Beach HouseBeach House


It’s another 2am morning, okay correction it’s actually closer to 3am. Of course I’m still laying in bed looking up at the purple painted ceiling, watching the slow moving ceiling fan throw shadows onto the walls. The two big windows to my right over looking the beach were open and the sheers were moving lazily from the light ocean breeze. I’m house sitting on my summer vacation, I can’t really complain though, it is a beach house after all, with the beach less then a block away. My brother called me last week asking if I wanted some extra college money. He was taking a tip to Hawaii and wanted me to watch his house. So I flew back to San Diego and for the fourth night in a row I can’t sleep. I guess that maybe its because I’m not used to being so alone. I just left behind three roommates (2 guys and 1 girl). Something was always going on no matter what hour. I used to wish for solitude, and now I know that I was wrong.

One final sigh and I role out of the king sized four poster bed. No sense staying in a bed if I can’t sleep. I quickly went though a mental list of all I could do. Starting with making coffee and ending with a very early morning swim. I opted for the swim and walked sluggishly into the bathroom. I turn on the light and let my eyes adjust. Near the towel-rack, hanging up, was a full length mirror in a wrought iron frame, the iron was welded and molded around the mirror, made to look like vines and leaves. I just stood there looking at my nude pale reflection staring back at me. My full heavy 40 F breasts are just starting to give into gravity.

They’re lightly freckled and extremely pale (almost as white as milk). My medium sized nipples a light pink color. My eyes traveled down to my stomach, my major problem area. In my mind it’s a bit too pudgy, my waste measuring 36 inches and my hips 40 inches. Most of the guys I’ve dated loved my stomach (I wish I could see what they saw). I never really liked having my stomach touched, its one of my few “hands off” areas. My eyes left my stomach and moved to my legs, stopping to admire my nicely trimmed red pubic hair. My legs were starting to tan, my calves muscular, my thighs full and strong, only because I took advantage of the universities Olympic sized swimming pool and walked all the time. My eyes flashed down to my feed to admire my perfectly (dark purple) painted toe nails, then flashed back up to my face, which was framed by my curly thick mess of dark red shoulder length hair. My almond shaped green eyes where looking out through sleepy half closed lids, peering through thick eyelashes that were like black lace. My nose stood out because of its freckles; both it and my cheeks were slightly pink due to mild sunburn. My face itself was heart shaped my best feature I often think.

Hanging over the shower rod was my swimsuit, a dark blue denim color tankini. The bottoms were high cut and the top low cut, showing off major cleavage. I slipped it on grateful that it had dried, then I slipped on the blue tie dye gecko shrong that was hanging next to my suit, slipped into a pair of black rainbow beaded flip-flops, and grabbed my “bud lizards” beach towel. Once outside I was amazed about how warm it was, slowly I walked down to the beach that was seemingly deserted. I dropped my towel, shrong. And flip-flops onto the sand and walked into the water which was refreshingly cold. I swam around while the stars and moon was still visible. Half way into my swim a lone surfer paddled up to me on his board.

“You know it’s probably not safe for you to be swimming right now.” He said, his deep voice caught my attention. He was sitting up straight on his bored wearing a black wet suit. His shoulder length dark hair was pulled back, his gray eyes staring at me.

“And why is that?” I asked defiantly, treading water.

“Well because of what you are wearing and the fact that there is a school of jellyfish that like to show up around this time.” Like on que I felt something brush my stomach, thinking (well not really thinking obviously) that it was a piece of seaweed I brushed it away with my hand. All the sudden all my nerves went into pain over drive (brushing my stomach cased the stingers to go off). My eyes got wide and I gasped sucking in some salt water. The pain was intense, almost like an acid burn.

“Oh shit.” The surfer said realizing what just happened. He reached out and grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me up onto his board. “Try to take a deep breath.” Was the advice he gave me. I was sitting behind him leaning forward, my forehead pressed against his upper back between his shoulder blades. I was trying to breathe; I was also softly whimpering and shaking.

“I’m okay.” I finally said softly, I felt him paddle back to the shore. Once on the sand he wrapped his arm around my back and helped me to my things, he had me sit down on my beach towel.

“Stay here I’ll be right back.” He walked off. It was still dark and hard to see so I just laid down on my back staring up at the sky. Escort Esenyurt The pain had lessened some but it still hurt like hell. Surfer guy came back and I sat up looking at him.

“It might be best if you laid back down.” I did as he said and he kneeled down beside me, flipping open a first aid kit. He reached down and moved my swimsuit top up I tensed knowing he could see me stomach.

“Hold still this will sting a bit.” He took a bottle out of the kit, popped open the lid and drenched my stomach with something that faintly of rubbing alcohol.


“Sorry about that. You are probably going to want to take shower when you get back to your place. Also you should put lotion on your stomach, treat it like a really bad sunburn.”

“Thank you.” I said as he got up.

“Not a problem…” He offered me his hand and I took it getting to my feet. “So do you have a name?”

“Isobel. How about you?”

“Luke…Nice to meet you Isobel. Even under these circumstances.” He gave me a heart-braking smile.

“Thank you Luke.” I smiled weakly at him.

“Hey how about I go get my board and give you a ride home.”

“I only live about a block away, I can walk.”

“It wouldn’t be safe. You’re not from around here are you?”

“Actually I lived in San Diego for 18 years then left for college.”

“How old are you?” He asked. I hate when people ask me that stupid question. Usually people guess that I’m in my late twenties, but when they find out my real age they treat me like a little girl.

“I’m 22 if you must know.” I said tight liped.

“Barely drinking age.” He chuckled which totally pissed me off.

“And how old are you…Luke?”

“35 actually. I’m sorry for laughing I didn’t mean to offend.”

“No big deal…old man.” I smiled.

“Well I did deserve that. So come on lets get you home.” Now that we were both standing I realized just how tall Luke was. He had to be at lest 6’1″ which was about a good half foot taller them me. He was also very handsome; the moonlight made his chiseled features stand out even more. His eye color was an odd yet sexy shade of pale gray. He also had a sexy well-trimmed goatee, which gave him a bad boy look. I was losing myself over this lean muscular pretty boy. I think I was actually blushing staring at his full lips and thinking what they could do. I shook my head and smiled up at him.

“What are you smiling at?” He asked smiling back at me.

“Oh nothing.” I gave him a playful shove. “Go get your board so you can take me home before I fall asleep on my feet.”

“You do that and I will have to pick you up and carry you.”

“You’ll brake your back trying.”

“Challenge excepted.” I backed away from him but he kept coming forward.

“Luke what are you doing?” He charged and grabbed me in a traditional carrying over the threshold position, I put my arms around his neck, surprised he could actually hold my weight so easily. I weighted at lest 185-190. “You brut!” I said between giggles, and kicking my feet. My kicking caught him off balance and he fell on his butt in the sand, but didn’t let go of me. So I was now cradled in his lap, laughing so hard that my breast jiggled provocatively against his upper arm. Luke was also laughing hard.

Finally we both got up and walked down to the water to get his board, and took it and my stuff back up to his pathfinder. During that time I learned that he was one of the top real-estate agents in San Diego and he found out that I’m working/studying towards my DVM. I guided him to the beach house and he insisted on walking me to the door.

“You know I wouldn’t mind walking you in just to make sure you are safe.” He said once we were both up on the porch.

“Luke is this some kind of scheme to get me to let you in?” I batted my eyelashes at him.

“Ah…no…I am genuinely concerned about your well being.” He smiled and batted his eyes back at me. Sighing I let him in, he stood in the hall looking around as I flipped on the lamp near the door.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” I bowed.

“Its very nice.”

“Well as you can see nobody jumped out of the shadows with a butchers knife. So you can now go with a clear conscience.” My stomach was starting to act up again, not only was it still burning but it was also starting to itch. I reached down to scratch my stomach, but Luke grabbed my hand stopping me.

“You will only make it worse, go take a shower it should help.”

“Okay…Thank you again. When you leave though could you please lock the door.” I got on my tiptoes and gave him a light kiss on the cheek before I practically broke into a run for the bathroom. The itching became unbearable; I slammed the bathroom door and peeled off my swimsuit. My stomach already was looking red and irritated; the area where I was stung looked more like a rash then sunburn. I made sure the shower was nice and cool and I hopped in. At first it hurt when Esenyurt Escort Bayan the water hit my stomach but the pain took away the maddening itch and then once my body got used to the pain it didn’t bother me so much. I just stood there letting the water cascade off of my body, fatigue finally taking over making my knees weak and my eyelids heavy. All I really wanted to do when I got out of the shower was collapse on my bed and fall into a deep sleep. The shower lasted around 10minutes, once out I looked at myself in the mirror, some of the redness had gone and it didn’t look too bad. There was no lotion in the bathroom but I knew I had some in my bedroom, so I just walked out of the bathroom to my bedroom naked, not even bothering to put on a robe. Once I got into my room I realized I wasn’t alone. Luke (who I thought had left) was sitting on the bench at the foot of my bed with a coffee mug in his hands. I had no time to run back out of the room before he could see me. Here I am standing with nothing to cover me while a guy I’d only met a few hours ago was sitting in my room.

“Shit!” I tried to cover my breast with my right arm and my pubic hair with my left hand. “Luke you where supposed to leave.” My face was turning red with embarrassment, but I also took comfort in the fact that his face was also turning red.

“I’m sorry I figured it would be best for me to stay and make you some tea, and just make sure you were doing okay.” He was staring down at the floor still sitting on the bench, he held the cup out for me to take it, which I did not knowing what else to do.

“I’m not angry, you are too sweet of a guy to get angry at. I just assumed that you left and was very surprised to see that you didn’t. I think I should get dressed now.” I walked over to the dresser and laid the cup on top of it. I didn’t bother asking Luke to leave since he already seen the show so to say. I put on my pj’s…tank top and boy boxers, when I turned around he was still looking at the floor. “Its okay you can look up now.” I walked over to him and sat down on the bench cross-legged.

“I’m really sorry. I should have knocked on the bathroom door to let you know that I was still here.” He was still blushing and having trouble meeting my eyes.

“Its okay Luke. Don’t worry about it, it’s not big deal.” I leaned over and gently kissed him on the cheek, my breast were lightly pressed against his arm. He turned toward me and returned my kiss. His soft lips pressed against mine in a tender yet passionate kiss. His right hand entangled in my hair pulling me even closer as his kiss became more aggressive, more hungry. His tongue lightly ran over my lips before gaining access to my mouth. My tongue lightly stroked over his own sweet tasting tongue and I softly moan into his mouth. Before coming up for air I gently sucked on his bottom lip causing him to shudder and groan. I backed up a little giving myself time to get in a few breaths, my breast heaving. I looked into Luke’s eyes and I saw the lust the passion, my eyes were just as readable. He stood up and pulled me to my feet, his arms encircling my waist and mine encircling his neck.

“I want you.” He growled and bent down to nip at my earlobe, sending shivers down my neck and spine, his hands moved down and gripped my firm ass, squeezing and pulling me closer. I could feel his arousal, his hardon pressed firmly against me. I moaned into his shoulder, then moved my lips to his neck. I bit his neck feeling him take in a deep breath.

Without saying anything, Luke backed away a little, his hands letting go of me. I opened my mouth to protest but he put his finger to his lips letting me know to hush. He fell to his knees in front of me and looked up to me, I reached out and gently cradled his face in my hands and just lost myself in his pale gray eyes. I ran my thumb against his bottom lip, tracing it lovingly. He grabbed my wrists and pulled me even closer to him, his hands then slowly moved down my sides stopping at the waistband of my boxers for a second before pulling them down. I grabbed on to his shoulders and stepped out of my boxers kicking them out of the way, then I jerked off my top. Luke placed his hands on my hips and lightly nuzzled my stomach, licking my navel and making me weak in the knees. I ran my fingers through his hair and closed my eyes enjoying the way his tongue felt. Slowly I fell to my knees just so I could kiss his soft lips once again. As we lost ourselves in that kiss, my hands found the zipper to his wet suit and unzipped it, roughly pulling it down off his shoulders and arms.

His chest, abs, and arms muscles were well defined. The only hair he had was a dark brown happy trail starting at his navel and going down out of sight. My hands kneaded his chest, I kissed my way down his chin lightly biting it, my lips then found the hallow of his neck and gave it a light lick. I kissed my way down to his nipples, feeling them harden as I nibbled on Esenyurt Escort them, he let out a sound in-between a growl and a moan and softly pushed me onto my back. Quickly he struggled out of the rest of the wet suit his manhood standing at full 6.5 inches of attention. I purred as he straddled my thighs and grabbed my hands pulling them over my head and holding them there, his fingers intertwined with mine. His body pined mine, he moved down staring at my heaving breast. His hands caressed down my arms to enclose my breast. He massaged them gently then took my hardening nipples between his thumb and forefingers and pinched them hard enough to make my back arch.

“Mmmm, you like that don’t you?” His voice was deep and thick with lust, all I could do was nod my head yes; my voice had left me. “Then you are really going to love this.” He bent down and his lips encircled my left nipple, his tongue flicked it a few times before he sucked it in letting his teeth lightly bite it. His fingers worked my other nipple roughly. I was moaning and squirming underneath his hot body. After a few minutes his mouth left my left nipple and went to my right. He kept it up until I was practically begging him to stop.

“Luke…please.” I groaned.

“Please what?” He looked at me smiling wickedly.

“Fuck me…please…fuck me!”

“Not yet.” His body moved down mine, he spread my thighs and inhaled the smell of my arousal. “God you are beautiful.” Gently his fingers spread my wet pussy lips. I could feel his hot breath just inches away from my erect clit and then his tongue lightly flicked my clit making me jump.

“Tell me what you want baby.” He said looking up at me.

“I want to feel you in me.” I moaned.

“You will have to do better then that.” He said teasingly, making me groan with frustration.

“Tongue fuck me damn it. Play with my clit, make me cum.” I practically screamed out to him. I felt his tongue part my pussy lips and enter me, slowly going in and out. “Yes…that feels so good, don’t stop.” I moan, my thighs quivering. His tongue moved up to my clit lightly running circles around my harden bud and his middle finger entered me and started to fuck me. I was bucking my hips to get his finger in deeper.

“Luke I’m going to cum!”

“Yes cum for me. Cum for me right now.” He commanded; his finger deep inside me massaging my G-spot. I let out a loud moan and shuddered cumming for him on command; right at my peek he sucked in my clit and bit it, causing my hips to buck even wilder. I gave one last shudder and laid back down breathing heavily. He moved back up to his knees and moved my legs up to his shoulder. Before I could even catch my breath he slammed his full 6.5in deep into me causing my pussy to clench automatically around his hard cock.

“Luke!” Was all I cried out as he started to fuck me hard.

“Your pussy is so tight. It feels so good.” He said and then just started to moan and fuck me deep and harder. He lasted five minutes before he shuddered and let out a low deep moan. Feeling his hot cum squirt deep inside me was all it took to set me off on another orgasm, my pussy was milking his cock for all it was worth. Finally Luke pulled out and fell down beside me. For the longest time we just stared at each other not saying any thing then finally we got to our feet and Luke picked me up carrying me to my bed and laying me down, he laid down next to me.

“Are you okay?” He asked, brushing a strand of hair out of my eyes.

“I’m more then okay.” I smiled a blissful smile and sighed pulling the covers over me. I turned over on to my side and he snuggled up to me, his arm resting on my hip.

“You know you really are incredible and beautiful.” He whispered into my ear, as I was slowly letting sleep take over, giving into to it. We both fell asleep in the spoons position until the phone woke me up around 11am. I reached for it and Luke rolled over and fell back asleep.

“Hello?” I said tiredly into the phone.

“Hey sis, you sound like you just woke up.” My brother’s voice came loud and clear over the lines.

“Hey Matt…you’re right I just did wake up. What’s up?”

“Just wanted to check in on you and let you know that I will be in Hawaii for a week longer.”

“I take it you are taken with Hawaii?”

“Yeah something like that. Oh hey before I forget to tell you, I asked one of my friends just to stop by periodically and just check in on you.”

“Matt!” I groaned exasperated into the receiver. “I’m a big girl I don’t need any one to look in on me.”

“Hey you are my baby sister, plus you are all alone. Anyway he should be stopping by anytime. I asked him to make sure you don’t get too bored and to also show you around a little. You know take you to some of the better clubs and stuff.”

“How very thoughtful of you. Okay who is this friend? What does he do? What does he look like?”

“Well he’s about my height. Brown hair, blueish eyes. His name is Luke and he’s a real-estate agent.” I practically dropped the phone, I turned and started at the sleeping Luke in my bed. I don’t really think this is what my brother wanted Luke to do to cure his little sisters boredom. Suddenly I started to laugh unable to control it, and I know Matt was confused as hell.

“Sorry Matt.” I said.

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