He put down the camera, “Now for some erotic pictures, he said.

Beauty didn’t know what he meant by erotic pictures. Petronella had said that he had taken photos of her both dressed and partially undressed, but what did “erotic” mean?

“Turn around and I’ll help you get out of your dress.”

Beauty suddenly was beginning to wish that she hadn’t agreed to do this. Petronella had made it seem fun, a little naughty but fun. And she had said that what Sebastian had done to her was Very Nice Indeed. So nice, that it had been the nicest feeling she had ever had in her life.

Sebastian had now come up behind her and begun unbuttoning the back of her frock.

Beauty’s blue cotton frock had a bow that tied at the back, a boat collar and little puffed sleeves, but to put it on she had to step into it, and someone, invariably her mother, would button it up.

Sebastian had by now reached the bottom button and had undone the bow so that it was no longer so tight at the waist. His deft hands then pulled the back apart so that the frock slipped forward revealing her bare back and shoulders. A little shudder of anxiety ran through her. Sebastian was now turning her to face him.

Beauty didn’t wear a bra. Her mother said she didn’t need one because her titties were really not big enough. But Sebastian was pulling the top forward – he would see her tiny titties!

As the frock slid off her arms she quickly crossed them so as to cover her front.

“Don’t do that” said Sebastian, ” I need to see your breasts so that I can take pictures. Beauty was very unsure.

“But they’re not very nice, they’re very small.” she said in a tiny voice.

“I’m sure I will like them no matter how small they are.” said Sebastian, turning and picking up his camera. “Now be a good girl, hold your hands behind you and pull your shoulders back.”

“I’d really rather not,” she said.

“Didn’t Petronella tell you about the pictures that I like to take?” said Sebastian, “If not why did you come?”

Beauty didn’t quite know what to say to that, so after a moment of indecision slowly did as she was asked. Sebastian suddenly became transfixed, just staring at her naked torso. For a second she thought that she’d been right, that he didn’t like them. But then he stepped forward, looked at her face, and then again at her breasts and said, “I think they are absolutely beautiful.”

Beauty yenimahalle escort blushed. She knew she was blushing because her cheeks suddenly felt very hot – Sebastian thought her titties were beautiful! Sebastian looked again at her face and smiled a gentle smile. “Now I’ll take the photographs,” he said, a bit unnecessarily. “Could you just tilt your head slightly forward and look down. Beauty did as she was asked. Sebastian started taking pictures, sometimes bringing the camera very close to her titties. “Now, I want you to hold your breasts from beneath and lift them up”, said Sebastian. Beauty wasn’t sure that there was very much to lift, bit she did her best.

Beauty began to realise that she now quite liked being photographed. Sebastian took pictures of her naked upper body from every angle. He then put the camera down again and came close. “Might I touch?” he asked.

Beauty didn’t think she could say no. After all Petronella had said that Sebastian had touched her, and that was going to be part of it; part of having a feeling that was going to be Very Nice Indeed.

Beauty gave a very quick nod. “Put your hands behind your back again”, she did. Sebastian looked at her titties for some time, then he used the tips of his fingers to stroke both of them very gently but firmly, and then he did the same to her nipples. Beauty was a little shocked to realize that she quite liked it. This clearly was one of those feelings that were going to be Very Nice Indeed. Sebastian looked at her face. She knew that he could tell that she liked what he was doing.

Suddenly, he put both hands on her waist, pulled her slightly to him and began to kiss her titties. Beauty was shocked, but didn’t know what to say. Then she felt his lips and tongue sucking and licking her titties. She tried to step back, but his hands held her waist firmly.

“Er, no. Really. I’m not sure . . .” she stuttered. Sebastian stopped.

Your breasts are so very pretty, I just have to do that”, he said.

Now that he’d stopped doing it, Beauty realized with a shock that she had quite liked Sebastian’s mouth sucking and licking her titties.

“Let’s get the rest of this frock off”, Sebastian said in a business-like way, and crouched, lowered the blue frock to the floor while allowing his hands to stroke the backs of her legs as he did so. Beauty suddenly realized that she was now standing in front of Sebastian wearing only her knickers, shoes and socks. She felt the blush fill her cheeks again.

“Lift your foot”, said Sebastian. Beauty complied. “Now the other one”. She did as asked and Sebastian deftly tossed the frock onto a nearby chair. He stayed, crouching in front of her, his face inches away from the front of her white cotton knickers and rubbed his nose against them, inhaling deeply. Then, without hesitation, he slipped his thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down to her thighs exposing her Private Place.

Beauty, totally taken by surprise, bent a leg across and brought her hands forward, covering herself. “No, please. I don’t think . . .” she began. But Sebastian had reached for his camera and was pointing it towards her Private Place.

“Nonsense”, he said, “put your hands behind your back as I asked. I didn’t have this problem with Petronella. Have you come here for the same reason, or not?”

With some reluctance Beauty put her arms behind her back. It was just that Petronella hadn’t gone into much detail; she’d just said that he would take some photos. Sebastian stood and took some shots, then crouched and brought his camera very close to her Private Place.

“Why are you taking pictures there?” she asked.

“Because you are very beautiful there”, he said.

“I’m sure I don’t look very beautiful with nothing on and my knickers pulled down”, she rejoined with some unexpected spirit.

“It’s very erotic”, he replied, “Now turn round”.

“You want to photograph my bottom?”

“Yes, of course, that’s why I want you to turn round”, he said irritatedly. “Look, didn’t Petronella tell you anything? I thought you wanted to come to see me because you wanted me to do things to you that would be Very Nice Indeed?”

“Yes, but I don’t think having my bottom photographed is very nice” she said, with a tiny quaver of unhappiness. Sebastian put down the camera, took hold of her upper arms very gently and looked into her eyes. “This is not just for me”, he said, “both of us want to enjoy everything that we’re going to do, don’t we?” He spoke very calmly. “This is just the beginning, just a few erotic photos, that’s all. Now be a good girl and do as I ask, then we shall do some wonderful things together that will make you feel Very Nice Indeed.”

Beauty pondered this, and then turned round a bit sulkily. Sebastian continued taking pictures. “Now, without turning round I want you to bend down and take your knickers off”. As Beauty obeyed Sebastian took a burst of pictures. Then as she bent forward to step out of them he crouched behind her, photographing her buttocks and vulva ankara zenci escort from behind. Beauty stood and turned, her knickers in her hand. Apart from her shoes and white ankle socks she was completely naked. Sebastian took them from her and held them close to his nose before putting then in his pocket. Beauty’s eyes widened with surprise. “Why did you do that?”

“Because you smell so sweet and I want to keep them as a momento. Now come over here and sit on the sofa”. Sebastian took her hand and led the way.

Beauty sat with her legs held together and her hands covering her Private Place.

“I am now going to do some things to you that will make you feel Very Nice Indeed, just as I did with Petronella. I will need to touch your clitoris and put some fingers into your vagina”. Beauty knew what they were. She had seen drawings during one of her sex education classes at school, but because they were part of her Private Place she hadn’t liked to touch them much herself.

“Now then”, Sebastian’s voice was very calm, but Beauty thought she could detect a certain breathless quality, “I want you to open your legs wide and put your feet on the edge of the sofa”. Beauty was feeling very hesitant. She had never done anything like this, other than when putting in a tampon. But she remembered that Sebastian had said that what he was going to do was the same as he did to Petronella. Very slowly, she did as he had asked and felt herself blushing wildly.

Sebastian gazed, enraptured, at the glory of nakedness before him. Beauty’s slender body and widely parted thighs, her dimpled navel and expanse of soft, white flesh that lay below, and the gently protruding hipbones framing her sweet pubic mound, delicately covered with fine blonde curls.

Sebastian started by stroking the soft flesh on her inner thighs. Beauty decided that she quite liked this; it was a Very Nice Feeling. He then very gently used his fingers to part the lips of her vagina. Beauty felt a confused feeling, it was quite nice but she wasn’t sure it was something she should let a man do. Then she felt another feeling, She seemed to be getting a bit wet. Sebastian inserted the tip on his finger between her sweet cunt lips and very delicately began to stroke. Beauty then knew that this was going to be one of those feelings that she would like Very Much Indeed. Sebastian became bolder. Her cunt juices were flowing and he smeared some of them on to her clitoris. As he touched it she gave a little jump. Sebastian then started to enjoy himself, slipping another finger into her vagina while he massaged her clitoris with the finger of his other hand. Beauty was now experiencing feelings that were not only Very Nice Indeed but on the edge of Devastating. Very soon she was having her very first orgasm and making little cries and gasps. Sebastian was going to take her all the way. He now had two fingers inside her and was feeling for the G spot. Then he started to really milk her faster and faster. Beauty was lifting her pelvis off the sofa to meet his thrusting fingers, the flat heels of her shoes thrusting down onto the sofa edge, her hands pushing down onto the seat, her cries getting wilder and louder. She came with a scream and a flood, her cum poring over Sebastian’s hand and wrist. He slowed and stopped.

He watched her, slumped and panting, a coating of perspiration over the whole of her beautiful young body. After a while she opened her eyes and slowly gave him a cheeky smile.

“Did you like that? Beauty gave a quick and very certain nod. “That’s just the beginning”, he said, “there’s more to come – much more”.

Fascinated, Beauty watched as Sebastian began to undress. He stripped off his T-shirt and for the first time Beauty saw how muscular he was. His broad, tanned chest was covered with fine jet-black hair that ran down to his navel and fanned across he stomach. He kicked off his shoes, unbuckled his belt and stepped out of his jeans. He was wearing boxers, but the bulge in front revealed only too clearly the size of his erect cock. When they fell to his feet Beauty gave a sharp intake of breath as the enormous breadth and length of it was revealed.

Beauty thought she knew about the male penis, it had been explained carefully in class as the source of semen that penetrated the ovum in the process of fertilization. But no one told her that it could be that big. Her thoughts turned to her tiny vulva that had at one time nestled protectively in her Private Place. If Sebastian had it in mind to do with it what she had know become certain he was planning to do with it, surely there was no way that it could happen. She involuntarily pushed her thighs tightly together.

Sebastian came towards her, his cock bobbing as he walked.

“Have you ever seen a man’s penis before?” Beauty shook her head.

“Sit up, I want you to feel it.” Beauty was aghast. ” I really don’t think..”

Sebastian reached out and grasped her wrist, pulling her forward and holding her hand close to his cock. “Stroke it with your finger.”

Gingerly, Beauty extended her finger and touched the smooth head. She was surprised at how warm it felt and so very velvety. She was also surprised to discover that she quite liked touching it, in fact she liked the way it felt and, although she couldn’t quite understand why, she was feeling very attracted to, well … all of it, in fact she decided it was Very Nice Indeed.

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