Bathhouse Locker Room Four-wayBathhouse Locker Room Four-way


[This is another in a series of true-life sex tales I’m finally getting around to writing down and sharing during the pandemic. This happened a few years ago when I lived in a large U.S. city and had just gone on PrEP. If you like it, post in comments what your favorite part is, I may focus on that kind of stuff in future posts.]

Rob and I had been chatting and sexting on Grindr and then Scruff for a while before we finally agree, fuck it, we need to hook up. We have similar interests – making out, touch, cocksucking, rimming, pit sniffing, nipple play, heavy verbal, role play, voyeurism and exhibitionism. Just for starters! He is taller and more built and has an edgier look than I, with his tattoos and a few piercings and devilish sexy design carved into his facial hair, but each of us is into the other’s pictures, big time: hairy chests, bushy cocks and fuzzy butts.

We also have flexible schedules and work from home, and are both a stone’s throw from the local bathhouse, one of those “Mall of America” three story wonders that has something for everyone. “How about we meet at 10 a.m., at the Big House?” A common nickname around the gayborhood. “Get a locker in the third level locker room, I’ll meet you there.”

That floor of the Big House has a pretty decent gym, I could get in a quick workout, wear only a jock and a cock ring, check my progress and bulge in the numerous mirrors, and hopefully, work up a sweat by the time Rob shows up.

The workout is great, with the added bonus of a local couple working out in towels who occasionally give me a glimpse of their bushy hard cocks for inspiration. I’m getting pretty boned, and the cock ring helps keep things stiff. A quarter till 10, I shower a bit (all but the pits), enjoy a quick soapy grope session under the hot spray with the couple from the workout floor, one of whom nearly jacks me to the orgasm I’m hoping to save for Rob (close call!), then towel off and head back to the locker room.

Rob Arrives

Rob is packing the last of his clothes into his locker and stepping into a jock. “Hey buddy, just got here,” he grins. Just a freaking fantastic body, taller than me and more ripped. One of those rare cases where he is sexier than his pics (which are pretty damn sexy). “Nice to finally meet ya.” I drop my towel on the nearby bench, am totally nude and fairly boned, and he embraces me, and kisses me deeply. Lifts up one arm, takes a deep whiff. Swoons. Then the other. Swoons. I do the same with him, like animals, and our musk instantly gets us in a zone. We’re gonna have a great fucking time.

I size him up, appreciate the generous bulge in his jock, and look around for a view of the ass. “You like?” he asks. “Hell yes, I reply,” as he turns around, leans up against a full-length mirror, exposing his jocked butt. I can’t resist, and I bend my knees to get to eye level with his hairy pucker, and I start to lick, kiss, suck, and deeply rim his sweet crack and hole. He moans like a bitch, so I go on for another five minutes or so, caressing his meaty legs and occasionally reaching around to cup his jocked dick and heavy nuts, restrained by the sweaty cloth.

Eventually I thumb the waistband of his jock and pull it off, and he’s fully nude against the mirror. I get a glimpse of his bouncing dick as it’s freed from its pouch, which I sniff generously and toss on the bench. Fuuuuuck this dude is as hot as I had hoped, bahis şirketleri and then some. He turns around and does what comes natural, slides what must be a 9-inch dong into my mouth. I grab his hips, and I suck. I savor. I taste and swallow his sweet precum.

One guy has just arrived, and takes his damn sweet time getting undressed and leaving the locker room, obviously enjoying the show. He leaves, and another guy arrives in a towel, to check his phone, again, lingering to watch. Rob clearly loves putting on a show, and I’m totally with him. He takes his hard cock out of my drooling mouth, and gets on his knees to provide the same services to me: licks my hairy ass a good long while as I’m propped up against the mirror. Sniffs my pits some more, which we’d earlier agreed, for both of us, is better than poppers, then gets down and sucks my bushy cock, which is precumming like crazy. He takes my heavy nuts in his mouth, swallows them whole, looks up at me and winks. So fucking sexy! Both of us are nude and hard and sharing our hot sweaty sex and are reflected in several mirrors, being viewed by appreciative guys coming and going from their lockers.

We sit down on one of the benches, facing each other, and kiss, deeply. “God damn you’re a hot man,” he says, and maybe I blushed or was just flush with blood racing to all parts of my body by this point. I’m wildly turned on, and my dick is throbbing and bouncing, now jammed up against his as we’ve wrapped our legs around one another. At this point we touch, play with our nipples, caress our dicks, and kiss like lovers. Oblivious to worry about who might be watching or what they might think.

(Encounters like these, and I’ve had a few, more than make up for my teenage years of locker room shame, embarrassed by my late development, subject to bullying, or all the other high school bullshit young gay guys have to endure. Better late then never, I now feel empowered to enjoy and share my sexuality to the fullest. And locker room scenes, for me, have become hot as fuck.)

Two Guest Stars Appear

Just then two dudes appear, towels wrapped around their waists, maybe finishing up whatever play they’ve enjoyed on other levels of the Big House? Hard to tell. They don’t appear to be together, necessarily. Both are about 40, maybe, handsome with decent bodies, and, once the towels are tossed aside, decent cocks as well. Each one moves to either side of me and Rob. First Dude No. 1 puts his hands on our shoulders, back, chests, following our lead with very sexy slow caressing. Soon Dude No. 2 joins in, and clearly turned on, he says, “damn, are you two a couple?” We stop deeply kissing just long enough to laugh, and Rob says, “nah,” and the dude says, “well maybe you should be! You guys are super into each other, it’s very fucking sexy.”

Rob’s eyes light up, he seems to agree, and kisses me deeply again, raises my arms to sniff both pits, and I do the same. We play with each other’s nipples, harder and harder, we’re both wired and the play is making our cocks bounce, and precum. I can tell he’s into getting it on in front of, and possibly with, these guys. Sure enough, seconds later Rob turns his head to the side, and slowly, sexily takes one of their hard cocks deep in his mouth. He raises his eyebrows to me, as if to say, “you in?” and instantly I get his cue, and reach around the other Dude’s ass to pull him toward me and maneuver bahis firmaları his cock down my throat. Suddenly our foursome is totally, wildly connected and the first Dude says “holy FUCK this is hot!” Hands are groping everywhere, Rob and I are slowly edging each other’s hard exposed meat, and working our tits, and generously gobbling down these two random cocks, making eye contact the entire time, which is sexy as fuck. The scene of the four of us, reflected in the mirror, is adding to the intensity, along with another guy now in the corner, who’s dropped his towel and is jacking along, enjoying the show, both live and in the mirror.

Soon enough Dude No. 1 starts to moan. I’m certain he’s going to cum. Rob jacks the guy’s dick a bit, to get him to the finish line, then takes it back in his mouth, deep, sucking more furiously. He wants that sperm. Hot motherfukker! Soon enough he is rewarded with what must be a gusher of semen down his throat and filling his mouth. I can tell he’s loving it and smiling and completely digging being a pig, gulping like hell.

At one point the dude pulls his dick out of Rob’s face briefly and a big spurt of cum splashes on to his beard; Rob licks it up and swallows the dick again, to complete his service. Sexy as hell! Almost as soon as they finish, Dude No. 2 starts to swell in my mouth, moan, and delivers a hot fucking gusher of his own. Rob and I, still embracing, are going nuts with lust, knowing we’ve just given these guys (and us) and incredible fucking sex thrill, sucking their cocks simultaneously and swallowing their loads, and we both instantly know what we plan to do next, cum dribbling off our lips: make out.

Damn fucking hot snowball action! I was not counting on swapping random loads while making out with this hot fukker today, but I’m so glad we are. The two Dudes are watching and freaking loving it and going nuts as their cocks soften from our service, seeing what we’re doing with their cum: I feed some to Rob, he feeds some back to me, we swallow a bit, and savor it all, two dudes’ sexy random seed, mixed together, before eventually gulping it all down. Fuck!

Dude No. 2 repeats his admiration: “You guys are amazing! This is definitely the hottest scene I’ve ever done or seen here.” His dick is already back at half-mast, and he’s stroking it gently, as is the other Dude. “I’m sure as hell hoping you two were planning to fuck today …”

Rob and I hadn’t quite specified our intentions regarding that, moreso we just planned to get acquainted and see how things go. But what the hell! I look at him and grin, as if to say, “whaddya think?” and we release our embrace on the bench, stand up, he slaps my ass, basically declaring “I plan to own this hairy fukker right here, right now.” He turns me around so I’m on one knee on the bench, bare foot planted on the locker room floor, with my hairy exposed ass in the air. Holy fuck … he’s planning to pound me out!

Time to Get Fucked

But this sexy lover is going to prep me right. First I feel his tongue again lapping the length of my hairy crack. His hands massage my butt and spread my cheeks apart to allow him deep access. The two Dudes are loving all this. One of them asks if he can help lube me up, Rob says, “be my guest!” and the they swap places so Dude can rim me for a bit. Rob gets in front of me to maneuver his throbbing meat into my mouth. The second Dude takes his kaçak bahis siteleri cue and gets down for his turn snorkeling up my ass, and takes the added liberty of first placing one finger, then two, inside my tight hole, which puckers. It knows what’s going to happen next, which Rob verbalizes: “ok, buddies, get ready for the show…”

He shoos them to the side, grabs my ass firmly with both hands, and positions his 9″ cock at my hole. In one thrust, he shoves it in, and I arch my back with pleasure to fine-tune our position. All three have relaxed me sufficiently, and wetted my hole, that it slides in perfectly, aided by a generous spurt of precum on Rob’s cock. “Holy fuck!” Dude No. 1 crouches down for an up-close view. “This is so freaking hot!”

I’d have to agree, it’s hot as fuck! I brace myself against the bench, and maneuver my ass so my hole is at the perfect height for Rob’s marauding dick. I can feel his throbbing head hit my prostate, and the slapping noise of his cock and balls fucking me is insanely hot, just mimicking a full-on intense raw porno. Dude No. 2 wants a spit roast, apparently, and comes over to feed me his dick. I glance over and see myself in the mirror, taking big raw cock up both my holes, and I’m in bottom heaven.

Rob is pretty much rockin and rolling, flexing as he watches himself in the mirror, knowing half the fun is putting on the show for these other guys, and one or two randoms who come in and out of the locker room as our scene unfolds. He clearly loves watching his cock enter and withdraw, and a number of times he pulls out nearly to the tip, only to slowly plunge the rigid shaft in to its full length, balls deep. The entire time, I’m loosening my hole as he enters, and tightening it as he withdraws, which I’ve learned drives most tops crazy, and it makes him moan like a mother.

I watch him in the mirror. He’s in a state of ecstasy. He’s smiling, his eyes are shut. He’s holding on to my hips tight, and driving his manhood deep into me. He throws his head back, lets out a loud sexy moan the entire floor (if not Big House) must have heard, and plants his sweet hot nut deep inside of me. I’m so worked up I barely noticed exactly when one of the Dudes started milking me, but sure enough, his timing is miraculous, and just a few seconds after Rob plants his semen in me, I’m spurting out a fantastic load of my own, on the bench. Easily seven, eight big spurts, totally fucked out of me. An absolutely intense, fantastic and natural fuck session, aided by our two random Dudes.

Shower Time

“Would love to hop on and take a ride, buddy, but I’ve gotta dash,” one of the Dudes tells me. The other says “same here, unfortunately” and we tell them thanks for watching and joining in, maybe we’ll meet up again some other time.

Rob asks, with a sexy grin, “join me for a shower?” and how could I resist? Knowing by this point he was equal parts intense sexual animal, and sweet sexy lover, I knew a hot session under the spray was going to commence and finish off this astounding hookup. He slips his index finger along my crack, and deep into my seeded hole, and moans with pleasure, as do I, as he finds the sweet wet proof of our bonding.

We grab our towels, head to the showers, find one shower head to embrace under, and go at it. Probably fifteen minutes of kissing, groping, ball tugging, nip play, generous ass crack probing and licking, much of which was observed and enjoyed by random guys heading into and out of the shower room … let’s just say we were both pretty damn clean by the time we turned off the hot water and headed back to the lockers to get dressed.

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