Beautiful Agony – Chapter FourBeautiful Agony – Chapter Four


The sky, of which there is rather a lot in Cambridge, was the colour of lead. From horizon to horizon an unrelenting solid coffin-lid of cloud covered my little world. No more the vivid world of Amsterdam, fizzing with light and colour. Yes, I was back at work and work is what I did, all day and often into the evening. I wanted it that way. My avoidance behaviour was good for business! My boss (bless her) welcomed me back, no questions asked, she could see I had recovered from my little trauma and I left her office on that first day with an armful of clients’ files. Head down, bum up, I worked steadily through my emails and slowly caught up with my affairs. (Don’t smirk. )Morning coffee was a different experience, no more ‘whirligig cafe’, it was back to Caffe Nero but it wasn’t long before I didn’t have to ask the pretty Romanian girl for my order and my old life gradually assembled itself around me, familiar, boring but protective. Justyna and I agreed not to get in touch for a couple of weeks. Life in O’Reilly’s Irish Pub would be the same mix of tourists trying Guinness for the first time and lovers of various gender combinations sheltering in the shadows at the back. At home I was chaste.Although in my usual attire of just a big sloppy old t-shirt and woolly leg warmers, I felt no real desire to flirt, let alone have sex. Perhaps I was a little bit depressed, a low mood anyway. I take Prozac, did I tell you? I have some experience in moods. The signs of cutting have long since faded almanbahis to faint white lines across the tops of my thighs.Justyna’s reply to my email came two days after I had reached out to her. That was so typical of my beautiful friend, she knew what the anticipation would do to me. It was strange at first, we were so formal and polite with each other. The fact that English was not Justyna’s first language meant that her words seemed to have a deeper meaning. Like a secret code which I was not quite able to decipher. After the emails we moved to Trillian which now I really like using, and gradually all our pretence at politeness fell away and the role playing began. She made my heart pound so hard. In our imaginations we bought beautiful clothes for each other, we drank the finest wines and went to lavish parties. Friends came round for dinner and often Justyna encouraged me to undress for our guests. Actually I love stripping for others. Once she made me lay on the table all naked and helpless and I was licked and touched and it was heavenly. We slept together every night, a ritual of preparation and cuddling and snuggling up together. We didn’t always make love, sometimes we just lay side by side and chatted (and fondled of course, how could we not.)My work was unaffected and in fact I felt calmer and stronger because of Justyna’s presence in my life once again. Reality is just a concept anyway and lust belongs to no particular world, neither real’ or virtual and when I told Justyna online almanbahis yeni giriş I was going to cum, I REALLY did cum. My next door neighbours will confirm this! You may have deduced that my ‘mood’ had perked up a bit. My libido was just stretching and yawning and putting its feet on the floor. (Thank you Grace Jones). And so it was for a couple of months. Justyna kept me amused with tales of Amsterdam life, we made love together and we searched for interesting toys to play with, some I actually bought In Real. Work was going well, keeping clients happy is a bit like plate spinning. You have to dash over to any that seem to be wobbling too much and get them spinning merrily again. I can do this, it’s how I get to keep my job. Our lab is working on a drug to help female sexual dysfunction, for those who’s libido has disappeared, a sort of Viagra for ladies. As you can imagine the security measures surrounding this work are intense.The days were growing shorter, now I was going to work and coming home in the dark. It was not quite winter but it was on its way. As they do every year, the shops were pretending it was already Christmas. By the time Christmas does arrive, everyone is thoroughly sick of it. It was mid December when Justyna’s e-mail message arrived and my whole world changed in an instant.Apparently Zoe had been in touch, you may remember the tall leggy girl from the Museum for Photography. Zoe wanted to find out how to contact me because Jenneke Janssen (Fedora almanbahis giriş hat?) wanted me to model for her. Now my heart was really pounding. I remember so clearly the faces of those girls, in their agony and ecstasy and the business of how that happened and what made them climax like that and hurt like that. I called Justyna at work, which I shouldn’t have done. My mind was a blur. It would mean a trip to Amsterdam of course, Jenneke’s studio, and God knows what would be done to me. I was in the office when I got the message and my body was responding just as much as my mind. I went to the little kitchen at work where we make our drinks. I was shaking, my face flushed, my neck flushed. I found a half full bottle of Chianti and took a long slug straight from the bottle. Thank God no one saw me. Thankfully the afternoon was horrendously busy. I never had a chance to think about Amsterdam and so I managed to get through the day.That evening Justyna and I met on Trillian and we made our plans. As you know my company has a client in a place called Amstelveen which is very close to Amsterdam. Now I needed an excuse to visit them, maybe on a Thursday and I could make it a long weekend and.. and… and… It was Justyna who rescued me.  She announced that she was going to sit on my face and that shut me up in several ways. She loves me licking her bottom and I love doing it. The idea that soon it might be happening for real was enough to get my tongue thrusting into her delicious little star. I was touching myself while she rode my face and we both came at the same time. I lay awake for ages and my dreams were filled with such strange images. A black crow, a woman in a hooded cloak and I was stark naked, burning with lust.

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